Plastic Free Gift Ideas for Baby

15 Zero Waste Baby Products & Ethical Baby Gift Ideas

Any new parent will be keen to get their kids off to the best start. Yet if you look around many of the baby products out there plastic is everywhere. Being a parent and trying to be zero waste as it turns out is not all that easy. Plastic nappies, bottles and wipes all add to the amount of plastic we both consume and then discard. As such we've pulled together a list of zero waste and ethical baby products, whether your buying for your new arrival or a gift, we hope you enjoy our selections.

For the planet concerned parent sourcing sustainable products for their newborn is a great way to help them start plastic-free and zero waste. Plus, we’re certainly not doing junior any harm by surrounding them in natural goods which come from organic and sustainable sources—helping them off to a zero-waste start in life.

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15 Zero Waste Baby Products & Plastic Free Gifts Ideas for Baby and Baby Showers

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..or near plastic-free. We've searched far and wide for as zero waste as we can find and where some items do contain a little plastic or plastic from recycled sources we've included that information in our write-ups.

1. Bamboo Training Utensils

Bamboo plastic free gifts

Photo by Alex Keda on Unsplash

You'll typically find that baby and toddler utensils made from plastic, yet loads of sustainable wooden utensils now exist.

Bambu make a wide selection of Bamboo utensils and homewares. This simple set of feeding spoons for ages 6-18 months make for a perfect zero waste gift for baby.

Bambu handmakes each set from locally sourced sustainable materials. With six different accreditations toward ethical, organic and sustainable business practices, Bambu not only talks the talk but have worked hard to prove their ethical approach to the products that they create. They also don’t use any chemicals in the farming of the wat bamboo for these utensils either. And they’ll last a long time.

Alongside we've featured the baby suction bowl by bamboo bamboo. The make the suction base and tip of the spoon from food grade BPA free silicone. In a variety of colours, this bowl will not only stay put, but it makes for a long-lasting zero waste dinner time essential.

Bamboo Training Utensils & Bowl on Amazon:

Baby Suction Bowl and Matching Spoon Set

2. Insulated Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Pura Baby Bottle

Photo Credit: @purastainless on Instagram

Another plastic-free baby essential is the infant bottle. As an alternative to the plastic variants which abound we’ve featured this zero waste alternative.

Made from food-grade stainless steel and complete with a lifetime warranty this bottle will last throughout babies early years.

Pura who make these bottles also claim to make the only 100% plastic-free bottles. They even certify them MADESAFE ensuring their non-toxic manufacture. Safe for baby and better for the planet.

Pura Stainless Steel Bottle on Amazon:

3. Eco-Friendly Baby Stroller

Greentom Baby Stroller

Photo Credit: Greentom

A quality stroller is one of those baby essential you simply can’t do without as you’re no doubt already aware, its a minefield out there trying to find the right stroller that fits the bill and your lifestyle.

When looking for a stroller with environmentally friendly thankfully, your choices are increasing as more new parents demand that the baby buggy is also good for the planet.

Greentom claims to be the greenest stroller on the planet. These strollers certainly help to notch up your zero waste creds. They make them using high quality recycled plastic and 74 PET bottles. As such you can also recycle them after use. Although we’re sure, you’ll find there’s another mum out there that could benefit from reusing your Greentom stroller providing it still have some useful life left.

A multi-design winning product designed from the ground up with the environment in mind, if you’re in the market for a new stroller, you’d be wise to give these guys a good look.


4. Wallaboo 100% Organic Cotton Baby Blankets

Organic Cotton

Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

You can use this multipurpose 100% organic cotton baby blanket to cover, snuggle-wrap, swaddle, and carry. 

Soft to the touch, it’s also machine washable making care after a spill easy.

Wallaboo created their products with “handcraftsmanship” from materials free from chemicals and toxins. The company practices ethical manufacturing, looking after both the people that make their goods and the planet. 

Wallaboo Organic Cotton Baby Blankets on Amazon:

Wallaboo Baby Blanket Coco (striped misty blue)

5. Personalised Baby Teether

Personalised Plastic Free Baby Teether

With these cute teethers, you can personalise your zero waste gift with baby’s name. Two raw beech wood rings and coloured beech-wood beads create movement and rattle as well as the perfect teether. You can even build your colours to suit a boy or a girl or a baby room’s decor.

The seller’s hand makes these teethers with the coloured beads formed from food-grade silicone. Free from all the nasties such as BPA and PVC these teethers ship from Australia. So, do be mindful of timings when buying for a gift.

A fabulous gift with a personal touch.


6. Hanna Andersson Pyjamas

Hanna Andersoon Pyjamas

Photo Credit: Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson makes clothing for babies and kids to last from 100% organic cotton. All of the raw materials they used to make their range of soft, colourful and durable clothes for young ones get sourced free from pesticides or fertilisers. As such, the majority of their baby clothes are tested for 100 harmful substances and accredited by OEKO-TEX.

They're also a brand that gives back, with millions of dollars of baby clothes donated to help kids in need.

Thus we’ve picked out these all in one sleeper pyjamas. They come in an extensive range of sizes from 50cm to suit 0-3 months up to a US size 3.

Hanna Andersson Pyjamas on Amazon:

7. Petit Collage Baby Books

Create an adventurous night storytime with baby books.

