Organic Baby Blankets

10 Organic Baby Blankets and Quilts for Eco-Friendly Swaddling

When making sustainable swaps and changes, the products you buy for your baby matter. Whether you have a newborn or toddler, every parent wants the best for their little one. One of the best decisions you can make to keep your babies safe is choosing organic blankets. Apart from items in the nursery like the crib and toys, baby blankets made from organic materials are a great addition. 

A sustainable baby blanket protects the skin of your little ones while keeping the environment safe. Unlike synthetic fabrics that can cause skin irritations, organic breathable fabric blends are non-toxic. 

Babies need comfortable blankets to support restful sleep. Brands that support sustainable living use sustainable sourcing methods to create organic baby blankets. Many of them also incorporate ethical production practices to ensure an overall healthy process. In this article, you’ll find some of the best organic baby blankets for your little ones. 

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10 Best Organic Baby Blankets

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Choosing blankets produced using sustainable sourcing methods, and ethical production practices contribute to a healthy home. 

Parents are concerned with their babies’ and toddlers’ health and comfort, so choosing the best products is a priority. Swaddling your loved ones with soft baby blankets is sure to enhance cozy times. Synthetic fabric blends can cause irritations to your baby’s skin due to the presence of chemicals. Also, as the less ethical alternatives can use low-quality fabrics, they can begin to fade after a few washes. 

If you’re looking for durable, soft, and non-toxic baby blankets, you’ll find some of the best options below. The blend of organic and non-toxic materials will give you peace of mind as you wrap your little one in the blanket. 

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1. Burt’s Bees Baby Reversible Blanket

Burt’s Bees Baby Reversible Blanket
Photo Credit: Burt's Bees

Materials: Organic cotton and polyester filling

Many people know Burt’s Bees for their organic lip care products. However, the brand also has a line of baby goods that offers pajamas, crib sheets, baby blankets, quilts, and more. As part of its offerings, new parents and parents-to-be will find a range of organic baby blankets. 

The brand has various options, whether you have a newborn or toddler. They make their organic cotton baby blankets with high-quality 100% organic cotton. The brand uses GOTS certified organic cotton that is soft enough for a child’s comfort. 

The reversible baby blankets are perfect for keeping your baby comfortable and warm out of the various offerings. This baby blanket, which can also serve as a quilt, has polyester filings for extra padding. It also has a 100% organic cotton shell. This all-purpose baby blanket can support tummy time and swaddling. Parents can also throw it into their babies’ stroller to serve as a stroller blanket. 

These baby blankets measure 30” W x 40”. The blankets come in a variety of hand-painted prints and patterns that parents and babies will love. 

Extra Soft Multi-Purpose Baby Blankets For Warmth

Burt’s Bees Baby reversible blankets are not only adorable with their prints but also make for the perfect multipurpose baby blanket. They can serve as quilts to keep babies cozy as they fall asleep for naps or at night. 

These blankets are especially great for cooler weather as the material blends target keeping parents and babies worry-free. These organic baby blankets are durable and can withstand several washes without losing their quality. Parents can mix and match the adorable prints throughout their baby’s nursery.

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2. Coyuchi Organic Cotton Baby Blankets

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Baby Blankets
Photo Credit: Coyuchi

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Coyuchi has been around for three decades producing organic apparel and home products. The brand’s product lineup includes organic sheets, duvet covers, clothing, and bath products. 

The company also created a product line for babies, one of which is the cozy cotton organic baby blanket. Similar to their other products, the baby blankets are free from chemicals and synthetic materials that could irritate. As a result, the Coyuchi blankets keep babies safe. 

For parents looking for thick blankets without the bulky nature for warmth, these Coyuchi blankets get the job done. This particular range is made from organic cotton grown in Turkey and woven in Germany. The sustainable baby blanket comes in various colors and measures 30” W x 40” L. 

Best Lightweight Organic Baby Blankets 

If you’re looking for something to keep your baby cozy without bulkiness, these Coyuchi blankets are ideal. These durable blankets are great for swaddling, creative playtime, and strolls while giving parents peace of mind. 

Coyuchi provides them pre-shrunk to ensure they maintain their shape. Since they are pre-shrunk, you won’t have to worry about the blankets shrinking too much during washes. 

Also, you can experience the durability as you and your baby enjoy it wash after wash without quality loss. Coyuchi stays dedicated to sustainable and natural offerings with three decades in the business.

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3. Mushie Muslin Baby Swaddle

Mushie Muslin Baby Swaddle
Photo Credit: Mushie Muslin

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Mushie is all about creating safe and comfortable essentials for babies. As a result, the company offers this organic cotton blanket that’s great for swaddling, cuddling, and nursing. 

