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22 Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands

For people looking for plus size clothing in the right size and preferred style, it can prove a challenge at the best of times. Even more so in the search for sustainable plus-size clothing.

For ethical fashion to receive the global acceptance that it needs to change the fashion industry, it needs to be inclusive. It needs to meet the needs of consumers regardless of their size or aesthetics.

When looking for sustainable plus-size clothing, we’ve made it easy with our list of size-inclusive brands that make ethical clothing for men and women.

21 plus size sustainable fashion brands

Below are our top choices of the best sustainable fashion brands from around the world that produce plus-size clothing. Whether a brand focusing on sustainable plus-size clothing or a dedicated range, we have provided key information you will need to get familiar with the brands and see if their level of sustainability appeals to you. 

Quick links to our picks of the best sustainable plus-size clothing brands:

1. Hackwith Design House (HDH)

HDH Sustainable Plus Size Clothing
Photo Credit: HDH

For: women
Ethical values: zero waste, clothing resale, natural fibers, locally manufactured
Largest size: 4XL
Store location and shipping: based in the united states and ships internationally

Hackwith Design House designs are classics with subtle details that you can dress down or up. All it takes is the right accessories to change your casual HDH dress into a party outfit. The brand has a collection of clean-cut basics and swimwear in earth tones.

The HDH Plus is a special selection of designs for the plus-size woman. The line features shirt dresses, stylish blouses, and pants. HDH swimwear is also size-inclusive and goes up to size +4.5. The brand does not believe in the wasteful mass production of garments. All its pieces are made by its in-house team, mostly on a made-to-order basis. 

Why Hackwith Design House tops our list

Alongside great-looking ethical clothing, the brand takes back old HDH clothing for resale and rewards recycling customers with a $20 store discount helping to reduce waste. As a business that produces locally, HDH provides employment and economy for the local community.

Shop HDH Plus Size

2. Sotela

Photo Credit: Sotella

For: women
Ethical values: sustainable fibers, handmade, locally manufactured, recycled materials
Size range: 25-45 W
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

In celebration of the human body in all shapes and sizes, Sotela creates classy and comfortable semi-casuals. The brand has plus-size apparel available in all designs. Sotela designs don't feel baggy or spandex-tight; they are right-sized and comfortable. The plus sizing begins from waist 25/hip 41 and stops at waist 45/hip 71.

Locally manufactured in California, Sotela clothing is handmade to order. The brand uses sustainable and organic fibers like Tencel and linen, organic cotton, and modal. For packaging, Sotela uses recycled paper.

Why we recommend Sotela’s “Radically Inclusive Clothing”

Sotela can avoid significant amounts of carbon emissions by producing locally. The brand is helping to boost the local economy while providing size-inclusive earth-friendly clothing. 

Shop Sotela

3. Rozenbroek 

For: men and women
Ethical values: natural materials, non-toxic, eco-packaging, renewable energy
Size range: sizes up to 2X
Store location and shipping: based in the UK and ships internationally

Rozenbroek is one of the notable female-owned brands in the UK's ethical fashion community. They make sustainable basics, underwear, pajamas, shirts, tops, and bottoms.

Rozenbroek clothing is 100% vegan plus size clothing, and you won't find wool, fur, leather, or silk in their clothes. They don't use synthetics either, depending solely on organic, sustainable fabrics.

The designs are hand-made locally in the brand's solar-powered factory. They make their clothing in small batches to stay true to their slow fashion ethics. The brand uses recycled, recyclable, and compostable packaging and reuses fabric cut-offs to make face masks, tote bags, and scrunchies.

Why do we rate Rozenbroek

We like Rozenbroek for its high standards of eco-friendly fashion. The brand produces its clothing with clean energy and without animal fibers.

Rozenbroek also applies high ethical standards in its dealings with workers. They pay fairly and provide a safe working environment.

Shop Rozenbroek

4. Hours

Hours Plus Size Sustainable Fashion
Photo Credit: Hours

For: women
Ethical values: upcycled materials, eco-friendly practices, plastic-free shipping
Size range: 14–28
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships only to Canada

You shouldn't have to change your body to fit into clothes; they should be made to fit you. Hours creates timeless minimalist designs exclusively for plus-size ladies. They design classy dresses, Jackets, knit cardigans, and skirts, all the right staples you need to build a capsule wardrobe.

Hours use deadstock fabrics for all their clothes and have upcycled over 1500 yards of waste fabric. They reuse rayon, silk, modal, polyester, cotton, and viscose. This cuts back on waste and saves tons of microfibres from entering the ocean.

They do not use any plastic in their packaging. Hours believes in ethical fashion and only works with WRAP Certified factories.

