12 Ethical Clothing Brands

30 Sustainable Clothing Brands Practicing Ethical Production

In a world where fashion consumption is at an all-time high, we understand the need for ethical clothing. Unlike fast fashion, which prioritizes making items fast and cheap, sustainable fashion takes a slower approach as people become increasingly conscious. As a result, more sustainable clothing brands now champion paying attention to ethical practices – from the design stage down to consumption. 

Making sustainable clothing considers the people, planet, and lifecycle of products. Through this, sustainable fashion brands help to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, reduce waste and draw on sustainable materials. They also ensure all factory workers are fairly paid and work under favorable conditions. 

30 of Our Favorite Sustainable Clothing Brands

Below, we’ve highlighted 30 ethical and sustainable clothing brands. These companies create high-quality pieces while being transparent about their impact on the environment and workers. 

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Fair Trade Winds

Fair trade winds ethical clothing brand
Picture: "More Love Tee" Credit: Fair Trade Winds

For: Men, women, and children
Product Range: Apparel for men, women, and children, bags and accessories 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fair Trade Federation member, Green America certified business, sustainable fabrics, fair pay, eco-friendly, against child labor
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in the US. Sends packages worldwide (except to the UK due to updated 2021 VAT requirements) 

Fair Trade Winds provides a marketplace for fair trade brands. This makes it easy for consumers to access a curated variety of brands dedicating their time and effort to making the world more sustainable, equal, and just.

They set up a system to connect everyone involved in the supply chain to achieve this. These sustainable brands and organizations are also committed to their artisans or workers' wellbeing, growth, and development. Being a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation, every clothing piece the business carries is handmade and fairly traded. 

This company works with about 150 artisan organizations in 57 countries around the world. They pay attention to empowering women by paying fair wages, fighting human trafficking, and protecting children. Consequently, each product is created with sustainable fabrics to celebrate traditional crafts.

There’s a section specifically dedicated to their organic cotton collection on the website. The price range can vary too, providing something for most budgets. Each item’s description box indicates where they made the item.

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Reformation sustainable fashion brand
Picture: "Fiona Two-Piece" Credit: Reformation

For: Women
Product Range: Women’s clothing, including bridal wear
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Sustainable materials, energy efficiency, carbon-neutral, eco-friendly packaging, transparency
Clothing Size Range: XXS-3X
Location and Shipping: Based in the US. Ships around the world (offers free standard shipping)

“Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2”

This statement is closely associated with this sustainable women’s clothing brand. Once you open the brand’s site, this bold wording is what you see. Reformation has become a staple name whenever you hear sustainable clothing brands mentioned.

The brand’s mission is “to create effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure.” When designing and creating pieces, the team considers water usage, land use, energy input, fair human treatment, and eco-consciousness. Asides from considering the supply chain, they also pay close attention to the lifecycle of the garments. 

Reformation creates stylish and on-trend clothes that stand the test of time. This eco-friendly and ethical fashion brand also has a comprehensive clothing collection for different body types and size ranges. These include a petite collection, extended sizing for plus-size women, and a collection for women with a C-DD cup size.

Also, the fabric selection and use are limited to those that have less impact on the environment. From dresses and bodysuits to sweats and jeans, you’ll find something that complements your style. These sustainable fabrics include certified silk, recycled cotton, linen, recycled cashmere, deadstock, and vintage. 

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Boden Lucy Striped Dress
Picture: Lucy Jersey Stripe Dress. Sustainable Cotton & Modal. Credit: Boden

For: Women, men, children, and babies
Product Range: Clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, boys, girls, and babies
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fairtrade, responsible sourcing of raw materials and packaging, product sustainability, giving to charities, educating and empowering women
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: UK-based, ships worldwide

Boden offers a wide range of ethically made clothing. You’ll find tops, dresses, activewear, chinos for men, swimwear, loungewear, and many others. As much as there’s a wide variety, the brand does not compromise social and environmental protection.

Boden is committed to protecting workers, reducing environmental impact, making eco-friendly choices, and supporting charities. The brand pays attention to sourcing and choosing fabrics and eco-friendly materials of high quality. 

Boden shows its commitment to transparency, listing information regarding its sustainable efforts on the site. You’ll see who makes the brand’s clothes, the charities they support, and fair trade initiatives.

