25 Best Online Thrift Stores for Second-Hand Fashion (2023)

As the environmental cost of fast fashion and our clothing choices have become more widely recognized, a new breed of online thrift store has emerged. 

There's nothing better than finding that one-off treasure to suit your style or picking up luxury vintage for a fraction of the new price. Even better, thrifting online means grabbing a stylish bargain without the environmental cost of new fast fashion playing on your conscience.

With everything from vintage through coveted prints, designer dresses, and shoes, there's something for everyone on those virtual second-hand thrift shelves.

Why we should all be doing a bit more thrift shopping

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Online thrift stores, sometimes also called consignment stores (whereby the store reimburses the seller after purchase), have leaped into the online shopping sphere, second-hand boots and all. 

As many as 17m tonnes of new clothes purchased are discarded as waste in the US every year. When you buy thrift online, you help reduce the use of resources such as water, energy, and oil required to manufacture synthetic-based garments.

You'll find loads of other thrift shopping benefits. From helping prevent sub-standard conditions in the factories making our clothes through saving money. 

Today, thousands of online thrift stores sell everything from bargain second-hand vintage looks to preloved designerwear, shoes, and handbags. And with so much variety, you can also find some fantastic looks, one-offs, and unique styles to match your taste and budget.

Furthermore, because these retailers list all their used clothing items on websites and apps, you can go thrifting to your heart's content from the comfort of your home. 

How we chose our list of the best online thrift stores

You'll find you still need to shop around for exactly what pieces you want when choosing the thrifting options that appeal to your fashion sense and price point. As such, we're here to help you find the perfect choice.

After loads of research, we've selected the below list of the best online thrift stores to help you get started according to the following criteria:

  • The average cost of items and the size of their range to choose from. Our list includes online shops staying true to second-hand bargains through to those retailing secondhand designer labels, which inevitably end up a bit more expensive.
  • An excellent online shopping experience. From how easy the site is to navigate and search to options for free shipping. We've also highlighted shops with added-value features like a concierge, personal shopping services, or giving back to charity.
  • With our global readership of keen thrifters, we've provided a selection from across the globe.
  • And also a variety of more generalist stores that appeal to bags, vintage, luxury, menswear, and so on. 

We hope you enjoy our selections and happy thrift shopping!

In this section, we've chosen 5 of the best popular, big, and well-stocked thrift stores chock full of second-hand clothes. Each choice below has a wide range of well-stocked categories or marketplaces serving particular thrifting niches and a large variety of garments worth your click. 


Type: Marketplace containing 100s independent thrift and secondhand clothing retailers
Best online thrift store for: Supporting smaller independent second-hand retailers with a wide variety of styles and finds.
Shipping: Most stores ship globally but can vary, so do check before purchase. Also, look out for those items shipped plastic free.

Alongside Etsy's mainstay craft goods, you can now find many high-quality thrift shops appealing to all sorts of tastes. 

Our favorite online marketplace for second-hand variety and unique vintage one-offs.

Etsy is often the place to go for smaller boutiques or one-person enterprises, turning secondhand items into unique thrifting finds. As such, you'll find a plethora of unique vintage treasures and specialist online thrift stores for men and women.

Even better, Etsy offsets its carbon emissions for every single order made. You'll also find many of Etsy's shops championing sustainable packaging to up the eco-cred of each purchase. 

Some of our favorites include:

Roselein Rarities

Roselein Rarities Second Hand Vintage & online thrift store
Picture credits: Roseline Rarities

While Roselein Rarities does a fine line in red items and rare finds, with a ten-year history on Etsy, this well-stocked vintage store has a wide variety of one-offs and secondhand clothing items. Roselein Rarities beautifully styles each piece, ready to liven up any vintage lover's wardrobe. 

Shop Roselein Rarities on Etsy

Maeven Vintage

Maeven Vintage
Picture credits: Maeven Vintage

Maeven vintage, based in Brooklyn, New York, does a gorgeous line of curated vintage clothing. Featuring more classic lines in many of their pieces alongside stylish jewelry to accessorize with panache, this smaller vintage emporium has the feel of genuine curated care.

The shop owner, Amy Yee, takes the time to seek out unique vintage styles and brings them to you with a passion for timeless style.