Why do we recommend Hours for plus-size fashion?

The brand’s commitment to making clothing only for big, bold, and beautiful women is admirable, seeing that the world of fast fashion doesn't care to. Hours directly addresses the issues of clothing scarcity for plus-size ladies, and it does so in an earth-friendly manner,

Shop Hours

5. PrAna

For: men and women
Ethical values: 100% organic cotton, fair trade certified
Size range: sizes up to 3X
Store location and shipping: based in the US and ships internationally

This brand makes the coolest outdoor clothing, activewear, and sustainable loungewear. The largest sizes of prAna's plus size range come in XXL and XXXL for women and men, respectively.

The brand goes to great lengths to offer sustainability and style to its customers using natural fabrics. Since 2018 prAna has only used Organic Content Standard (OCS) and GOTS-certified organic cotton. They also use hemp and are on track to making their hemp fiber 100% organic.

The down used by prAna is certified by the responsible down standard, and they vet their ethical merino wool via the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). PrAna's Tencel and modal are also certified by the forest stewardship council.

Why we love prAna

This brand is not only conscious of what materials it uses in clothing; it also concerns itself with the impact of its packaging. Since 2010 prAna has avoided using about 20 million plastic bags by using other sustainable options instead.

Shop prAna

6. Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press Jumpsuits
Photo Credit: Big Bud Press

For: men and women
Ethical values: locally manufactured, nontoxic dyes, hand-dyed, natural cotton
Size range: sizes up to 7XL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

Big Bud is a sustainable brand for plus-size people who love to wear vibrant and groovy outfits every day. They stock modern-looking western pants, jumpsuits, t-shirts, and trousers influenced by 90s fashion.

About 98% of the most sustainable fabrics used by Big Bud are locally grown and manufactured cotton. Their manufacturing is low impact as they use non-toxic dyes and water-based ink. The fabric is certified by NAFTA. All other types of fabrics are usually recycled or deadstock.

Why check out Big Bud Press?

Staying through to the ‘big’ in its name, this plus size brand has extensive inclusive sizing up to 7XL.

The brand manufactures its cloth in Los Angeles, providing employment and boosting the local economy. Their factory is a fair labor environment.

Shop Big Bud Press

7. Patagonia

For: men and women
Ethical values: Bluesign approved, recycled materials, 1% for the planet member
Size range: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the US and ships internationally

Patagonia is one of the many sustainable brands known for making outdoor clothing and gear. They intentionally make their high-performing clothing super durable to withstand the rigors of surfing, climbing, boating, and other outdoor activities.

They use natural fabrics like hemp, linen, organic cotton, ethically sourced animal wool, and down. The down is certified by the advanced global traceable down standard. 

They also use recycled cashmere, polyester, and nylon in their clothing. They made about 87% of their latest collection of garments with recycled fabrics.

Patagonia uses only natural phthalate-free dyes and PVC-free inks. Their toxic-free clothes come with Bluesign approval.

Why we like Patagonia

With all the quality materials that go into making Patagonia clothing, it would be such a waste not to get maximum use out of it. That is why the brand has a worn-wear shop where customers can bring back Patagonia clothing they no longer wear for resale.

Shop Patagonia

8. Eileen Fisher

For: women
Ethical values: fair trade clothing, sustainable materials, transparency, locally made, Bluesign certified, B-corporation
Size range: sizes up to 3X
Store location and shipping: based in the united states and offers international shipping

Eileen Fisher has a dedicated plus-size clothing line made to fit and flatter plus-size bodies. The sizing goes up to 3 times the ‘large’ size. Their collection ranges from t-shirts to pants, jumpsuits, sweaters, and sleepwear.

The brand works with Bluesign-approved low-impact dyes and sustainable fibers to produce eco-friendly clothing. Eileen Fisher uses organic linen and traceable cotton. They use responsible and regenerative wool and recycled cashmere, polyester, and nylon.

Eileen Fisher is passionate about people and the environment. The brand maintains an ethical and transparent supply chain. It conducts regular audits to ensure that its production partners are keeping to fair labor standards.

Shop Eileen Fisher plus size

9. Universal Standard

Universal Standard Plus Size
Photo Credit: Universal Standard

For: women
Ethical values: fair labor, recycling, 
Size range: 00 - 40
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and offers international shipping

Universal Standard doesn't want anyone left out. That's why they have created sustainable plus-size clothes with an incredible size range of 4 XS to 4XL. So plus-size ladies can enjoy a hassle-free experience shopping for luxury denim outfits, dresses, tops, and bottoms. 

