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12 Best Bamboo Socks for Super Soft Sustainable Wear

What's better than a pair of eco-friendly socks to keep your feet warm, dry, and healthy? A pair of bamboo socks is a must-have for everyone committed to sustainable fashion. 

Bamboo is a natural fiber that grows from a seed to a stalk within a short time. It also uses little or no pesticides and fertilizers, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics. 

Bamboo socks keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. They are also durable, meaning you don't have to worry about wear and tear. 

We have curated a list of some of the best bamboo socks you can add to your wardrobe for warm and happy feet. From crew socks to ankle socks and no-show socks. Later we look at the many benefits of bamboo socks.

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12 best pairs of bamboo socks to shop 

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1. Silky Toes

Silky toes bamboo socks
Photo Credit: Silky Toes.

For: Men, Women, Kids, and Babies
Materials: Bamboo, polyester, nylon, spandex
Best for: Casual wear

These bamboo socks from Silky Toes give you the ultimate comfortable experience. From their extra softness to their durability, you can finally enjoy all the comfort your feet deserve.

With these ultra-soft socks, you don't need to worry about itching or discomfort because these bamboo dress socks come with a seamless toe perfectly linked for maximum comfort. Each pair also has thermoregulating properties that keep your feet cool during summer and warm during winter.

Silky toes bamboo socks qualities include odor-free, stretchable, and long-lasting even with multiple wears. Like most bamboo socks, you can also wash them using a washing machine.

These bamboo dress socks from Silky Toes come in different sizes for men and women, and you can wear them with dress shoes or casual wear.

Why love these best bamboo dress socks

At the top of our list of the best bamboo socks, these tick all the boxes, from sustainability to durability, and comfort. These socks stay strong enough for your everyday wear. Silky Toes also makes sustainable, non-toxic socks for kids and babies. 

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2. Fair Affair

Fair affair best colorful bamboo sock prints
Photo Credit: Fair Affair.

For: Men and Women
Materials: Bamboo, polyamide, elastane 
Best for: Casual wear 

These unisex bamboo socks are one we consider a healthy choice for your feet. With lots of striking colors and patterns to suit your style, each pair is sustainable and eliminates foot odors.

With their moisture-wicking properties, these pairs of bamboo socks keep your feet dry all day long, avoiding stinky feet. They are gentle on the skin and perfect for everyday wear, traveling, sports, and everything in between. You can wash these socks using a washing machine and cold water. They also maintain their softness after multiple washes. 

These best bamboo fiber socks come in various shoe sizes for both men and women. 

Best bamboo socks for colors and patterns

Fair Affair is a company passionate about sustainability and environmental ethics. They believe in fair labor, fair resources, and a fair planet. They are transparent with their suppliers and make the most stylish and ethically made bamboo socks women and men will love in colors to brighten up your day.

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3. does goods

Does good basics bamboo socks
Photo Credit: does goods.

For: Men and Women
Materials: Bamboo 
Best for: Casual wear 

With these pairs of bamboo socks, you can say goodbye to itching, rubbing, and discomfort. Made with sustainable bamboo fabric, these socks are sure to make your feet comfortable. These socks come in brilliant yet neutral color collections that include black, grey, blue, ginger yellow, and so on. They also come in various shoe sizes for men and women. 

Why we like does goods

Does goods expresses its passion for doing good for the earth while providing the most comfortable socks. With every pack of socks bought, does goods plants a tree. Their top-rated bamboo socks come specially crafted in compostable and biodegradable packaging made from renewable resources like corn husks and wheat straws. 

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4. RedFoxSox

RedFoxSox colorful sock prints
Photo Credit: Red Fox Socks.

For: Men and Women
Materials: Organic bamboo, polyester, elastane
Best for: Work, travel, and gifts

Want an eco-friendly statement sock with unique styles and patterns? RedFoxSox bamboo socks are sure to make you stand out and have you leaving your regular socks in the drawer. Its extremely soft bamboo fabric comes free of uncomfortable inner stitchings giving your feet the most comfortable feel.

They have a reinforced toe and heel that makes each pair of socks long-lasting. They are also lightweight and can be machine-washed. 

You can get these bamboo socks for men and women in a variety of shoe sizes and colors.  

Best for interesting and quirky prints

This brand provides high-quality bamboo fiber socks in unique designs that make a statement. They also work directly with local and international artists and designers to ensure quality and comfort. 

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5. Thought

Thought socks
Photo Credit: Thought.