Shop Maeven on Etsy

Persephone Vintage

Persephone Vintage
Picture credits: Persephone Vintage

Persephone vintage brings you modern curated vintage for statement and staple pieces. The store is packed with desirable vintage women's clothing with an understated luxury feel. For inspiration and to get a feel for their style, check out their Instagram.

Shop Persephone Vintage on Etsy


Picture credits: SoLastSeason

Colorful, striking vintage to set out in style. Berlin-based SooLastSeason, retail a fantastic vintage collection featuring eyewear and big-brand thrift couture. Most pieces come from big brand designers, including Dior and Versace. 

Shop SoLastSeason on Etsy

Wayward Collection

Picture credits: Wayward Collections

Wayward collection features wearable vintage clothing. Owner Haley Pelton carefully curates items for your vintage perusal, true to her passion for finding the original versions of contemporary trends. Here you'll find items for everyday wear, complete with vintage style through standout staples, all with an eye on trends. 

Shop Wayward Collection on Etsy

MAW Supply

Picture credits: Maw Supply

Husband and wife team Norman and Rachelle Clark founded Maw supply in 2012. This black-owned online store based in Houston, TX, stocks a range of vintage apparel and reclaimed items with bold prints and prices you'll love.

They have loads of 5-star reviews, making them an excellent choice for reliable customer services and shipping. MAW stands for Man and Women, so you can pick up some sassy thrift for either gender. 

Shop MawSupply on Etsy

2. ThredUP

ThredUp Red Dress - biggest online thrift store
Picture credit: ThredUp

Type: Massive consignment store dedicated to online thrift shopping
Best for: Finding almost anything and sending in unwanted clothing for resale
Shipping: US & Canada only.

ThredUP lays claim to being the world's largest online consignment shop and one of the most popular online thrift stores on the web. 

ThredUP began life when founder, James, observed how little he regularly wore some items from his closet. Something we expect many readers will relate to when considering all those not-quite-right-for-the-moment garments that rarely see the light of day.

Why is ThredUP our second-best online thrift store?

Amongst 65 million items listed and 100s of brands often at 90% of the retail price, you're almost certainly set for a thrifting find. This behemoth thrifting mecca stocks well-known designers like Gucci and Burberry and has a great selection of designer labels under $50. Something for every budget.

Not just for second-hand and vintage clothing shopping

ThredUP is also up there for clearing your wardrobe of unwanted and lesser-loved pieces.

ThredUP makes it easy to send them your old clothing pieces. With a few clicks, they'll send you a "Clean Out Kit" - a giant polka dot bag to stuff full of those unwanted or vintage clothing items. You can then send it back to them. Alternatively, you can choose to print out at-home pre-paid shipping labels to send them your unwanted clothing items. 

Once you send back your donation kit bag, ThredUP does all the hard work of getting your items online. They photograph your online thrifting contributions professionally, write the product description, and ship them to thrifting shoppers.

Even better, when items sell, you can get paid out as much as 60-80% of the order sale price for higher-value items. Even better, they created UPcycle, allowing you to spend ThredUp Credits at other sustainable retailers. Alternatively, you can choose to donate $5 per bag to ThredUP's selection of worthy charity partners.

Shop ThredUp

3. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro Iconic Online Thrift Store
Picture Credits: Beyond Retro

Type: Bricks and mortar vintage pioneer now selling online
Best online vintage store for:
Original iconic vintage and a wide variety for men and women and reasonable prices
Shipping: International from the UK

Beyond Retro in London is one of Europe's most iconic vintage stores. 

Beyond Retro sources its vintage clothes items from those donated to charity, preventing them from going to landfills or incineration. They have stacked their website full of one-off vintage clothing and second-hand finds.

Originally opening in 2002 as a brick-and-mortar outlet, they've since matured from this first London site to 9 stores across London and Sweden. Today, they remain a go-to destination for retro hunters.

In 2010 they launched their online thrift store, bringing their retro secondhand clothing wares to a broader audience. According to their website, Beyond Retro rehomed some 90 million clothing items last year - that's pretty amazing! 

What stands Beyond Retro out amongst its European peers is the sheer variety available for both men and women. You'll find some real bargains on these virtual thrift shelves. It's also straightforward to navigate their huge variety of thrift with options to browse by era, style, and brand.

Check out their instagram for street-style vintage inspiration with the urban London feel to get a feel for what treasures you might find online. 

