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11 Best Sustainable Organic Cotton Socks for Eco-Friendly Walks and Chilling

A good pair of socks is a wardrobe essential. Whether you’re going to the gym, hiking, or making a statement with patterns and bright colors, socks are fashionable and keep your feet warm and happy. 

Below we’ve featured some of the best brands making socks from organic cotton. They are great to wear, absorbent, soft, and, best of all, sustainable. You will not only be playing your part to save the environment, but you will be choosing a comfortable, breathable, and chemical-free pair of socks for your feet. 

Read on to see our list of some of the best sustainable options you can shop for. 

11 Brands With Great Lines in Sustainable Organic Cotton Socks 

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These sustainable clothing brands make their socks from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. They also employ sustainable methods of production and fair wages. 

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1. Pact - “Earth’s Favourite Clothing”

Pact organic cotton socks 3 pack
Photo Credit: Pact

For: Men, Women, and Kids
Materials: Organic cotton
Best for: Casual wear
Location: Colorado, USA (ships internationally) 

Pact is a sustainable clothing brand committed to making the “Earth's favorite clothing.” With these folks, you can shop various sustainable sock options for the entire family, from knee-high to ankle, and crew socks options for men and women. You can also find breathable organic socks made from cotton for your little ones.  

Pact uses only GOTS-certified organic cotton. They also employ sustainable methods during production to conserve energy and other natural resources. Pact is fair trade certified, with most of its cotton coming from factories certified by Fair Trade USA. They make a wide range of organic clothing, including sustainable socks, bedding, and underwear. 

Why we love Pact’s sustainable organic cotton socks

Pact is a brand committed to sustainability and giving back to society. They match their words with action through their “Give Back Wear Forward” program. Through this program, people can return used clothing, which they then donate to non-profit organizations. You can also return your shipping boxes. 

Shop Pact Women's Socks or Men's

2. Organic Basics

Organic Basics Socks
Photo Credit: Organic Basics

For: Women and Men
Materials: GOTS-certified organic cotton
Best for: Sports, everyday wear
Location: Denmark (ships worldwide)

Organic Basics is a clothing brand that makes a wide range of clothing, including activewear, sleepwear, and, of course, socks for both men and women. Their eco-friendly socks include ankle socks, no-show socks, crew socks, and active socks. They are durable and retain their shape after multiple wears. 

Organic Basics make these socks from GOTS-certified organic cotton and other recycled materials like wool. They make each of their products using sustainable fabrics under ethical working conditions while keeping the environment in mind. Furthermore, they also offer free carbon-neutral global shipping. 

Best for sustainable and ethical basics 

Organic Basics produces its socks under fair working conditions and maintains transparency with all factories they work with. They also show their commitment to the environment by providing grants that go towards funding environmental organizations. 

Shop Organic Basics Women's or Men's

3. Only Footprints

Only Footprints Sewing Machine Socks
Photo Credit: Only Footprints

For: Men and Women
Materials: Certified Organic Cotton
Best for: Casual wear
Location: United States of America (ships internationally)

Only Footprints is a local socks business with a passion for reducing its impact on the environment. Made with 100% raw organic cotton, Only Footprints simply makes organic cotton socks.

Only Footprints' cotton grows in Texas, is spun in North Carolina, and is sewn right from the home of its manufacturer. It is also free of bleach, pesticides, and fertilizers. Only Footprints offers various sizes for both men and women. It also allows returns and ships its products internationally to selected countries. 

Best for handmade and 100% natural organic cotton socks

Only Footprints keeps it 100% organic, right from sourcing to delivery. They ship each pair of socks using 100% recycled cardboard mailers. Their customers boast of comfy high-quality socks and quick delivery. 

Shop Only Footprints on Etsy

4. People Tree

People Tree Ribbed Crew Sock
Photo Credit: People Tree

For: Women
Materials: GOTS-certified organic cotton, elastane (for elasticity)
Best for: Gifts, Everyday wear
Location: UK (ships internationally) 

People Tree is a sustainable fashion brand that started back in 1991. They were one of the first brands to receive certification from the World Fair Trade Organization. They make a wide range of eco-friendly pairs of socks made with organic cotton. These socks are soft, breathable, and comfy. They also come in various sizes and fun prints. 

People Tree also makes other clothing like dresses, t-shirts, hats, and yoga clothes. 

They source natural materials and use sustainable production methods like closed-loop manufacturing and low-impact dyes to make their products. People Tree employs the skills of traditional weavers, knitters, and embroiderers, creating employment in countries like Nepal. 

Fairtrade & pioneering sustainable fashion

Apart from making sustainable organic socks, People Tree also has a foundation that helps to create a decent livelihood for poor communities. They also offer a program that allows people to return used clothing and shipping boxes for charity. 

Shop People Tree Socks

5. Conscious Step

Conscious Step Socks
Photo Credit: Conscious Step

For: Men and Women
Materials: Organic certified cotton
Best for: Everyday wear
Location: USA (ships internationally to some countries)

Conscious Step is a brand committed to consciously protecting the environment, ensuring fair pay, and safe working conditions for its workers. They make a wide range of comfy socks, including ankle socks and crew socks. Conscious Step makes most of their pairs of socks with 75% organic cotton, 23% polyamide, and 2% spandex - the last for a bit of stretch.

They offer free shipping within the US for orders above $50. They also ship internationally to selected countries. 

Socks “consciously created for a better world”

As its name suggests, this brand takes conscious steps toward supporting and donating to social and environmental causes. They are also a member of 1% for the planet. 