For: Men and Women
Materials: Bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester
Best for: Statement wear 

Thought is a London-based brand that turns natural fabric into high-quality, sustainable clothing. Their bamboo socks go from ankle socks to long socks, crew socks, and plain and patterned socks. 

Made with ultra-soft bamboo yarn and organic cotton, these bamboo socks are breathable and comfortable on the feet. They come in three pairs, with each pair carefully hand-linked for optimal comfort and durability. Its antibacterial properties keep your feet healthy and warm. 

Perfect bamboo sock options for everyday wear

Thought ensures ethical practices across the supply chain. They ensure that their workers get fair pay and safe working conditions. They also demonstrate their passion for society through donations to charities in the UK. 

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For: Men and Women
Materials: Bamboo, polyester, elastic 
Best for: Casual wear/ sportswear 

These SPST ankle socks are high-quality bamboo socks for men and women. They come with a cushioned sole that provides comfort for your feet and prevents blistering of your toes. 

Its mesh top is breathable and moisture-wicking. The arch support provides a perfect fit allowing you to slip your feet into your shoes free of any blood constraints or foot injury. These bamboo socks are non-irritating and ideal for dry or sensitive skin. They are also very stretchable and become softer after the first wash. They retain their softness even after multiple washes. 

These bamboo ankle socks come in beautiful solid colors and various shoe sizes you can choose from. 

Why SPST is the best bamboo socks choice for casual fitness

These socks make our list of one of the best bamboo socks in the market. They are breathable and contain thermoregulating properties that keep your feet cool on hot days and warm on cool days. They are versatile, and you can wear them during sports activities, outdoor adventures, or casual everyday wear. 

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Photo Credit: SERISIMPLE.

For: Women and Men
Materials: Bamboo
Best for: Casual wear

These bamboo socks come from 80% bamboo fabric with anti-bacterial properties that keep your feet healthy. They are also ultra-soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. 

These bamboo socks provide thermoregulation, keeping your feet in good condition during summer or winter. 

They are also very stretchable, preventing nerve pain or blood blockage. Their well-rounded heel also gives your feet a smooth fit into your shoes. They are machine washable and retain their softness through multiple washes. 

Loads of great reviews of these bamboo socks can’t be wrong

Serisimple is a family-owned company focused on making the most sustainable pairs of socks. Their socks are versatile and just perfect for both formal and informal occasions. 

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8. Calzemie

Photo Credit: Calzemie.

For: Men and Women
Materials: Bamboo
Best for: Gifts/ statement clothing 

If you want beautifully patterned socks that make you stand out in those sneakers or shoes, then these bamboo socks are ones you will love. 

Made with bamboo fabric, these socks are super soft and comfortable on the feet. They come in unique designs and are long-lasting. They also have thermoregulating properties that keep your feet warm or cool during summer and winter. They are moisture-wicking, minimizing unpleasant smells, and keeping your feet free from blisters. 

These socks are very versatile and ideal for work and casual styles. You can get them in various patterns and shoe sizes.  

Beautiful bamboo socks designed in England and made in Turkey

This brand brings all the fun to their socks. From wild to funny and patterned designs that are sure to turn heads. They make socks for men, women, and children and have done so since 1999. 

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9. Movesgood

Moves good basic white socks made from bamboo
Photo Credit: Movegood.

For: Men and Women
Materials: Bamboo, lyocell, elastane 
Best for: Casual wear 

Movesgood is a brand committed to sustainable fashion, using the best bamboo production processes to make eco-friendly bedding, clothes, bamboo towels, and bamboo dress socks. Their socks go from no-show socks to ankle and crew socks. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, and contain antibacterial properties that keep your feet healthy. 

The brand recommends washing their bamboo socks at 30 degrees with a washing machine. 

Why we like Movesgood 

Movesgood is a clothing company motivated by its passion for bringing change to the environmental and social issues within the fashion industry. Each piece of clothing made uses ethical practices and ensures that workers were paid fairly. 

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10. Ecosox

Ecosox bamboo hiking socks
Photo Credit: Ecosox.

For: Unisex
Materials: Bamboo viscose, polyester, spandex
Best for: causal and outdoor

Made from bamboo viscose fabric, these socks provide all-around comfort with their fully cushioned footbed. Its arch support keeps the sock durable and your foot free from blisters. These bamboo socks come with an integrated smooth toe seam that reduces friction. They also have moisture-wicking properties that keep your foot dry all day. Whether you are taking a hike up the hill or going for a downtown stroll around the neighborhood, these socks regulate foot temperature and keep them comfortable. 

