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8 Best Bamboo Baby Clothes Brands & Super Soft Clothing Picks

Babies have sensitive skin and are at risk when exposed to toxic materials. We should prioritize natural fabric choices and genuinely conscious companies when shopping for baby clothing. From adorable baby sweaters, pajamas, dresses, crib sheets, and pants to shoes and accessories, babies deserve the best their parents/caregivers can afford. 

One of the top eco-friendly fabrics to consider is bamboo. In this article, you will find a selection of bamboo baby clothes that little ones will love. 

Why should you pay attention to fabric choices?

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Baby clothes made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester may have cheaper price tags when you purchase them; however, their costs can build up quickly.

These clothes can leach particles such as microplastics, which your baby can inhale. Early exposure to such materials is heavily discouraged. 

Additionally, these clothes often lack quality, durability, and comfort.

Even if you do not plan to have or care for other children in the future, you should buy materials that last, as you can resell them or gift them to others. Thereby doing your part to reduce the number of new clothing people have to buy and manufacturers have to create.

Is Bamboo Good for Baby Clothes?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

With many choices in the market, bamboo clothes are some of the most popular. Below are some of the reasons why bamboo clothes make great baby clothes. 

Bamboo Clothes are Soft on a Baby's Skin

Due to a baby’s sensitive skin, it only makes sense to go for clothes that are soft and gentle on the skin. Whether you’re choosing pants, pajamas, shoes, hats, or other baby clothing, you want to ensure the fabrics are soft. 

In this light, choices like organic cotton and bamboo fabric baby clothing play a key role. Bamboo fabric offers softness as a result of the soft fibers. You'll notice a clear difference in softness when you compare cotton baby clothes to bamboo baby clothes.

Bamboo fibers also have rounded ends free from sharp edges that can easily scratch the skin of babies and kids. 

Compared to many fibers that are rough and harsh to the touch, you’ll notice that bamboo baby clothes offer the opposite, comfort and coziness.

Bamboo Baby Clothes are Breathable and Highly Absorbent

Besides softness, baby clothing from bamboo materials earns a few more points for its breathable nature. Some fabrics have poor moisture-absorbent properties and can contribute to babies developing rashes and irritation from having too much moisture resting on their bodies. 

Bamboo baby clothes, on the other hand, stand out for their highly breathable and absorbent nature. These baby and children's clothes can quickly draw moisture away from the body. They then release moisture, like sweat, to the fabric’s surface for evaporation. 

Due to its moisture-wicking property, bamboo also offers thermoregulation. As a result, babies can comfortably enjoy their clothing, helping them stay cool, even in hot climates, with little to no fear of developing rashes.

Bamboo Clothing Offers Stretch

It’s no news that babies and children tend to outgrow their clothing quickly. You might purchase one set of children's bamboo pajamas in a fun style today and find that your little one only got useful wear for a short time before they outgrew them. Here, the property of stretch becomes important. 

Although not the stretchiest material in existence, bamboo offers a great deal of stretch and is stretchier than cotton. For many parents and guardians as you can watch your babies or children enjoy their quality pieces for longer. You’ll also spend less on clothes as they move through various ages. This way, you can create a strong collection of durable baby clothing. 

The Bamboo Plant is Sustainable

You and your family may be making a switch to sustainable living while carrying your little one along. It’ll benefit you to know that bamboo is among the sustainable fabrics. This follows through the production process if the company or brand uses a closed-loop system or mechanical procedure. 

Naturally, bamboo can grow without the use of pesticides. The process is entirely free of chemicals for companies that use natural bamboo. However, this version, also known as bamboo linen, is not quite common and is an expensive process. 

On the other hand, bamboo viscose is a more popular variant. For new customers, it helps examine how bamboo clothing brands process their fabrics to ensure it uses safe processes free from harsh chemicals. Also, it helps to know that a brand employs a closed-loop system whereby it recovers the water and solvents it uses.

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8 Best Bamboo Baby Clothing Brands in Different Styles

From parents to friends and family members, choosing the right clothing for babies is a delicate process. Recognizing this, we’ve created a list of some of the best options when seeking bamboo baby clothes. Along with materials like organic cotton, bamboo is ideal for a baby. Explore these bamboo baby clothes below:

1. Tenth & Pine Bamboo Shorties

Tenth & Pine Bamboo Shorties
Photo Credit: Tenth & Pine

Best for: Certified organic clothing and accessories for babies and children 
Unique features: One of the checkmarks for this brand and its bamboo baby pieces is that it uses Oeko-Tex Certified bamboo viscose.

In this light, you’re sure that when you shop with the brand, you choose pieces free of harmful substances. This is especially important for babies’ clothing. 

