Giving and Philanthropy

Giving & Philanthropy

60 Giving Back Quotes Cultivating A Generous Heart
Giving & PhilanthropyGiving & Philanthropy
BY Isabela Sedano ·
Our collection of giving back quotes from activists to artists illustrates the impact of generosity to other people and ourselves. Discover how even small acts can create significant positive changes and be motivated to start your journey of giving today.
Random Acts of Kindness Week: It’s Always Good to Be Kind
Giving & PhilanthropyGiving & Philanthropy
BY Mike Gomez ·
Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week by understanding the power of kindness to spark change. Find out the different ways to join and support this meaningful cause. Together, we can create a ripple effect of kindness in our communities and beyond.
Impactful Philanthropy
Giving & PhilanthropyGiving & Philanthropy
BY Sam Colyer ·
Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas, and inspiration from across the world that demonstrate how real action can accomplish a positive social impact. This month we’re looking at examples of philanthropy and the different ways in which people donate time, effort, and money. secures $8.7m in series B funding Fintech company has […]
Philanthropy Quotes
Giving & PhilanthropyGiving & Philanthropy
As philanthropist Tony Robbins, once said, “In contributing to the well-being of others...we find more meaning in life”. Many of the world’s affluent seem to share this view, and they funnel their resources towards global charitable causes. Our selection of philanthropy quotes are here to inspire you to consider what you can give. But if […]