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6 Best Bamboo Bath Towels For Snuggly Soft Drying

We all love the feeling of that perfect towel that wraps comfortably on our skin after a nice shower. Bamboo bath towels have a natural softness and superior absorbency properties, making them a unique choice for comfort. Even better, bamboo fabric is one of the most sustainable choices you can make. 

You’ll find quality bamboo bath towels that also last for longer periods. You also won’t have to worry about your bath towel developing a musty odor, as bamboo is naturally mildew resistant. 

Read on to explore our list of some of the best bamboo bath towels you can shop for today.  

Why bamboo bath towels? 

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We all need that one bath towel that wraps us warmly after our bathing routine. But why choose a natural bamboo bath towel? Bamboo is an eco-friendly fiber, as it is self-sustained and grows without pesticides or herbicides. And here are more reasons why bamboo bath towels are an excellent choice.  

Bamboo towels are very absorbent.

If you thought cotton towels were absorbent, then bamboo towels may change your mind. Bamboo has high moisture-wicking properties and is one of the softest towels you will find on the market. These towels can dry your body more comfortably in no time.

Bamboo towels are anti-bacterial and odor-resistant.

Bamboo has an antimicrobial agent called bamboo kun that makes all the difference in your bamboo towel. Thanks to this agent, your bamboo towels stay free from bacteria and odor, meaning your bath towels can stay fresher for longer. Because of their anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties, bamboo bath towels are safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Bamboo towels are soft and durable. 

With bamboo towels, you don’t need a fabric softener. Bamboo towels are super soft and get softer with repeated washes. Because of their soft fibers, you can use these bath towels for babies and sensitive skin types. 

Apart from their soft texture, bamboo towels are durable and wrinkle-resistant. Even with repeated washes, you can be sure your body towels will stay in good shape.  

What to look out for in bamboo bath towels 

If you are shopping for the best bamboo towels for you or your loved ones, here are a few things you may need to consider:

Weight, size, and GSM (grams per square meter) levels

When selecting the perfect bamboo towel, one of the first things to consider is the size and weight of the towel. Do you want a towel that wraps fully around the body? You may need to go for bigger and longer towels. Towels that measure around 30 x 56 inches will wrap nicely around your body. You may want to go for a longer size if you are taller. 

Heavier towels have higher GSM levels. GSM (grams per square meter) is a metric that measures the density of a towel. Higher GSM levels represent higher thread counts and are much heavier and more expensive. 

Bamboo towels range from GSM levels of 300 to 900, with 300 to 400 being the thinnest weight, 400 to 600 medium weight, and 600 to 900 being the thickest GSM level. You may want to go for the medium-weight towels to get the right balance of thickness and absorbency.


Some towels may tick all the boxes but end up fraying over time. You want to look for bamboo towels with double stitching to ensure the seams do not let out even with multiple washes. 

Style and color 

Lastly, you want to consider what style and color of towels you want. This will depend on who you are buying the towels for. If you are shopping for your family, you may want to buy a set of towels in multiple colors. You could also go for the standard white or grey bamboo towels, some of which come with bamboo charcoal, which makes them more antibacterial. 

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6 Best Bamboo Bath Towels You Can Shop For  

1. Mosobam Bath Towels

Mosobam Bath Towels 
Photo Credit: Mosobam


  • Different color choices
  • Large size
  • Luxurious spa style


  • More expensive than other bamboo towels 
  • Nothing more than a set of 4

Made with 50% bamboo viscose and 50% Aegean Turkish cotton blend or Pima cotton, these luxurious bamboo towels come with all the fantastic qualities you can expect from bamboo.

Thanks to the bamboo fibers' organic properties, you don’t need to worry about molds or an unpleasant smell with these towels. They are pretty thick, soft, and highly absorbent. However, they may not dry as quickly as other towels. 

These bamboo towels come in a set that includes four bath towels. You can also be sure that these towels are safe to use on your skin and free of harmful chemicals, as they are tested and certified green by OEKO-TEX. 

For longer use, it’s best to follow the washing instructions, which suggest that you use mild detergent and cold water, avoid bleach or fabric softeners, and tumble dry carefully under normal heat settings. 

Shop on Mosobam

2. JML Bamboo Bath Towels



  • Super absorbent 
  • Odor-free
  • Natural fabric and organic dyes


  • Not thick
  • Small size

Made with 90% of the softest bamboo fibers, these eco-friendly towels feel soft and amazing on the skin. They also come with a 10% cotton blend for a softer, more durable texture. Although each bamboo cotton bath towel is thin and doesn’t have a fluffy feel, they are very absorbent, making them ideal for a daily bath, gym, or the beach. Its soft feel and antibacterial properties make this towel ideal for people with sensitive skin. 

These towels also come in a laundry bag where you can store your towel before laundry day and protect bamboo terry for longer use. It is recommended that you wash separately with lukewarm water and tumble dry your towel on low heat. 

