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11 Best Hemp Blankets and Throws for Sustainable Warmth

On days when you just want to get cozy and comfortable, reaching for a throw or blanket provides sweet and snuggly warmth. Even better when they add some style to your home decor, but as someone who cares about the environment and understands their role in helping achieve sustainability, you'll want eco-friendly bedding. A hemp blanket or throw is one of the most eco-friendly options available to you.

Below, we briefly look at what makes hemp such a great material and offer recommendations on some top-quality hemp throws and blankets.

Why you’ll love hemp throws and blankets

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Hemp fiber comes from the industrial hemp plant. The plant grows rapidly and does not require fertilizer, herbicides, or insecticides. It isn't a water-intensive crop and doesn't cause extensive soil damage. Hemp fabric is sustainable, more so than cotton or synthetics.

Hemp fabric also has hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti-odor qualities while remaining durable for a long time. Even better, hemp clothing, hemp socks, blankets, and throws are breathable and great for people with sensitive skin. 

11 hemp blankets and throws

Below are the brands with some of the best hemp blankets and throws we found.

1. Nikki Designs hemp throws

Nikki Designs hemp throws
Photo Credit: Nikki Designs

In luxurious cream or wheat colors and a naturally soft texture, Nikki Designs’ hemp throws are highly decorative in an understated way. They are not very thick and will add an extra layer of warmth or protect your skin from insect bites on a summer evening. It is a few inches larger than a standard throw at 54 x 69 inches. And that is its true size as they have pre-washed and pre-shrunk it. We love that they manufacture this product locally and use recycled packaging.

Nikki Designs hemp throws

2. Hemp Made in UA blanket

Hemp Made in UA blanket
Photo Credit: Hemp Made in UA

This hemp-filled blanket is very thick and comes in an attractive rich green color. It is an excellent choice if you want a lot of warmth and a bold splash of color in your bedroom or for outdoor snuggling under the stars. There are stitches running across the length and breadth of the blanket to help the warm and antibacterial hemp filler stay in place and add a quilt-like design to the blanket.

Shop Hemp Made in UA blanket on Etsy

3. Hemp Organic Life throw blanket

Hemp Organic Life throw blanket
Photo Credit: Hemp Organic Life

One side of this throw/blanket is made of soft wool fabric, and the other is made of hemp. They source both fibers sustainably from Ukraine, sewing the fabrics together by hand, that much is obvious, but the finishing is nicely done. They do not dye the fabrics, so they come in a wheaty grey color.

The blanket/throw is quite warm. Over time, it will get softer. The double side allows you to switch to whatever fabric surface feels comfortable. This throw blanket comes in three sizes, and you can get it in a proper throw size, a nice blanket size, or something in the middle. The brand also offers custom sizing.

Hemp Organic Life throw blanket on Etsy

4. Lineage Botanica hemp throw

Lineage Botanica hemp throw
Photo Credit: Lineage Botanica

This brand offers an organic hemp throw that is hand woven and dyed. The throw has hemp fabric on the front and eco-friendly cotton on the back layer. It is moderately thick and perfect for a slightly chilly afternoon. It is approximately 115 cm wide and 180 cm long and has decorative tassels on each corner.

Lineage Botanica’s hemp throws come from repurposed antique Hungarian textiles. So the product sometimes comes with signs of joining or patching, but these only give the throws a more rustic appearance. And you don't have to worry about shoddy workmanship, and the stitches are expertly done. It is nice that each purchase comes with a repair kit and plants a tree.

Lineage Botanica organic hemp throw

5. The Wolland hemp blanket

The Wolland hemp blanket
Photo Credit: The Woolland

An exquisite, lightweight blanket with a quilted design, this hemp blanket is perfect for mildly chilly nights in summer. The blanket is multilayered, with organic cotton satin on the top, followed by a layer of merino wool and hemp. 

Reviews of this product on Etsy say the quality and durability are impressive. We suggest this blanket if you want an organic blanket that doesn't shirk on elegance. The Wolland includes a free cotton/wool pillow with each purchase in a time-limited promotion offer.

