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14 Best Sustainable Sweatpants & Joggers for Eco-Chilling or Exercise

We’re seeing more people wear sporting clothes as streetwear and loungewear. The result is a growing fashion trend that we now call athleisure. But there is nothing leisurely about fashion that hurts the Earth. This is why wearing sustainable sweatpants and joggers just make sense.

Joggers and sweatpants have become popular as everyday clothing, hip hop, and celebrity culture, and increased health consciousness may have largely contributed. Now people wear activewear for almost any occasion, outdoor and indoor exercise, to the office as casual wear, walking down the street or just sitting at home. 

But as we enjoy the comfy coziness of these clothes, we should be concerned about the environmental costs.

Difference between joggers and sweatpants

Joggers and sweatpants are both activewear, but they are not always the same in design or function. The major difference is the level of insulation they provide. Wearing the wrong one at the wrong time can cause you some discomfort.

You’ll find joggers typically made of lightweight fabrics that allow breathability. That makes them perfect for exercising on a hot day. On the other hand, they make sweatpants with thicker materials intended to encourage sweating. That's why they're perfect for running errands or working out on chilly days.

Joggers usually feature a tapered cut and are more form-fitting than sweatpants. They have elasticized waistbands and cuffed ankles. Sweatpants typically have straight, flared, or bootcut cuts.

14 sustainable joggers and sweatpants

Below are our top choices of eco-friendly sweatpants and joggers. You will find details on who they design for, what sizes they make, and where they ship to. Most importantly, we include ethical production practices of each sustainable fashion brand so you can pick a sweatpant or jogger that best reflects your sustainable fashion values.

Quick links to our picks of the best sustainable sweatpants and joggers:

1. Harvest and Mill

Harvest and Mill Organic Jogger Pants
Photo Credit: Harvest and Mill

For: men and women
Ethical values: organic cotton, locally manufactured, carbon-neutral, sustainable packaging, vegan
Sizes: S-XL
Store location and shipping: Based in the USA and ships internationally

With Harvest and Mill, your joggers come with zero carbon footprint because the brand offsets carbon emissions from its manufacturing, transportation, and total energy use. A large percentage of their clothing is dye-free, and when they have to use dyes, they use dyes from plants and avoid bleaching.

This brand keeps its entire production process within the United States with the factories that sew the fabric into stylish athletic wear based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They grow and mill the organic cotton they use locally. All its shipping and packaging materials are recyclable and compostable.

Why we like Harvest and Mill - comfortable and super stylish

Harvest and Mill offer more than just eco-friendly materials and manufacturing, and they give you sustainable comfort and style. They make their joggers from organic cotton jerseys that are breathable and not too light or heavy.

Harvest and Mill’s joggers feature an elasticized and drawstring waistband for an extra stylish look. They call it a drawcord. You can buy the joggers separately or with a shirt.

Shop Harvest and Mill

2. Vetta

Vetta high waisted sustainable jogger
Photo Credit: Vetta

For: women
Ethical values: zero waste, natural fibers, locally manufactured, recycled polyester
Sizes: XS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in USA and ships only to Canada

Vetta is a woman-owned sustainable fashion brand that makes womenswear working out of Los Angeles. They sustainable sourced Tencel, organic cotton, and spandex. Tencel production is in a closed-loop system, while the spandex they use comes from recycled deadstock polyester. Fabric isn't the only thing Vetta recycles. The boxes, poly bags, inserts, and packing slips are 100% recycled material.

They make their knitwear in a solar-powered factory in Los Angeles. And produce their woven clothing in a family-run factory in New York City. Vetta regularly audits partner factories or environmental and fair labor compliance.

Why we like Vetta - capsule collection for minimalist

Vetta organizes its collection by capsules, making it a minimalist treasure trove. Its high-waisted joggers fit perfectly with sweatshirts, t-shirts, and cropped tops. It has low-cut front pockets and a two-piece topside for a better fit.

The super-stylish joggers come in 5 colors, and you can dress it up as urban streetwear or dress it down as loungewear.

Shop Vetta

3. Mate

Mate relaxed pocket sustainable sweatpants
Photo Credit: Mate

For: women
Ethical values: climate neutral, organic cotton, locally manufactured, 1% for the planet
Sizes: XS-XL (sweatpants), XS-3XL (joggers)
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

Stay in style all year round with mate’s sustainable and timeless fashion. The womenswear brand is primarily plastic-free. All its manufacturing is done in Los Angeles using natural materials. The brand also takes back old garments and gives them a second life.

Mate joggers are made from 100% organic cotton french terry, a material that is neither too lightweight nor too heavy. The brand manufactures its insulating sweatpants using lightweight organic cotton jersey and heavyweight cotton fleece. The fabrics are free from 31 harmful chemicals and 41 dye substances. 