We’ve picked out this soft book from petit collage as another zero-waste idea. It’s 100% organic, soft and cuddly and even comes complete with a beechwood bunny for play and teething. Far better than those plastic toys that line the shelves of many a baby aisle.

At Petit Collage all products are BPA and lead-free. These machine-washable toys pick features high contrast patterns suitable for boys or girls. They print them using natural inks, and their organic cotton is GOTS certified.

Alongside we’ve included the Things that Go Wood Stroller Book. This time, made from FSC certified wood and non-toxic paints and varnishes. It comes complete with a wooden strap to attach to strollers, so it doesn't get lost on one of those strolls.

Petit Collage on Amazon:

8. Organic Baby Soap

Organic Baby Soap

TheBodaciousBeer handmakes this set of 3 organic soaps from natural olive oils and essential oils safe for baby skin. Choosing organic soap bars helps prevent the use of plastic bottles or wrapping. These castile soaps which cure for months will last a long time. You can also check out the sellers baby gift box, which comes complete with soaps and lotions for mum and little one, a stress release bath bomb and essential oil lip balm. Perfect to gift everything a new parent might need at baby shower time.


9. Personalized Baby Block

Plastic Free Personalise Baby Blocks

These personalised baby blocks make for another cute and inspired idea and are far more eco-friendly than plastic toys. Handmade in the USA from sustainable wood, you can share the details for each block to personalise the gift.  Including name, weight, parents names and so on. As such they become a lovely keepsake and as well as great zero waste toys, allowing you to leave plastic toys on the shelves.


10. Reusable Nappies

No zero-waste baby product guide would be complete without taking a look at the disposable diapers issue. Whereas many a mother loves the convenience of disposable diapers, they are of course another example of single-use plastic.

According to WRAP, a UK Charity assessing the impact of our consumption and waste, the UK disposes of around 3 billion diapers each year. In the US it's estimated to be more like 20-25bn.

Large brands typically make disposable diapers from both wood pulp and plastics. And estimates suggest that babies can get through up to 3000 nappies each year before toilet training. That’s a lot of plastic waste.

Most parents will have stumbled across the many arguments for and against disposable nappies versus their cloth diapers or reusable counterparts. The long and short of it is that the environmental impact is not all that clear cut given the energy and water used in the home to wash non-disposables continually.

However, we can’t argue with the fact that disposable diapers rarely get recycled. And with each disposal, a little more makes its way into landfill.

Hence we’ve included a coupled of choices of reusable cloth diapers sets as an excellent zero-waste choice. They do use polyester or PUL laminates, providing a breathable treatment to the cloth outer, which means they don’t come 100% plastic-free.

However, we feel these cloth diapers still make a great choice. Especially given that once purchased, they could save thousands of disposable plastic diapers getting discarded over babies first few years. The laminate helps these diapers last and provides a sealing layer. And with people suggesting that you’ll only need around 12 reusable diapers over the first few years in total any new parent stands to save a lot of plastic.

Reusable Cloth Nappies or Diapers on Amazon:

11. Diaper Balm in a Glass Jar

Whether you end up using cloth diapers all the time or most of it less a few moments where disposables beat their cloth counterparts on convenience your little one will likely experience diaper rash at some stage. 

Thankfully excellent balms in a glass jar can keep babies diapers feelings comfortable and avoid those nasty rashes. Add one of these glass jars to your baby registry in preparation for the inevitable diapers rash. 

Our pick from BALM! Baby is all-natural, USA made, vegan and cruelty-free. 

12. Reusable Bamboo Baby Washcloths

Reusable Bamboo Baby Wipes

Next up, Bamboo Organics make these baby cloth wipes from bamboo providing a super soft, hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial cloth wipe. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, this set of 6 zero-waste baby wipes make a terrific top-up gift idea for baby. Or gifted as a stand-alone baby wipes essential for any new parent or zero waste baby shower.


13. Zero Waste Burp Cloths

Zero Waste Burp Cloths

Pack of 5 Organic Muslin Burp Cloths. Photo Credit: Tiny Alpaca (UK)

Many may not realise that wet wipes contain plastic to help them hold their shape. Much like the cloth wipes above Tiny Alpaca (UK) have come to the rescue with these super cute organic muslin burp cloths. Perfect to a gently wipe away of spilt baby food or for that urgent car seat clean up. 

Washable and made from GOTS certified organic cotton these burp cloths deserve a place on your baby registry, functional and they look good too. 


14. Bamboo Baby Wrap

Accredited to the OEKO TEXT 100 standard these slings come free from harmful chemicals. Made from bamboo and organic cotton fabric, the result is a super soft, cool and comfortable product that carries your little one close to the chest—helpfully allowing hands to be free to go about the day's tasks. They do contain a touch of elastane to provide some stretch.

Named Hana, after their product designers firstborn, she designed these bamboo wraps for mums by mums. Of course, Dad can use them too. And they come in a range of colours to suit a little one.

Hana ships from Amazon UK internationally, for US readers also check out the Simply Life Wrap.

Bamboo Baby Wraps on Amazon:

15. Calendula Baby Balm

Candula Baby Balm

In a metal tin, last in our list of zero waste baby products, this balm made from the calendula flower and is suitable for both mum and baby. Sooth the skin, alleviate diaper rash and save the planet from another plastic tub. Ideal for diaper rash and minor abrasions, both mom and the little one will love this. And they are the perfect gift for a zero-waste baby shower.


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