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At TRVST we feature projects by changemakers who've stepped up and create impact. Championing initiative for positive change by people acting to make a difference across our fields of action. 

Our intention is to inspire people to get involved, perhaps undertake a project of their own, or support those whose stories we share. 
Chatterbox: Online Language Learning Service Powered By Refugee Talent.
BY Mursal Hedayat ·
Chatterbox is building an online language learning service powered by refugee talent. Chatterbox connects the problem of underutilised refugee talent with an opportunity in the demand for their language skills.
BioSURE: HIV test kit
BY Brigette Bard ·
BioSURE is bringing cost-effective, straightforward, fast and accurate testing technology for HIV to the mainstream via their self-testing HIV test kit. The aim is to get people talking and give people an alternative way to test, as part of a plan to eradicate HIV by 2030. BioSURE was founded by Brigette Bard in 2011.
Marc Skid: How to Make your Marc on the World
BY Daniel Barry ·
Dan Barry is the founder of Marc Skid, LLC, a cheeky, eco-friendly underwear brand owner with a passion for giving back. Made with the finest cotton, Organic Pima, and with a recycled water bottle in each waistband, Marc Skid underwear is dedicated to the betterment of the world and its people. The mission of the brand is to allow people to Make Their Marc on the World by donating four dollars per pair to 4-Star Charities dedicated to saving, feeding, and curing the world.
WasteShark: Plastic - Eating Drones
BY Richard Hardiman ·
Richard Hardiman, the accidental environmentalist, speaks honestly about his entrepreneurial journey, discovering a passion for drones and plastic recycling he never dreamed of, and how the creative, entrepreneurial side lies in each of us- waiting to be unleashed. RanMarine Technology B.V. has just launched Waste Shark, their first product. These fully autonomous drones swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment.
Sanctus - The World's First Mental Health Gym
BY James Routledge ·
Sanctus is a safe space and community to talk about your mental health & fitness. The team believe in treating mental health just like physical health, one day they hope that their safe space is the world’s first mental health gym on the high street.
You Make It: Empowering Women Across London
BY Manon Dolet ·
You Make It empowers young, unemployed, mainly BAME women to dream big, achieve greatness and inspire others. We are unique in that we take a holistic approach to joblessness, we don’t see marginalised women as burdens that must be shoehorned into a job in order to tick them off a list of names. We see the wonderful individuality in every woman we work with, discover through deep introspective work the problems they face, and create a tailored package of support for them filled with the tools to develop self-esteem, confidence and crucial professional skills and experiences that propel them forward in their careers.
Moment Health: Early Help for Maternal Mental Health
BY Nuala Murphy ·
Nuala Murphy is the founder and CEO of Moment Health, an organisation on a mission to support new families everywhere to take a moment, take care and take control of their mental health. 
Plastic Whale: Turning Plastic into Adventures
BY Marius Smit ·
Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world and they turn the collected plastics into stunning furniture. They aim to “create economic value from plastic waste, involving as many people as possible”. In the last year, they’ve launched a furniture range, have a fleet of ten design boats made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic, and have reached over 10,000 people with their unique ‘plastic fishing’ tours in Amsterdam’s canals. They’ve been a hit with Airbnb Experiences too! Marius Smit, founder and 'Captain' shared his vision with us.
Wareologie - Empowering People With Magnetic Button Adaptors
BY Gina Adams ·
Ware·ologie, LLC is social venture startup, dedicated to solving a compounding problem that affects over 30 million Americans with hand disabilities. The company designs innovative, stylish products to restore independence and empower people to carry out essential activities of daily living, such as getting dressed. Limitations in dexterity are a common symptom of many illnesses.