In addition, Tenth & Pine stays true to its ethics and sustainability practices by ensuring its pieces are locally made. For this specific pair of shorties, you get a stretchable material and an elastic-free piece. So, babies can wear it for longer without the uncomfortable elastic bands that many outfits tend to have.

This bamboo company provides some of the cutest pieces for your little ones. On one end, they craft items in lush colors and designs that keep your little one looking stylish. In addition, we highlight this brand for its commitment to remaining sustainable and certified organic. 

These days, it’s easy for companies to practice greenwashing by stating that their products are organic. Tenth & Pine’s certification makes it known that they use premium, breathable, organic bamboo. 

Specifically, these shorties come in an elastic-free and stretchable design that provides comfort around a baby's belly and thighs. They come in 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex to offer a buttery soft, and cozy fit.

Shop on Tenth & Pine

2. Kate Quinn Short Sleeve Body Suit

Kate Quinn Short Sleeve Body Suit
Photo Credit: Kate Quinn

Best for: Organic cotton and bamboo baby and mum pieces
Unique features: It comes with snaps in the leg areas to ensure it's easy to put on. 

Whether your child is in or out of the house, they’ll love a stylish Kate Quinn body suit. This cute outfit has a comfortable and unique design that attracts compliments. It comes in various sizes to select from, depending on your child’s age. 

This gender-neutral piece features lap neck construction to ensure comfort when children wear it. As a result, we appreciate this intentional addition this brand has put in place. 

This piece comes from 96% bamboo viscose and 4% Elastane and is lightweight and suitable for children. To keep you at ease in terms of its toxic-free nature, the bamboo is OEKO-TEX certified. They also make baby bibs and soft toys in cute designs your baby will love.  

Shop on Kate Quinn

3. Harp Angel Boutique Tan Lounge Set

Harp Angel Boutique Tan Lounge Set
Photo Credit: Harp Angel Boutique

Best for: Baby apparel with softness at its core
Unique features: One feature that makes this lounge set stand out is its tag-less design. This provides a comfortable inner space for babies while preventing the possibility of itching. It’s also a versatile piece that your baby can have on during the day or at night. 

Apart from the many adorable one-piece outfits from other brands, this two-piece set from Harp Angel makes a great addition to the wardrobe. You could be a parent looking to buy something comfortable for your little one or a friend thinking of gift ideas. 

This bamboo tan set is ideal for lounging and little errands when a baby comes along with a parent. Its softness makes it stand out, thereby contributing to how snuggly it is.

We also love that it’s a versatile piece that children can not only put on during the day and at night. Due to bamboo’s thermoregulating properties, the set is suitable for both cool and hot months. 

The two-piece set comes with a button-down shirt and trousers. The button-down design aids in putting the top on and off. On the other hand, the fold-over waistband design ensures enough stretch and room for growth with the trousers. 

This Harp Angel piece comes from organic bamboo that’s free from harmful substances. Its hypoallergenic property makes it great for children with sensitivity or allergic reactions. 

Shop on Etsy 

4. GrowGrows Two-Way Zip Baby Grows

GrowGrows Two-Way Zip Baby Grows
Photo Credit: GrowGrows

Best for: Organic baby onesies in colorful prints
Unique features: The piece is made from organic GOTS-certified cotton and bamboo. It's free of synthetic materials like spandex, which we’ve noticed small percentages from some other companies. Design-wise, it comes with a two-way zipper that aids easy changing and sleepy socks for coziness. 

This gender-neutral sleepsuit is one of our favorite picks on this list. For one, it has intentional features supporting both the baby and the parent. With organic cotton and bamboo as their materials, the combination offers a unique softness that not many clothes provide.

Then, the thermoregulating property provides a breathable space while helping to regulate temperatures. Parents know that daily nappy and diaper changes can sometimes be a hassle when the little ones get fussy. With the placement of a two-way zipper, this hassle eases out.

The foldover sleepy socks addition at the end of the one-piece is another win for this piece. Your baby’s feet will thank you.

Shop on Etsy

5. Shop Quinnst Bamboo Ultra Soft Knotted Baby Gown

Shop Quinnst Bamboo Ultra Soft Knotted Baby Gown
Photo Credit: Shop Quinnst

Best for: Stretchy bamboo knotted gowns for newborns
Unique features: The sleeves come with fold-over mitten cuffs as an additional layer to the gown. These cuffs serve many purposes, from keeping the baby’s hands warm to protecting them from scratching themselves. Including snaps as opposed to buttons at the top of the gown aids in easy putting on and off. 

Knotted baby gowns and sleep sacks are great for newborns. During those first few months when out of the womb, babies will still be adjusting to their new environment. In this light, a knotted gown is a great space to make your little one feel right at home. 

