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7 Best Organic Maternity Clothes Brands For Mums

Maternity usually demands a wardrobe adjustment. For the sustainability-conscious, you’ll quickly find that less eco-conscious brands make many maternity clothes on the market from synthetic materials. Since pregnancy lasts for a relatively short time, the waste we can generate from non-organic maternity clothes is significant. 

This article shares some things to consider while shopping, from eco-friendly fabrics to each company’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We also share a list of seven organic maternity clothes brands we recommend. 

Alternatives to Shopping for New Sustainable Maternity Clothing

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Before buying new organic maternity wear, you may want to explore other options. The short lifespan of maternity clothing is one of its main environmental protection challenges. 

Naturally, expectant mothers need to buy new everyday basics to fit their growing belly and body changes. However, after the baby arrives, many mothers no longer need their maternity wardrobes. This creates a waste issue where people can throw out most maternity clothes post-pregnancy. 

When the clothes are products of fast fashion companies, it affects environmental sustainability. To minimize waste, below are some ways to reduce your contribution to carbon emissions, chemical waste, and landfill pollution.

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Try Renting Sustainable Maternity Clothes

Before buying, you can consider renting. Women often only need their maternity clothes for a few months. As a result, some companies create renting options to support sustainable fashion. Renting helps to prevent textile waste, minimizes overconsumption, and prevents waste post-pregnancy. 

Consider Shopping for Gently Used Clothes

Many people drop off their gently used clothing to maternal charities after only using them for a few months. This presents the option to shop secondhand instead of purchasing new sustainable or organic maternity clothes. Shopping secondhand is an eco-friendly practice that contributes to sustainable living

If you’re already a conscious shopper, then thrifting or secondhand shopping is most likely already an aspect of your sustainable living choices. You can find affordable organic maternity clothes, from maternity dresses to daily basics and sustainable maternity jeans, from your local thrift store.

Alternatively, you can check an online thrift store like ThredUp, where you can search for your favorite sustainable maternity clothing brands.

Join a Clothing Swap

Many women won’t wear their maternity clothes after having their baby. So, they’ll have a wardrobe with maternity dresses, basics, and other necessary pieces. It’s always a plus when these items are from sustainable maternity clothing brands and crafted with eco-friendly fabrics

You'll also find that many women keep their maternity clothes for future pregnancies. As a result, it’s easy for friends to come together and swap clothes. Such a practice prevents waste. It also encourages keeping sustainable and ethical maternity clothes for longer.

What to Look Out For When Shopping for Organic Maternity Clothes

Below are some features to look out for when shopping for ethical organic maternity clothes:

Organic and Sustainable Materials

One of the first things to look out for when shopping for sustainable maternity clothes is the types of fabrics a brand uses.

When pregnant, it helps to wear comfortable and safe pieces on the body. Conscious brands recognize this and opt for sustainable fabrics. These fabrics are beneficial not only to the environment but to the person wearing them as well. 

Many maternity brands opt for natural materials when crafting pieces. You’ll often find them using organic materials like GOTS-certified organic cotton instead of conventional cotton. Many also use fabrics like organic wool, bamboo, and eco-friendly Tencel or Lyocell

In addition, some eco-friendly maternity companies use recycled polyester and other materials and deadstock fabric to craft sustainable clothing. You can look out for certain fabric certifications like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and Fair Trade certified 

Safe Dyeing Methods 

Chemicals are a major thing amongst regular or conventional fashion companies. When factories use such toxic ingredients, it affects surrounding areas. These chemicals seep into water bodies and get into groundwater systems. 

Also, staying chemical-free is important while expecting your bundle of joy. Besides its fabric choices, an organic maternity brand will also implement safe dyeing methods. This prevents the possibility of harsh chemicals lingering on intimate pieces like nursing bras and other items.

Ethical Labor Practices

Besides choosing eco-friendly materials, an ethical maternity clothing company prioritizes human welfare. In line with this, look out for brands that ensure the well-being of their workers. Such companies pay fair living wages, shun child labor, and ensure ethical practices throughout the entire supply chain. 

Transparent brands are also always happy to showcase the factories where they produce their clothes, including adopting Fair Trade practices. Apart from labor practices, many ethical companies also participate in charitable programs. 

Sustainable Packaging 

A clothing brand shipping pieces from city to city and globally can add to its carbon footprint. Going for lightweight packaging supplies from recycled materials can make a difference, reducing the environmental impact across the supply chain. 

7 Eco-Friendly and Organic Maternity Cloth Options

Daily Basics

Here, we highlight some of our top picks for maternity wear in everyday basic pieces. These items are sure to support daily activities while keeping you comfortable. 

1. Meetra Linen Maternity Blouse

Meetra Linen
Photo Credit: Meetra Linen.