The muslin swaddle blanket range comes in a soft, breathable fabric, keeping parents assured that their babies are comfortable. The natural cotton material ensures that the soft blankets are free of chemicals. 

These modern minimalist blankets may not come in the most vibrant prints; however, the simple colors and patterns are stunning. These baby blankets are ideal for wrapping your baby. However, you can also use them to support your baby while nursing. Also, you can lay it on the bed to lay your baby to rest on the soft fabric. Mushie sells baby bibs, handmade pacifier clips, and toys in addition to muslin blankets. 

A Sustainable Baby Blanket that Stays Soft Wash after Wash

Thanks to Mushie’s initiative to deliver its blankets pre-washed, this organic cotton blanket stays soft even after several washes. This supports the baby’s delicate skin, while the breathable muslin keeps the baby cuddly without the risk of overheating. These durable muslin swaddling blankets come in over 20 colors and patterns. 

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4. Malowe & Co. Organic Baby Blanket

Malowe & Co. Organic Baby Blanket
Photo Credit: Malowe & Co.

Materials: Organic cotton muslin

Malowe & Co. makes timeless and modern baby goods to support the gentle care and comfort of little ones. This is a family business dedicated to creating sustainable and organic baby products that are timeless. 

The organic baby blankets from the brand are everything your baby needs to sleep comfortably. They come with a bunny head to support your baby’s head while being gentle enough for cuddles. Furthermore, these organic baby blankets are ideal for the modern family that loves the neutral aesthetic. 

These 15” x 12” blankets are breathable, soft, and lightweight making them great for creative play and cuddling. With a double layer of organic cotton and careful stitching, these blankets will give any baby and parent peace of mind. Malowe & Co. creates these organic baby blankets to be machine washable. Despite wash after wash, these snuggle blankets retain their soft nature. 

The Perfect Snuggle Blanket for Gentle Sleep and Carrying Around

These organic cotton muslin blankets are the ideal cuddle buddy for any baby. This way, they serve two functions of keeping your baby cozy while supporting snuggles. 

As a family-owned business, Malowe & Co. created their product lines to support joy and natural living. The attention to detail while crafting and stitching each natural blanket makes it gentle enough for any child. Not only will your baby love it for sleep time, but you can also easily carry it around. This way, your child can rest on the bunny's head for comfort. 

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5. Tiny Alpaca Organic Cotton Lion Security Blanket

Tiny Alpaca Organic Cotton Lion Security Blanket
Photo Credit: Tiny Alpaca

Materials: Organic cotton 

Tiny Alpaca has a range of cute, durable, and sustainable baby clothes, muslin, and accessories. One of its popular offerings is its organic cotton security blanket that features polyester fillings. The fillings serve the lion head where your baby can rest and sleep. 

This handmade blanket with sustainable GOTS-certified cotton material is great for cuddles. The blankets also serve as comforters that can add some joy to your nursery. The choice of organic cotton ensures that there are no chemicals in the manufacturing process. As a result, you can cover any child’s body with these blankets without worrying about any toxic material. 

One of the best properties of these blankets is that they get soft with each wash. Apart from the soft and breathable nature of the fabric - making it great for cuddles - the little lion head can be any baby’s new best friend. 

A Brand Committed to Sustainable and Organic Materials

Tiny Alpaca takes a holistic approach to ensure it delivers sustainable, durable, and adorable products for babies. It’s committed to slow fashion and therefore prioritizes quality over quantity. The company uses sustainable materials for its blankets, clothes, and other accessories. Apart from the soft comforters from organic materials, Tiny Alpaca also uses plastic-free packaging. 

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6. Loulou Lollipop Stretch Knit Blanket

Loulou Lollipop Stretch Knit Blanket
Photo Credit: Loulou Lollipop

Materials: Tencel lyocell and organic cotton 

Loulou Lollipop has stated its commitment to providing safer and better baby goods to support every new parent and newborn. This is a family business dedicated to crafting products that look not only good but also feel good on a baby’s skin. 

Some of the products you’ll find on the site include bibs, clothes, organic baby blankets, and bath time essentials. 

Although they have a wide range of products, the stretch knit blanket is a must-have for newborns. This is one of the best organic baby blankets as it consists of breathable fabric blends that support gentle swaddling. The soft and biodegradable organic cotton and Tencel lyocell mix offer a cuddly feel for a good night’s sleep. It also features 6% spandex. Loulou Lollipop crafted the blankets to provide a good stretch. 

Ideal Blankets for Swaddling and Nursing

The natural blankets are great for multiple uses - from swaddling to nursing and also for carrying your child around. The products come in many prints and colors that you can choose from. This way, you can order various prints for specific uses, such as a car seat blanket, stroller blankets, and snuggles.

