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Hemp Clothing - Benefits and 11 Brands to Check Out

As more people become aware of the need for environmental sustainability and our roles in it, we’re learning that fashion costs much more than money. And more people understand the need to reduce this cost drastically. The hemp plant is one of the viable solutions to cut the environmental cost of fast fashion. It produces fibers useful for making fabrics of varying texture and use. Interested in hemp clothing? Read on, and we’ll share some of the benefits and give you a list of brands that make stylish hemp clothing.

The fashion industry can make all kinds of clothing from hemp; jeans, shirts, shorts, underwear, dresses, and more.

Fashion Industry Challenges

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Waste, air, and water pollution are some challenges the fashion industry struggles with even when using natural fibers. Hemp has many properties that make it a precious textile resource. Compared to cotton, clothing made from hemp has less impact on the planet1. Hemp uses less land, less water and requires less fertilizer to produce the fibers we need to make clothing.

The fashion industry is moving toward sustainability. Fashion is becoming less about having a lot of clothes and more about social and environmental responsibility. We need to conserve our natural resources and encourage eco-friendly industrial processes across the industry.

If you want to practice eco-friendly fashion, hemp clothing should be right up there on your list. Buying hemp clothes is an excellent choice if you want quality clothing that will give you maximum value for your money. And also, clothing made from a more sustainable source for eco-friendly wear.

Why Should You Choose Clothing Made from Hemp?

Durability that Lasts

In terms of performance, clothing made from hemp fiber trumps cotton apparel. Hemp fibers have tensile strength and last twice as long as cotton and linen. Further, you’ll find hemp clothing easy to maintain. It also does not rot easily and is resistant to mildew and mold. Further, hemp fabric is resistant to ultraviolet light, so its colors will not fade, and the material will not tear because of sunlight exposure. Hemp clothing does not stretch; it will hold its shape longer than pretty much any other natural fiber clothing. For example, hemp fibers’ durable nature makes it the perfect fabric for durable and eco-friendly hemp backpacks.

A Sustainable and Ethical Choice

Hemp is a fast-growing plant, and it grows in various soil types and climate conditions. Hemp grows faster than cotton, and we can harvest it more times in a year than wool. The sheer biomass and fast growth of hemp make it a highly efficient textile crop. When hemp clothing comes to the end of their useful life, they easily biodegrade into soil nutrients.

Eco Friendly

Unlike cotton, the hemp plant has a high resistance to pests and diseases. Cotton cultivation requires the heavy use of pesticides and herbicides. The chemicals in these products pollute air and water in the environment. Whereas hemp cultivation needs no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, all of which draw on other manufacturing resources. Therefore, there is little chance of pollution during cultivation. Also, as hemp grows, it stifles the surrounding weeds, naturally eliminating its competition for soil nutrients and unwanted plants.

Hemp needs only moderate amounts of animal manure to produce a high yield. Also, do check take the time to have a browse of your favorite online thrift store, for the best choice for the environment will always be avoiding buying new in the first place.

Anyone, anytime

One great thing about hemp is that everyone can wear hemp clothing. It is hypoallergenic, and hemp fabric does not irritate the skin, so it is suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. You can wear hemp clothing at any time of the year. Its fibrous makeup has an insulating effect during the colder periods of the year. In the summer seasons, its breathability makes it a cool choice.


Fabric makers often mix hemp fibers with organic cotton, linen, and polyester.

As a result, fabrics made from hemp blends are more durable and sustainable than their unblended counterparts. Therefore you’ll find hemp fiber used to create anything from soft underwear to structured blazers, shoes, or socks. Hemp clothing brands are taking advantage of hemp’s versatility to create clothing that cut across different styles.

Great Clothes, No High

Many people have reservations about the recreational (and general) use of cannabis. And feel that hemp may cause more harm than good. However, when shopping for hemp clothing, you need not worry because hemp is a species of cannabis with less THC content, meaning that it doesn’t possess the “high” some might be looking for. Whereas hemp and marijuana may look the same, they are different. The main distinction between marijuana and hemp is that marijuana has a higher THC content.

11 Hemp Clothing Brands to Look Out For

Here are 12 hemp clothing brands we recommend. We make these recommendations after a thorough consideration of the brand’s environmental impact. Below, you will find information on their sourcing, production, and distribution methods.

1. Aurelian Hemp

Barn Owl Hemp Trucker Hat
Pictured: Barn Owl Hemp Trucker Hat. Photo Credit: Aurelian Hemp

Established in Vermont, US, the brand is invested in several sectors of the hemp industry. Two friends founded the brand to inspire others to see hemp in a positive light. They believe that hemp can clothe, heal, build, and feed the world sustainably. Aurelian Hemp sees hemp as a valuable natural resource, producing clothing, backpacks, key chains, and skincare products from natural and organic hemp. For all-natural appeal, they make each item using hemp and cotton blends.