Materials: Stone-washed linen

Meetra Linen, although not solely a maternity brand, provides a maternity line. You'll find simple pieces like pants, blouses, and dresses within the maternity line or collection. The pieces feature earth-inspired colors that many expecting mothers will appreciate. 

This linen blouse is one of our top picks from the brand’s linen due to its simplicity and versatility. With its 100% stone-washed linen fabric, the blouse is breathable, hypoallergenic, and organic. It also features a design with buttons that makes nursing access easy for mothers and babies. Its crew neck, short sleeves, and free-flowing design offer comfort and room for a growing belly. 

Sustainable and ethical practices

Meetra Linen’s philosophy centers around viewing linen as necessary to be close to nature. As a result, the small but growing brand crafts handmade clothing and home pieces using this natural material. 

The small brand uses European linen fabric certified under the OEKO-TEX standard to support its environmental commitments. In addition, its materials and processes avoid the use of harmful chemicals. As a result, this maternity blouse provides not just the comfort of linen but safety for the wearer. 

Apart from its fabric choice, we love that the brand also carefully packs its items in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. The absence of plastic reduces the company’s impact and that of the consumer. Overall, this provides an all-around conscious practice through the supply chain. 

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2. Natural Fibres Organic Eco Bamboo Maternity Tank Top

Natural Fibres
Photo Credit: Natural Fibres.

Materials: Bamboo and spandex

If you’re on the hunt for simple maternity pieces in minimal designs, this brand offers just that. It offers simple tops in short and long-sleeve designs and comfortable skirts for everyday wear. 

This tank top is our top pick from the brand’s collection due to its double points when you add it to your wardrobe. It doesn’t only serve the nine months of pregnancy period but is something you can continue to enjoy after delivery. 

We also give it points for its quality, soft and comfortable material. Its simple colors make it easy for anyone to pair the top with free trousers, leggings, or sweatpants. It comes in white, black, grey, and rafter hues and sizes XS to L. The elastics on the side make it easy to adjust this tank top to fit one's desired length, depending on the belly size. 

Sustainable and ethical practices: 

Natural Fibres Organic Maternity takes its inspiration from the earth’s giving nature. As a result, the brand’s processes seek to give back to the planet through careful and intentional steps. Its use of bamboo ensures that the brand limits its environmental impact. 

Bamboo grows fast and can be processed in clean and minimal ways. Apart from fabric choices, we’re highlighting this brand because it also makes its clothes last long. 

Unlike many maternity pieces that may only serve a few months, this particular tank has a seamless design that supports post-maternity wearing. Although spandex is not an organic material, the addition of 5% of it aids in stretching to fit body types. 

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3. Silk and More Cream Small Florals Organic Robe

Silk and More
Photo Credit: Silk and More.

Materials: Organic cotton

This certified organic cotton robe is a unique addition to any mom-to-be and mom’s wardrobe. It offers a comfortable crossover design that can serve multiple purposes. As a result, you can use it as a nursing gown and even a hospital gown. 

This brand is unique in its customization and personalization options, with options for specific alterations to your order. For the printing, the owner used a natural traditional hand block printing process with herbal dyes. Worried about sizing? Silk and More offers inclusive options from S to 3XL.

Sustainable and ethical practices

Silk and More is unique for its practice of custom-making clothes. Although owned by Shikha, she and her family designed all the pieces from scratch. Since each piece is a product of intentional creation, the business avoids waste. 

For a long time, the brand had only used silk and cotton for a long time to make its clothes. To ensure its contribution to a better world, organic cotton joined the mix. 

In addition to its materials, Silk and More use herbal dyes to avoid harmful chemicals. Although there’s often a bad reputation for brands that operate in India, Silk and More ensures its fabrics come from child-labor-free mills. 

As a small brand, it also ensures fair wages for its workers. From its custom designs to fabric choices and ethical concerns, we are more than happy to include Silk and More in this list. 

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4. Isabella Oliver Over the bump Organic Maternity Boyfriend Jean

Isabella Oliver
Photo Credit: Isabella Oliver.

Materials: Organic cotton, Elastane, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose

Isabella Oliver offers a range of maternity pieces to fit almost every style. On the brand’s site, you’ll find options like jeans, dresses, tops, skirts, and knitwear. You can also go specific by browsing its collection of workwear and loungewear. 

There’s no doubt that jeans can often pose a challenge with a growing stomach. In this light, we’ve decided to highlight the brand’s organic maternity boyfriend jeans.

Its design features a jersey band that stretches over the bump for comfort throughout the day. The jeans come in a contemporary boyfriend cut with a tapered leg, perfect for a maternity wardrobe staple. 