Top choice of bamboo socks for hiking and the outdoors

Ecosox guarantees high-quality socks with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime blister-free guarantee. Ecosox is also a partner with One Tree and claims to have planted over 10,000 trees thanks to customer purchases. 

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11. Naked Nation

Naked nation bamboo socks
Photo Credit: Naked Nation.

For: Unisex
Materials: Bamboo fiber
Best for: Casual and sporty wear, gifts. 

These bamboo socks from Naked Nation are lightweight and much softer than regular cotton socks. They come with a terry-knit toe, giving your feet the extra cushioning it needs. They are perfect for any kind of shoe and regulate the temperature around your feet.

These socks are perfect for family, friends, colleagues, and even yourself. They prevent sweaty feet, absorbing moisture and keeping your feet dry and fresh all day. They also eliminate odors and contain antibacterial properties that keep your feet healthy. Each pair of socks come in a beautiful gift box and eco-friendly packaging. 

Best for eco-friendly bamboo socks, luxury packaging perfect for gifts

Naked Nation is a clothing and jewelry brand committed to high-quality, sustainable fashion. Their items also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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12. Sunew


For: Unisex
Materials: Bamboo, polyester, elastic 
Best for: Casual wear 

Sunew bamboo socks come with extra cushioning and reinforcement on the heel and sole for durability and extra comfort. They prevent blisters on your feet, no matter the footwear. They also come with a non-slip, meaning you don't need to worry about slippery floors. 

Its hidden seam toe and mesh ensure temperature regulation no matter the weather condition. They last through multiple washes and maintain their soft texture. 

These bamboo socks come in different solid colors and sizes for both sexes. 

Why We Like Sunew 

These bamboo socks tick all the boxes with an incredibly soft texture on the skin, high-quality bamboo fabric, extra cushioning, and non-slip and antibacterial properties. Customers describe these socks as one of the “best bamboo socks ever.” 

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Why bamboo socks? 

Photo by Bruna Guarani on Pexels.

Bamboo socks come with several benefits, from the sustainability of bamboo fabric to their anti-fungal, antibacterial properties and super soft texture. 

Here are a few benefits that make buying a pair of top bamboo socks from our list above a fantastic idea: 


As we mentioned earlier, bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world of eco-friendly fashion. It is a natural fiber that grows quickly, taking about three years to reach maturity. Bamboo is also resistant to pests and other microorganisms and needs little or no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. 

Also, bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen, making it helpful in reducing fashion’s carbon footprint and global warming. Bamboo is also 100% biodegradable. 

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Bamboo fibers contain no chemicals

With a pair of bamboo socks, you don't need to worry about allergies, especially if you have sensitive skin. Bamboo fibers contain no chemicals. Although they go through chemical processes when converting to viscose fibers, these chemicals become inactive and leave no residue of harmful substances. 

Bamboo socks have antibacterial properties 

Bamboo fibers have antibacterial properties thanks to an antimicrobial bio-agent called “Bamboo Kun.” This repels pests and other organisms. 

Since manufacturers make bamboo socks with these bamboo fibers, they can fight germs, and prevent athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Bamboo fiber socks help to keep your feet healthy and free of bacteria. 

Moisture absorption that prevents odors

Sweaty feet can leave you feeling uncomfortable and increase the risks of fungal infection. Are bamboo socks good for sweaty feet? Absolutely, yet another reason bamboo socks make an excellent choice is their moisture and odor-resistant properties that keep your feet dry and healthy. 

They absorb moisture much more than cotton socks and load more than synthetic alternatives like polyester socks. They also prevent the foot odor that comes from wearing them in your shoes all day long.

Because bamboo socks absorb moisture, they reduce foot odor leaving you confident enough to take off your shoes without worrying about an unpleasant smell. 

Bamboo socks are soft and durable

Bamboo fiber socks have a very soft silky texture that makes them comfortable to wear in shoes and the preference of many over other fabrics. 

Furthermore, they minimize the friction in your shoes, reducing the risks of blisters. They are also durable and can last even after multiple uses and washing. They’re simple to machine wash, and for further eco creds, keep them fresh by hanging them on the washing line to air dry.  

Do bamboo socks shrink? Most often only in the drying machine; however, it is always wise to check the label as various blends and manufacturing can differ.

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With the right pair of sustainable socks, you can protect your feet, keep them warm and happy and ultimately protect the environment. With our list of sustainable bamboo socks, you can find socks that are perfect for any occasion. 

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