Accountability is a value that Mate holds dear, and they publish a yearly report of their impact on the environment and people. 

Why we like Mate - modern look sweatpants

Mate designs its sweatpants to look more like joggers than regular sweatpants. The design they offer has front pockets and short elasticized cuffed ankles. You can find Mate sweatpants in seven different colors.

Mate joggers come in 11 beautiful colors. They have longer ribbed ankle cuffs and come with an adjustable drawstring. The joggers are not tight-fitting or too loose, so they are just right for mild exercising or lounging in.

Shop Mate

4. Franc 

Franc sustainable trouser sweatpant
Photo Credit: Franc

For: women
Ethical values: eco-friendly materials, plastic-free packaging, carbon offsets, locally manufactured
Sizes: XS-3XL
Store location and shipping: based in Canada and ships internationally

Franc uses eco fabrics such as GOTS certified organic cotton and Tencel Lyocell. It uses spandex fleece and lycra jersey, but that makes up only 6%. The brand dyes its fabrics with Bluesign certified low-impact dyes.

Franc’s bases its entire operation, including garment manufacturing, in Canada, which equals a really short supply chain. That the supply chain is short means that the brand can closely monitor the ethical labor practices of its factories. 

It also keeps its production carbon footprint low. Although the brand only ships with recycled and compostable materials, they are still thoughtful enough to offset carbon emissions from shipping.

Why we like Franc - formal style sweatpants

Sweatpants but make it classy; that is what Franc’s ‘Trouser Sweatpants’ offers you. They design them to fit and look like trousers, except its curved back seam and elasticized waistband gives it a sporty feel. The Trouser Sweatpant is ‘comfort’ and ‘business’ combined.

TheFranc jersey jogger pant is ultra-light loungewear, a legging and jogger hybrid. It hugs your leg almost like leggings but feels freer around the waist. Franc joggers have a drawcord and extra-wide ribbed ankle cuffs. You will find Franc joggers in just three colors, but the sweatpants have a larger color variety.

Shop Franc

5. Toad&Co

Toad&Co Epiq men's Jogger
Photo Credit: Toad&Co

For: men and women
Ethical values: recycled materials, eco-friendly fabric, plastic-free shipping, organic cotton, ocean conservancy 
Sizes: XS-XL/XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships only to Canada

This brand blends hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester to give you eco-friendly joggers. If you prefer 100% natural, their ‘Epiq’ jogger is made from just organic cotton and hemp.

You can get the ‘Byrne’ and ‘Foothill’ joggers if you don’t mind some synthetic fiber. They also make joggers ‘Debug’ lines with their unique Eco Kohilo fabric. The special material is made from recycled polyester and 12% elastane. It is Bluesign approved. They dye their sustainable fabric with no water.

Toad&Co do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to design its joggers. They have designs especially for women and those for men. Like most fashion brands, they have more styles for women than for men. However, the men’s Epiq jogger is very versatile and has a vintage look to it.

Why do we like Toad&Co - UPF 40+ enhanced joggers

Toad&Co joggers are moisture-wicking and have Ultraviolet Protection Factor. So you can trust it to keep you cool and dry on a hot summer day. And depending on the style, you choose these joggers that can be perfect for lounging or the disco.

6. Summersalt 

Summersalt joggers
Photo Credit: Summersalt

For: women
Ethical values: zero waste, sustainable materials, recycled packaging, responsibly sourced materials
Sizes: XS-1XL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

This brand works to create high-performing clothing that can endure the rigors of travel. They design their joggers to give you maximum comfort even after hours of sitting in a plane or a car and still make sure you arrive in style. They offer two styles of joggers, ‘The Cosiest Cashmere Jogger’ and ‘The Softest French Terry Jogger.’

Summersalt makes cashmere joggers with very fine Merino wool and just 10% cashmere. The brand promises that its animal fibers are cruelty-free and not over-processed to the point where they are no longer biodegradable. They sew the French terry joggers with a fabric that combines modal fabric, cotton, spandex, and Lyocell fibers.  

You will find the Summersalt French terry joggers fit tighter than the cashmere joggers. Summersalt joggers have ribbed cuffed ankles and drawcords. The cashmere joggers come without pockets, while the french terry joggers have stylish rib trimmed pockets. Keep that in mind when selecting a size.

Why we like Summersalt - athleisure for ardent travelers

Summersalt’s wool and cashmere joggers are breathable but more insulating than most joggers. They are also soft and lightweight, with remarkable wrinkle resistance. It is perfect for long-distance travel where you may encounter weather fluctuations. 