It’s available in classic shades of black and washed indigo. As a result, you can pair your jeans with your choice of tops, tees, and shirts. Isabella Oliver ethically produces each piece using stretch organic cotton denim. 

Sustainable and ethical practices

As an environmental, social, and ethically conscious brand, Isabella Oliver takes a careful approach worth mentioning. Its commitment to disrupting the conventional fashion model has led it to take steps, from selecting sustainable materials to leading charitable causes; this is an all-around ethical company. 

As part of its commitment to the planet, Isabella Oliver is carbon neutral and uses biodegradable packaging. It also employs an increasing amount of responsibly sourced fabrics. 

The clothing brand also has a pre-loved scheme that supports extending the lifespan of its pieces. As part of its commitment to people, the company works with ethical factories and is a living wage employer. It also partners with Oxfam to fight poverty. 

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Dresses and Jumpsuits

Free-flowing outfits like dresses and jumpsuits are staples in maternity wardrobes. Below, you’ll find some of the best picks - from summer-inspired pieces to simple hues. 

5. OffOn Linen Maternity Jumpsuit

Photo Credit: OffOn.

Materials: Organic linen

Jumpsuits may not be the first thing you think of when exploring maternity outfits. However, the right fitting and right design can instantly make you fall in love with their versatility. 

Due to the nature of their design, jumpsuits can often be perceived as uncomfortable. However, this OffOn jumpsuit stands out as a maternity piece due to its construction, fit,  choice of material, and length, all adding to make it a comfortable piece. 

It comes in a slightly oversized wide-leg design that makes it easy to enjoy throughout the day, while the v-neck and front buttons make it easily accessible for breastfeeding. We also appreciate that it offers inclusive sizing from XXS to XXL. If you love colors, you’ll enjoy browsing the many options that OffOn offers. 

Sustainable and ethical practices

OffOn stands out because it doesn’t produce seasonal collections. Instead, similar to Silk and More, this brand takes a customized approach to its offerings. As a result, it monitors its impact by avoiding the challenges of fast production and consumption. 

Its simple designs support slow living through a handmade process. The brand also uses a range of high-quality materials contributing to clothes lasting longer. 

The brand pays attention to its factory conditions as part of its sustainable and ethical commitments. Its factory is based in Lithuania, where the brand is based. Through local production and collaboration with local tailors, OffOn positions itself as a conscious company. 

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Preparing for motherhood changes your body in many ways. This calls for purchasing comfortable, safe, intimate pieces like nursing and maternity bras. 

6. Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Wireless Nursing & Maternity Bra

Kindred Bravely
Photo Credit: Kindred Bravely.

Materials: Organic cotton

This nursing and maternity bra offers comfort without metal or plastic closures so that it can serve as a staple in anyone’s maternity and postpartum wardrobe. This bra stands out from its organic fabric that offers softness to its convenient pull-on style. 

This bra is a busty size and is part of Kindred Bravely’s collection for women with E cups and above. However, there are many other options to explore from the brand. This piece is super soft and contains a touch of spandex. 

As a nursing sleep bra, it supports women with sensitive skin. Also, anyone who needs a wire-free and hook-free bra will enjoy the fit. The bra is comfortable, breathable, soft, and durable. 

Sustainable and ethical practices

This company offers some conscious pieces using a selection of eco-friendly fabrics. This highlights its efforts toward making better choices through its production process. The brand uses organic cotton to reduce issues like water waste from traditional cotton. 

Shop on Kindred Bravely or on Amazon

7. Lacy Linen ANNA - Maternity Bra

Lacy Linen
Photo Credit: Lacy Linen.

Materials: Pure linen

Lacy Linen is a family-owned business making sustainable and ethically-made lingerie. The brand offers a wide array of options, including bras, bralettes, brief panties, and boyshorts. 

The Anna maternity bra is a specially-designed piece to support nursing mothers. The design features clips at the top for quick access. It’s also free of wires that may cause discomfort. The soft, breathable material offers easy airflow through the fabric for continued support. 

Sustainable and ethical practices

As a sustainable and ethical company, Lacy Linen crafts its collection using one of the most sustainable fabrics. The brand can reduce waste and prevent harm to nature with pure linen as its central material. Linen is also a strong fabric that makes consumers enjoy their pieces for longer. 

The brand’s fabrics carry the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label. In line with this, you’re assured that your pieces are free of harmful chemicals. As a result, they are safe for human use.

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New mothers and mothers-to-be often require a wardrobe change to fit their changing bodies. Due to the nature of maternity wear, it’s important to choose pieces with minimal environmental impact.

At the same time, organic maternity clothes prevent the possibility of exposure to harsh chemicals, which is especially important for pregnant women.  Above, you’ll find options from simple daily pieces to dresses and intimates.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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