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September - Awareness Months, Days & Observances

September, a month of transitions and new beginnings, sets the perfect stage for various awareness days to enlighten, inspire, and motivate our collective conscience. 

As the Northern Hemisphere bids farewell to the warm embrace of summer and welcomes the cool, crisp autumn air. The Southern Hemisphere blossoms into the vibrant hues of spring, and the world unites in pursuing knowledge, empathy, and action. September offers a rich array of events, shedding light on pressing environmental, social, and personal issues that affect our planet and the people who call it home. 

So, gear up as we embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and positive change, marking key dates in the calendar and inviting you to join the voices that embody the spirit of September's awareness days.

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September Awareness Month-Long Events

National Preparedness Month

(United States)

This annual observance encourages Americans to take steps to prepare for potential emergencies and natural disasters, emphasizing the importance of developing a personal emergency plan.

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Biodiversity Month

Biodiversity Month
Photo by Coralie Meurice on Unsplash


This month-long event highlights the importance of conserving biodiversity and promoting Australia's healthy, sustainable environment, offering various activities and educational resources.

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Organic September

(United Kingdom)

Organic September aims to raise awareness about the benefits of organic farming and products for human health, animal welfare, and the environment, encouraging people to choose organic options.

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National Recovery Month


This annual observance celebrates recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. It aims to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and addiction issues and encourage preventative measures.

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National Honey Month

(United States)

National Honey Month promotes beekeeping, sustainable agriculture, and honey as a natural sweetener.

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National Yoga Month

(United States)

This health observance month promotes the practice of yoga and its numerous health benefits, raising awareness of the need for physical activity and stress management for overall wellness.

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

(United States)

This campaign, held throughout September, raises awareness about various forms of childhood cancer, the need for research, and the importance of supporting affected families. It seeks to increase public understanding of children's cancer challenges and emphasizes the urgency to find improved treatments and cures.

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Blood Cancer Awareness Month

(United States)

Observed every September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month aims to create greater public awareness about blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. The campaign highlights the importance of early detection, research for improved treatments, and the need for support for patients and their families during their journey with blood cancer.

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September Awareness Days

International Vulture Awareness Day

First Saturday of September

International Vulture Awareness Day highlights the importance of these magnificent birds of prey and their critical role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The day aims to educate the public about vultures, address their various threats, and encourage conservation efforts to protect them from extinction.

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International Day of Charity

International Day of Charity
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

September 5 (Worldwide)

This day celebrates the role of charity in alleviating crises and suffering worldwide and encourages people to engage in charitable activities and support those in need.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th (International)

This global awareness day aims to shine a light on the importance of mental health support and the prevention of suicide. It encourages open conversations about mental health, promotes the availability of resources, and fosters compassion and understanding for those affected by suicide, ultimately striving to save lives.

Note, both National Suicide Prevention Week and Suicide Prevention Month are also celebrated around this day in September.

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National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

September 13 (United States)

This day is dedicated to raising awareness around this autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people. The day highlights the importance of a gluten-free diet, the only known cure for celiac disease.

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International Red Panda Day

International Red Panda Day
Photo by KC Welch on Unsplash

Third Saturday of September (International)

International Red Panda Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the endangered red panda and the conservation efforts needed to protect their natural habitat. The day aims to educate people on the red pandas' threats, such as deforestation and poaching, while encouraging support for organizations working to ensure the survival of this unique species.

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World Patient Safety Day

September 17 (International)

World Patient Safety Day underlines the importance of patient safety as a global health priority. The day aims to foster global solidarity and action to enhance patient safety in all healthcare settings. It seeks to draw stakeholders' attention towards systematic safety issues, inspires innovative solutions, and promotes a 'no blame' culture focusing on learning from errors rather than punishing them. The day serves as a reminder that patient safety is a right, not a privilege.

World Clean Up Day

September 18 (Worldwide)

This is a global day for communities to unite for a massive sustainable action to clean up our environment by tackling litter and waste. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of a clean and healthy planet.

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National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

Date: September 18 (United States)

This awareness day highlights the growing number of older adults living with HIV/AIDS and their unique challenges. It aims to promote better understanding, support, and care for seniors affected by the virus, emphasizing the importance of early detection, treatment, and education to improve quality of life.