Shop Beyond Retro

4. The Real Real

Picture credits: The Real Real

Type:  Consignment
Best for: Luxury consignment sales
Shipping: US-based and international shipping via UPS

Next up in our picks of online thrift stores is The Real Real, which guarantees authenticity for "Luxury consignment sales." 

Sellers receive up to 85% of each secondhand clothing item sold, while thrifting buyers can shop at top designer brands, including Jimmy Choo and Burberry.

They also have a men's section, unlike some of the others. You'll also find them at four brick-and-mortar store locations across the US, with New York City, LA, and San Francisco shops.

What Makes the Real Real Different?

One of their unique features on-site is a paid-for "first look membership," which provides those in the know with advance access to thrift clothing sales and special offers.

While the business remains luxury-focused, it tracks its sustainability with its own calculator. The Real Real is the real, sustainable shopping deal.

Shop The Real Real

5. Urban Outfitters / Urban Renewal

Picture credits: Urban Renewal

Type: Renewed secondhand clothing
Best for: Stylish Thrifting Edits
Shipping: Global Locations (Europe, US, Canada) and International Shipping

Urban Outfitters predominantly attract younger adults with consistently eye-catching items that appeal to hipsters and urban fashionistas. Their mainstay is new clothing lines. However, since 1983, they've also been curating an excellent range of renewed vintage finds appealing to stylish thrifting.

Why click by Urban Renewal's Vintage Shop Selection?

The Urban Renewal site is an excellent choice for curated and trendy items carefully chosen by their team to appeal to a certain sense of urban aesthetic. They describe it on their site as "a bit like your favorite thrift store finds but without the crate digging." Furthermore, for orders over $50, they offer free shipping within the US. 

Shop Urban Renewal

Best of the Rest: Online thrift marketplaces

Alongside Etsy, our number one entry, many other marketplaces have sprung up to help smaller retailers reach a larger audience. What sets these stores apart is their independence and passion for their particular niche.

Therefore, the marketplaces we've listed collect together a number of these often smaller and more boutique online thrift stores in one place. Stop by the marketplace itself to browse all the thrift retailers they include or jump straight into some of our favorites.

6. ASOS Marketplace

Nordic Poetry on ASOS Marketplace
Picture Credit: Nordic Poetry on ASOS Marketplace

Best thrift marketplace for: Loads of the best thrift boutiques and smaller stores in one global marketplace
Shipping: Varies by the seller - check before you buy

Launched in 2010, you'll find ASOS Marketplace, a well-stocked thrifting portal within this large-scale fashion industry leader.

Founded in the United Kingdom, ASOS has since built a reputation as home to the best boutiques, independent brands, and vintage outlets.

With over 900 boutiques on the ASOS marketplace platform, a vast array of carefully selected online thrift store gems from independent retailers are stocked full of unique pieces.

For example, you can place an order choosing from hundreds of second-hand Nike t's and hoodies through over 6000 (at the time of writing) vintage dress selections and other secondhand items and vintage pieces.

Browse a vast range of vintage clothing items and second-hand clothing choices

Browse the stores listed on the ASOS marketplace website or use the handy search bar to jump straight to whatever your heart may desire. For example, pop by The East End Thrift Store (UK), the self-described "Legendary Cult Vintage Store" for handpicked sweats and denim.

Or try Nordic Poetry, which British Vogue rated as one of London's Best vintage design stores. You'll find some stylish numbers to shop secondhand regardless of your taste.  

Browse vintage on ASOS Marketplace or all stores.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Best for: Local unexpected finds
Shipping: Varies by seller

Sometimes overlooked in the search for online thrift stores is the Facebook marketplace. Most sellers here offer up a few items, and you'll find it less dedicated to thrifting than the other sites. 

However, other users on Facebook's platform proffer unwanted fashion garments, shoes, and accessories. So it's a great place to grab a thrifty find near you while saving money.

However, you'll find it less easy to browse by category than other options. You'll have to weave your way around everything from home decor to second-hand sporting goods and athletic gear to source the perfect online finds.

Here you're buying directly from the seller, so be sure you're on to genuine finds, have the information you need, and the size is correct before parting with your hard-earned money. 

