5 Best Hemp Dog Collars for Sustainable Walkies
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
As a pet owner, getting the perfect dog collar for your pooch can sometimes be a real head-scratcher. You want to make sure you find dog collars that are comfortable to wear, safe, and equally fashionable for your pup. We’ve rounded up some of the best hemp dog collars that are eco-friendly and super comfortable for your pets. 
4 Hemp Tote Bags For Reusable Eco-Friendly Shops
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Tote bags are an excellent choice for carrying everyday essentials and replacing single-use plastic bags essential for grocery shops. If you’re looking for some of the best durable and eco-friendly totes, you should consider hemp tote bags. Apart from the multiple-use nature of totes, hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics. 
25 Hemp Quotes for Hemp-tastic Sustainable Living
Hemp, once banned from cultivation, is making a comeback. It grows fast and have a huge range of applications that often are more sustainable than the alternatives. Our hemp quotes point to why we should consider hemp a key organic resource as we seek to lower our impact on the planet.
Why is Hemp Clothing So Expensive?
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Hemp clothing is one of the most sustainable fashion and is fast rising in the textile and apparel industry. While hemp clothing is sustainable, it is also quite costly. The question is- why is hemp clothing so expensive?
Hemp Fabric & Sustainability
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
With the ever-growing interest in sustainable textiles within the fashion industry, many eco-friendly alternatives have sprung up. From organic cotton to bamboo and hemp fabric, designers are prioritizing eco-consciousness. Hemp fabric joins the club and is becoming more popular in apparel making. Looking to get an understanding of this versatile fiber that brands are turning to fabric? This article provides a holistic look at hemp textiles.
Hemp Clothing - Benefits and 11 Brands to Check Out
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
As more people become aware of the need for environmental sustainability and our roles in it, we’re learning that fashion costs much more than money. And more people understand the need to reduce this cost drastically. The hemp plant is one of the viable solutions to cut the environmental cost of fast fashion. It produces fibers useful for making fabrics of varying texture and use. Interested in hemp clothing? Read on, and we’ll share some of the benefits and give you a list of brands that make stylish hemp clothing.
All About Hemp - Definition, History & Uses
BY Jennifer Okafor ·
Over the centuries, people have cultivated hemp plants for their edible seeds and fiber. The hemp plant is high yield, versatile, and has a range of uses. We use it for textiles, medicine, food products, cosmetics, building, and so much more. Meanwhile, a quick browse for sustainable products and hemp is bound to crop up. So what is hemp, is it a sustainable material, and how is it used today?
Hemp Straws - 6 of the Best for Biodegradable Slurping
Intellectually, we all side with the environmentalists who want to end the multiple environmental hazards of plastic straws. Only, how are we supposed to drink our sodas, smoothies, and milkshakes? Paper straws simply will not suffice. The answer is really quite simple: we need to move away from PLA plastic straws, forget about paper straws, and start using hemp straws.
Hemp Socks - 13 Best for Eco-Friendly Feet Treats
For breathable, all-day comfort, whether on the commute to work or hiking in the outdoors, give a pair of hemp socks a try. Once you’ve tried a pair of hemp socks, there’s a decent chance you’ll end up replacing those cotton socks and synthetic fibers in your sock draw as they wear out with hemp becoming your preference.
Hemp Backpacks - Our Top 10 Choices
Now is the season when backpacks are on everyone’s mind. Of course, students are getting into back-to-school mode all the way from preschool through graduate school. More than that, as the world gradually reopens for business, more and more of us are carrying our work documents, laptops, and supplies in backpacks. A great many of us have focused in on pure hemp backpacks, and rightly so. In this article, we’re going to list 10 of the best hemp backpacks available. For good measure, we’re going to explain why hemp fabric and backpacks make such a great combination.
Hemp Plastic - Can Hemp Replace Oil-based Plastics?
We live in an age where we have made many technological advances. Yet we still get through huge amounts of polluting plastic material. Plastic made, mostly, from non-renewable sources. However, one of the many advances that now presents viable alternatives is bio-plastic. Or plastic made from organic matter rather and oil-based polymers. Of the suitable plants to produce bioplastic hemp is fast and efficiently grown. We do have options and the hemp alternative to plastic looks set to become a feasible option that could gain traction. 
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