Shop Summersalt

7. Amour Vert

Skylar Linen Rib Joggers
Photo Credit: Amour Vert

For: women
Ethical values: recycled materials, locally manufactured, sustainable materials
Sizes: XXS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

Amour Vert is French for green love, and so you know right away that this brand is a friend of the planet.

The brand uses recycled cotton, modal, and very little spandex in its joggers. Since the brand works directly with fabric mills to develop its own fabrics, they are ethical and traceable. They produce their clothing in limited quantities to reduce waste under fair working conditions. Amour Vert takes sustainability to the forests where they plant trees.

There are three jogger designs in the Amour Vert bottoms collection. The silky ‘Henri Cupro’ is the dressier of the three, and it is perfect for a fun night out. The ‘Skylar Paris Rib’ jogger is body-hugging but comfortable, and it is great to exercise in. The ‘Skylar Dream’ jogger is soft and stretchy. It has a relaxed fit, typical of loungewear.  

Why we like Amour Vert - vegan silk party joggers

Silk is a luxurious fiber but also one of the cruelest animal fibers. Amour Vert has found a way to give you the luxury of silk joggers with no animal cruelty. They make the ‘Henri Cupro’ joggers using an innovative vegan silk fabric manufactured from deadstock cotton.

Shop Amour Vert

8. Tentree 

tentree outsider sweatpant
Photo Credit: Tentree

For: men and women
Ethical values: B Corp, climate neutral, Cradle to Cradle certified, plants ten trees per sale
Sizes: S-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in Canada and does not offer international shipping

Tentree is one of the more popular sustainable fashion brands on our list. Other than manufacturing eco-friendly clothing, they aim to plant a billion trees by 2030. They plant ten trees for every product they sell.

Tencel Lyocell, organic cotton, and recycled polyester make up the materials for tentree joggers and sweatpants. The recycled polyester is Bluesign-certified.

Tentree has an extensive collection of sweatpants and joggers in distinctive designs for men and women. The joggers and sweatpants are not unisex. They sew the ones for women to be curve-flattering and design the ones for men to be super comfortable. As the designs differ, so do the materials used in making them, so Tentree makes information on each design’s materials, factories, and environmental impact available under its listing.

Why we like Tentree - activewear for every day and everywhere

The extensive collection of sweatpants and joggers designed by Tentree gives you a choice for every mood. So whether you are going on a long hike, on a date, or to the office, you can find a Tentree jogger or sweatpants just right for the occasion.

Shop tentree

9. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn Sonny Sweatpant
Photo Credit: Christy Dawn

For: women
Ethical values: low waste, natural fibers, eco-friendly materials,
Sizes: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

Christy Dawn is most popular for its vintage summer dresses. The brand works with upcycled fabrics and sustainable cotton. Last year it launched the Sonny set, a sweatshirt, and pant set. The vintage-inspired sonny sweatpant is midweight, breathable, and soft. 

Christy Dawn uses 100% organic cotton fabric woven from fibers grown in India to make the ‘Sonny’ sweatpants. The fabric is also knitted in India in a small factory that uses a special technique to minimize waste. They dye the sweatpants with non-toxic, low-impact dyes. 

Why we like christy dawn - super stretchy sweatpants

The ‘Sonny’ sweatpants have high elasticity and can stretch to accommodate body movements without losing shape. Pregnant women with growing tummies don't have to worry about replacing their ‘Sonny’ sweatpants with a bigger size right away. Their regular size will expand comfortably.

Shop Christy Dawn

10. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor voices all day sustainable sweatpant
Photo Credit: Outdoor Voices

For: men and women
Ethical values: sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging
Sizes: XS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships only to Canada

They sew Outdoor Voices sweatpants from cotton terry or a recycled polyester and spandex fabric approved by Bluesign. They spin their cotton terry from Better cotton. All Outdoor Voices packaging is recycled and made with such quality that it is recyclable.

The brand has about five styles of sweatpants, each with a distinct look. You can choose from the baggy Pickup sweatpant or the ‘Slimfit Sunday’ sweatpant. Although the designs are basically the same for men and women, the ones in the men’s section have a longer inseam than those for women.

Why we like Outdoor Voices - sporty look and feel

Our favorite Outdoor Voices athleisure piece is the All Day sweatpant. It feels like the perfect sweatpants to wear to the gym on a cold morning. The sweatpant is high-waisted and lightweight. It fits more closely than regular sweatpants but is not body-hugging. It does not have a cuffed ankle but is snug around the calves and ankles.

