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Hemp Socks - 13 Best for Eco-Friendly Feet Treats

Hemp is perfect for socks! As a material, not only is it lovely and soft to wear, but it also wicks moisture and contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Hemp socks make for excellent wear and are the perfect choice when looking for natural fiber socks.

Why Hemp Socks?

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The hemp plant is amazingly versatile. However, many may not realize the historical significance of hemp and its various uses. In the early 17th century, British settlers to North America were all instructed to plant a certain hemp acreage.

The request came about simply because hemp plants, fast-growing and versatile, could be used to make so many other useful goods. In particular, the British crown wanted to use the colonists’ hemp to make sails and ropes for English ships.

Of all the things hemp does very well, creating hemp fabric is definitely one. For example, the hemp canvas used to make sails was lighter and stronger than cotton canvas. In addition, rope made from the hemp plant did not rot or lose its strength, as happened with other fibers. So, clothing made from hemp has received praise for its high quality, softness, and versatility.

The rewarding feeling of putting on a hemp garment that is durable, attractive, and better for the environment is part and parcel of what we’re going to examine in this brief article.

When buying new clothes of any type, hemp makes for one of the most sustainable fabric choices. Growing hemp requires far less water than organic cotton to grow, and due to its dense plant structure, it uses less land.

Great for Feet and Planet & Eco-Friendly

For breathable, all-day comfort, whether on the commute to work or hiking the outdoors, give a pair of hemp socks a try.

Once you’ve tried a pair of hemp socks, there’s a decent chance you’ll end up replacing those cotton socks and synthetic fibers in your sock draw as they wear out, with hemp becoming your preference. Naturally odor resistant and, like other organic products, better for the environment.

Related: When replacing old socks, give our guide on what to do with old underwear a socks a look for environmentally friendly ways to avoid them ending up in a landfill. And why not grab some hemp shoes to complete your eco-friendly footwear lineup?

13 Best Hemp Socks

So, as we make our list of the 13 best hemp socks, we’ll be able to explore exactly what users find so beneficial about these natural eco-friendly socks.

1. Earth Mode

earth mode
Photo Credit: Earth Mode.

This company blends hemp with organic cotton to create a mid-weight sock warm enough for cold weather and cool enough for summer. These socks are appropriate for every occasion. A typical order of four pairs comes with a travel bag. Because hemp is the strongest natural fiber, these natural fiber socks hold their shape perpetually.

They're available on their Etsy store, described as a "small store with good stuff.” We like that, great hemp socks and supporting small independent shops at the same time. These socks ship internationally from the US.

Shop Earth Mode on Etsy

2. United by Blue

united by blue
Photo Credit: United By Blue.

SoftHemp is the trademark of United by Blue. Sock designers at this company are unafraid of using vibrant, unusual colors to make their socks stand out. Additionally, this company uses hemp to create various apparel items: hats, shirts, pants, and bags. What's more, they promise to remove a pound of trash from our oceans for every product sold.

Shop United by Blue on Amazon

3. Kind Hemp

kind hemp
Photo Credit: Kind Hemp.

The description of Kind Hemp’s crew socks tells us just about everything you need to know about wearing hemp on your feet. Hemp socks are moisture-wicking, odor and bacterial-resistant, amazingly durable, and breathable.

Kind Hemp sells six varieties of hemp socks based on the customer’s age and intended use. Their natural socks come in various muted natural color options. Their ankle socks blend organic cotton and hemp to create some of the best hemp socks out there.

Kind Hemp is a US-based store with eco-friendly shipping. You can sign up for their newsletter on their website for 10% off your first order and exclusive discounts in your inbox.

Available here

4. Hemp Organic Life

hemp organic life
Photo Credit: Hemp Organic Life.

Focused on casual socks for women and men, this company uses undyed hemp fabric. Purchasers can anticipate these hemp socks lasting several years longer than other types of socks. In addition, while hemp holds its shape, the inside of the socks smoothes over with wear, resulting in the stockings becoming more comfortable over time.

Hemp Organic Life also has a wide range of other hemp gear, including cushions, bedding, rugs, and even sleeping bags. Click on for socks and more:

Shop Hemp Organic Life on Etsy

5. iLoveBadOrganics

Photo Credit: iLoveBadOrganics.

