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#TRVSTLOVES Making The Most Of Transferable Skills
BY Sam Colyer ·
Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas, and inspiration from across the world that demonstrate how real action can accomplish a positive social impact. This time we’re looking at transferable skills and how they can help with career transitions.
Leadership Facts & Statistics
An effective leader inspires and motivates people and plays a vital role in the success or failure of an organization. Effective leadership focuses on common objectives for a company's success rather than personal agendas. Where there is a lack of leadership, the teams suffer. Therefore organizations must practice leadership development to increase the effectiveness of […]
Soft Skills Facts & Statistics
The demand for soft skills above and alongside technical abilities is growing in the ever-changing labor market. In particular, soft skills have an acute role as young people seek to be welcomed into the workforce. As the soft skills facts below highlight, they are required in fighting unemployability and other challenges facing employment and the future of work.
What Is Toxic Culture in the Workplace and How to Put It Right?
BY Rob Ball ·
We live in a world in which people bandy around words and phrases which they sort of know what they mean, but maybe others take them to mean something else. Toxic Culture is one such phrase and, of course, even agreeing a broad understanding doesn’t in itself lead to resolution of the problem or to the affected individuals being helped. What is toxic culture and how to put it right?
Entrepreneurship Facts & Statistics
An entrepreneur plays a vital role in driving the economy forward. As our collection of entrepreneurship facts below show they bring new ideas and products into the market using their skills and personal drive.
Supporting Employee Mental Health
BY Sam Colyer ·
Welcome to #TRVSTLOVES. We curate news, ideas and inspiration from across the world which demonstrate how real action can accomplish positive social impact. This time we’re looking at employee mental health within this disrupted environment caused by Covid-19. 
Mentor a Young Adult
Mentoring a young person can be a very rewarding experience and can make a world of difference to a young person. Mentoring comes in many forms and can be a one-off meeting or a long-standing engagement.
Success Quotes
To each one of us, success means something uniquely personal. Barack Obama and Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, see success as impacting the lives of others, while Thomas Edison and entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria see it as working hard, plain and simple. Acclaimed author, Maya Angelou, takes a more philosophical approach to success, defining it as […]
Motivation Quotes
Motivation is an essential ingredient for success at whatever we do. While we should not rely on motivation to get work done, it’s usually responsible for that first spark of inspiration. It’s what leads us to endless hours of research on a new topic or to learn a new skill as quickly as possible. Our […]
How to Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity
We all have a limit when it comes to how we perform mentally and physically. Taking care of ourselves in the right way can make a real difference to the way in which we perform. Therefore, understanding how to reduce downtime and increase productivity can help us in many walks of life. 
Compassion and Professionalism at Work
BY Rob Ball ·
Rob Ball shares his recent experience helping an employee facing unfair dismissal, the downsides and why compassion and professionalism go a long way. Here he explores how being fair from the outset can prevent unconstructive outcomes for the company and anyone that might find themselves being let go.
Work & Skills Quotes
What are you using your skills for and working towards? Is it the achievement of one's goal? Or financial fulfilment? Our selection of work and skills quotes is here to inspire your progress. The Oxford dictionary offers us an explanation with four options to choose from: Something which happens as a consequence; the outcome or […]
Leadership Quotes
Leaders are learners, decision-makers, risk-takers, assistants, and any other description needed of them in a moment’s notice. In all areas of human society, leaders are important. Those who take a leadership role can do so in a range of different ways. But all those who lead effectively understand the importance of and the leadership qualities […]
Creativity Quotes
The urge to create follows us through the human life cycle. From our attempts to draw on the walls as children, to how we structure and design our spreadsheets as adults. We’re constantly creating in a way that is appealing and functional, not just to us, but to others as well. We should aspire to […]
Productivity Quotes
Are you struggling to stay productive and achieve your goals? We all seek efficiency in different aspects of our lives. Right now, your biggest goals could be to reach a target at work, to improve your parenting, to gain a health objective, a combination of those things, or more. Or you could be a manager […]
Entrepreneurship Quotes
Starting a business is one of the most challenging, yet, exciting tasks anyone can undertake. In the US alone, entrepreneurs create over 500,000 businesses every month. However, 20% of those businesses will fail within two years. 15 years after, only 25% of those businesses will still be operational. So what does it take to become […]
How Effective Leadership Leads to Effective Change
BY Dene Stuart ·
When looking to affect change we look at considerations around effective leadership. Here Dene Stuart looks at the role of the leader in helping to drive effective change.
Productivity – Who Benefits?
BY Rob Ball ·
Senior politicians constantly talk, or possibly lecture, about the UK’s productivity and its relative low position in the pecking order compared to other ‘developed’ nations. We need to produce more per person or else we won’t be globally competitive. Senior management teams want greater productivity, more output without more resources. For the two-dimensional manager that means working harder. Perhaps more and sustainable progress would be made by being thoughtful and creative.
How To Develop A Coaching Style Of Leadership
BY Dene Stuart ·
Where and how did the leadership style of coaching develop? And how to develop a coaching style of leadership in today's changing world.
How To Win Trust As A Leader
BY Dene Stuart ·
The idea that as a leader you must have the trust of the people who follow you has become a cliché. As with most clichés, this can be more unhelpful and misleading than useful. So in this article, I am not going to add another list of “easy” habits to win trust as a leader to those already out there, as if there is a silver bullet approach to winning the trust of others. Instead, I am going to spell out the inner and outer struggles you will face as you attempt to juggle the competing needs of trust that the different people in your life expect from you.
Amazon's Leadership Principles And What We Can Learn?
BY Dene Stuart ·
As the creator of Amazon, the 18th biggest company in the world (Forbes Global 500 2018) it is not surprising that lots of people want to know about Jeff Bezos. Since founding the business in 1994 with nothing more than a business plan, he has grown Amazon from zero to an annual turnover of $178,000,000,000 in just 25 years. What are the Amazon Leadership Principles that have helped to make Amazon one of the most successful companies in the world? What Can We Learn From Jeff Bezos' Leadership Style?
What are Soft Skills? (And Why We Need Them)
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
93% of employers have indicated that soft skills are an essential factor in hiring decisions. Soft skills are a mix of interpersonal skills, social skills, and positive attitude. Read about why we need them and how to develop them.
Join the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
All sorts of people around the world, ranging from students to corporate staff, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, are joining the 100 days productivity challenge to boost their output, stay motivated and get more done to create change. Learn more about how it works and how it can help you.
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