They also display their sustainable targets on the site. And make more than 80% of the brand’s products from cotton. They use organic cotton to make most of the new baby product range. This is because this material is soft and delicate for the child and eco-friendly. For better-sourced cotton materials, Boden signed up for the Better Cotton Initiative. This organization empowers cotton growers to use ethical and sustainable farming methods. 

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For: Women
Product Range: Luxury leather goods, women’s clothing essentials, shoes, and accessories 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Natural and sustainable materials, recycled materials, philanthropy, fair labor, GOTS certified, FSC certified, RWS and Oak-Tek Standard 100 certified.
Clothing Size Range: XS-XXXL (size range varies for each piece)
Location and Shipping: Locations in Paris, New York, and London. Ships to some countries (input country name in the ‘delivery and returns’ page of the international site)

Sézane identifies itself as providing “‘Je ne sais quoi’ for all.” This fashion brand seeks to create high-quality luxury wear that you can wear repeatedly.

The brand’s story began in Paris when the founder, Morgane Sézalory, started making adjustments to vintage pieces and selling them. This was after she discovered an abandoned collection of vintage pieces. Over time, she found this was her calling and started creating her own designs.

One of Sézane’s principles is placing humans first. The company selects its workshops based on compliance with strict social and environmental standards. The team visits these sites regularly for audit reasons and also to build a relationship with the workers. 

As part of its ethical and sustainable practices, each item of clothing from this brand undergoes a mechanical testing process to ensure its longevity. The brand's denim and leisurewear collections are already 100% eco-friendly. As such, they prevent making clothes that don’t last long.

As part of its philanthropic efforts, Sézane established DEMAIN in 2017, an initiative dedicated to providing disadvantaged children with access to education, culture, and equal opportunities. This brand has quality pieces from leather goods and shoes to everyday essentials and lingerie. Sézane also offers a private shopping experience.

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MUD Jeans

Mud Jeans
Photo Credit: Mud Jeans

For: Men and women
Product Range: Denim clothing and jeans
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Leasing jeans, circular fashion, slow fashion, using recycled fabrics, fair production, toxic-free, OEKO- TEX certified, GOTS certified organic cotton, certified B Corp
Clothing Size Range: EUR 25-33
Location and Shipping: Based in The Netherlands. Ships all over Europe and some countries outside the continent (see the shipping information page)

MUD Jeans is a popular name in everyday wearable, sustainable fashion. This brand prioritizes circular design and simplicity. It uses organic cotton and recycled cotton as the two main fabrics to produce products.

When the founder, Bert van Son, started the company, he discovered the need for ethical and sustainable means. He observed the unsuitable working conditions for workers and the demand the fashion industry places on the planet. Consequently, he focused on jeans because they are a significant clothing pollutant in the fashion industry. 

Crowned the world’s first circular denim brand, MUD Jeans pays close attention to a process that minimizes environmental impact. This process includes producing fabric pieces regionally, recycling materials to create new jeans, and upcycling. A short supply chain ensures full transparency. Apart from sustainable production methods, they also ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for workers.

Apart from many fashion brands, MUD Jeans provides the option for customers to lease or buy products. This is a unique concept aimed at curbing waste and promoting minimalism. You can also send products back after use, which go into the recycling process. MUD Jeans’ goal is to design the first jeans products made from 100% post-consumer recycled cotton. 

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Satori Revolution

For: Women
Product Range: Loungewear and swimwear
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Zero-waste, ethical, sustainable
Clothing Size Range: XS-3XL
Location and Shipping: Based in Nevada, US, with its manufacturing facility in the Philippines. Offers International shipping 

Satori Revolution is a loungewear and swimwear brand offering ethical, zero-waste, and sustainable products. The sisters who founded the brand decided to open their manufacturing facility in the Philippines to make this possible. According to them, they design their apparel collections to instill confidence in their customers. 

Satori Revolution takes the safety of workers into account. The owners ensure they treat workers fairly and equally. Also, the company believes in reducing, reusing, repurposing, and recycling. To counter the fast fashion philosophy, they make high-quality and season-less clothes. They do this by releasing upcycled and regenerated products. In addition, this brand uses plastic-free packaging.