Shop the Wolland hemp blanket on Etsy

6. Fond Industries vintage hemp throws

Fond Industries vintage hemp throws
Photo Credit: Fond Industries

If originality appeals to you greatly, you'll be pleased with these vintage hemp throws. They do the whole process, from growing the raw materials to weaving and dyeing by hand. The results are chemical-free, simple rustic throws with no two being identical. The throws come in 8 colors and are approximately 120 x 220 cm. It is small enough to be worn as a shawl and large enough to provide adequate leg coverage.

Fond Industries vintage hemp throws

7. Raw Home hemp throw

Raw Home hemp throw
Photo Credit: Raw Home

This 100% hemp throw is ultra-soft and light. It is mildly insulating and works great as a throw or shawl in summer. Its distinct texture, rich olive-grey color, and natural tasseled edge make it a nice decorative piece too. 

The throw measures 130 cm x 130 cm, which isn't very large and squared. It is different from most throws, which are rectangular. Raw Home limits its shipping to Australia. 

Raw Home hemp throw

8. Surya hemp throws

Surya hemp throws
Photo Credit: Surya

Surya has the ultimate summer throws. These hemp and cotton blend throws can serve as beach towels, shawls, scarves, and sarongs. They measure 180 cm x 70cm approximately. 

The throws are handwoven by women artisans in a small village in Nepal, like most of our hemp backpacks. The women blend about 80% organic hemp with 20% cotton. To dye the throws, they use turmeric with the ‘shibori' hand-dyeing technique to dye the throws. Your throw won't fade after a few rounds of washing; the technique has been perfected over generations. 

Surya hemp throws

9. Rawganique's Provence hemp blanket

Rawganique's Provence hemp blanket
Photo Credit: Rawganique

Rawganigue makes the Provence blanket from organic hemp blended with linen. It comes in ivory, indigo, and natural tones. The natural tones are dye-free and unbleached, while they create ivory and indigo hues with low-impact, biodegradable dyes. The blanket isn't very thick, so it will keep you cozy on warmer nights without making you sweat. We love the blanket's sweater knit texture and the simple look. 

We also featured Rawganique in our rundown of some of the best eco-friendly slippers

Rawganique's Provence hemp blanket

10. Calvi.Co hemp blanket

Calvi.Co hemp blanket
Photo Credit: Calvi.Co

They produce this quilted blanket entirely from organic hemp. It has a simple but plushy appearance and comes in 3 colors. This blanket is bleached and dyed but has an Oeko-tex standard 100 certification, so we assume it's free from toxic chemicals.

Although the brand is based in Melbourne, its production takes place in China. You should consider how that might contribute to your carbon footprint, although the brand transports its products by sea to cut carbon costs.

Calvi.Co hemp blanket

11. Rokka hemp baby blanket

Rokka hemp baby blanket
Photo Credit Rokka

Rokka’s hemp blanket for babies is soft, thick, and durable. They come in a cute u-shape with an embroidered bear, cat, or bunny. There is a wool pompom where the animal’s nose ought to be. This blanket just has a sense of playfulness and comfort about it. The designs and colors are gender-neutral.

They produce the blanket in Hungary with pure hemp fiber grown in Transylvania. The blanket has no dyes, and they don't treat it with toxic chemicals. The blanket is double-layered, yet it is breathable. It measures 115 cm x 70 cm, and your baby will use it for years.

Rokka hemp baby blanket

Elsewhere for the little ones, you might also like our recommendations for sustainable bamboo baby clothes! And our options for organic baby blankets

What is the difference between a throw and a blanket?

People often interchange the terms throw and blanket, but they don't mean exactly the same thing. Note that brands often label them one or the other, yet their actual use is versatile, hence the interchangeability of terms.


A blanket is meant for use in bed and lay it on other bedding layers like duvets and bedspreads. It is large enough to cover the whole bed; twin, king, or queen beds. 

A blanket is not as easy to carry around as a throw as it is thicker and sometimes has fillings. On warmer nights, just a blanket is enough to provide warmth. 


A throw is much smaller than a regular blanket and is more decorative, typically designed for use away from the bed, like when lounging on the couch or the recliner on a cool afternoon. The standard throw size is just long enough to cover your legs. People drape throws on the end of the bed or over the back of a sofa as a decorative element.


In many countries, the cultivation of hemp plants, even industrial hemp, is banned or heavily regulated. So you'll find that hemp fabrics are not so common. However, we have curated a list of good quality and earth-friendly hemp blankets and throws to save you some time. 

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