Shop on Amazon Men & Women

6. Thought

Thought Organic Cotton Socks
Photo Credit: Thought

For: Women and Men
Materials: Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool, recycled polyester, elastane
Best for: Gifts and outings
Location: UK (ships internationally) 

Made with certified organic cotton, polyester, and elastane, Thought has got you covered with socks styled with beautiful, fun prints and patterns. They are breathable and soft, keeping your feet and toes cozy. They also have antibacterial properties. 

Thought uses plastic-free, recyclable packaging, vegan glue, and biodegradable bags reducing materials that end up in landfills. They also offer international shipping and are 100% sea freight. 

Great for fun colors and prints - all in sustainable organic cotton

Thought has an environmental and animal welfare policy that ensures that they minimize their impact on their local environment. About 95% of their collection is PETA- approved. Additionally, Thought donates its extra stock to non-profit organizations in the USA. 

Shop Thought for Women or Men

7. i Love Bad Organics

i Love Bad Organics Organic Cotton Socks
Photo Credit: i Love Bad Organics

For: Men and Women
Materials: Certified organic cotton, low-impact dye
Best for: Casual Wear
Location: United States of America (ships internationally) 

i Love Bad Organics is a sustainable brand that boasts of cozy, high-quality, sustainably made socks. Their socks are 98% made from GOTS-certified organic cotton grown by Fair Trade farmers and 2% Lycra. They also do a line of hemp socks if you fancy a variety of sustainable choices.

If you want a pair of durable socks for comfortable casual wear, then you can’t really go wrong with these socks. They are versatile, durable, and can retain their shape even after multiple wears. Their socks come in shoe sizes for both men and women. They also accept returns and ship worldwide. 

Why we rate i Love Bad Organics 

This brand demonstrates its passion for society through donations to different charities. They donate 10% of their profits to orphanages, special needs organizations, and animal welfare organizations. 

Shop iLoveBadOrganics on Etsy

8. Harvest and Mill

Harvest and Mill
Photo Credit: Harvest and Mill

For: Men and Women
Materials: USA-grown organic cotton, undyed or naturally dyed
Best for: Individuals with sensitive skin
Location: USA (ships internationally)

Harvest and Mill is a US brand specializing in making sustainable clothing like socks, shirts, etc., from 100% organic cotton grown in the US. This cotton is independently spun in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley. Most of their garments, including their socks, are undyed and unbleached. Others are dyed using natural dyes. 

With this brand, you can be sure you are buying a cozy, non-toxic pair of socks that are kind to your feet and toes. Their products come packaged using compostable packaging. 

Organic socks complete with impact measures for each item

Their manufacturing process ensures they reduce their impact on the environment. They claim to use 53% less energy and 50% less water than other sustainable fashion brands, all of which contribute to protecting nature’s natural beauty. 

Shop on Harvest and Mill for Women & Men

9. Maggie’s Organics

Maggie's Organics
Photo Credit: Maggie's Organics

For: Men, Women, Kids, and Babies
Materials: Certified organic cotton, wool
Best for: Casual wear
Location: United States of America (ships internationally) 

Maggie’s Organics makes sustainable pairs of socks that come in various styles, colors, and thicknesses. Founded in 1992, Maggie’s Organics knits and dyes its socks using organic cotton and wool in the United States. They offer a versatile range of socks, from knee-high, athletics, crew socks, no-show socks, and so much more, for men and women. 

They also offer soft and durable socks made of organic cotton for your kids and little ones. With Maggie’s Organics, you can get sustainable socks for the entire family.       

Why we like Maggie’s Organics 

Maggie’s Organics maintains transparency with its supply chain and goes as far as publishing its organic certificates for each product. They also organize and fund charity programs to support local communities. 

Shop Maggie's Organics

10. Rawganique

Rawganique plain natural socks
Photo Credit: Rawganique

For: Men and Women
Materials: Organic cotton, spandex
Best for: Casual wear
Location: Canada (ships internationally)

Rawganique is a small-scale fashion company that makes its clothes and products using natural materials, including cotton, hemp, and linen, grown in the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Rawganique offers durable and cozy socks in various styles and sizes. It also offers a wide range of other products, including underwear, shoes, and accessories. It spins, knits, and weaves each product free of chemicals. It retains a small company ethos and maintains sustainable practices that protect the environment. 

Best for medium-weight easy to wear, and long-lasting socks

Rawganique manufactures products that are non-GMO, BPA-free, PVC-free, cruelty-free, and free of chemicals. They use strictly organic materials and practice homestead farming on Denman Island with the utmost respect for the land. They also ensure their team of artisans is well paid. 

Shop on Rawganique for Men & Women

11. Besocks

Besocks print
Photo Credit: Besocks

For: Men, Women, and Kids
Materials: Organic cotton, polyamide, elastane
Best for: Casual wear
Location: Spain (ships internationally)

Besocks makes a range of beautifully designed sustainable socks using GOTS-certified organic cotton and sustainable production methods. This cozy pair of socks from Besocks is chemical-free and cruelty-free. They are soft, breathable, and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. They come in recycled or FSC packaging and can be shipped internationally. 

Why we like Besocks 

Besocks comes with certifications like GOTS, and OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 that guarantee sustainable production. They ensure safe working conditions and make sure the right of their workers are protected. 

Shop on Besocks


With sustainable organic socks, you can keep your feet warm and cozy while protecting the environment. And what’s not to absolutely love about that? Our list of best sustainable socks highlights information that will help you pick the perfect socks just for you.  

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