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Girlfriend Collective

For: Women and men
Product Range: Activewear
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics, ethical, SA8000 certified, fair trade, certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.
Clothing Size Range: XXS-6XL
Location and Shipping: Based in Washington, USA. Ships products outside the US

“Don’t make waste, wear it.”

Here’s a brand that converts old plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other waste into activewear. From its early beginnings, Girlfriend Collective’s mission has been to be a transparent company with sustainable practices. As a result, this brand prioritizes eco-friendly and ethical practices. They make their pieces using recycled materials, recycled plastic bottles being one of these. 

To uphold sustainable and ethical practices, its core facility in Vietnam is SA8000 certified. SA8000 certifies the ethical treatment of workers during production and the payment of fair living wages. It also guarantees the brand does not use child or forced labor.

Girlfriend Collective initially only created products for women till they included a collection called ‘For Everyone.’ This features outerwear, sweatsuits, and basics for all genders and ages. And its size range is inclusive. Girlfriend Collective only used low-impact dyes, which reduces the toxic impact of regular dyes on the environment. 

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For: Men, women, and children
Product Range: Women, men, and kids basics, and bed and bath products
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: B Corp, fair trade certified 
Clothing Size Range: XS-3XL (depending on the clothing item)
Location and Shipping: Based in the USA. International standard shipping is available.

PACT is a B Corporation, meaning it’s among the list of verified companies meeting the highest environmental and social performance standards, legal accountability, and transparency. 

PACT provides sustainable fashion for the entire family, from essential tees to leggings and even underwear. Perfect for sustainable causal wear, PACT makes its products with organic cotton, and they uphold fair trade. The brand ensures that all processes in the supply chain are ethical and sustainable. 


Thought Clothing

Thought clothing sustainable fashion brand bamboo printed leggings
Pictured: "Madelyn Bamboo Organic Cotton Printed Leggings" Credit: Thought

For: Men and women
Product Range: Women's and men’s clothing and accessories 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Natural and sustainable fabrics, responsible sourcing, lessening waste
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in the UK. Ships worldwide

Thought Clothing offers a wide range of carefully categorized clothing items on the brand’s site. You can shop by cloth categories, the vegan collection, fair trade collection, and even fabric. Like many other sustainable clothing brands, Thought Clothing uses fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, hemp, bamboo, Tencel, and modal. The company also offers a capsule collection to help you build your wardrobe.

Thought Clothing has developed a close and lasting rapport with its suppliers and facilities. This ensures a fair living wage and safe conditions for every garment worker. The company uses its platform to share, educate and inform the public on the best eco-friendly practices. Their efforts to encourage and create positive change in our society haven’t gone unnoticed.

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People Tree

For: Women
Product Range: Women's clothing and accessories 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fairtrade certified, GOTS certified organic cotton, eco-friendly, some materials are biodegradable, creating jobs for artisans
Clothing Size Range: UK 6-18
Location and Shipping: Based in the UK. Ships to the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand 

Within the fashion industry and amongst consumers, People Tree has earned a reputation as a pioneer of sustainable fashion that’s fair trade. We can trace the brand’s story back to 1991 when social entrepreneur Safia Minney founded the company. People Tree creates contemporary and versatile designs and prints that respect both people and the planet. 

The brand works closely with producers to include organic cotton in handwoven clothing collections. By incorporating handwoven and knitting techniques, they create jobs for artisans in rural areas. In addition to its mission, this brand uses only low-impact dyes for clothes. As much as possible, they avoid plastic and toxic substances. 

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MATE the Label

Mate the label ethical organic cotton tee
Pictured "Organic Cotton Classic Tee" available in various colors. Credit: MATE

For: Women
Product Range: Essential clothing such as t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and sweatpants
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Natural and eco-friendly materials, sustainable practices, a framework for diversity, equity, and inclusion
Clothing Size Range: XS-3XL (size range depends on item)
Location and Shipping: Los Angeles, CA. International shipping is available.

This is one of the sustainable fashion brands that produce clean clothing essentials using organic materials and low-impact dyes. MATE’s philosophy is to offer clean clothing. This means creating pieces using non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. The fashion industry makes use of a lot of synthetic and toxic materials. As a result, MATE’s goal is to contribute to fixing that. Through this, organic cotton is one of the main fabrics to create their casual essentials. 