For people who find their body size fluctuating, Universal Standard has a solution. They will take back any of their Fit Liberty collection designs in exchange for a new one. The offer is valid for 12 months after the purchase, so you don't have to abandon the clothes that no longer fit in your wardrobe; you can simply swap them for what you need now.

Why we recommend checking out Universal Standard

Universal Standard encourages its customers to recycle. The brand has a reset-recycle-refresh program that allows customers to return old clothes for up to a $100 discount. 

Shop Universal Standard

10. Loup

For: women
Ethical values: natural materials, locally manufactured
Size range: sizes up to 3X
Store location and shipping: based in the US and offers international shipping

Parisian aesthetics influences the Loup brand. It combines Parisian design elements with classic New York City style to design fabulous outerwear, buttons, jumpsuits, and rompers. Loup designs its outfits to flaunt the curves of plus-size ladies.

The brand produces its clothing in a small studio in New York City, shortening the supply chain, and allowing the brand to have more control over sustainability. The Loup believes that by producing its clothing locally, it can avoid unnecessary markups and offer good quality clothing at affordable prices.

Keeping wearable clothing out of landfill is an essential aspect of sustainable fashion, and Loup is helping its customers to do just that. The brand offers repair services for damaged clothes. Who better to fix your clothing than the very people that made it? To help customers offset repair costs, Loup gives out store credit.

Shop Loup

11. Brothers We Stand

For: men
Ethical values: sustainable materials, transparency, fair trade
Size range: sizes up to 3X
Store location and shipping: based in the UK and ships worldwide 

Brothers We Stand is a fashion brand itself and serves as a platform for a collection of small eco-friendly, and fair-trade menswear brands. The company has a versatile collection of men’s clothing ranging from underwear to swimwear, sweatshirts, jeans, and jackets.

Brothers We Stand uses eco-friendly fabrics, especially organic cotton, combined with sustainable production methods, and the brands on their platform do the same. They have a collection of strictly vegan clothing for people who do not want to wear animal-sourced fibers.

Transparency in plus size fashion for men

The brand and the other brands it carries display suppliers, fair trade factories, and estimated environmental impact information, operating on a strict supply chain transparency policy. You can check the entire carbon footprint of a shirt before you buy it.

Shop Brothers We Stand

12. REI

For: men and women
Ethical values: Recycled materials, eco-friendly practices, carbon neutral, fair trade
Size range: sizes up to 2X
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

REI is an outdoor gear brand passionate about making sure everyone can have an awesome outdoor experience. The brand takes back old gear from customers, fixes it, and resales it at a lower price. Second-hand sale isn't only about reducing textile waste. It also reduces your purchase carbon footprint.

Related: We have a whole bunch more options for shopping second-hand at thrift stores for anyone looking for more not-new plus-size options. 

In 2020, the brand marked 14 years of commitment to being a carbon-neutral brand. REI operates as a member-owned company, which means they pay a large share of profits as dividends to employees and members.

Great for sustainable outdoor wear

REI takes the welfare of workers along its supply chain seriously, and all the factories the brand partners with have uncompromising labor standards. The brand also supports organizations that aid minority groups.

Shop REI

13. Alder Apparel

Alder Apparel
Photo Credit: Alder Apparel

For: women
Ethical values: ethical production, recycled fabrics, transparency, fair pay
Size range: sizes up to 6X
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and only ships to Canada

Alder Apparel is paving the way for more inclusivity in women’s outdoor clothing. Their size-inclusive collections feature pants, dresses, shorts, and fleece jackets in cool colors. Their plus-size clothing goes as far as 6 times larger than a regular large size. 

Alder Apparel uses sustainable fabrics like Lenzing modal, recycled polyester, and nylon. The Lenzing modal is Bluesign certified, and the Tencel used across its sustainable collection comes from the fast-growing eucalyptus plant.

The brand’s GRS-certified nylon comes from the manufacturing waste of other companies. Even the labels and trims on alder apparel are recycled.

Why we like Alder Apparel

Supply chain transparency is one of the qualities that make a brand ethical. It shows you the true cost of your garment. This brand is open about its sourcing methods, partners, and ethical practices. You can find information on the location, staff welfare, and manufacturing ethics under each design.

Shop Alder Apparel

14. Ecoalf

For: men and women
Ethical values: sustainable materials, b corporation, non-toxic, recycled polyester 
Size range: sizes up to 2XL 
Store location and shipping: based in Spain and offers international shipping

This brand's aesthetics are pretty minimalistic. With an offering of jackets, button-downs, t-shirts, vests, trousers, and coats, Ecoalf satisfies modern minimalist tastes. The brand also has a yoga clothing collection for women. One minor flaw is the brand’s failure to extend the women’s outfit to XXL and only stop at an XL size.