8. eBay

Best big name for: Variety of used secondhand clothing at affordable prices and bargain finds
Shipping: Varies by seller - check before you buy

eBay makes our list of best online thrift stores in no small part as it was basically one of the original consignment shops online. In fact, eBay has been around for the past several decades and proved the business model long before some of the other marketplace thrift shops we have listed even existed.

Of course, there's pretty much nothing you can't find on eBay, and it does a lot more than vintage clothing or second-hand clothing finds. 

One of the best affordable online thrift stores for bargain finds

Many third-party seller sites that eBay lists sell online vintage items, band t-shirts, kid's clothing, and hundreds of one-off items from fashion to home decor. Users can seek one-of-a-kind finds unique to this vast site not found on the more specialist websites, most often at an affordable price.

Give eBay a look for that second-hand Tommy Hilfiger hoodie you covet or a one-of-a-kind mystery box of vintage clothes. The handy search function eBay provides will help you land the clothing order you're looking at some very affordable prices. 

Search eBay pre-owned

Best of the rest: Traditional thrift stores - now online

With the growth of online shopping, it's perhaps no surprise that the traditional thrift store has moved to the online world. In the US, many readers will remember browsing the shelves of Salvation Army stores of the local Goodwill.

In the UK, the local charity store was the go-to for many looking for a bargain. Not wanting to miss out, the online versions of these traditional thrift stores increasingly offer variety and convenience for hunting down those thrift picks from home:

9. Goodwill (US)

You can still shop at more than 3000 goodwill stores across the United States. However, if you don't have one local or simply prefer to shop online, this is the place for 1000s of items at proper old-school thrift prices. 

Even better, when you shop at Goodwill, you help support their charity endeavors, helping to provide people across the country with employment opportunities, education, and new skills to get ahead. 

Shop Goodwill Online

10. Salvation Army (US)

The Salvation Army was one of the first organizations to start selling second-hand clothes in support of charity (Related: read more about the history of thrifting).

Today, they continue to support human needs working across everything from diversity, poverty, homelessness, and disaster relief. Today, you can shop their wide range of affordable pieces online, knowing you're also helping to support communities across the country.

Shop Salvation Army

11. Oxfam (UK)

UK readers will recognize the ubiquity of the local Oxfam charity store on pretty much every high street. With a focus on ending poverty, their online thrift store is stocked full of bargain thrift, secondhand apparel, and the odd designer piece too.

Shop Oxfam

Best of the rest: High-end brands and luxury second-hand vintage clothing

Whereas thrift shopping was perhaps once the domain of bargain bins and clothing for a few dollars here and there, this following selection all supports the circularity of designer wear.

These thrift stores focus more on prominent brand designers, known fashion labels, or more exclusive second-hand clothing items than some other stores. 

From a sustainable fashion perspective, you may not wear many high-end clothing items often. With prices to match their origins and desirability, albeit considerably less than new, each of these stores does its bit to help prevent the environmental cost of new fashion through reuse. 

12. Luxury Garage Sale

Luxury Garage Sale
Picture credits: Luxury Garage Sale

Type: Upscale luxury consignment
Best for: Curated and authentic luxury brands, vintage lovers
Shipping: Flat rate across the US and ships internationally

Luxury Garage Sale, founded in 2011, has a more upmarket positioning. Their well-stocked thrift store shelves include designer labels from Miu Miu through Chanel, all at considerably less than retail prices. They also cover various categories of covetable thrift, from Jewelry to Accessories and Men's.

Should you find yourself local, pop by Luxury Garage Sale's two brick-and-mortar sites, one in Chicago and the other in Dallas. However, don't worry if you can't because their online thrift store experience is well-honed.

Also, standing out amongst the other designer options, they offer a more personalized touch. You can drop them a line, and a personal stylist will do their best to help you find just the right luxury vintage look or luxury accessories you're after.

Shop Luxury Garage Sale

13. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective
Picture credits: Vestiaire Collective

Type: Luxury Consignment
Best for: Huge range of luxury second-hand goods with European heritage
Shipping: International shipping with prices varying by country of origin

Vestiaire Collective specializes in higher-end luxury designer items. They offer a rigorous authentication process for each item stocked to ensure quality control and that your orders only comprise the real deal.

For those looking for destination stocking top labels, you can't go wrong here and will find everything from Cartier through Miu Miu. The price points reflect the original retail value, with the site usually offering pre-loved authentic vintage items at 30 - 70% of retail.

