9 Best Eco-friendly Diaper Bags for Sustainable Changes

Your little one requires several diaper changes on the go and other essentials. Baby gear adds up to quite a lot, and that's why diaper bags are essential investments for parents with babies. There are functional and durable eco-friendly diaper bags to help you sustainably through your kid’s early years. We have put this article together to help you when shopping for the right diaper bag.

9 sustainable diaper bags

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Many things can influence your choice of an eco-friendly diaper bag. Long hours outside the home require a roomy bag for essentials, but a smaller bag will do for a two-hour errand. Also, you don't want a bag that's unable to hold much weight.

Remember that storing your keys, cards, and phone in your kid’s diaper bag may be easier than carrying a purse. There are unisex diaper bags as well as designs that aren’t gender-neutral. 

And, of course, you might also be thinking about what goes in your diaper bag and the environmental impact of those disposable. We explore the debate of which is better, cloth vs. disposable diapers, and have a rundown of some of the best eco-friendly diapers you can shop for to help you choose. 

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Read on for some best diaper bag options made with earth-conscious designs.

1. Envi Luxe diaper backpack

Envi Luxe diaper backpack
Photo Credit: Skip Hop

The Envi Luxe eco-friendly diaper backpack has a sporty design that looks good on a mom or dad. It comes in black with white trims. As a bonus, the manufacturers have included a convenient compartment perfect for eco-friendly baby wipes with an easy-to-close magnetic flap.

The bag has a machine washable changing pad and two convenient bottle holders. There is a top grab handle, and the adjustable padded backpack straps have built-in stroller straps. It has ten pockets (including the exterior bottle pockets) and good interior space for all those on-the-go baby essentials. 

What we like

The fabric used on the exterior of these stylish diaper bags is made from recycled plastic bottles. You save the planet from more plastic pollution by using it.

Shop Envi diaper backpack

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2. Dyper baby bag

Dyper baby bag
Photo Credit: Dyper

This might just be it if you are looking for a diaper bag that fits your everyday low-key style. You can carry the Dyper bag as a backpack or use the extra-long handles to tote it around. It has enough space to hold all your baby’s essentials and extra snacks.

It has a folding changing mat for diaper changes on the go. The bag is waterproof. When the baby no longer needs the bag, it can serve as a sustainable laptop carrier for any family member. Note that it is thinner than most diaper bags on this list.

What we like

Dyper uses recycled PET bottles and vegan leather accents. We rate this one of the best diaper bags for versatility and durability.

Shop on Amazon or Direct

3. Honest Cross Country diaper bag

Honest Cross Country diaper bag
Photo Credit: Honest

This leather baby bag looks compact but is roomy enough to pack a breast pump and other baby gear for a long day out. Its size estimates are 16 “ high, 13.5” wide, and 9” deep. The bag has about 11 pockets inside and on the exterior. The changing mat has an extra compartment for wipes.

The bag design is gender-neutral, and you can carry it as a crossbody or grab it by the top handle.

What we like

The leather shell of this product is vegan leather, so there are no worries about animal cruelty. All other materials are synthetic as well. They are not biodegradable, but you can recycle them.

Shop Honest Cross Country diaper bag

4. Elkin diaper bag

Elkin diaper bag
Photo Credit: Product of the North

The Elkin diaper bag backpack has a minimalistic look that works great for a mom or a dad. There are seven color alternatives to choose from. It is 7.5” deep, 11.5” wide, and 16. 5” in height. It has lots of compartments, including insulated bottle pockets.

The diaper bag easily opens with an extra wide frog mouth. It features both padded shoulder straps and tote handles. Also, it comes with a changing pad for easy diaper change on the go. However, it does not come with stroller attachments; you'll have to purchase those separately.

What we like

They use recycled plastic bottles to produce the interior fabric of this diaper bag. The exterior has 50% recycled water bottles. The materials have the Bluesign seal of approval for quality and eco-friendliness. 

Shop Elkin diaper bag

5. Kamouraska organic canvas diaper bag

Kamouraska organic canvas diaper bag
Photo Credit: Dera Design

This organic diaper bag sports a gender-neutral design, an over-the-shoulder strap, and large top handles. It comes in olive and measures 15” high, 11.5” wide, and 7” deep. Stroller straps and a washable changing pad come with the bag. There are about 11 pockets with special bottle compartments.

Only customers in the United States and Canada can purchase this product.

What we like

They use GOTS-certified organic cotton to craft both the interior and exterior of the Kamouraska diaper bag. Even the changing pad is made from organic cotton. This is great because organic cotton is better for the environment than conventional cotton.

Shop Kamouraska diaper bag

6. Eco by Naty maternity bag


This baby bag has the appearance of an oversized women’s tote. The dark olive green tasseled-style purse is great for a mom carrying a young child to semi-formal or formal functions. You can easily attach it to a stroller.

The bag measures 16” wide, 12” high, and 4” deep. It has compartments for wipes, diapers, snacks, and so on. It would have been great if this bag had a strap so you could alternatively carry the bag across your body. 

After your baby outgrows the need for a diaper bag, you can use this Eco by Naty one for work and other activities. 

What we like

The brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas and metals for its diaper bags. There is little or no plastic.

Shop Eco by Naty maternity bag

7. Heaven Hemp diaper bag

Heaven Hemp diaper bag
Photo Credit: Heaven Hemp

You'll love this product if you’re committed to carrying your baby essentials in a bag made with natural materials and a simple style. The brand is a small business that makes its bags by hand. They use a hemp and cotton blend for the exterior and upcycled waterproof fabric for the inner lining.

The bag has about 11 pockets and measures approximately 13” high, 11” wide, and 4” deep. It has just enough space to carry baby stuff to daycare or on a short errand.

What we like

These great diaper bags are handmade from organic fabric and recycled materials.

Shop Heaven Hemp diaper bag

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8. Baby and Beyond diaper bag

Baby and Beyond diaper bag
Photo Credit: Bambino Mio

This lightweight diaper bag looks sporty, which means you can use it as a backpack or a tote. It has multiple pockets dedicated to particular things so that parents find organization easier. The bags also have separate waterproof pockets and “messy bags” for wet diapers and wipes.

Baby and Beyond bags measure 15.7” high, 10” wide, and 12” deep. Each one can contain about 3 to four cloth diapers easily.

What we like

Although this product is made from polyester, it is BPA-free. 

Shop Baby and Beyond diaper bag

9. Patagonia Black Hole Tote

Patagonia Black Hole Tote 
Photo Credit: Patagonia

We know the Patagonia brand gear bags are durable and support a lot of weight. The Black Hole tote has a lot of space. It can hold a lot of stuff and has water bottle pockets. Measures 22” high, 14.5” wide, and 8.5” deep

The tote features backpack straps for when you need your hands free. It will make a nice hike bag post-baby. You can get it in 7 different colors.

What we like

They make this sustainable tote using only recycled nylon. It is also Fair Trade certified for ethical labor. 

Shop Patagonia Black Hole Tote


Diaper bags are an easy way to store and transport baby gear when you need to go out. This article will help you choose the perfect sustainable diaper bag for your baby.

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