Ecoalf uses a wide range of recycled post-consumer waste in its apparel. They recycle cotton, nylon, wool, plastic water bottles, and tires. The brand has recycled over 250 million plastic bottles so far and saved 93 million liters of water with recycled cotton.

Rather than use chemical finishes, Ecoalf processes waste coffee grounds into toxic-free finishing. The coffee ground finishing adds moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and UV protection properties to their garments.

If you are passionate about ocean conservation, then you would love Ecoalf’s ocean cleanup initiative. The thread of the ocean initiative works with local fishers to remove ocean debris; so far, they have pulled out 700 tons of ocean plastic.

Shop Ecoalf

15. The Standard Stitch

Standard Stitch Hero
Photo Credit: Standard Stitch

For: women
Ethical values: fair labor, local manufacturing, eco-friendly materials
Size range: sizes up to 5X
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships only to Canada

Standard Stitch’s classic silhouettes are for 'every body,’ and the brand offers women of all sizes luxe tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and loungewear. The outfits come in earth tones and pastel shades. Another thing to love about this brand, apart from inclusive sizing, is its sustainable practices.

The brand has zero tolerance for synthetics, making all its clothing with recycled and organic cotton. They avoid toxic chemicals, and even the brightest-colored outfits use low-impact and nontoxic dyes. 

All packaging, tags, and labels are recyclable, and they are also biodegradable or compostable. The standard stitch says that one of its 50% recycled/50% organic t-shirts saves 114 gallons of water, 0.61 kWh of energy, and 0.26 lbs of waste from the landfill.

Why we like the Standard Stitch

The Standard Stitch makes ethical clothing in Los Angeles, where it contributes to the local economy. This helps the brand to better ensure fair labor and cut off production emissions.

Shop Standard Stitch

16. Loud Bodies

For: women
Ethical values: sustainable materials, nontoxic dyes,  plastic-free packaging, carbon-neutral
Size range: sizes up to 10X plus custom tailoring
Store location and shipping: based in Romania and ships internationally

Loud Bodies is one of the sustainable brands with the most inclusive sizing in the fashion industry. They are loud about body positivity and indeed put their money where their mouth is.

The brand is one of the few dedicated plus-size clothing brands. Apart from a generous 10X size, they offer custom tailoring services at no extra cost. So anyone and everyone get a chance to wear Loud Bodies exquisite outfits.

Determined to be one of the sustainable brands that plus-size women can trust, Loud Bodies uses Oeko-Tex-certified sustainable fabrics. They join the slow fashion movement, and they only make their clothing to order. 

Dedicated to plus-size sustainable fashion

This brand doesn’t like waste; they use recycled paper packaging and then turn their scrap fabrics into pillows for animal shelters. Practicing fair labor initiatives, they care for humans as much as they do for animals; they pay their workers two times the minimum wage.

Shop Loud Bodies

17. Zero Waste Daniel

For: men and women
Ethical values: locally made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycling
Size range: sizes up to 3X
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and ships internationally

A brand that went viral in 2017 for its unique and direct approach to the sustainable fashion movement, ZWD turns waste into wealth literally.

ZWD gathers pre-consumer fabric waste from New York's garment manufacturers and fuses them into artistic quilt-design clothing. Nothing goes to waste as every scrap of fabric is used up in the closed-loop production process.

Because of its technique, no two pieces of the same ZWD design are the same, so you get a truly unique outfit. The designs are colorful and unisex. ZWD is a slow fashion brand and only makes its outfits to order. The brand makes tees, joggers, sweatshirts, and shorts. 

New clothes from old

What’s better than making new clothes out of fabric scraps? It’s recycling those clothes into something new when they get old. ZWD has a buy-back policy that allows customers to return old pieces for recycling; in turn, they get a discount on their next purchase.

Shop Zero Waste Daniel

18. Kotn

For: men and women
Ethical values: B corporation, natural materials, non-toxic, fair trade 
Size range: sizes up to 3X
Store location and shipping: based in Canada and offers international shipping 

From t-shirts to tops, bottoms, denim, loungewear, and underwear, Kotn has a vast collection of quality cotton clothing. Kotn t-shirts are designed to fit somewhat loosely and so may be a size bigger than indicated, which is a good thing if you want a tight fit, but are slightly larger than the 3XL.

Timeless and durable, these are the tenets that guide Kotn's sustainability. The brand works with quality natural fabrics, primarily sustainably grown organic cotton from farms in Egypt and Portugal.

Kotn operates a resource-efficient manufacturing system that limits waste and recycles water. The brand uses Oeko-Tex-certified dyes and plastic-free packaging.