Social Impakt: Providing Clean Water. A Simple Solution Which Saves Lives
BY Jeroen van Overbeek ·
“When the human being is your main point of focus, your main value, you feel alive.” This is Jeroen van Overbeek's reason for being and the reason he founded Social Impakt. He realised that he was helping companies make money, but not helping people. He wasn't aligned with his values anymore. He wanted to give new meaning to his life and focus on humanist values. He realised there was a better way to use his business skills. He then founded Social Impakt which helps people access clean drinking water
The Friendship Bench
BY Dixon Chibanda ·
Describe The Friendship Bench The Friendship Bench program is an evidence-based intervention developed in Zimbabwe to bridge the mental health treatment gap. Our mission is to create safe spaces and a sense of belonging in communities so as to enhance mental well-being and improve quality of life through the use of problem-solving therapy delivered by […]
Who Gives A Crap
BY Team Who Gives A Crap ·
"I’m not leaving this toilet until we pre-sell $50,000 of product" So vowed Simon Griffiths, Co-founder of Who Gives A Crap on launching their IndieGoGo campaign.  That gets attention. And the story has all the classic hallmarks of never giving up.
HostNation: Befriending Refugees In London
BY Anneke Elwes ·
London is one of the greatest and most potentially inclusive places on earth, but it has become two cities. For refugees and asylum seekers, it can be intimidating, lonely and isolating. Today’s refugees are facing unprecedented challenges, and existing services are struggling to cope.  Cities across the UK are crying out for social integration projects a few of the big refugee organisations have been able to sustain initiatives aimed at the emotional well being of their service users. Existing services focus on service provision; HostNation focuses on social provision.
Resilient Wellness
BY Daisy Ozim ·
Daisy Ozim started this Resilient Wellness after working within public health where she experienced major barriers to addressing the root causes of health, inequities in a way that was equitable, efficient and relevant.
#Tenner4Good: How to Change the World with £10
BY Matt Callanan ·
“I’d like to give back” is something people often say.  Giving makes you feel good; it’s very simple. Meet Matt Callanan.  When Matt won £20 on a scratch card, he decided to share his good fortune and buy a Big Issue seller some food.  And so began the #WeMakeGoodHappen & #Tenner4Good movement.  
Boroume: The Ultimate Recycling Model Combating Malnutrition in Greece
BY Alex Theodoridis ·
Boroume (“We Can”) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce food waste and to fight malnutrition in Greece by directly linking all kinds of food donors and food donations to local charities.
Third Story Project
BY Ei Piwnt Rhi Zan ·
Describe Third Story Project Third Story Project is a non-profit social enterprise. We create children's storybooks with positive messages which reflect every child in Myanmar. We mainly produce Myanmar, English, Bilingual, and other Ethnic Myanmar Languages. These stories are for 4 to 11 years old kids. We are going to produce storybooks for adolescents in […]
Bushel & Peck Books: Combating Illiteracy with a Book-for-Book Promise
BY David and Stephanie Miles ·
Every year, hundreds of children's publishers produce millions of wonderful books for kids. But here's the problem. Most people in the world can't afford them. This is what Bushel and Peck Books are setting out to solve.
Responsible 100: Corporate Responsibility Management Tool
BY Michael Solomon ·
Responsible 100 is a corporate responsibility management tool that enables any business or organisation to improve its responsibility performance - for its own benefit and for the benefit of society. It is also a community seeking to foment a ‘race to the top’ in business - where doing good translates to greater profitability.
Vrikshit Foundation
BY Shankar Singh ·
Vrikshit is a foundation founded by and made up of young people who want to see change in India. We are willing to strive to make India not only clean, but also green. Our ongoing efforts help to raise awareness about the sanitation gap that impacts so many people’s lives in India.
Homes4All Oxfordshire: Offering Safe Spaces For The Homeless
BY Deborah Robson-Grey ·
With homelessness in Oxford growing at an alarming rate, the team at Homes4all Oxfordshire pioneered a drop-in café run out of a local shop. They focus on offering friendship and genuine hospitality. So far, they’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from the homeless community and the generosity of volunteers. Here’s their inspiring story of community-led action so far and their future plans.
Pupils Profit Schoolyard Enterprises
BY Lizzie Gimblett ·
Pupils Profit provide enterprise training materials and eco-friendly products to enable school children to set up sustainable schoolyard businesses.
Opportunities for Life: Thirsty For Change
BY Danielle Sturton and Michael Ross ·
Opportunities for Life's mission is to bring clean drinking water to those in need in developing countries. 1 in 10 people on our planet doesn't have access to clean water, OFL pride itself on its 100% model. 100% of public donations fund clean drinking water projects.
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