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15 Best Sustainable and Fair Trade Blankets

Whether you’re in cold climates, getting into bed, hanging out on the couch, or spending time outside, chances are you might be reaching for a warm and cozy blanket. Thankfully, you can get organic fair trade blankets for warmth and comfort. Brands make these organic blankets from sustainably sourced materials and in fair trade conditions that keep the planet healthy and avoid unfair pay, child labor, and exploitation of workers. 

Read on to go through our list of the best sustainable and fair trade blankets you can shop from, whether you’re just cuddling in bed for the winter or sitting out in the cold with friends by a bonfire. 

Materials used to make fair trade blankets

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pile of blankets
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Fair trade brands use various sustainable and natural fabrics to make their blankets. Here are a few of those fabrics:

Organic Cotton 

Organic cotton is an accessible and popular option when it comes to sustainable fashion. This fabric is organically grown, meaning it doesn’t use genetically modified organisms, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, unlike conventional cotton. If you are looking out for cotton blankets, it’s best to go for organic cotton. 


Tencel lyocell comes from natural fibers made from pulp sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Its manufacturing process (called the closed-loop process) recycles water, conserving natural resources. It also recovers and reuses solvents. Many consider this natural fabric an eco-friendly option compared to other fabrics like viscose. 

Regenerative wool

There are many concerns when it comes to wool fabric. This is due to the inhumane practices associated with rearing animals. 

However, regenerative wool comes from climate-beneficial farms which practice good land management and animal welfare standards. These farms draw atmospheric carbon and improve soil health. 

Wool blankets are soft, warm, and comfortable on the skin. 


Organic linen is a sustainable fabric that is both breathable and lightweight. They also have unique eco-friendly properties. Flax, which is the plant used to produce linen, grows very quickly and can be grown with rainwater alone. They also require no irrigation and little to no pesticides. 

Organic linen blankets are eco-friendly, comfortable, soft, and easy to wash. 

What to look out for when shopping for fair trade blankets

blanket on bed
Photo by Jelena Mirkovic on Unsplash.

Here are a few factors to pay attention to while shopping for a comfortable, fair trade blanket:

Non-toxic products 

Blankets are one of those materials that stay close to our skin while we sleep. You want to make sure your blanket is healthy and safe for you. Look out for fair trade blankets with non-toxic manufacturing processes, free of chemicals and harmful dyes.

Check for labels and certifications like OEKO-TEX, GOTS, bluesign, etc. 

Eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing processes 

When shopping for blankets, you want to look out for fabrics that are both comfortable to use and equally eco-friendly. 

Fair trade blankets usually come in eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, organic linen, wool, bamboo, and Tencel. 

Farmers grow these fabrics organically using little or no chemicals, causing less harm to the environment. 

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Fair labor practices

When looking out for fair trade sustainable blankets, look out for brands that prioritize fair labor, fair pay, and transparency. 

Usually, these brands are open about where they source and manufacture their products. Most of these brands work with artisan partners and family-run businesses and prioritize the welfare of their partners and workers. You want to look out for certifications like Fairtrade. 

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15 best fair trade blankets for a cozy snuggle 

Best eco-friendly blankets and throws for sustainable snuggles 

1. Saltsetter

Saltsetter organic blanket
Photo Credit: Saltsetter.

Materials: 100% Organic cotton 
Ethics: Handmade throws, Fair Trade certified

Made from soft organic cotton, these throws are the perfect addition to your space. Saltsetter intricately weaves these blankets in a traditional handloom, and they come in a long design that makes this blanket perfect for snuggling up in bed or on a couch. 

These throw blankets have a flower-like pattern, detailed edge, and hand-knotted fringe end that make this throw a fine home décor addition. They come in dimensions of 90” x 38” in silver-grey and black color. To take care of these throw blankets, wash them by hand in cold water. 

Made by a sustainable weave cooperative

Artisans located in a rural province make these beautiful throws and are part of a sustainable weaving cooperative called Cambodia. This group believes in social entrepreneurship identifying aspiring entrepreneurs, and empowering them to establish their sustainable micro-businesses. 

Cambodia believes that these entrepreneurs will, in turn, take responsibility for their families and communities, improving their lives and alleviating poverty, one village at a time. 

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2. Namaste London Crafts

Namaste wool blankets
Photo Credit: Namaste.

Materials: Wool
Ethics: Fair Trade, Hand-woven, Hand-loomed

Looking for the perfect blanket to gift a loved one? These blankets are high quality, ultra-soft, cozy, and perfect for your living space. They are specially hand-woven using traditional hand-looming techniques. They also come with a fairtrade certification. Namaste has a wide range of blankets to suit a wide variety of tastes. You’ll love their selection of colors, herringbone prints, and cashmere for softness. To care for these blankets, wash them by hand in cold water or take them for dry cleaning. 