As part of the brand’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact, its factory is located in Los Angeles, the same as its headquarters. Products are made under ethical conditions and shipped in eco-friendly packaging. According to a statement on the brand’s site, they believe fashion is more than an industry but an ecosystem. Their 2020 impact report highlights the brand’s progress in areas related to people, products, and the planet. 

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For: Men and women
Product Range: Denim, underwear, t-shirts, knitwear, jackets, and more
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: GOTS certified, eco-friendly fabrics, PETA-approved, fair trade
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in Germany, ships to select countries

Armedangels create “meaningful products with the highest respect for humans and nature.” The brand offers a range of apparel from tops and t-shirts to jackets, coats, and knitwear. Rather than focusing on creating pieces in line with trends, Armedangels creates modern and contemporary collections. The brand positions itself as an eco-conscious company by using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. The team also respects fair working conditions for its factory workers. 

Armedangels is PETA-approved and vegan, and they do not make their products from animal-derived components. Their pieces are free from animal products and are cruelty-free. To show their commitment to the planet, they have switched to 100% renewable energy in their offices. 

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Tentree sustainable fashion brand that plants trees
Picture "Australia Animal Crew" Credit: TenTree

For: Men, women, and kids
Product Range: Activewear, loungewear, clothing, and accessories 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Eco-friendly materials, fair pay, tree planting
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in Canada. Offers limited international shipping

Tentree has an “earth-first” commitment that places the planet and people as priorities. The brand provides information regarding its materials and manufacturers for transparency. The brand makes products using sustainable materials such as TENCEL, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp on the environment-impact side. They’re committed to reducing packaging output to minimize waste and harm to the environment. 

This brand stands out amongst other sustainable fashion brands because of its tree-planting activities. For every product bought, Tentree plants ten trees. Some of the countries they plant trees in include Madagascar, Indonesia, Canada, Haiti, Senegal, and Brazil. When it comes to protecting the people, Tentree partners with factories that maintain safe working conditions, including a fair living wage for every worker. 

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Alternative Apparel

For: Men and women
Product Range: Basic and loungewear for men, women, and the youth
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Post-consumer recycled materials, fair labor, sustainable fashion.
Clothing Size Range: XS-3X
Location and Shipping: Based in Atlanta, GA. Ships to US territories 

From its production processes to shipping, Alternative Apparel focuses on reducing the negative impact on people and the planet. The brand uses materials such as recycled cotton, organic cotton, and hemp.

Alternative Apparel produces most of its garments with sustainable materials and production processes. They recycle approximately 1.8 million plastic water bottles to create their alternative eco-fabrics. These would typically be waste materials, but this brand puts them to good use. This also involves the use of low-impact dyes and water-conserving methods. 

As part of their social responsibility, the Alternative Apparel team ensures safe, fair, and clean working environments. And they pay factory workers a fair living wage.

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For: Women
Product Range: Apparel, bags, accessories, and shoes
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Ethical fashion, publishing wages, providing employment
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in Nashville, TN. Offers international shipping

ABLE is an ethical clothing brand dedicated to employing and empowering women as part of the brand’s efforts toward ending poverty. ABLE started by selling scarves that were hand-woven by women in Ethiopia. The collection has now grown to include clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. 

In 2018, ABLE became the first among fashion brands to publish its lowest wages, an important step to prove its dedication to transparency and accountability. The brand’s jewelry products are all made in-house in Nashville. Their manufacturing partners make their clothes, leather goods, and shoes. These partners are based in Mexico, Ethiopia, India, and Brazil. 



Photo Credit: Indigenous

For: Men and women
Product Range: Apparel and accessories for women and men; includes shirts, sweaters, dresses, outerwear, and more 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Organic clothing, fair trade, eco-friendly materials and practices, 100% organic cotton pieces, artisan-made clothing
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL for women, S-XXL for men 
Location and Shipping: California, USA. Ships to US territories and Canada

For Indigenous, ethical fashion goes beyond just fair trade. Indigenous creates timeless pieces handmade by artisans made with eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable methods. They employ the same practices throughout the supply chain. The brand also puts economic empowerment programs in place for its artisans geared toward helping them improve their lives. You can even see a featured list of some of their artisans on the brand's website. 