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National Wife Appreciation Day

Third Sunday, September (United States)

National Wife Appreciation Day is all about expressing gratitude and appreciation to wives for their constant love and support. Whether it's through their roles as partners, mothers, caregivers, or professionals, wives contribute immeasurably to our lives and families. On this day, husbands are encouraged to show their love and gratitude through thoughtful gestures, making their wives feel special and valued.

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International Day of Peace

September 21 (Worldwide)

Established by the United Nations, this day recognizes the importance and promotion of peace for the well-being and sustainability of communities, countries, and the world.

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Zero Emissions Day

September 21 (Worldwide)

This global event encourages individuals to minimize their use of fossil fuels and energy production for 24 hours to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and raise awareness about sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles.

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World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day
Photo by Andrew Liu on Unsplash

September 22 (Worldwide)

World Rhino Day is an annual event dedicated to celebrating all five species of rhinoceros and raising awareness about the urgent need for their conservation. This day brings together NGOs, zoos, wildlife organizations, and concerned individuals across the globe to take action against poaching and the illegal wildlife trade that has pushed rhinos to the brink of extinction.

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Bluebird of Happiness Day

Date: September 24 (International)

Bluebird of Happiness Day is a celebration of positivity and happiness, and the symbolism of the bluebird as a representation of cheerfulness and joy. This day encourages everyone to spread happiness to others, reminding us to cherish life's simple pleasures and to recognize how small acts of kindness can bring joy to those around us.

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National Daughters Day

Fourth Saturday of September (United States)

National Daughters Day celebrates the gift of daughters and appreciates the unique role they play in our families and society. The day serves as a reminder to foster an environment that enables our daughters to grow confident, empowered, and equal members of society. It's a day filled with love, appreciation, and reflection on the irreplaceable role of daughters.

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Fish Amnesty Day

Fourth Saturday of September (United States)

Fish Amnesty Day is a unique awareness campaign that seeks to shed light on the importance of treating fish with compassion and respect. The day advocates for responsible fishing practices, raising awareness about overfishing and habitat destruction, and promoting catch-and-release methods to preserve fish populations and marine ecosystems.

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World Rivers Day

The fourth Sunday in September (Worldwide)

This day celebrates the world's waterways and underscores the value of rivers in promoting biodiversity, human well-being, and cultural heritage.

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World Maritime Day

Last Thursday in September (Worldwide)

This day highlights the importance of shipping safety, maritime security, and the marine environment, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

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World Environmental Health Day

September 26 (Worldwide)

This day raises awareness about environmental health and the need to adopt sustainable practices in order to protect human health and the environment.

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World Rabies Day

September 28th (Observed globally)

World Rabies Day is a global initiative to raise awareness about the deadly rabies virus and its transmission, emphasizing the importance of prevention measures, responsible pet ownership, and timely vaccinations. The day encourages collaboration between numerous global organizations, veterinary professionals, and governments to reduce and eventually eliminate this preventable disease.

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National Sons Day

September 28th

National Sons Day is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the joy that sons bring into the lives of families and communities. It’s an opportunity to appreciate their unique contributions and potential as individuals. Furthermore, National Sons Day offers a platform for important conversations about the societal, environmental, and personal challenges our young boys face as they grow into men.

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September Awareness Weeks

National Forest Week

National Forest Week
Photo by Milk-Tea on Unsplash

The last full week of September (Canada)

This week highlights the importance of Canada's forests, promoting awareness of their vulnerability and encouraging responsible management and conservation.

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National Pollution Prevention Week

Third Monday in September (United States)

This week strives to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection, focusing on reducing pollution at its source for a healthy, sustainable environment.

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Global Goals Week

Mid-September (Worldwide)

This annual week of action, awareness, and accountability fosters collaboration to further progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Climate Week NYC

Third week in September (United States)

This summit brings business and government leaders together to discuss solutions for climate change and promote energy and environmental sustainability.

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Bisexual Awareness Week

Third Week September (International)

Bisexual Awareness Week, also known as BiWeek, advocates for bisexual visibility and highlights the unique issues faced by the bisexual community on a global scale. This week aims to combat biphobia, correct misconceptions, and stress the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in society.

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