About us

Imagine a world where people and institutions discover purpose in collective action.
Our mission is to create a world where shared passion for a better future connects people and enables positive collective change

we believe in the future

The systems of the future will broker trust, transparency, efficiency and reciprocity. People will be better connected and empowered to create positive change.

citizens motivated to act
Contributing experience & time
Motivation and rewarded exchanges will be key drivers across the TRVST platform. Exchanges between individuals, resources and institutions will achieve scale for impact projects and genuine change.
good corporate cizitens
Achieving authentic social impact
Connects diverse stakeholders
Human capital inspired for success
Empowers collective action
Efficient trusted exchanges of resources
Rewards impactful outcomes
Authentic and transparent measures
Scales sustainable change
Networks geared for positive systems change


  • Transparency and authenticity in social impact
  • People are genuinely involved
  • Efficient use of human & financial resourecs
  • Governance and audit trails
  • A movement of motivated change makers