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20 Sustainable Men's Clothing Brands Practicing Ethical Fashion

The eco-conscious man knows it is counterproductive to plant trees and clean the ocean while wearing clothing that leaves a destructive carbon footprint behind. While in response to the pressures the fashion industry places on the environment and labor force, you’ll also find a number of up-and-coming sustainable men’s clothing brands on the market.

Around the world, we find devastating evidence of the hidden face of glamorous fast fashion. From the experience of the garment workers and the environment, it is evident that fast fashion is unsustainable.

Ethical fashion demands social and environmental accountability from fashion brands and consumers. It encourages the production of high-quality garments that last long and are recyclable.

You’ll find ethical and sustainable fashion used interchangeably. Ethical men's fashion brands champion sustainable fabrics, and fair trade clothing and deliver classic lines for men you’ll love. This article picks out 20 sustainable men's clothing brands true to the values we seek in a sustainable fashion brand - better for people and the planet.

20 Best Sustainable Men's Clothing Brands

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Below are our top choices of sustainable and ethical fashion brands from around the world. We have provided key information you will need to get familiar with the brands and see if their level of sustainability suits you.

Quick links to our selection of the best sustainable clothing brands for men


Outerknown sustainable fashion for men
Photo Credit: Outerknown

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: SEA approved, Bluesign certified, fair trade certified factories, fair labor association accredited, fair working conditions, eco-friendly materials, transparency.
Clothing size range: S-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the US and offers international shipping

Founded by World Surf League champion Kelly Slater in collaboration with acclaimed designer John Moore, Outerknown is for the adventurous. The sustainable brands rustic and rugged collection includes polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, swim trunks, and outerwear.

Understated design made sustainably

Outerknown primarily uses natural fibers like organic cotton, hemp, alpaca wool, and down certified by the RDS. They also use recycled polyester, recycled nylon, Econyl, and spandex for their swim trunks. They even use corozo nuts to make buttons.

Outerknown is one of the few sustainable menswear brands with a line of jeans with  Social and Environmental Accountability (SEA) approval. With this kitemark, you’ll know they meet the strictest sustainable and ethical manufacturing standards. Outerknown accepts worn or torn SEA jeans for repair and recycling.

The brand publishes a complete list of its suppliers to promote transparency and traceability. 

Shop Outerknown

United by Blue

United by blue mens fashion sustainable
Photo Credit: United by Blue

Product range: clothing and accessories
Ethical practices and values: B corporation, sustainable materials 
Clothing size range: S-XL
Store location and shipping: based in Philadelphia and offers international shipping

This brand is one of the top ethical clothing brands that make outdoor apparel. In addition to outerwear, they have a selection of pants and tops. One of this brand’s guiding principles is ‘durability’; they make their clothes to last the consumer for a very long time.

Durable and lasting ethical clothes for men

The brand only works with suppliers who provide GOTS-certified fabrics. They use hemp, organic cotton, wool, Tencel, micro modal fabric, and recycled polyester. They also have some trademarked fiber blends used exclusively by them. They also ensure that the factories they work with comply with ethical manufacturing practices and are eco-friendly.

The B Corp certified brand is committed to protecting the environment while producing durable clothes. The brand removes one pound of trash from the world's oceans and rivers for every piece of apparel it sells.

Shop United by Blue

Organic Basics

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: GOTS certified, recycled materials, transparency.
Clothing size range: S-XL
Store location and shipping: based in Denmark and offers worldwide shipping

Organic Basics produces socks, gloves, beanies, tees, underwear, and activewear. Their bestsellers include the organic cotton boxer-pack and Silver Tech tee.

This is one of our best ethical men’s clothing brands, helping to fight climate change by offsetting a hundred kilos of carbon for every order. The brand uses fabrics like organic cotton and incorporates other sustainable clothing fabrics in their production process, which they consider even more eco-friendly. In 2018 they created an underwear collection with Tencel and a winter accessories collection with recycled cashmere.

The brand’s team regularly visits the factories they partner with to see the working conditions firsthand. They have an in-depth knowledge of employees’ workload and benefits, which they publish on their website, alongside the location and description of their manufacturers.

The Organic Basics fund provides two grants a year to environmental non-profits or activists.

Shop Organic Basics

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Ethical Mens Fashion
Pictured: "The Slim Jean in Organic Selvage 12-month Wash" Credit: Taylor Stitch

Product range: footwear, clothing, and accessories
Ethical practices and values: zero waste, eco-friendly
Clothing size range: XL-XL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA, offers international shipping.

This brand offers a collection of men’s sustainable clothing essentials, and they have almost all the men’s clothing items you might need. From button-downs, pocket tees, henleys, and chinos, they offer stylish business casual clothing. The clothing brand prioritizes durability and makes clothes that are designed for the long haul.