Shop on JML Home or on Amazon

3. Jomo - 8 Pack Bamboo Bath Towels



  • Soft texture
  • Multiple sets
  • 8 per pack 


  • Limited sizes
  • One color scheme 
  • It may be a bit fuzzy 

These premium bamboo bath towels make it to our list of best bamboo towels because of their super soft and highly absorbent texture. This beautiful towel is a complete 8-pack set that can work for two people. You get two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths in this set. You can also choose to buy this towel in a 2-pack, 4-pack, or 6-pack set. They are also budget-friendly. 

If you want a fluffy towel, this is one we recommend. You can wrap these around your body or hair. You could also use them for your hand or face. Moreover, these super soft bamboo towels remain soft even after several washes and dry quickly. However, you may notice some fuzziness and some extra threads sticking out on the first few washes. These towels are also free of harmful chemicals and dyes that can irritate your skin. 

Shop on Amazon

4. Canfoison Bamboo Bath Towel



  • Wide range of 10 colors
  • 3 different sizes
  • Hypoallergenic 


  • No larger sizes 

If you want a budget-friendly towel set, we recommend these bamboo fiber bath towels from Canfoison. What’s great about these towels is that they come in options that include a one-pack bath towel, 2-pack hand towels, 4-pack washcloths, a 1-pack bath sheet, or a 3-pack towel set.  

They are very soft on the skin and have hypoallergenic properties, which makes this gentle bamboo towel perfect for acne-prone or sensitive skin. They are also very absorbent and resistant to odors. 

This bamboo towel is a mix of 60% natural bamboo and 40% premium cotton. If you still want the good old cotton for extra absorbency, we recommend this one. 

Shop on Amazon

5. Aibaser - Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels



  • Available in multiple colors 
  • Available in a pack of six
  • Plush
  • Hypoallergenic 


  • May fray after multiple washes
  • It may be too thin

We all know how annoying and unhygienic it can be when someone accidentally uses your bath towels or face cloths. These bamboo towels come in multiple colors that are just perfect if you live with your family. This towel is a set that comes in a total of six bath towels, each made of 80% bamboo fiber and 20% cotton. 

They are surprisingly thin but also very soft on the skin. Without having to glide them over your skin, they absorb moisture and dry your skin quickly. They are also quite lightweight, making them easy to pack up for the gym, camp, or travel. 

These bamboo towels are also anti-mildew and antibacterial and won’t develop that funky smell over time. To care for these towels, put them in a laundry bag to protect bamboo terry and wash them separately. 

Shop on Amazon

6. Marmaris Co. Bamboo Bath Towels



  • Ultra soft and lightweight 
  • Super absorbent
  • Large sizes 


  • A limited set of two 

We love this towel from Marmaris Co. because of its superb moisture-wicking features. Not only that, but these towels dry quickly, too. This may be a great pick if you want those thick oversized towels for a luxurious spa experience in your bathroom.

Made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% Turkish cotton, these towels are durable and come in a set of two, each with a measurement of 36 x 58 inches, making them larger than regular-sized towels. 

They have a soft feel and unique plant design to give your bathroom an elegant look. Even after the first wash, these towels do not let out threads or shrink after the first wash.  Lastly, these bamboo towels are naturally odor and allergy-resistant, making them safe for people with sensitive skin. 

Shop on Amazon

Caring for your bamboo towels 

Bamboo towels require just a little more care than your regular cotton towels. To wash your bamboo towels safely use cold water and a gentle cycle to wash your bamboo towels safely. Avoid using harsh detergents, bleach, or fabric softeners, as this can reduce the durability and absorbency of your towel. 

Once done washing, you can leave them out to air dry or use a tumble dryer at the lowest setting. This is to preserve the soft texture and elasticity of your bamboo fabric. If you notice loose edges after multiple uses, simply trim them with scissors to prevent further unraveling. 

Bamboo towels vs. cotton towels  

Most of our standard bath towels are made of cotton. While regular cotton towels may always have their place in our bathrooms, bamboo towels are an eco-friendly alternative. 

Bamboo bath towels absorb moisture much faster than cotton towels, making them more functional for an all-body dry.  However, because of their high water retention, it may take longer for bamboo bath towels to dry. 

Bamboo fabric is super soft and gets even softer with repeated washing. On the other hand, cotton may vary in softness and come with some rough spots and threads as it ages. 

Lastly, bamboo plants are more sustainable as they require less water, pesticides, and herbicides to grow. On the other hand, the cotton plant requires a lot more water, pesticides, and herbicides. 

If you don’t want to ditch the cotton fabric altogether, you could go for bath towels with a mix of bamboo and cotton. You'll also find various colors and types, like ribbed towels or those with patterns cropping up made from bamboo - you'll be spoilt for choice.  


Whether you like thinner or thicker towels, you can replace those unsustainable towels with beautiful bamboo towels of different colors and sizes. You can go through our list of some of the best bamboo towels you can shop for today. 

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