Recognized as one of the top 5% B corporations globally, Kotn has a robust, fair trade policy. It deals directly with over 2,390 small-holder farmers, offering them a fair living wage and agricultural consultancy to help them farm better. 

Choose Kotn for quality and size-inclusive basics

Kotn uses high-quality textiles made from natural materials to bring consumers guilt-free size-inclusive basics. The brand is careful to only work with factories committed to paying fair wages and providing safe working conditions for their employees.

Shop Kotn

19. Reformation

For: women
Ethical values: locally made, sustainable apparel and materials, 100% carbon neutral 
Size range: sizes up to 24
Store location and shipping: based in the US and offers limited international shipping

Plus-size women can get ethical and stunning sundresses, stylish mini dresses, corduroy pants, and sophisticated button-down tops from reformation. The largest size is a US size 24. You can find details of the environmental impact of each dress published.

Reformation produces its sustainable line of clothing in Los Angeles. The brand's primary resource is deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing.

Operating on a slow fashion model, they put out limited edition designs in small quantities. They sometimes work on a made-to-order basis. That helps them cut back on a lot of waste as they don't end up with unsold inventory.

Climate-friendly and responsible

The climate-friendly brand dutifully tracks its carbon footprint and offsets it. It also upholds fair labor practices and audits its suppliers for social responsibility and worker welfare. 

Shop Reformation

20. Warp+Weft

For: men and women
Ethical values: clean energy, 
Size range: 75 different sizes
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and does not ship internationally

With 75 different sizes, Warp + Weft is actively championing inclusivity. The denim brand is making sure people of all body types can always stay sustainably stylish. The brand offers classic denim jumpsuits, high-rise, straight and skinny jeans.

Warp+Weft makes stretch denim jeans and jackets from a unique blend of cotton, modal, lyocell, and elasterell. At the same time, they make classic rigid denim from cotton and 2% elastane and 20% recycled fabric. The brand uses eco-friendly liquid indigo from Dystar for some of its sustainable denim pieces.

For energy efficiency, warp + weft uses a heat recovery system to supplement its solar power use. They also recycle water and treat it before returning it to the environment.

The family-owned company handles its supply chain and avoids unnecessary markups to keep its clothing affordable. So not only does the brand make sure its clothing can fit everyone, but it also tries to ensure that everyone can afford it.

Shop Warp+Weft

21. Girlfriend Collective

For: women and men
Ethical values: Transparency, recycled plastic, SA8000 certified, sustainable materials
Size range: sizes up to 6X 
Store location and shipping: based in the united states and ships only to Canada, the UK, and Australia

The Girlfriend Collective is an activewear brand for women. They make durable, comfortable leggings, sports bras, skorts, yoga pants, unitards, shirts, and outerwear. The girlfriend collective has a menswear line, which carries just hoodies, socks, t-shirts, and shorts. For men and women, the sizing goes all the way up to six times the large size.

For creating clothing for its size-inclusive range, Girlfriend Collective uses recycled plastic. They use plastic bottles and abandoned fishing nets that a reputable Taiwanese company recycles.

Girlfriend Collective's BPA-free recycled fabric has an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. The brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability is why it only partners with factories with fair labor initiatives and certifications.

One of the best things about this brand is how efficiently they use resources and keep reusing its fibers. With their ReGirlfriend program, you can return old girlfriend pieces to be recycled into new clothing and get rewarded with store credit.

Shop Girlfriend Collective

22. DL1961

For: men and women
Ethical values: Eco-friendly production, sustainable materials, sustainable practices 
Size range: 14–24W
Store location and shipping: based in the US and offers international shipping

Denim jeans have become a fashion staple, and thick thighs should not be the reason why anyone doesn't own a pair of sustainable jeans. DL1961 expanded sizing to make its classy denim accessible to even more people. For women, the largest size is a UK 16/ US 18. The men's size goes up to 42 UK/US sizes.

The brand uses recycled denim, modal, Tencel, and polyester. Its virgin cotton is certified sustainable. DL1961 uses low-impact liquid indigo dye and treats and reuses 98% of the water they use in an on-site treatment plant. The brand does not bleach its jeans but instead uses ozone technology to create the wash effects.

We love to see sustainable clothing brands do right by the environment and people. DL1961 significantly reduces carbon emissions by using solar power for all its manufacturing. The brand assures customers that its employees are treated fairly.

Shop DL1961


Size inclusivity is empowering and much more so when it is sustainable. We have put this list of sustainable plus-size clothing brands to help curvy women and men find it easier to get sustainable clothing with extended sizing.

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