The brand favors organic, recycled, and regenerative materials as those require less water, fewer chemicals, and less pollution. Although the company is based in the United States, they manufacture their clothes in Chinese factories.

Extending clothing life with reselling programs

Taylor Stitch’s repair and resell program, Restitch, is geared towards extending product life and reducing waste. The program helps eliminate post-consumer waste.

Shop Taylor Stitch

Todd Shelton 

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: locally manufactured, slow fashion, zero waste, plastic-free
Clothing size range: S-2XL
Store location and shipping: based in new jersey and ships worldwide

Todd Shelton produces made-to-order menswear garments and champions ethical slow men's fashion. Their production method ensures that they have no unsold inventory or waste. The brand has many upcoming men’s clothing products, but for now, they make denim jeans, button-downs, tees, sweatshirts, khakis, and trousers.

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Concerned with the negative environmental impact of synthetic fibers, the brand uses only biodegradable fabrics sourced from England, Japan, and Portugal. Those are countries with a history of enforcing fair labor and environmental standards. This brand is careful to avoid the unnecessary use of animal products in their clothes and completely avoids leather. 

With minimalistic and plastic-free packaging, the brand keeps shipping eco-friendly as part of its environmental practices. The brand employs garment workers directly and takes full responsibility for their safety and welfare at work. The seamstresses earn a living wage and enjoy flexible work schedules.

Shop Todd Shelton


Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: fair trade certified, safe working environments, Bluesign approved, transparency
Clothing size range: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the US, offers limited international shipping.

Patagonia has existed since the 1980s and may easily be one of the top ethical clothing brands specializing in outdoor wear. Their sustainable men’s clothing range includes vests, hats, swim trunks, underwear, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, and pants. They even make gloves and backpacks.

Sustainable outdoor wear and casual items

They use materials like non-GMO organic fibers, cotton, hemp, and linen. The brand uses ethically sourced wool and down to layer and insulates their winter garments. They also use recycled polyester; it’s the fiber of choice for the Capilene activewear line. Only phthalate-free and PVC-free ink is used on their garments, and they have a Bluesign certificate to this effect.

In the fashion transparency index of 2020, Patagonia earned a score of 70%. They work with certified factories and carry out third-party auditing. They also send staff on inspection visits to the factories. Patagonia founded the 1% for the planet movement, donating 1% of its yearly profits to environmental and grassroots causes.

Shop Patagonia


Faherty sustainable mens clothing
Photo Credit: Faherty

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: Bluesign-approved, eco-friendly materials, zero waste.
Clothing size range: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and offer international shipping

Founded in 2013 by Alex and Mike Faherty, this ethical fashion brand creates apparel that any guy would love. Their collection includes outerwear, bottoms, hoodies, and knitwear.

Presently, 64% of Faherty’s fashion for men is made from sustainable materials. Their favored sustainable fibers include hemp, organic cotton, BCI  cotton, ethical cashmere and alpaca, and recycled synthetic. They make efforts to use non-toxic dyes and water-saving dyeing methods.

Faherty partners with Bluesign to ensure its raw materials are traceable and free of harmful chemicals. The brand donates all its textile waste to the industry recycling program, FABSCRAP. They package their goods in recycled plastic bags.

As a member of 1% for the plant, the brand gives 1% of its swim sales to support environmental causes. They also support The Surfrider Foundation on its mission to conserve waterways and beaches.

Shop Faherty


Product range: clothing and shoes
Ethical practices and values: non-toxic dye, sustainable material,
Clothing size range: XXS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the UK and ships worldwide

Pangaia is a materials science company that has spent many years working on solutions for sustainable fashion. They came up with a thoughtful collection of ethical men’s clothing essentials that use recycled, bio-based fibers and materials from recycled plastic bottles.

They use organic and recycled cotton, linen, grape leather, recycled wool and cashmere, seaweed fiber, and patented down, ‘FLWRDWN.’ They also use eco-friendly dye.

The sustainable fashion brand uses NFC technology to ensure they have a 100% transparent supply chain.

Pangaia is committed to giving back; they support individuals or organizations that have causes aligned with the United Nations SDG. For every product sold, the brand helps plant or protect a tree. They are also involved in protecting endangered bees with the Bee The Change fund.

Shop Pangaia


Asket ethical mens fashion
Photo Credit: Asket

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: traceability, organic materials
Clothing size range: XS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in Germany and offers worldwide shipping

Dubbed as the ‘permanent collection,’ this men’s clothing brand is changing the face of fashion consumption. Asket designs a classic range of basics and workwear that includes pants, button-downs, jackets, and undergarments. They want consumers to view sustainable fashion as a reduced wardrobe with pieces that will stand the test of time and style.

The brand operates a small supply chain, eliminating retail intermediaries and serving customers directly. That way, Asket can sell cheaper than traditional labels.