They also do designer lines in sports, dinnerware, and home decor. Perfect for those who might be looking for a Louis Vuitton racket cover for considerably less than the $2000+ it retails for new.

This huge marketplace of thrift stocks around three million items of luxury vintage clothes online, so be sure you check it out for its wide variety, all considerably less than retail. As a certified B Corp, you also know this Paris-based organization is doing good for people and the planet. 

Shop Vestiaire Collective

14. Farfetch Pre-Owned Marketplace

Farfetch Pre-Owned Marketplace
Picture credits: Farfetch Pre-Owned Marketplace

Type: Marketplace
Best for:  Designer thrift
Shipping: International

Farfetch is another substantial online marketplace. When looking for online thrift stores, they have a dedicated "Pre-Owned" section on their website for Women. 

With everything from Bulgari Bags to Prada Coats, their second-hand items are well worth browsing for higher-end pieces. Note they also tend to come in at the higher-end price range.

Shop FarFetch Pre-Owned

15. Tradesy

Picture credits: Tradesy

Type: Consignment
Best for:
Second-Hand thrift marketplace by women for women
Shipping: US and International via a freight forwarding service

Tradesy was founded back in 2009 by Tracy Dinunzio with a stated mission to "fix fashion." Tradesy positions itself as the marketplace made by women for women. And that's something we can get behind.

Top designers on the site include Chanel, Prada, and Christian Louboutin. They also have one of the largest selections of pre-loved wedding dresses and accessories that we've seen researching thrift stores.

The site offers many value-added services for website users. Their "closet concierge" provides various services, from personal styling to consignment assistance. Perfect for the time-short consignee, closet concierges personally select used clothes in your home to take away and resell on the site to help streamline the thrifting experience.

Shop Tradesy

Best of the rest: Specialist and unique clothing thrift stores

16. Rebag

Picture credits: Rebag

Type: Dedicated second-hand store for designer bags
Best for:
Pre-owned bags from famous designers
International from the US

Here the clue is in the name. Rebag is one of a few thrift stores dedicated to the merchandise of secondhand bags and handbags. They also have a good selection of just about any other type of bag, from totes to backpacks. 

With top brands from Ralph Lauren to luxury items from Cartier and Chanel, if you're looking for luxury bags or perhaps something just a bit more worn-in, you're bound to find it here. 

They have their own unique "infinity exchange," which allows users to enjoy one of their bag purchases for up to 12 months, and then when you return the item, you can receive up to 70-80% off the purchase price of your next choice.

Given that many people may choose to change bags as their styles and tastes evolve, this could be the perfect solution for the circular handbag experience. And with a curated collection of handbags, this sustainable shopping experience will undoubtedly help you bag up the eco-friendly way.

Shop Rebag

17. Patagonia Worn Wear

Type: Second-hand branded goods
Best for:
The Outdoors and More
Shipping: US

We love the ethos Patagonia shares. Patagonia Worn Wear is their dedicated online platform for recycling their items and mainstays in outdoor gear. Furthermore, the platform allows customers to send back their own branded gear and, in return, receive store credit for new Patagonia clothing. 

Of course, every item recycled prevents waste from going to landfills. If you have torn articles, they'll even mend them for you before resale. 

As one of the leading sustainable retailers, Patagonia champions making clothes that last. Stop by worn wear for second-hand Patagonia items to purchase and do your bit for the planet. 

Shop Patagonia Worn Wear

18. Thrift+

Photo Credit: Thirft+

Type: Consignment
Best for: Giving back to charity with your online thrift purchase
Shipping: the UK only

Thrift+ is a notable entry in this best-of list; not least, this is an online thrift store in the truest sense. Founded in 2014 by Joe Metcalfe, Thrift+ is a UK-only website business recently featured on Dragons Den as part of a £950K raise.

We like what Joe and the team are setting out to achieve - providing an online contender to UK charity shops donating and shopping. 

After a fair fee to process the old clothes that consumers send for processing in their unique Thrift+ boxes, they split the proceeds equally between the sender and a chosen charity.

Nice, a bit of extra cash and helping out a good cause. And this addition to our best online thrift list deserves every success.

Shop Thrift+

Best of the rest: Apps and peer to peer

19. Poshmark

Type: Peer to peer
Best thrift app for: Social Thrift Shopping
Shipping: the US only

Poshmark is one of those online thrift stores seemingly on a march. But, a bit different from some of the other best picks, this company pitches itself as an online social marketplace for fashion.