These folks blend cotton and hemp to create breathable, moisture-wicking, highly comfortable casual socks. While they are an American company, it will also ship to the United Kingdom. They are also noted for donating a portion of their proceeds to various worthy charities, including orphanages and animal rescue organizations.

They've got various hemp socks from plains to these tye-dyed numbers pictured, which we love! With another blend of organic cotton, these customers rave that these are some of the best hemp socks they’ve worn.

Shop iLoveBadOrganics on Etsy

6. Rawganique

Photo Credit: Rawganique.

These socks—unbleached and undyed crew size—result from many years of attempting to perfect a certain feel using no chemicals or other fibers with the hemp to achieve the ideal sensation. Users clamor for these stockings. Chemical-free basics in Ivory made in Europe.

Shop Rawganique on Amazon

7. MariesMovement

Photo Credit: Maries Movement.

The simple, elegant stockings manufactured by this outfit are unique in that the fabric used is 100% hemp. Muted earth tones, respectful of the material itself, it seems, are the colors of choice. The company has intentionally chosen to describe its three guiding principles: make sustainable fabrics for consumers, increase awareness about the textile industry, and contribute to the growth of its niche.

Shop Maries Movement on Etsy

8. Jungmaven

Photo Credit: Jung Maven.

Jungmaven carries many different hemp products, all a part of the company’s attempt to spread the word about hemp’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and super durable qualities. Variety is also a hallmark of their sock collection as they offer 15 different colors of their hemp and organic cotton blended crew socks.

Available here

9. Hemp Authority

hemp authority
Photo Credit: Hemp Authority.

This firm seems to have reasonably priced hemp socks for every occasion. They offer single-pair purchases and also give discounts for bulk purchases. Despite the fantastic variety of stockings they offer, footwear is only part of their hemp collection. They have hemp clothing, bags, beauty supplies, and home goods as well.

Available here

10. Ital

Photo Credit: i-tal.

If you had to describe the fantastic, strange array of hemp socks created by this outfit, the word would probably be quirky. With bright colors and engaging designs, this international company appeals to young people around the globe. Their interactive website also posts powerful messages about the importance of hemp, first used to make apparel about 12,000 years ago.

Available here

11. Organic Buying

organic buying
Photo Credit: Organic Buying.

Casual socks in earth tones are the hallmark of this company. Their socks are made of 80% hemp and 20% cotton. They sell these stockings in sets of five pairs, intended to be worn with casual shoes, sneakers, or just by themselves as you putter around the house.

Shop Organic Buying on Etsy

12. Dash Hemp Santa Cruz

dash hemp
Photo Credit: Dash Hemp.

This hemp socks collection is intended for the guys. Wear these socks for business meetings as well as long outdoor hikes.

Whereas the well-recognized weed emblem might not be for everyone, they also do plain numbers too. This company also has several other hemp products for sale as well. As with many other hemp apparel sellers, the firm will ship from the US to the UK.

Shop Dash Hemp Santa Cruz on Etsy

13. Mariposa Tie Dye Hemp Socks

mariposa tie dye
Photo Credit: MariposaTieDye.

Looking at these socks, more than anything else, one has the feeling of having fun. Tie-dyed stockings are a fantastic retro expression that makes wearing the socks feel even more stylish. The coloring used to create the tie-dye appearance is eco-friendly. It’s not only environmentally sound but remains perpetually colorful.

These tie-dyed socks are made by hand in small numbers by the Etsy store owner. As such, the range varies from time to time, but the owner can even do custom looks. Another small boutique worth a look for genuinely unique hemp socks!

Shop Mariposa Tie Dye on Etsy

Hemp Socks for Comfort and Planet

Hemp socks are truly an undiscovered treasure, growing in popularity, and available in a stylish variety of colors, styles, size variants, and cuts.

Those who have experienced and enjoy hemp socks will recognize just how comfortable and lasting hemp socks can be. What’s more, they’re by far and away a more eco-friendly choice than oil-derived synthetics and better for the environment than cotton.

When looking for a pair perfect for your outdoor lifestyle or merely kicking around the home, find your look and size and, once received, pay at least a passing glance to the care instructions to make sure you know the best approach to making them last. The majority wash just as usual with mild laundry detergent and are best dried outside where possible.

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