Shop Outdoor Voices

11. Naadam 

Naadam Cashmere Sweatpants
Photo Credit: Naadam

For: men and women
Ethical values: natural fibers, sustainable materials, transparent supply chain
Sizes: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

Naadam does not offer men and women the same type of sweatpants and joggers. The materials are the same, but the design detail will often differ. For example, the brand offers 100% cashmere sweatpants for men with back pockets, but women’s equivalent has no back pockets. Naadam sweatpants and joggers have a modern look with cuffed ankles, drawstrings, and seam pockets.

The brand uses natural cotton, merino wool, Mongolian cashmere, modal, and viscose fabrics. They also incorporate waste coffee grounds and waste fabrics into their products. The ethical brand boldly displays the factories and material sources involved in producing each clothing item. They also publish an annual impact report so consumers can measure their own idea of ethical fashion against Naadam’s.

Why we like Naadam - sustainable cashmere

Naadam cashmere sweatpants are midweight and wrinkle-resistant, but that’s not all there is to love about them.  The brand sources its virgin cashmere from Mongolia on a cruelty-free farm where they hand brush the goats. Naadam recycles, too, so you can also purchase a Naadam jogger made entirely out of recycled cashmere.

12. Ninety Percent  

Organic Cotton Boy-Fit Sweatpants
Photo Credit: Ninety Percent

For: women
Ethical values:  100% organic cotton, transparent supply chain, fair trade
Sizes: XXS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in the UK and ships worldwide

Ninety Percent is so named because it dedicates 90% of its profits to supporting charities. The brand upholds the ethical values of transparency and fair labor. They proudly display information about the factories that are involved in the production of each clothing. The factories they work with pay living wages plus other benefits to factory workers.

They make all Ninety Percent joggers and sweatpants with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. They have a variety of styles; the Boy Fit jogger and sweatpants, Wide Leg sweatpants, Carrot Leg joggers, and the Utility Pocket joggers. 

Why we like Ninety Percent - new generation aesthetics

Ninety Percent joggers and sweatpants are a classic example of fashion that is keeping up with the times. Many of their designs have aesthetics appealing to the younger generation, especially ‘Gen Zers.’ The fashion industry may be rife with cheap and polluting fashion for young people, but Ninety Percent is helping to ensure that they have sustainable clothing options.

Shop Ninety Percent

13. Softwear

Softwear Women’s Jogger Currant Tie Dye
Photo Credit: Softwear

For: men and women
Ethical values: natural fibers, locally manufactured
Sizes: XS-L
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

The Softwear joggers are a unisex item, and it comes in the same design for men and women. It has an elasticized waistband with no drawstrings. The jogger fits snuggly without hugging your skin. The simply designed jogger is resistant to pilling and will snap back into its original shape pretty quickly, even after hours of stretching it as you move around.

The brand works with sustainable fabrics like cotton and modal. Their entire supply chain is based in the USA. Softwear works with a family-owned factory in L. A. that makes their joggers’ french terry fabric. The eco-friendly brand does not permit non-toxic dyes at any stage in its production.

Why we like Softwear - largest color selections

Softwear joggers are available in a lot of colors. You can find them in plain or tie-dye colorways. So, in addition to feeling like clouds surround you, Softwear joggers give room for you to express yourself with colors.

Shop Softwear

14. Boody

Boody weekend Jogger
Photo Credit Boody

For: men and women
Ethical values: natural fibers, fair trade, 
Sizes: XS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and does not offer international shipping

Boody’s ‘Weekend’ is a combination of a jogger and sweatpants. They design the form-fitting jogger-sweatpants differently for men and women. The women’s style has back pockets and cuffed ankles. The men’s design has no pockets or cuffed ankles but has a curved yoke line. Both styles have front seam pockets and a ribbed drawstring waistband.

They make the ‘Weekend’ with eco-friendly bamboo viscose blended with organic cotton. That fiber combination makes the jogger-sweatpant responsive to temperature. It keeps you cool when it's hot out and provides warmth when it's chilly.

Why we like Boody - most eco-friendly materials

Enjoy the benefits of bamboo with the ‘Weekend’ jogger sweatpants. We can grow and harvest bamboo with zero or low environmental impact: no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or soil degradation. The bamboo fiber makes it breathable and super absorbent. The fiber is also odor resistant, so you don't have to worry about sweat smell.

Shop Boody

Boody also features in our rundown of sustainable yoga clothes.


Sustainable living should include the type of clothing you wear. This article presents you with some of the most eco-friendly sustainable sweatpants and joggers made in fair trade conditions.

So that you can enjoy the comfort of athleisure knowing that the person who made your cloth earns a living wage and that the brand that made it did so with minimal environmental impact.

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

Photo by Jennifer Birdie Shawker on Unsplash
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