We guarantee you will fall in love with the variety of items made by Aurelian Hemp at first click. Their Barn Owl Hemp Trucker Hat may well become your favorite clothing accessory item real quickly. They also stock plain and graphic hemp t-shirts in white, black, and blue colors that pair perfectly with jeans.

Shop Aurelien Hemp on Etsy

2. AsatreCo | Eco-Friendly Hemp Products

Asatre Womens Hemp Sweatshirt
Pictured: Women's Hemp Sweatshirt. Photo Credit: AsatreCo

AsatreCo began operation in 2018 in Oakland, Canada. The company later moved to California, US, when the two friends who founded it moved to the US. The brand produces hemp-based health care goods, clothing, and backpacks. AsatreCo also makes a snappy line in eco-friendly dog leashes and harnesses. They make their clothing from hemp and organic cotton blends. Their goal is to save the planet one [hemp] leaf at a time.

Why choose Asatre’s Range of Hemp?

You will find a large variety of goods on AsatreCo for both people and your favorite pet. They have hoodies, t-shirts, caps, pants, bike shorts, boxer shorts, and socks, all stocking their virtual shelves.

You can also find colorful belts, wallets, and dog collars in their shop. If you have a cat, you might find their hemp rope and cork ball cat toy to be good for your cat and the environment.

Shop Asatre on Etsy

3. HerbanDevi Artisan Crafted Organic Apparel

HerbanDevi "Stained Glass" Hemp Hoodie
Pictured: Hemp Hoodie with Stained Glass Motif. Picture Credit: HerbanDevi

Founded by Jennifer LaPeire, this brand operates out of her home in the US’s San Francisco bay area. LaPeire creates her outfits by hand. She does the cutting, sewing, screen printing, and every other thing involved all by herself. Her outfits are made only with sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo. Herban Devi offers clothing that is sexy and comfortable at the same time.

With an offering of items for women only, Herban Devi designs sustainable hooded dresses, yoga pants, skirts, tops, and leggings. Her designs are all-embracing; they appeal to women of all ages all over the world. Herban Devi also offers sizing and color customization on every outfit. So you can customize any of their hemp clothing outfits to suit your tastes.

Shop Herban Devi on Etsy

4. WAMA | Hemp Underwear Naturally Protecting your Privates

Wama Underwear
Photo Credit: Wama Underwear

WAMA is pioneering in the hemp clothing industry with its premium hemp underwear for all genders. They create comfortable underwear that takes advantage of the natural anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties of hemp fabric. They make their hemp fabric from scratch with a blend of organic cotton and spandex. WAMA sees its products as a way to create more awareness about hemp as a valid and eco-friendly textile option. Especially in the intimate garments sector. To ensure that anyone trying out hemp underwear has a pleasant experience for the first time, WAMA gives utmost attention to color, stitches, pattern, and other details.

Sustainable Hemp Underwear

The brand claims to use a more sustainable production method. According to them, a single WAMA racerback bralette saves the earth about 121 days of drinking water and 127 hours of LED bulb energy. Thanks to hemp fibers’ strength, WAMA’s underwears are durable and get softer with every wash.

Shop WAMA Underwear

5. Patagonia Hemp Clothing Collection

Patagonia Hemp Collection
Photo Credit: Patagonia

Patagonia is in the business of saving the planet, one sustainable clothing item at a time. A multi-armed business, Patagonia also supports social justice causes. 1% of their earnings goes towards supporting environmental nonprofit organizations.

Patagonia’s hemp clothing collection features Tencel Lyocell, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp blends. Their workwear line, Iron Forge Hemp, is made with a canvas that is 25% more abrasion resistant than cotton duck canvas. They make this canvas from 55% industrial hemp, 27% recycled polyester, and 18% organic cotton.

Why Buy Patagonia Hemp?

Patagonia’s hemp collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys a casual style. The all-wear hemp shorts are a favorite because of their catchy color and versatility.  You can find beach pants, cargo shirts, step shorts, ranch jackets, sweatshirts, vests, and so much more.

Shop Patagonia Hemp on Amazon

6. Sweet Skins | Classic Hemp Lines

Sweetskins Tea Dress
Pictured: Tea Dress Long Sleeve Hemp Knit. Photo Credit: Sweet Skins

Sweet Skins is a 100% organic womenswear fashion brand that creates apparel from hemp, lycra, and cotton blends. Founded by Mira Fanin, Sweet Skins designs almost every kind of clothing a woman needs. From comfy underwear to stylish dresses and t-shirts and trendy mini skirts. Occasionally, you can find a nice men’s hemp shirt and some wooden jewelry on the sweet skins website.

Why Sweet Skins Hemp Natural Clothing?

Sweet Skins make clothing mostly for women. Therefore, they create each piece of clothing with a woman's form in mind. Their styles are perfect for a casual or semi-casual look. If you are looking for everyday hemp clothing that is feminine, you should check out Sweet Skins with a click below.

