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August - Awareness Months, Days & Observances

August, a month brimming with sunshine, warm weather, and the promise of new beginnings, offers countless opportunities to celebrate and raise awareness about various causes. As we relish the joys of summertime, let's also seize the chance to engage in vital conversations, spark meaningful change, and embark on transformative journeys. 

Named after the Roman Emperor Augustus, this month signifies the culmination of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the closure of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

This comprehensive list of awareness days in August illuminates many environmental, social, and personal matters that invite us to become more informed, compassionate, and responsible stewards of our planet, our communities, and ourselves. 

So, let's explore the rich tapestry of events and observances awaiting us this eighth month of the year as we unite our voices, ideas, and actions toward a brighter, more sustainable future for all. And with many countries also enjoying holidays and the dog days of summer in August, it is a great time to get involved!

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August Awareness Month-Long Events

Happiness Happens Month

Happiness Happens Month
Photo by Stan B on Unsplash


A month-long celebration is dedicated to recognizing the significance of happiness in our lives and emphasizing personal happiness's vital role in fostering mental health and overall well-being in people of all ages.

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International Peace Month


This month is devoted to encouraging global peace, understanding, and non-violence, as well as engaging in initiatives that contribute to peace-building on both local and international levels.

Psoriasis Awareness Month

(United States)

August also seeks to raise awareness about psoriasis, a long-lasting autoimmune skin condition. This observance bolsters those affected by providing education, advocacy, and research.

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Water Quality Month

(United States)

A month devoted to emphasizing the importance of clean water for all living beings, supporting conservation endeavors, and raising awareness of pollution and contamination issues.

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National Immunization Awareness Month

(United States)

A month dedicated to shedding light on vaccinations' critical role for family members and individuals of all ages. Additionally, it reinforces the significance of immunization in preventing severe and life-threatening diseases.

This is one of several national health observances (months dedicated to raising important health topics) in August. This particular event promotes the safety and efficacy of vaccines as related to disease control. 

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National Eye Exam Month

(United States)

A month set aside to heighten awareness about the importance of regular eye examinations for maintaining optimal eye health and addressing potential vision problems. National Eye Exam Month also encourages individuals to prioritize eye care and take preventive measures to protect their vision.

Children's Eye Health & Safety Month

(United States)

A month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of maintaining good eye health and safety for children. It also involves educating parents, teachers, and caregivers on the early detection and prevention of vision problems, promoting regular eye examinations, and highlighting the significance of eye protection in sports and other potentially hazardous activities.

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Child Support Awareness Month

August (USA)

A month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of child support in providing financial stability and improving the lives of children. It emphasizes the responsibility of parents to contribute to their children's well-being and encourages the community's involvement in supporting child support enforcement services.

August Awareness Days

World Lung Cancer Day

August 1 (Worldwide)

A day to raise awareness about the severity of lung cancer, promote early detection, and advocate for improved treatment options and supportive care for those affected.

National Girlfriend Day

August 1 (International)

National Girlfriend Day is a day dedicated to showing appreciation and love to your significant other. An environmentally friendly way to celebrate this day could be planting a garden together or perhaps organizing a cleanup at your local beach or park. It's a chance to strengthen your bond in a manner that simultaneously cares for our planet.

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International Owl Awareness Day

International Owl Awareness Day
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

August 4 (Worldwide)

A day dedicated to appreciating and learning about owls, their crucial role in ecosystems, and the conservation initiatives aimed at protecting them.

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United Kingdom Playday

First Wednesday in August (United Kingdom)

Playday is the UK's national day for play, a campaign held traditionally on the first Wednesday in August. It is a celebration of the importance of play in children's lives and an opportunity to raise awareness about the need for quality play spaces in local communities. Events and activities are organized nationwide to inspire children, families, and communities to embrace the value of play for overall well-being and development.

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National Mustard Day

August 7 (USA)

A day to appreciate the spicy and tangy condiment that adds flavor to our meals while also learning about its history, health benefits, and various types.