Concerning their impact on the planet, Indigenous says it saves 13 million gallons of water yearly, 45,600 lbs of carbon dioxide savings, and 400 lbs of pesticides kept off the land. The company has also empowered 1000 artisans through employment. The fabrics of their clothing are natural and organic. As much as the clothes are soft on the skin, they are also environmentally friendly. 

Shop Indigenous

Frank and Oak

For: Women and men
Product Range: Women's and men’s sweaters, sweatshirts, tops, pants, and denim pieces
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: B Corp, sustainable practices, ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL for men, XXS-XL to women
Location and Shipping: Based in Canada. Ships to 40+ countries worldwide

If you’re looking for an ethical and eco-friendly clothing brand that offers monthly subscriptions, Frank and Oak offers just that. This sustainable fashion company sends you up to four pieces based on your style through this process. The price point ranges from $29 to $149. However, this plan is only available to US and Canadian residents. 

For Frank and Oak, their core values are sustainability, transparency, and functionality. Their circular denim designs are worth mentioning. They collect worn-out jeans that would otherwise end up in landfills. These denim materials are shredded, broken down, and evolve into new eco-friendly materials. 

Shop Frank and Oak

Passion Lilie

For: Women and men
Product Range: Shorts, tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, jumpsuits, and accessories
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fairtrade, transparency, zero-waste collection, sustainable business
Clothing Size Range: XS-XXL for women, S-XXL for men
Location and Shipping: Based in New Orleans, US. Offers free shipping to US and Canada on orders over $100

Passion Lilie’s core principles are honesty, thoughtful sourcing, and fairness. It is among the fair trade fashion brands. The company works with producers in India, pays fairly, and works with organizations that ensure safe working conditions for workers. According to the brand’s statement, it is committed to making things the right way. 

If you’re into playful and bold patterns and prints, you’ll like Passion Lilie. They create timeless and effortless pieces. The brand also has a zero-waste collection and capsule wardrobe collection to offer more sustainable options.

Shop Passion Lilie

Amour Vert

For: Women
Product Range: Tops, pants and denim, dresses, outerwear, and accessories
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Small batch productions, eco-friendly packaging, sustainable materials, plants trees, reduces carbon emissions, ethical production
Clothing Size Range: XXS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in the USA. Offers shipping to France, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK. 

For classic staples from a sustainable fashion company, you can try Amour Vert. The English translation of this French word is “green love.” This meaning directly reflects the values of this sustainable fashion company.

This brand contributes to an eco-friendly future through several practices. Two of these produce clothes in limited quantities and plant trees for every t-shirt you purchase. Their production process creates pieces in small batches to reduce waste and ensure the highest production standards. For the tree planting exercise, the brand has partnered with American Forests. 

For Amour Vert, sustainability doesn’t end with methods of production. They use recycled materials and soy-based inks for printing. As such, the brand also employs compostable packaging to ship out products.

Unlike many fashion brands that tend to purchase ready-made fabric, this company partners with mills. As a result, they become directly involved in developing fabrics that are soft, sustainable, and long-lasting.

Some of the fabrics they use are TENCEL Modal, ethical wool, and mulberry silk. So when next you’re in search of classic staples, keep Amour Vert in mind. Also, if you’re looking for zero-waste, the brand has a collection dedicated to that.

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Tonlé NY Shorts Ethical Fashion Brand
Picture: "NY Shorts" Credit: Tonlé

For: Women (and a gender-inclusive collection)
Product Range: Apparel, accessories, and homewares
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Zero-waste, fair treatment of workers, transparency, sustainable actions, natural dyes
Clothing Size Range: XS-3XL
Location and Shipping: Based in the US. International shipping available

Tonlé is a zero-waste and fair fashion company. This brand takes all the proper steps, from how they make their clothes to how they’re worn. The brand uses reclaimed materials to make its products in line with its zero-waste and sustainable principles.

According to Tonlé, the “workshops are structured to be like sewing circles instead of assembly lines, " further reiterating the brand’s dedication to ethical and fair treatment of its workers. 

This brand’s values are ‘purposeful, inclusive and honest.’ The team believes that every process taken has a purpose - from the raw fabrics to their actions. Transparency, accountability, and justice are at the core of their operations and efforts. 