The brand has a return policy, allowing you to return your blanket if you are dissatisfied within 14 days of delivering the product. 

Hand-loomed by experienced local craftswomen 

Manufacturers handloom these high-quality wool blankets and import them from Nepal. They are warm, durable, soft, and lightweight. They are hand-loomed by skilled local craftswomen. The brand believes in fair wages and also focuses on eco-friendly production. You can find products available for both men and women. 

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3. Grund America

Grund America Cotton Throw Blankets
Photo Credit: Grund America.

Materials: 100% organic cotton throw blankets
Ethics: GOTS-certified, biodegradable, fair trade, Green business practices

Need comfortable, eco-friendly throws that keep you warm and are long enough to cover your entire body? These throws from Grund America are ultra-soft and made from 100% organic cotton. Expert artisans specially weave these throws for your ultimate comfort and warmth whether you choose to cuddle up in bed or relax on a sofa. 

The brand offers mid-weight blankets that measure 70 inches long. They also have full options that measure 90 inches long. You can also be sure that your blankets are safe for your skin and free of toxic chemicals. It has a GOTS certification to prove it. You can get these throws in four colors: Ivory, sage slate grey, or driftwood. 

High-quality blankets and throws from a sustainable brand 

Launched six years ago, Grund America was born out of a desire to create a clean and healthier world. This brand demonstrates its commitment to green business practices and providing luxurious organic linens that stand the test of time. 

Their blankets and throws also come in recyclable cardboard boxes. They partner with One Tree Planted, donating part of their proceeds with every product sold. 

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4. Coyuchi

Coyuchi eco friendly blankets
Photo Credit: Coyuchi.

Materials: 100% organic cotton 
Ethics: GOTS-certified, recycled materials

These eco-friendly blankets from Coyuchi come in detailed stripes and a colorful array of weaving techniques. They are soft to the touch and have a cozy feel on the skin. They are 100% GOTS and fair trade certified. The organic cotton comes from Turkey, while it is then woven in Germany. 

Your blanket will come in a recycled poly bag made from recycled content of pre-consumer waste. These eco-friendly blankets are machine washable. Coyuchi advises that you wash gently using a delicate cycle, cold water, and plant-based detergent. 

Ethical and sustainable practices 

Coyuchi makes sustainable blankets and throws made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. They are the first brand to introduce a full circle recycled cotton blanket that comes with GRS-certified recycled cotton from Coyuchi as well as other organically grown materials. 

They also make their throws with Climate Beneficial wool sustainably sourced from farms that practice carbon farming. They have a close relationship with their suppliers. These suppliers use sustainable manufacturing methods like water recycling and renewable energy. 

Coyuchi contributes part of its annual sales to Fibershed and White Buffalo Land, which prioritizes soil health and carbon-neutral farming.

They avoid using synthetic materials and dyes and recycle 98% of manufacturing water waste. They also use sustainable shipping materials like organic cotton bags for their blankets, and FSC-certified boxes. The brand intends to be completely plastic-free by 2022. 

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5. Bearaby

Bearaby fairtrade blanket
Photo Credit: Bearaby.

Materials: natural eucalyptus fibers, TENCEL
Ethics: FSC, standard 100 from OEKO-TEX, Fairtrade International certified

These weighted blankets from Bearaby are all you need for a deeper and more comfortable sleep. Made from natural fibers, these weighted blankets are silky soft. Bearaby uses different layers of fabrics for its weighted blankets. The Tree Napper comes in TENCEL material. TENCEL is 100% biodegradable and is one of the most sustainable materials. It is soft and cool to the touch.

These weighted blankets come with an FSC certification and Fairtrade International certification. They also come in different weights of 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs, respectively. Each of them is handmade. 

To care for this weighted blanket, wash it separately in cold water and delicate cycle using a washing machine.

Sustainably sourced materials and green business practices 

Bearaby is a sustainable brand that sources its cotton from sustainable farms located in India. The TENCEL fabric used for its weighted blankets is milled in Austria. The glass beads also come from Austria. 

Bearaby is also committed to plastic-free packaging using 100% organic cotton bags, which you can repurpose and reuse.

They also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant 1.3 million trees with every Tree Napper sold. They also partner with Ocean Conservancy and donate $1 from every sale. 

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6. Stray and Wander

Stray and Wander Turkish cotton blankets
Photo Credit: Stray and Wander.

Materials: 100% hand-loomed organic Turkish cotton 
Ethics: Fair Trade certified, natural materials

The Rêve blanket from Stray and Wander can work as a throw for your bed or sofa. It can also work as the perfect blanket for a picnic or beach outing.