Although you’ll find many variants in the market, we highlight this one for many reasons. Coming from a premium mix of bamboo and spandex, this knotted gown provides softness and coziness.

Instead of placing buttons at the chest area like many companies, Shop Quinnst uses snaps instead. Although subject to preference, snaps tend to aid dressing. 

Unlike your typical onesie, the knot tie design makes diaper changing smooth. Apart from its silky feel, we love the practical nature of this piece.

As your baby grows, you can adjust the placement or where you tie the knot. This item also makes a great addition to gifts for a newborn, and they have loads more options, like blankets and bamboo PJs, in their online boutique.

Shop on Etsy

6. Marlowe & Co Short Summer Romper

Marlowe & Co Short Summer Romper
Photo Credit: Marlowe & Co

Best for: Affordable bamboo pieces for wearing and nursery use
Unique features: It comes with leg cuffs for a snug fit, a feature that contributes to this design’s comfortability. Also, the romper is light, stretchy, and thin. These features make it ideal for hot months when your little one needs lightweight clothing. 

If you’re looking for more affordable bamboo baby clothing that is aesthetically pleasing while getting the job done, you can turn to this brand.

As a family-owned business, Marlowe & Co. creates pieces with quality and timelessness in mind. 

Its range of baby rompers comes in nature-inspired colors that will keep your little one looking bright. The rompers blend 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex to offer a silky and smooth piece. 

Besides design choices targeting the baby, Marlowe & Co is a clothing brand that keeps the parents in mind. Consequently, it creates functional designs that reduce the stress in baby care regarding dressing. 

This romper comes with convenient snaps that aid diaper changes. Also, each product has functional buttons and cute leg cuffs for a snug look.

Some companies will advise against using machines to wash their products for cloth care. However, you can throw these pieces in the washer with Marlowe & Co’s blend of fabrics and processing. 

Shop on Marlowe & Co or Shop on Amazon


Best for: Bright-colored bamboo children’s clothes
Unique features: One of the top comfortability features of this set is its tag-free design that prevents itching. Also, this tie-dye set stands out for its stylish appearance in many variants.

Babies are curious and often love colors. Sometimes, adding splashes of colors to their wardrobe is great to keep them looking bright. Although suggested as bamboo baby pajamas, your little one can enjoy this set outside of sleep. 

Coming in various tie-dye mixes and matches, you have options when exploring this brand’s offering. This is a two-piece set that comes with a top and bottom. With a smooth texture, you rest assured that your baby enjoys the softest quality. 

Apart from its texture, this set also offers a good level of stretch to enable enough room for comfort. It comes with a tagless design on the neck. As a result, this set provides comfort and softness while your baby sleeps during the day or at night. 

Vaenait Baby creates this piece using 94% bamboo rayon and 6% spandex. You can explore the various styles if you’re a parent with a baby or toddler that’s six months and above.

Best of all, parents can purchase various sizes to let their children match outfits. However, unlike a piece like the Tenth & Pine Shorties, this one comes with an elastic drawstring design. 

Shop on Amazon

8. Kids Love Colors Boohoo Baby Bamboo Onesie

Kids Love Colors Boohoo Baby Bamboo Onesie
Photo Credit: Kids Love Colors

Best for: Solid-coloured and simple organic bamboo and cotton baby wear
Unique features: The romper comes from Oeko-Tex-certified bamboo making them free of harsh or toxic chemicals.

Each piece comes in simple yet stylish snug-fitting designs that offer both practicality and aesthetic features. 

This little onesie from Kids Love Colours offers a functional and chic design. The company uses Oeko-Tex Certified organic bamboo fiber. As a result, you get something smooth, silky, and breathable. In addition, the onesie offers a great deal of stretch, so babies can enjoy it for a little bit longer. 

Rather than taking the standard approach of making a generic-looking onesie, this company added minimal features like ruffles. You’ll see these on each sleeve of this organic bamboo onesie. Parents and guardians can quickly make diaper changes with snap buttons at the bottom of each piece. 

This onesie is only available in two colors: caramel and sea blue. However, the great thing is that you can find options for little ones aged 0 to 2 years old.

The composition of bamboo fabrics and a loose fit ensure adequate airflow for your baby. It’s also free from details like elastics and scratchy features that may cause discomfort in other bamboo clothes.

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Baby clothes come in various materials, shapes, sizes, and designs. However, one of the key factors to put in place when exploring these clothing styles is the fabric type. 

Bamboo offers many properties that babies can enjoy as they grow. It’s soft, breathable, and highly absorbent.

All these and more make bamboo baby clothes an excellent choice for moms, parents, and guardians.

From this list above, you’re sure to find something new from this list above for your precious one that's also better for the planet.

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