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5 Best Sustainable Robes for Cozy and Eco Friendly Relaxation

As many of us are staying indoors these days with the changes in our world, suitable clothing is important. Whether in preparation for cold days or just the desire to stay cozy, when looking for relaxed comfort, bathroom wear, or just to chill, nothing beats a snuggly robe. Regardless of our reason, we should make clothing choices with environmental protection in mind. 

Choosing something as simple as a relaxed outfit can influence your environmental impact. Many ethical brands create robes using eco-friendly materials and responsible sourcing methods.

If you’re looking to reduce your contributions to climate change while owning high-quality robes, you’ll find a number of available options. In this article, we’re sharing sustainable robes, including dressing gowns, to add to your wardrobe essentials. 

5 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Robes to Wear 

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Robes serve many functions - from complementing self-care moments to serving as cover-ups on the beach. Adding sustainable robes to your collection allows you to enjoy your comfy robes while creating a positive impact. Many sustainable brands use not only sustainable materials but also stock ethically-made robes.

From organic fabrics to recycled materials, sustainable fashion exists in various forms. If you’re looking to buy high-quality plush robes or searching for your next favorite dressing gown, you’ll find options below. 

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Terra Thread Organic Cotton Bathrobe

Terra Thread Organic Cotton Bathrobe
Photo Credit: Terra Thread Home

For: Men and women
Materials: GOTS Certified organic cotton

If you’re looking for a cozy robe to wrap around your body after a bath or spa session, this plush robe is just right. The manufacturers use long-staple organic cotton to craft each robe. 

Each robe features 2 ply cotton yarn to ensure it’s super soft. The weaving style and finish give the robe a luxurious and soft feel for extra comfort. With the addition of a long belt, side loop, and two large pockets, you get a completely organic cotton robe. 

Terra Thread pays attention to the lifecycle of its organic cotton bathrobes right from the raw materials stage. The organic cotton for their sustainable robes comes from rain-fed farms in India. As a result, the process involves minimal use of energy and water.

The company further reduces its environmental impact by using low-impact dyes and natural fertilizers. This way, the farmers are also safe and protected from toxic chemicals. We can classify robes as intimate clothing pieces, and for this reason, the brand believes in creating safe clothing for you.

As you wrap your robe around your body, you’re certain that it’s safe for your skin. Not only this, but it’s also ethically sourced. The Terra Thread organic bathrobes come in only two size clusters. That is, small/medium and large/extra large. 

Terra Thread’s eco-friendly practices also extend to the people working behind the scenes. Apart from being run under a certified B Corp parent company, the brand is also Fair Trade Certified. This means that the farmers and artisans are paid fair wages for their labor. These organic cotton robes are a must-have, from the use of organic fabric to fair trade practices down the supply chain.

Why We Like These Ethically-Made Bathrobes

Not only does the brand pay attention to eco-friendly practices, but it also cares about its workers. Through its fair trade practices, you’re certain you’re buying products that people make under fair conditions. 

Due to the organic cotton material and low-impact dyes, these plush robes are safe for your skin. As an addition, when you buy one of these sustainable bathrobes, you indirectly feed the less privileged. Terra Thread contributes free meals through the Feeding America program for each sustainable robe it sells.

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El Patito Couple Robe Set

El Patito Couple Robe Set
Photo Credit: El Patito

For: Men and women
Materials: 100% organic cotton

El Patito started as a passion between two Turkish women looking to add a contemporary feel to their grandmothers’ Turkish towels. Globally, people know these Turkish towels for their cozy texture and high-quality nature. 

Since 2017, the brand has been growing and has stayed dedicated to only producing its products using the finest materials. El Patito uses organic cotton to create its variants of sustainable cotton robes and towels. Within the factory in Turkey, the artisans use manually-operated looms to create the brand’s products. 

Looking for an organic robe set you and your partner can enjoy? This set for couples from El Patito is just right. Apart from falling under the sustainable fashion category, you also have various colors to pick from. El Patito sets itself apart by offering a unique twist to bathrobe designs. Unlike regular solid-colored robes, you get designs and patterns. If you love the fusion of contemporary and bohemian styles, you’ll appreciate these organic bathrobes. 

This El Patito robe set performs its functional task of absorbing water fast. The eco-friendly fabric also keeps you warm. As a plus, you get a stylish bathrobe that features traditional-looking patterns. You can also use the robes for multiple functions outside of the bathroom. You can choose from sizes small to extra large (s - xl), but the brand recommends sizing up for a cozier feel. As part of its low-impact culture, El Patito uses recycled materials for packaging its products. 

Why El Patito Bathrobes Made the List

You don’t often see bathrobes that defy the regular plush and solid-colored look. The robes from this brand not only give you function but also style through their unique traditional designs. 

Unlike many robe options in the market, this option is easy to carry around as it occupies less space. The brand also has a unique history of getting inspiration from the founders’ hometown and Vienna. This creates a personal touch to their designs while paying attention to organic materials for less environmental impact. 

Furthermore, the artisans the brand works with use a hand-looming style and hand-finishing technique. Although tagged as a couples’ set, you can gift this to a friend or family member. You also get to pick from various items for the whole family. 

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Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe
Photo Credit: Coyuchi

For: Men and women
Materials: GOTS Certified organic cotton

Coyuchi is offering a spin on the regular spa robe. Crafted using long-staple organic cotton, this robe is the definition of natural luxury. Coyuchi’s robes are not only sustainably-made but also ethically made. The brand sources and weaves these products in Turkey. 