The website and app are truly peer-to-peer in that any individual can sell clothes and simply list their one-off staples & thrifting pieces for resale. So someone in Miami can list Dior, and someone in NYC can purchase a Fendi handbag from a seller in California. In fact, you can buy and sell until your heart's content. 

Rather than specializing in luxury, Poshmark is more about breadth and selection. You can also pick up some great deals and discounts by negotiating directly with the seller on price, making for a no-brainer to save a bit of extra cash.

Today they have over 60 million community members and over 100 million items worth checking out listed for sale; there's no such thing as limited inventory here. If you find clothing that really appeals, you'll also receive a discount when you buy more than one item from the same seller. 

Shop Poshmark

20. Depop

Picture credit: Depop

Type: Peer-to-peer community thrift
Best for:
Next Generation Styles, casual wear
Shipping: International

Depop hails from London, UK, and is an app where "the next generation come to discover unique items." Depop is one of the best online thrift stores for those looking for one-of-a-kind items to express themselves.

The app has a social media feel and openly pitches itself at the younger millennial and gen z audiences. 

As a seller, you can upload items you want to make money from, from denim shorts to Hawaiian prints. Once they sell an item, they send sellers a shipping label and 10% of the fee to keep once received. 

Depop definitely has its own edgier style making it one of the best places for this unique aesthetic. It builds on its founding roots and history as the shopping side of PIG magazine, featuring "young fresh new & talented artists in music, fashion, cinema, arts, and design." As a buyer, you can curate your feed of those one-off pre-owned clothing items you're feeling.

Shop Depop

Best of the rest: Men's

21. Menswear Market

Here the point of difference is a personalized service for higher-end goods, helping you make the most of your wardrobe consignment. 

With two physical stores in South Minneapolis and a well-stocked website, add these guys to your browsing list for a more boutique feel. And there's a decent chance that someone who cares about the clothes they sell will answer and help you out when you call. 

Shop Menswear Market

22. Grailed

More for a slightly more contemporary street and mixing in designers, this NYC-based online consignment store specializing in menswear offers sellers a low 9% commission. 

Their app makes it easy to buy and sell, and with nearly 700K followers on Instagram, they're doing a lot right. 

Shop Grailed

23. Sui Generis

With two physical locations in San Francisco, one for women and one for men, this consignment store with real shops and a full-stocked online website aims to make luxury affordable. 

Shop Sui Generis men

Best of the rest: Plus-size

24. plus BKLYN

Bold and trendy downtown styles are this boutique's deal and claim the crown of the first NYC retailer of plus-sized vintage and consignment pieces. 

Shop Plus BKLYN

25. Berriez

Founded by Emma Zack following a stint modeling and retailing her clothes pieces from home, this store specializes in bright and colorful plus-size clothing for women deserve all success. 

Shop Berriez

Why shop for secondhand clothes at online thrift stores? 

Shopping for online thrift is becoming a big business. In fact, a recent report by ThredUp, also one of the top online thrift stores on our list, forecasts that the industry will double in the next five years, reaching $77bn. That's a whole lot of thrift. 

So why has what was once a slightly fusty undertaking searching for discarded gems in bargain bins become such a large industry? 

Environmental costs

When we buy new clothing, a significant amount of resources go into creating that stylish new t-shirt or a designer dress, from the water used to grow cotton to the oil used as the raw material in synthetics and the environmental cost of retail, packaging, and shipping. 

And many of us have too many clothes, and we discard as many as 17m tonnes of our clothing every year in the US, a great deal of which ends up in landfills. 

The facts speak for themselves; grab a thrifty pair of jeans at one of the online thrift shops on our list and save the 7000+ liters of water required to manufacture a new pair1.  

Save a synthetic garment from a landfill by giving it a new home, and you'll also be helping in a small way to prevent a fraction of the 85% of plastic pollution in the oceans. And further helps prevent synthetic new clothing production in the first place.

Fast fashions sins

Furthermore, fast fashion has a lot to answer for. It's no secret that people snap up the next hottest trend, original prints, styles, and looks as they roll off the production lines in an overseas garment factory. 

Fast fashion labels produce their wares quickly and cheaply to mirror the latest trends. Fast fashion is a polluting and unsustainable practice. 