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For: Women, men, and kids
Product Range: Nightwear
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: 100% organic fabric, GOTS certified organic cotton, giving back.
Clothing Size Range: S-L
Location and Shipping: Based in the UK. Ships worldwide

Noctu creates organic cotton nightwear using simplicity and minimalist designs. They make their nightwear collection in the UK. The brand’s mission is to create nightwear that feels incredible to wear to ensure a good night’s rest. 

To show its dedication to the planet, this family business has also pledged to donate money to save 10 square meters of endangered wildlife for every customer's purchase. From manufacturing locally to sourcing eco-friendly materials, Noctu is dedicated to protecting the planet. 

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Ninety Percent

For: Women
Product Range: Basics and sleepwear
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fair wages, donating to charitable causes, sustainable fashion
Clothing Size Range: XXS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in London, UK. Worldwide shipping available

Have you ever heard of fashion brands that distribute up to 90% of their profits? Well, that’s Ninety Percent’s business model. This brand creates responsibly-made premium womenswear and vows to share 90% of its profits. They then distribute the profits between charities and the people who make the collections happen. 

Ninety Percent makes its clothing from sustainable materials, ensuring that the planet and people come first. The brand ensures that the people involved in the supply chain are treated well and paid fair wages. The manufacturing facility also offers childcare, health insurance, and free lunch daily for its workers.

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For: Women and children
Product Range: Children and women’s apparel, products for weddings
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Ethical trading, donating to charities
Clothing Size Range: XS-XXL
Location and Shipping: Based in the UK. Ships worldwide 

Monsoon describes itself as “a lifestyle brand that enriches everyday life with natural beauty, positivity, and endless discovery.” The brand is dedicated to sustainable improvements and uplifting the livelihoods of its workers. From its pieces for women and children to those specially crafted for weddings, Monsoon ensures that the behind-the-scenes production processes are ethical. 

Three things are at the heart of the company’s processes. These are responsible sourcing, commitment to supporting communities, and consciously reducing their environmental impact. 

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For: Women and men
Product Range: Outdoor clothing and gear for women, men, kids, and babies
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Environmental sustainability, fair trade
Clothing Size Range: XXS-XXL
Location and Shipping: Based in California, US. Ships to some countries (visit their shipping page)

Patagonia makes outdoor clothing and gear for a variety of sports. The brand dedicated itself to environmental sustainability by consciously choosing materials that have a less negative impact. Social responsibility is also at the core of Patagonia’s practices, and their workers work under fair, legal, and humane conditions. 

This brand is moving towards 100% recycled and renewable raw materials. So if you’re into sports like surfing, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and fly fishing, Patagonia has the products. 

Shop Patagonia

United by Blue

For: Women and men
Product Range: Sustainable outdoor apparel and accessories
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Certified B Corp, sustainable, zero-plastic, ethically-made
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL for women, S-XL for men
Location and Shipping: Based in Philadelphia, US. The brand is venturing into New York and New Jersey and offers international shipping.

United by Blue creates sustainable outdoor apparel and accessories. These are for creating a plastic-free life. They make their products in factories with GOTS-certified materials. They also source sustainable fabrics that leave no toxic impact on the environment. United by Blue creates its products to last to ultimately encourage consumers to consume less.

As a certified B corp, this brand is among the sustainable fashion brands with the highest standards of social and environmental practices. 

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Fair Indigo

For: Women and men
Product Range: Clothing and accessories
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fair living wages, eco-friendly dyes for clothes
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Based in the US. Currently ships to the US and its territories.

Fair Indigo prioritizes ethical, sustainable fashion. The brand produces timeless, organic clothing through an ethical production and supply chain process.

They make their garments in workshops in Peru. In these workshops, they use premium organic Pima cotton for their pieces. This material is free from harmful pesticides and is considered one of the best kinds of cotton globally.

For Fair Indigo, the longevity of fashion items is highly important, and quality, sustainability, and people are at the heart of their processes. 