Shop Sweet Skins on Etsy

7. Dash Hemp Santa Cruz | Designing Hemp Classics Since 1997

Dash Hemp Sashmill Hemp Long Sleeve
Pictured: Dash Hemp Sashmill 100% Hemp Long-Sleeve. Picture Credit: Dash Hemp

The company has been in the business of making hemp clothing since 1997. Richard Dash, the company’s founder, got the idea to work with hemp after attending a festival in Oregon. He convinced himself that hemp was the fiber of the future and could revolutionize the US’s apparel industry. Dash Hemp now sells sustainable face masks to keep up with the changing times and promote public health.

Why Dash Hemp?

You can wear Dash Hemp’s long sleeve 100% hemp shirt at home, at work, or at a party. They also have summer camp shirts, t-shirts, and jackets in neutral and earth tones with unique details. Their outfits are made entirely from hemp and occasionally blended with Tencel.

Shop Dash Hemp on Etsy

8. Tentree | Buy Hemp Apparel and Help to Plant a Billion Trees

Ten Tree Hem T Shirt
Pictured: Hemp Step Hem T-shirt Photo Credit: Tentree

Tentree is an eco-fashion brand that encourages reforestation. They have helped in planting over 30 million trees in over eight countries. Tentree has the vision to get this number up to a billion by 2030.

Tentree motivates and encourages environmental stewardship by directing their efforts towards restoring lands and reducing climate change. They use hemp, recycled polyester, and organic cotton blends to make their outfits.

Why Tentree for Hemp Clothing?

Tentree produces outdoor apparel with hemp fabrics for adults and children. For every Tentree product you order, Tentree will plant ten trees. You will find trendy women’s shorts, thicket hats, face masks, and even wallets in the Tentree shop.

Shop Tentree

9. Wild Harvest Studio | Organic Hemp, Cotton, and Plant-Based Dyes

Wild Harvest Studio
Photo Credit: Wild Harvest Studio

Created for women who love nature, every piece of clothing from this brand is handsewn and dyed with plant dyes. You can find hand-dyed underwear, tank tops, dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits. They make their clothes from small batches of hemp and organic cotton blend fabrics. They dye most of their pieces indigo and create motifs from the moon, flowers, and animals on them.

Small Batches of Hand Crafted Hemp Clothing

Wild Harvest Studio makes their clothes from small batches of hemp and organic cotton blend fabrics. This way, they avoid wastage. They dye most of their designs indigo and create motifs from the moon, flowers, and animals on them. Wearing their outfits can make you feel close to nature.

Shop Wild Harvest Studio on Etsy

10. Tact & Stone | Sustainable and Ethical Hemp Essentials

Tact & Stone Hemp T
Photo Credit: Tact & Stone

Tact & Stone promises comfortable and stylish clothes for men that have zero adverse effects on the planet. They use natural and recycled materials for all their products, including, of course, hemp fiber. The company operates on a circular fashion system that allows customers to return worn-out clothes and get a discount on their next purchase. Tact & Stone aims to change more than just your wardrobe; they want to change the fashion industry’s waste culture.

Why Tact & Stone?

Tact & Stone design clothing for men. They make the classy casual Ize Hemp Tee from 70% organic cotton and 30% hemp. One Ize shirt saves the earth 84 gallons of water. They also provide you a discount on your next purchase if you return worn-out tact & stone products for recycling. This way, you get value for your money and a reward for recycling.

Shop Tact & Stone

11. Primitive Tribal Craft | Supporting Ecological, Social and Tribal Projects

Primitive Tribal Craft
Photo Credit: Primitive Tribal Craft

Primitive Tribal Craft describes themselves as more of a movement of consciousness than a shop that sells clothing. The company supports tribal, social, and ecological projects around the world. The Primitive Tribal Craft operates out of Israel and champion preserving and honoring old traditional crafts and skills. The shop started when its founders were traveling the world; they decided to share the experience from each place they visited with the world.

Why check our Primitive Tribal Craft?

They offer a variety of clothing for adults and children. Their unisex harem pants, a best seller, is made from a blend of hemp and cotton. Primitive Tribal Craft creates designs that give you a strong nostalgia feeling; it is almost like going back in time.

Shop Primitive Tribal Craft on Etsy

Wrapping up our Selection of Hemp Clothing

When you stop to consider the costs to the environment, the fashion industry has done more harm than good for our planet. However, we don't have to give up the satisfaction of wearing nice outfits to salvage the situation. Hemp is a viable alternative to many of the fabric options on the mass market today.

One of hemp’s best qualities is its breathability, which makes it wearable all year long. With hemp, we can stay fashionable without hurting the earth. There are dozens of hemp clothing brands out there and ready to meet your fashion needs. Hemp clothing may cost a little more than other natural fiber clothing, but for the value it gives, it is worth its price. So go ahead and order some hemp clothing today. You will be improving more than just your wardrobe.

1Advances in the Performance and Application of Hemp Fiber. Zang H et al. DOI 10.5013/IJSSST.a.17.09.18
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