Rather than going for the regular spa robe design, the brand uses a waffle weave to set its products apart. Instead of limiting you to one or two colors, the brand offers five different colors.  This ranges from Alphaite White to Coyuchi Cotton (a brownish hue). 

This organic waffle robe features a streamlined fit for a simple yet luxurious look. It has a shawl collar, waist belt, and two patch pockets for a complete unisex fit. 

One of the unique and transparent features the brand offers on its website is showing the impact of each product. So, you’ll be able to see how much water and emissions a single product saves in the grand scheme. Coyuchi crafts its robes using chemical-free and toxin-free materials and methods. As a result, the company can minimize its impact on the environment, animals, and humans. 

To ensure the robe feels super soft from the onset, each product is pre-tumbled. With every wash, you get a softer version of the piece while maintaining its quality. This organic cotton robe is great for enjoying a cozy day in. You can wear it over your pajamas for a relaxed look. Also, the fast-drying nature makes it ideal for wrapping yourself in fresh out of the shower or bath. 

Coyuchi offers sizes from extra small to extra large. When exploring the brand’s offerings, you’ll find a range of Fair Trade-certified products, from towels and bedding to non-toxic rugs. This means that Coyuchi prioritizes maintaining ethical practices throughout its supply chain. 

Spa Robe with a Twist

Coyuchi is one of the sustainable brands that provide you with helpful information regarding its designs and impact. The brand offers a range of Fair Trade Certified products for your bed and bath needs. There’s no doubt that the brand is committed to fostering change. 

With its popular line, the organic waffle robe, you get an eco-friendly piece that’ll last you a long time. The Coyuchi brand offers a unique spin with its waffle design while giving you classic colors to explore. 

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Manufacture De Lin DANDELION Men’s Linen Robe

Manufacture De Lin DANDELION Men’s Linen Robe
Photo Credit: Manufacture De Lin

For: Men
Materials: OEKO-TEX Certified linen

This linen clothing offers a light and airy texture that feels friendly on the skin. Manufacture De Lin consists of a small team that handmakes each clothing item to order. As a result, this small business can curb over-production and waste. 

This linen clothing piece serves as a wardrobe essential. It's light and airy and adds the needed extra layer to your clothing. Since it’s not a towel fabric, you can easily carry it with you everywhere without worrying about space. Whether you’re enjoying a sip by the pool or running to the store, you can throw it on.

Manufacture De Lin prioritizes crafting practical, non-trendy, simple, and conscious pieces. All of these speak true to the DANDELION robe. The full-length piece features a sleek shawl collar and tie belt for extra fit. Since the piece is OEKO-TEX certified, you’re rest assured that it’s free from toxic chemicals. 

As part of Manufacture De Lin’s culture, the brand pays attention to establishing a conscious supply chain. The 100% European flax linen also meets both US and European standards. 

If you’re looking for more size-inclusive brands, this brand checks the box. Manufacture De Lin offers a range of sizes from small to 3 extra-large (s - 3xl) for the DANDELION robe. Furthermore, you can purchase this eco-friendly piece in a variety of colors. The brand offers a vast color palette ranging from basic colors to those that stand out. 

Best for Light and Airy Long-Lasting Linen Robes

As part of Manufacture De Lin’s attention to detail, the brand uses French seams to tidy the threads. The brand believes in the difference small details make and therefore stays committed to this value. Unlike the standard interlocking sewing method, sewing French seams is a meticulous technique. However, the results are stronger and long-lasting seams and clothing items.

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Bagno Milano Women’s Turkish Cotton Robe

Bagno Milano Women’s Turkish Cotton Robe
Photo Credit: Bagno Milano

For: Women
Materials: GOTS Certified organic Turkish cotton

Bagno Milano offers a fashionable yet practical, kimono-style robe. This item is perfect for activities from lounging around to throwing on after a swim. The brand’s use of Turkish cotton speaks to its attention to detail regarding product durability. This certified organic cotton from Turkey offers premium quality. It’s also strong and highly absorbent, thereby making it ideal for wearing after a shower or bath. The artisans weave each product in loops to aid water absorption while reducing bulkiness. 

Worried about your sensitive skin? Bagno Milano addresses this by omitting the use of toxic dyes in its manufacturing process. This helps to produce premium pieces that are gentle and non-irritating on the skin. Each kimono-style robe comes in a classic design that features a belt and two front pockets. Bagno Milano offers sizes small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra large. Also, the robes come in various colors, such as white, navy blue, grey, pink, and cream. 

Why This Organic Cotton Robe Made the List

Bagno Milano uses certified organic cotton to serve its customers with premium quality. However, this is not just any cotton. The brand uses Turkish cotton. This brand of cotton offers many benefits over regular cotton. Its fibers are strong, have stronger water-absorbent qualities, and are soft to the touch. 

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Sustainable clothing brands make eco-friendly, sustainable robes using various means. You’ll find robes made from organic fabrics like organic cotton and linen. However, many brands also use recycled materials like recycled polyester. You’ll discover robe options to add to your wardrobe from this list. Whether you need something to lounge in or a new piece for spa dates, there’s something for you. 

Apart from paying attention to the environment, many of these companies also put fair trade practices in place. This often involves partnering with Fair Trade Certified factories to ensure that workers are adequately paid. 

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