New clothes that fall into the fast fashion bracket typically get worn less than five times. And often, last year's favorite can sit in the back of a wardrobe doing no one any good or gets discarded. Studies show that 50% of these clothing items end up discarded within one year of purchase. 

To add to the case for buying secondhand clothes and fashion resale, manufacturers make many of the cheaper items we might find stocking fast-fashion retailers offshore where costs are lower. Here, garment makers may work for barely enough to pay for food on the table in poor conditions with little care for their welfare.

Related: We have a whole bunch more fast fashion facts highlighting the environmental and human costs.  

Moves to a circular fashion model and sustainability

As consumers, we always have a choice. The best clothing and fashion choice for the environment are to wear what we already own. And the second-best reusing items that someone else no longer needs. 

Consumer behavior has shifted in response to the more widely known and accepted impacts of climate change and unsustainable business practices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Deloitte found that 38% of consumers had consciously chosen to reduce the number of new products they purchased. Sustainable and recycled circular fashion has become many consumers' default.

And with many thrift stores providing nothing less than a high-end eCommerce experience, championing smaller sellers and retail better for the environment, this trend looks set to continue. Furthermore, the best second-hand stores online provide easy means to get to the thrift clothes just right with you with search, filters, and shop by style, era, or condition categories.

The thrill of an ideal recycled fashion find never felt so good. Furthermore, an online shop can help reduce travel miles to and from the store and resulting carbon emissions.

Step forward with thrift stores 

Thrift shopping in itself is certainly nothing new. Previously we'd turn to shop locally at goodwill, a charity shop, or the local salvation army. And whereas going down to the local thrift shop certainly still has appeal, these new breeds of online thrift stores provide ample choices for shopping for second-hand clothes, plus the convenience of thrifting online.

From the likes of eBay for almost anything at super affordable prices, though higher-end boutiques stocked full of second-hand luxury fashion labels, if you haven't already, it might well be time to support your choice of a thrift store online. With so many great options to choose from, you can't go wrong and will almost certainly find something to your taste in store.

Every new-to-the-owner item of clothing you buy from online thrift stores doesn't require manufacturing, which positively impacts the environment. And each thrift store purchase you make gives a second-hand clothing item a new lease of life. Joining the sustainable fashion movement and shifting to conscious consumerism was never this easy.

Thanks for reading 💚

Online thrift store FAQs

Which online thrift store is best?

Check out ThredUp, the biggest of the lot, and have a browse of Etsy's range of second-hand and vintage stores for unique finds. 

What is the cheapest online thrift store?

When looking for the cheapest online thrift store, start with some of the bargains on eBay. Use their search function and then sort by price for some absolute steals. If you don't find what you're looking for on eBay, give one of the more traditional thrift stores that now sell online a look. You can shop goodwill online in the US or swing by Oxfam's online shop in the UK.

Can you online shop at thrift stores?

Yes, you can shop online at thrift stores. In fact, our 25 second-hand thrift stores have easy-to-use websites and home delivery, enabling you to search for a thrift find by category or style, pay online, and have it delivered to your home. Furthermore, traditional thrift stores or op shops that we can still find in our malls and high streets have reinvented for the digital age and moved online. Check out Beyond Retro in the UK and the Salvation Army in the US as a place to start. You'll also find plenty more secondhand options in our list of the best online thrift stores.

What is another word for thrift store?

You'll find thrift stores, also referred to as consignment stores, op shops, charity stores, and second-hand stores.

Where can I buy thrift items online?

Today you'll find loads of options for buying thrift items online. With the growth in popularity of more sustainable fashion choices and more awareness of the environmental impact of fast fashion and new clothing, thrift shops on the internet now abound. You're in the right place, as our list of the best online thrift stores is a great guide for affordable options, high-end clothes, other accessories, and more. Have a browse above, and you're bound to find an online second-hand store to suit your style, something for the whole family, and more.

What are alternatives to online thrift?

You can, of course, search for thrift stores near me to find real-world bricks and mortar stores full of thrifty options. Other platforms like Facebook marketplace can also point you to people in your local area with second-hand clothing to sell you directly. Hosting a clothing swap is also a pretty cool way to get friends together and swap used clothes amongst yourselves. A bit like having a thrift shop in your living room for the day.

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