They provide the consumer with detailed information on the manufacturing process of each product. There is also a detailed list of their factories. Overall, Asket clothing is 86% traceable. The brand chooses fabrics made from natural materials like merino wool and organic cotton. 

Shop Asket


Product range: clothes, footwear, and accessories
Ethical practices and values: recycled materials, natural fiber, traceable
Clothing size range: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in USA and ships worldwide

A great place to find business-casual designs. Everlane has an extensive selection of men’s shirts, slacks, polos, suit jackets, underwear, sneakers, sustainable yoga wear, and recycled parkas. The majority of Everlane’s clothing is made of linen and cotton. To eliminate the use of virgin plastic from their production, the brand launched the ReNew line, which features clothing made only from recycled synthetics.

Traceability is one of Everlane’s strong points, and they have a list of all the factories they work with on their website. Every year, Everlane holds a Black Friday fund campaign, where they donate $15 out of every order to Oceana. Oceana is an environmental non-profit that cleans up ocean plastic.

Shop Everlane

Brothers We Stand

Product range: clothing and accessories
Ethical practices and values: Environmental impact, energy, and fair labor practices
Clothing size range: S-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in London and ships worldwide

BWS is a sustainable fashion store; they find great sustainable fashion brands and bring them together under the BWS umbrella. This is one of the top ethical fashion brands that stock designs made exclusively for men. They’ve got an extensive collection that includes underwear, denim jeans, chinos, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and knitwear.

This ethical men’s fashion store selects the items it carries based on a 6-point standard they came up with. First is appealing style and aesthetic, second is durability, and third is positive environmental impact plus energy efficiency. The fourth criteria is a transparent supply chain, the fifth is fair trade fashion and fair labor compliance, and lastly is a commitment to improved ethical practices.

BSW encourages consumers to extend the life of their clothes through DIY altering and repairs. They refer customers to the IFIXIT website to learn simple repair and alteration methods. 

Shop Brothers We Stand


Photo Credit: Grana

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: fair trade, sustainable materials
Clothing size range: XS-XL
Store location and shipping: Hong Kong-based and ships worldwide 

Grana promises high-quality, ethical tees, hoodies, denim jeans, joggers, coats, sweaters, and jackets. Despite using premium materials, the brand maintains an affordable price point by cutting out middlemen and avoiding unnecessary markups.

They use merino wool imported from Italy, cashmere from Mongolia, and Pima cotton from Peru. Their choice fabrics also include Chinese cotton twill, french linen, Japanese denim, organic compact denim, and Austrian Tencel.

Grana adopts a hands-on approach to worker safety and environmental sustainability, choosing manufacturers that meet ethical fashion standards. The grana team visits all factories they work with to observe how they implement fair labor practices. 

Shop Grana


Product range: clothing and accessories
Ethical practices and values: sustainable laundering, eco-friendly, Bluesign approved.
Clothing size range: S-3X
Store location and shipping: Based in the US and offers international shipping

Ably offers a range of tech-empowered tees, henleys, hoodies, and activewear. Its garments are manufactured with Filium, a technology developed by the brand’s founders. This technology enables natural fabrics like cotton to repel liquids, stains, and odors. This means that their clothes will require fewer washes compared to regular natural fiber clothing.

The brand assures consumers that the Filium tech clothes meet Bluesign standards and do not contain any silver, nanoparticles, or harmful chemicals.

Unlike most water-repellent clothing that is made with synthetic-based material, Ably’s garments are 100% natural. Ably promises all-natural, non-toxic products.

Shop Ably


Product range: clothing and shoes
Ethical practices and values: Certified B Corp, FSC certification, recycled packaging
Clothing size range: S-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA, international shipping is currently unavailable.

This brand is more popular for making ethical and sustainable shoes, but it offers sustainable men's clothing as well. Allbirds creates socks, underwear, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets using ethically sourced merino wool, Tencel lyocell, and crab shells. Their Tencel lyocell fiber is certified by the forest stewardship council, and they work with ZQ Merino to source ethical wool. 

Sustainable solutions & climate initiatives to reduce the impact of men's fashion on the environment

The brand takes climate change seriously and measures the greenhouse gas emissions of each of its products, and offsets them. This makes it carbon neutral; the brand however has a goal of becoming carbon negative in the nearest future. They also use recycled material for their packaging. 

In line with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, Allbirds demands that its suppliers be transparent about their production methods and workers’ welfare. They carry out scheduled and impromptu visits to their partnering factories to ensure they are always complying with laws against modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Shop Allbirds


praAna Sustainable Mens Fashion Brand
Photo Credit: praAna 

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: recycled material, Bluesign certified, 
Clothing size range: XS-XL
Store location and shipping: based in the US and ships to 137 countries

prAna offers a range that includes activewear, loungewear, swimwear, plus hiking and climbing outfits. 