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7. MakeMake Organics Organic Cotton Baby Blanket

MakeMake Organics Organic Cotton Baby Blanket
Photo Credit: MakeMake

Materials: 100% organic cotton

MakeMake’s carefully weaves their natural baby blankets to ensure maximum comfort. The organic materials provide a luxurious feel that’s perfect for multiple uses. The blankets can serve baby cots as sheets, swaddling, and strollers. 

The company intentionally designs and produces them to ensure they are safe and healthy for children. With a generous size of 30” x 40”, these products can serve all seasons and multiple functions. They make each piece with GOTS certified organic cotton free of toxic chemicals. Although the company created them to support comfort and warmth, they aren’t too heavy or bulky. 

Best Organic Baby Blankets for Timeless Use and Gift Giving

These blankets are great gifts for new mums and dads in a natural color, and stylish cable knit design. They are super soft, carefully woven, and serve as an ideal cover for newborns.

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8. Minna Baby Pantelho Blanket

Minna Baby Pantelho Blanket
Photo Credit: Minna Baby

Materials: 100% cotton

Minna is not only committed to providing high-quality goods but is also passionate about ensuring it ethically produces its products. With four color mixes to choose from, these blankets are a parent’s dream. 

If you love a more traditional look, you’ll appreciate these blankets. Minna makes its products in collaboration with artisans in Central and South America. A women’s co-op in Mexico hand weaves the blankets. This women’s co-op uses traditional backstrap looms. They hand-stitch the panels together. Apart from the blankets, Minna also carries home decoration items like pillows, rugs, baskets, and throws. 

Blankets Rooted in Traditional and Ethical Approaches

Minna’s product range includes organic materials like cotton and jute items. The company also uses recycled cotton, merino wool, and other materials. Its processes celebrate traditional craftsmanship to reveal natural, ethical and long-lasting items. 

The company partners with artisans in Central and South America, providing employment opportunities. Furthermore, it embraces a form of slow fashion whereby the artisans use traditional backstrap looms and hand stitching methods. The Pantelho blankets are great for tummy time, nap, and sleep time - your baby will feel safe wrapped in snuggly organic cotton.

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9. Fern & Avery Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Fern & Avery Muslin Swaddle Blankets
Photo Credit: Fern & Avery

Materials: 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton 

These muslin swaddles from Fern & Avery contain breathable fabric blends of bamboo and organic cotton. This mix is perfect for a baby’s item as it offers softness, durability, and comfort. The organic materials give a silky smooth and gentle feel that supports a baby’s sleep or cuddles time. 

Many blanket materials may appear appealing at first, only for you to discover that they don’t offer proper ventilation. Fern & Avery tackles this with the bamboo and cotton blend. Not only are these organic materials gentle on the skin, but they also provide the needed ventilation for comfort. The sizeable multi-purpose blanket is 47” x 47” in size and comes in pretty forest-themed colors. 

Organic Cotton and Bamboo Swaddling Blankets

Part of Fern & Avery’s story includes the long search for the perfect combination of natural materials. The goal was to find a blend appropriate for babies’ skins while offering peace of mind to new parents. 

Finally, the brand came across this blend of materials that offer the softest and most comfortable swaddle blankets. Apart from swaddling, you can use each blanket as a car seat cover or nursing cover. 

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10. Mila and Noah Organic Cotton Large Baby Blankets

Mila and Noah Organic Cotton Large Baby Blankets

Materials: Organic cotton

Mila and Noah’s line of earth and neutral-colored baby blankets are a must-have in nurseries. Made from pure cotton, these items are lightweight, breathable, and soft to touch. These features make them friendly on a baby’s skin. 

If you’re looking for blankets for your toddlers, you’d be glad to know they serve that purpose. You can use these blankets to cover children with softness - from newborns to three-year-old toddlers. The squishy blankets have a unique design that adds to their appeal. As a new parent, you can use them for many purposes, ranging from changing mats, playmats, nursing covers, and even picnic mats. 

Multipurpose Blankets with Gorgeous Colours and Lightweight Fabric

Mila and Noah carefully crafted these sustainable blankets with the little ones in mind. The colors are appealing, and the fabric supports a good cuddle. Within each package, you get a note detailing care instructions to ensure you use the blankets for longer.

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Improve Swaddling and Snuggles with Sustainable Baby Blankets

Organic blankets are a must-have in any nursery to ensure a baby’s comfort. Not only are they free of toxic chemicals, but they also offer breathable fabrics for utmost comfort. 

Babies have soft and delicate skin that requires tender loving care. Many brands that offer organic baby products pay attention to this need by crafting and selling suitable blankets. With these blankets, you’ll be supporting organic materials, sustainable sourcing methods, and ethical processes. Best of all, your baby will enjoy a new and sustainable cuddle blanket. 

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