Made from 100% hand-loomed organic Turkish cotton, these eco-friendly blankets are ethically sourced, warm, and breathable. They come in various styles, colors, uniqueness, and beauty. The more you wash this blanket, the softer it becomes. 

To take care of it, the brand recommends soaking this blanket over the night using cold water. After which you can machine wash cold. To dry, simply spread out in the sun. 

Ethical labor practices and supply chain

Stray and Wander works with global artisans and shows commitment to individuals, family-owned small businesses, and women's cooperatives. They are also passionate about preserving ancient traditions and supporting workers with fair wages, sustainable livelihoods, and other fair trade conditions for people who live in rural communities. 

The brand allows their men and women makers to set their prices for each organic fair trade blanket, as some may come in more time-intensive styles than others. This is to ensure fair wages. The brand also sources natural materials for making its blankets and throws.

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Best eco-friendly blankets for the organic look and interior style

7. Himalayan Trades

Himalayan Trades wool blanket
Photo Credit: Himilayan Trades.

Materials: Wool, cotton
Ethics: Fair Trade, hand-loomed, handmade 

This wool blanket is unique, being very lightweight, soft, and warm. They are carefully and uniquely handmade and hand-loomed as far away as the Himalayan mountains. You can use them for various purposes. From wrapping yourself up in bed or on a sofa to using it as a throw for a picnic or beach outing. 

You can get this blanket in various colors and standard sizes. To ensure your blanket lasts long, wash them by hand or machine wash them using cold water. 

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8. Alpaca Threadz

Alpaca Threadz sheep wool blanket
Photo Credit: Alpaca Threadz.

Materials: Sustainably-sourced sheep wool
Ethics: Handmade, natural fibers

Made from 100% sustainably sourced sheep wool, this blanket is ultra-soft, giving you an experience of warmth and comfort. Each blanket is handmade by local artisans in Ecuador using traditional looms. This blanket is large enough to fit a Queen sized bed. You can also use it as a throw blanket for a picnic or camp. Its vibrant designs and styles add some beauty to your space. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning they are safe even if you have sensitive skin. 

A Fair Trade brand with a passion to support local communities 

Alpaca Threadz is an ethical company that supports artisan communities that hand-make eco-friendly wool blankets, clothing, and accessories. They connect with retailers and clients all over the world, creating social progress for indigenous people. This business gives 10% of its profits to support local families and small artisan communities. 

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9. The Happy Hippie Bus

Happy Hippoe Bus Recycled Cotton and Acrylic Throws
Photo Credit: Happy Hippie Bus.

Materials: recycled cotton, recycled acrylic
Ethics: Fair Trade, eco-friendly packaging, handmade

Made with a fine mix of recycled cotton and recycled acrylic from reclaimed fabrics, these blankets are cozy, soft, and durable. You can use these blankets for various activities. From meditation to a cozy snuggle in bed, a throw on your sofa, or outdoor activity. Each blanket is carefully handmade by local artisans and may come with unique variations in pattern and size. They come sized in dimensions of 120cm x 185 cm. 

Eco-friendly packaging and ethical production 

This business claims to support Fair Trade and ethical production, aiming to better the lives of people worldwide through the production of high-quality products. Their blanket comes in eco-friendly packaging that is 100% free of plastics. They also offer free delivery on purchases.  

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10. Boho Sanskriti

Boho Sanskriti handcrafted blankets
Photo Credit: Boho Sanskriti.

Materials: 100% premium cotton
Ethics: Fair Trade, handcrafted

This brand makes each cozy blanket using a unique stitching technique called Kantha. Skilled artisans stitch two layers of cotton together to make this blanket. Each one comes in different designs and patterns, making them original and unique. You can use them as a sofa cover, throw, rug, blanket, and wall hanging. 

The brand recommends that you wash them by hand or a washing machine. If you have any issues with your blanket, you can return them within 30 days of delivery. 

High-quality products handcrafted in India 

Each blanket from this brand is handcrafted using the Kantha technique in small villages located in India. Each one comes in 100% cotton and has unique floral designs. The brand also makes Indian silk shirts, scarves, pillow covers, table round covers, dresses, and other home decor. 

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11. Nipomo

Nipomo blanket roll
Photo Credit: Nipomo.

Materials: Upcycled yarn, vegetable-tanned leather straps 
Ethics: Upcycled, responsibly sourced, ethically-made in Mexico, fair pay 

For beach outings, sofa covers, or blankets you can throw on your bed, Nipomo has got you covered with the finest quality of upcycled blankets. Skilled artisans hand-weave each blanket and get their fabrics from leftover clothing that will otherwise end up as waste. 

This Sunny Sol collection has a unique tea-colored backdrop and yellow and neutral tones that are warm and enticing. The leather straps come in vegetable-tanned leather that lasts long with use. You can wash these blankets using a washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle. 