The brand’s ethical selection uses sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, RDS-certified down, ethical merino wool, recycled polyester, and TENCEL modal.

The brand has a Bluesign certification, which attests to the fact that its clothes are free from harmful chemicals. They also ensure that their suppliers are complying with ethics that protect the environment and health of workers.

prAna supports charitable projects run by individuals, and they also donate to the Outdoor Outreach program for disenfranchised youths.

Shop prAna

The Classic T-shirt Company

Product range: T-shirt
Ethical practices and values: GOTS-certified, toxic-free dyes, quality control, locally manufactured.
Clothing size range: XS-XXXL
Store location and shipping: based in the USA and offers international shipping

With four basic colors and a handful of designs, the classic t-shirt company keeps things simple and ethical.

This brand uses organic cotton and Azo-free dyes for all its tees. To ensure comfort and durability of shape and color, the cotton is combed, ring-spun, and pre-shrunk. The brand’s supply chain is wholly based in the USA - from growing cotton to sewing and embroidery. They assure consumers that all their suppliers comply with fair trade principles. They use plastic-free recycled packaging. 

The Classic t-shirt company is a ledge 1% association member, giving 1% of their time and profit to causes that provide clean water to communities that are lacking. They also work with organizations that plant trees and clean up the ocean.

Shop The Classic T-shirt Company

Known Supply 

Product range: clothing and accessories
Ethical practices and values: fair trade certified, transparency, GOTS certified, B corporation
Clothing size range: XS-XXL
Store location and shipping: based in California and  offers international shipping

Founded by three friends who fell in love with crocheting in their childhood, Known Supply is humanizing the apparel industry. They collaborate with skilled garment makers from Uganda, India, and Peru to produce sustainable knitwear, tees, hoodies, and bags. Every product is hand-signed by the maker. These workers receive training and support, plus they are paid fair wages for their labor.

Known Supply uses GOTS-certified cotton for most of its clothes. Other materials include recycled polyester, wool, acrylic, and nylon.

Shop Known Supply

Tact & Stone

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: circular fashion, fair trade, recycled synthetic, natural materials
Clothing size range: S-XL
Store location and shipping: Based in the USA and offers international shipping

Tact & Stone wants to change more than your wardrobe, and they want you to dress and live sustainably. The sustainable fashion brand designs modern classics just for men. 

The brand encourages customers to send back worn-out clothes for upcycling in exchange for discounts on their future purchases.

This men’s clothing brand sources low-impact materials from suppliers who comply with the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Their suppliers have certifications that include Oeko-Tex, GOTS, Higg-Index, USDA Organic, and GRE. 

Tact & Stone only uses organic regenerative natural fibers or upcycled fibers with minimal carbon footprint cost to the brand. They use organic cotton, hemp, alpaca wool, upcycled cotton, and recycled polyester. Their materials are certified by GRS, Oeko-Tex, Global Impact, and a few others.

Shop Tact & Stone

Arm of Andes

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: Oeko-Tex certified, natural dyes, biodegradable.
Clothing size range: S-XL
Store location and shipping: Peru, international shipping is available.

Arms of Andes makes some of the most sustainable men's clothing and high-performance outdoor gear. They design soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking layers, shirts, underwear, and socks.

The brand’s latest collection, ‘Leave No Trace,’ is biodegradable, except for the zips and bands, of course. But the brand is working to replace these items with more eco-friendly options. Like most of their clothing, they make this collection from alpaca wool. They dye all clothes in this collection with natural dyes sourced from insects and plants.

To reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the local economy, Arms of Andes source the materials and labor they need in Peru. Each family-run farm practices sustainable free-roaming alpaca farming to supply the brand with wool.

Shop Arms of Andes

Groceries Apparel

Product range: clothing
Ethical practices and values: GOTS-certified organic cotton, recycled material, locally manufactured.
Clothing size range: S-XL
Store location and shipping:  based in the US and ships internationally

A firm belief that fashion should not focus solely on profits is what drives Groceries Apparel. Their range of clothing includes tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers. Groceries Apparel uses locally grown non-GMO organic cotton, lyocell, hemp, and recycled plastics. If you prefer a 100% natural fiber garment, they make it easy with a ‘shop by ingredient’ option. 

The sustainable brand gets 98% of its materials from vendors in Los Angeles and makes all its clothes in California. Their workers receive fair wages, even higher than California’s minimum wage. Their local sourcing and production boost the local economy and reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.

Shop Groceries Apparel

Wrapping our selection of sustainable men's clothing brands

Looking good doesn't have to cost the planet. This list provides you with information to help you explore sustainable fashion. Caring for the planet can start in your wardrobe, so choose sustainably made clothing today.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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