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No Nasties

No Nasties Sustainable Fashion Brand Scoop Dress
Pictured: "Scoop Dress Guadalupe" Credit: No Nasties

For: Women and men
Product Range: Women's and men’s apparel, including t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, and more
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Vegan, organic clothing, fair treatment of workers
Clothing Size Range: XXS-XXL
Location and Shipping: Based in India. Offers international shipping

No Nasties is a vegan and organic clothing brand that produces pieces fairly and ethically. By being vegan, the company ensures its processes are cruelty-free. Through eco-friendly and ethical labor practices and staying vegan, the company has positioned itself as an ethical brand. 

This brand follows a transparent process that many sustainable fashion brands employ. This includes show production videos and releasing impact reports.

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For: Women and men
Product Range: Wardrobe staples and home decor
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Certified B Corp, ethically-made pieces, sustainable practices, gives back
Clothing Size Range: XS-XXL
Location and Shipping: Based in Toronto, Canada. International shipping is available. 

Kotn creates sustainable wardrobe staples and home decor. The brand’s mission is to change the way things are made, ensuring they’re better for the people and the planet. Their pieces are ethically made in the Nile Delta and designed in Canada. Kotn creates these using 100% Egyptian cotton if you're looking for quality, sustainable, and ethical basic pieces.

Kotn also funds social impact projects. Some of these include building schools in rural areas and providing resources to farmers and poor communities. The company also advocates for environmental responsibility. 

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1 People

For: Women
Product Range: Ready-to-wear clothing, swimwear, activewear, underwear, shoes, and accessories
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Fair worker treatment, sustainable brand, ethical clothing
Clothing Size Range: XS-XL
Location and Shipping: Warehouse based in Bali, Indonesia. Ships to limited destinations (see their shipping page for the complete list)

1 People is a Danish sustainable luxury clothing brand. If you’re looking for brands that create timeless pieces, 1 People is one of such brands. They manufacture high-quality fashion items that inspire women to stay stylish. 

This company is planet and people-driven. Their products are carefully crafted, by hand, by their artisans. Therefore, all the essentials they produce imbue the qualities of sustainability and ethical manufacture. The goal is to offer simplicity and versatility in each item.

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For: Women and men
Product Range: Athleisure, underwear, sneakers, and more 
Ethics and Sustainable Measures: Certified B Corp, vegan, ethical, non-toxic dyes, organic materials (GOTS certified)
Clothing Size Range: XS-XXL
Location and Shipping: Based in Australia. International shipping available

Etiko believes that you should wear what you believe in. To support this, the brand creates ethical clothing. Etiko is another of our best ethical clothing brands that uses organic vegan materials to make its clothes. 

From various apparel and sneakers to choose from, Etiko makes it easy to enjoy the journey into ethical clothing.

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Why Ethical Fashion Matters

Although we have seen ethical fashion on the rise for many years, we can trace a defining moment back to an event that caused an uproar surrounding fashion’s impact.

The Rana Plaza collapse that occurred in Bangladesh in 2013 killed at least 1132 garment factory workers. It left over 2500 more people injured. This event heightened awareness about the plight of factory workers in unsafe conditions in the ‘made to order’ fashion sector.

Years down the line, we have seen a rise in the number of brands labeled as ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical.’ Although you’ll find these two words often used interchangeably, we can observe a difference. 

Companies that specifically tag themselves ethical tend to pay significant attention to fair trade, treatment of workers, and animal cruelty-free. However, some sustainable clothing brands have not avoided controversy, with varying claims of greenwashing.

At the same time, people associate sustainable fashion with environmental impact and carbon footprint. However, a merge often occurs as we have brands that make these concepts their central mission as part of the growth of the sustainable fashion movement.

Shopping for Sustainable Clothing Brands

The Relevance of the “Who Made My Clothes?” Movement

This question is now more relevant than ever. This movement aims to unite people within the fashion industry to keep brands responsible for the way they source and produce clothes. It is directed at fashion brands to hold them accountable for their actions.

This prioritizes transparency in the well-being of the workers behind the production of clothes. It also encourages consumers to be conscious of the brands they support. This drives people to question who made their clothes and in what conditions. 

Many sustainable fashion brands also prioritize ethical production. We created this list to help you kickstart or continue your journey of supporting ethical brands. You’re protecting the people involved in the production and supply chain and the planet by doing this. Remember that one small decision can make a huge difference. 

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Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

Photo by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash
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