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Purple Heart Day

August 7 (United States)

A day to honor and remember the brave men and women who were wounded or lost their lives in combat while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Purple Heart Day commemorates the creation of the Purple Heart Medal and pays tribute to the sacrifice and courage of military personnel.

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National Twins Day

August 7 (United States)

National Twins Day, which evolved as a Twinsburg, Ohio festival, has become a platform to celebrate twins' special bond. It's a delightful opportunity to appreciate twins' unique connection while promoting environments that nurture their development.

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International Youth Day

August 12 (Worldwide)

A day to recognize young people's contributions to society, advocate for their rights, and shed light on their challenges.

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World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

August 12 (Worldwide)

A day focused on promoting awareness about elephant conservation, the dangers they face, such as poaching and habitat loss, and supporting related initiatives.

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National Zoo Awareness Day

August 31 (Worldwide)

A day to recognize the contributions of zoos in wildlife conservation, education, and research, as well as to raise awareness about the ethical considerations and challenges they face.

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World Humanitarian Day

August 19 (Worldwide)

A day that commemorates humanitarian workers who risk their lives assisting others raises awareness of humanitarian crises and encourages international collaboration.

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World Mosquito Day

August 20 (Worldwide)

A day seeking to raise awareness about the diseases spread by mosquitoes, their public health impact, and the significance of vector control.

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World Senior Citizens Day

August 21 (Worldwide)

A day that honors the wisdom, experience, and valuable contributions of older adults while also raising awareness of the issues affecting their well-being.

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World Plant Milk Day

August 22 (Worldwide)

A day that celebrates the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of plant-based milk alternatives and increases awareness about the dairy industry's impact.

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International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition

August 23 (Worldwide)

A day that memorializes the transatlantic slave trade pays tribute to the fight against it and fosters awareness about the importance of learning from history to combat racism and prejudice.

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Women's Equality Day

August 26 (United States)

A day that celebrates women's accomplishments creates awareness about gender inequality and advocates for the advancement of women's rights and opportunities.

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National Dog Day

August 26 (International)

Recognized globally, National Dog Day honors humankind's deep connection with dogs and acknowledges the mutual respect and love that this human-animal bond nurtures. Moreover, it highlights the need to rescue homeless dogs and the importance of providing them with a safe and loving environment.

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World Honey Bee Day

World Honey Bee Day
Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash.

Third Saturday in August (Worldwide)

World Honey Bee Day is one of several special days drawing attention to the importance of pollinators. This day, celebrated toward the end of summer, acknowledges the vital contributions of honeybees to agriculture and the environment while promoting awareness of their protection and conservation.

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Wear It Purple Day

August 27 (Australia)

A day dedicated to fostering a supportive, safe, and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ youth. Encourages everyone to wear purple to show their support and commitment to creating a society where every young person can thrive, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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National Petroleum Day

August 27 (United States)

National Petroleum Day, also known as Oil and Gas Industry Appreciation Day, recognizes the significant contribution of petroleum to modern society, from fueling vehicles to becoming integral in various consumer products.

However, it also creates an opportunity to discuss the industry's environmental implications. On this day, it's essential to encourage dialogue about sustainable alternatives, reduction in fossil fuel dependency, and promotion of clean-energy technologies as we acknowledge and work to mitigate the petroleum industry's environmental footprint.

International Day Against Nuclear Tests

August 29 (Worldwide)

A day aimed at raising awareness about the harmful consequences of nuclear weapon test explosions and advocating for worldwide peace, security, and disarmament.

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National Grief Awareness Day

August 30 (USA)

A day dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of grief and offering support to those who have experienced loss. It encourages open conversations about grief and provides resources for healing and coping.

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August Awareness Weeks

National Farmer's Market Week

National Farmer's Market Week
Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash

August 1-7 (United States)

This is a week to celebrate the important role that farmers' markets play in supporting local agriculture, promoting healthy eating, and fostering vibrant communities.

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World Water Week

August 23-27 (Worldwide)

An annual event focusing on the planet's most pressing water-related challenges and promoting international collaboration and innovative solutions to water and sanitation problems.

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