A sustainable brand committed to supporting local communities 

Nipomo works directly with artisans in Mexico, and with each purchase, this brand helps local communities, providing a fair income while preserving their traditional craft. The brand also has a Pop-up Picnic club project that aims to build local communities through social gatherings and partnerships with other local brands. 

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12. Minna

Minna Abstract Throw
Photo Credit: Minna.

Materials: 81% merino wool, 13% viscose, 6% linen
Ethics: Ethically-made, handcrafted, transparent supply chain, sustainable materials 

Handmade by a Women’s cooperative in Uruguay, these blankets come in 100% top merino wool that is soft and comfortable. These women hand-spin these yarns from start to finish. The shearing, spinning, and dying are done by a large network of women. 

You can use these blankets as a drape on your bed or as a cover while relaxing on your couch. 

Each blanket comes in slight variations, making each one original and unique.

The brand recommends that you dry clean them only to care for them. 

A company that believes in equity and fair pay

This certified B Corporation is a brand that believes in equity. They believe in fair compensation and let their workers and artisans set their wages. Being a queer company, this brand partners with weavers and artisans that work to support their families and communities. 

They also build and maintain a personal relationship with these craftspeople, preserving traditional techniques. 

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Best eco-friendly blankets for bedding and bedcovers

13. PureDown

Photo Credit: PureDown.

Materials: 100% cotton
Ethics: recycled materials, cruelty-free, OEKO-TEX certified 

This soft and cozy blanket from PureDown comes in a 100% cotton cover, filled with 75% down and 25% feather giving your warmth and comfort throughout the day and night. They can be your most comfortable companion when watching a movie on your sofa or taking a nap in your home office. 

They are also very lightweight, making them easy to carry even when traveling. Each blanket comes with a certification that includes RDS (Responsibly Sourced Down) and OEKO-TEX certification. 

The brand recommends a gentle machine wash in cold water and low heat tumble dry to take care of this blanket. 

Timeless design for a luxurious look 

This beautiful weighted blanket comes decorated with elegant satin trim on the edges, giving your space a luxurious look and feel. It also has a box stitching that keeps this weighted blanket from clustering and helps the filling spread evenly to create the same level of warmth. 

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14. Anchal Project

Anchal quilt throw
Photo Credit: Anchal.

Materials: Organic GOTS-certified cotton
Ethics: Natural dyes, hand-crafted in India

These eco-friendly blankets are carefully handcrafted in India and take on a classic plaid with a modern touch. Each blanket is sewn together intricately, adopting traditional methods of stitching. This blanket is perfect for draping at the end of your bed or on the arm of your sofa. They are cozy, and warm and give your space a statement look. 

Anchal is fair-trade certified and uses vegan and sustainable materials for making each blanket. To care for this blanket, the brand recommends that you dry clean them. 

Organic blankets from a sustainable brand 

Anchal is committed to creating a beautiful range of blankets and throws, bedding, pillows, gifts, and sustainable home decor. Aside from creating beautiful; products, Anchal aims to generate employment opportunities to address the exploitation of women. 

They feature sustainable, and natural fabrics like GOTS-certified organic and recycled cotton to reduce their impact on the environment. They also partner with Made Trade to provide carbon-neutral shipping. Parts of their sale goes to employment and training projects in India, Ajmer, Louisville, and Kentucky. 

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15. Hillfair


Materials: 100% combed cotton blanket
Ethics: OEKO-TEX standard, non-toxic, ethically sourced 

These beautiful eco-friendly blankets are the perfect fit for your bed, coming in various sizes, including the King size blanket, which measures 108” x 90” inches, the Queen size, which measures 90” x 90” inches, the Twin size, which measures 60” x 90” inches, and so on. 

Manufacturers carefully knit and hand-finished these blankets, giving them superior quality. They are 100% combed cotton, keeping you warm during cold days and cooler during warmer days. This is thanks to its woven feature. 

They are perfect for your bed, couch and sofa. The best part is they are also safe and eco-friendly, following OEKO-TEX standards in production, ensuring your blanket comes free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other substances. They are also easy to care for and machine washable. 

Tested and certified sustainable blankets 

These blankets come directly from manufacturers of home textiles for over 40 years. These blankets come directly from a sustainable factory and at high quality and affordable prices to your doorstep. You can be sure that they are non-toxic as these blankets are tested and certified by internationally recognized labs. 

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Wrapping up the best of fair trade blankets

We all want a cozy blanket to snuggle in, whether it’s a short nap on the couch or a deep sleep during cold winter nights. Fortunately, some brands make comfortable, sustainable blankets and maintain fair trade practices, prioritizing the well-being of their workers. 

These brands ensure fair pay and good working conditions for their workers. You can go through our list above to shop for fair trade blankets. 

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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