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7 Best Hemp Soap Bars For Natural Nourishment

Most of us love a soapy hot bath or shower, whether for a relaxing soak or to start the day clean and fresh. However, not all bathing products are suitable for our skin. Many widely known options contain chemicals that strip our skin of moisture and protective barriers. Further, in our quest to reduce plastic waste, plastic-free alternatives provide loads of benefits, from natural ingredients to sustainable zero-waste packaging.

Hemp soap is an organic and sustainable body soap option made from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Precisely from hemp seeds. Manufacturers extract oil from hemp seeds by cold pressing and combine it with other natural ingredients, providing us with healthy bathing soap that keeps our bodies and the environment safe. 

Read on as we discuss the components, benefits, and best hemp soap bar brands to buy from. 

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Benefits of hemp soap 

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It is an excellent moisturizer.  

Hemp body soap, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, protects our skin from external harshness and provides excellent moisturizing qualities for any skin type.

Rich in omega fatty acids, it helps lock in moisture, so our skin retains moisture longer than it does when we use regular bar soaps, granting us soft and smooth skin. It's a superb choice for anyone suffering from various skin problems like acne and dry skin. 

It's an effective cleanser. 

Another excellent benefit of this tremendous all-natural soap is its natural cleansing abilities. It contains hemp seed oil and other organic active ingredients. These ingredients work together to cleanse our skin whenever we wash. 

It reduces skin irritation and redness. 

The oil from hemp seeds has natural anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce skin irritation, inflammation, acne, and rashes. Regular bathing soaps have chemicals that cause irritation and rashes. Opting for a hemp body soap, unless you have a hemp allergy, is an excellent choice. 

It's excellent for shaving.  

Hemp bar soap is perfect for shaving body hair because of its gentleness on the skin. Bar soap is essential if you're keen on living a sustainable lifestyle. Traditional shaving creams contain artificial lubricants, mineral oils and parabens, BHT, and BHA.

These ingredients cause our skin to become more alkaline and drier and cause skin irritations. Using hemp body bars as a shaving bar will save you from experiencing unpleasant skin conditions.   

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It regulates your skin's oil production levels.  

One of the many health benefits of hemp soap is its ability to regulate the skin's oil production levels. Skin dryness triggers your skin to produce more oil and can lead to acne development. Hemp soap has an abundance of fatty acids like gamma-linolenic acid that help reduce oil production. 

Natural, sustainable, and zero-waste

Hemp soap products contain natural ingredients and shun nasty chemicals. Furthermore, they typically come in zero-waste packaging, shunning the plastic wraps and bottles standard in mainstream soap products, which degrade the environment

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8 Hemp Soaps You Should Try  

Now that you're aware of the benefits of hemp body bars for your skin, here is a list of hemp bathing soaps we think you should purchase. 

1. Faith In Nature Hemp

Faith In Nature Hemp
Photo Credit: Faith In Nature

Features: paraben-free, cruelty-free, plastic-free, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging 

Faith in Nature Hemp is a medium-sized soap weighing a hundred grams. It contains hemp seed oil and other organic ingredients. The hemp body bar, in color brown, can last for up to 6 weeks with constant usage. 

People who purchased and bathed with the soap testify that it is gentle on the skin, alleviating that tight feeling. It is suitable for dry skin because of its moisturizing effects and can help prevent eczema. Furthermore, Faith in Nature's hemp soap makes an excellent shaving bar. Its packaging is plastic-free and recyclable, wrapped in green, strong paper. 

Grab a plastic-free bar soap container to ensure it dries between uses and lasts as well as it should.

Or shop directly at Faith in Nature

2. Dr. Hempster Hemp Soap

Dr. Hempster Hemp Soap

Features: paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free

Dr. Hempster Hemp Soap contains hemp oil and essential fatty acids for soft and smooth skin. It also has vital oils and organic shea butter. The brand has different variations of hemp oil soap, blending a range of natural ingredients and providing options of unscented, tea tree, eucalyptus, and activated charcoal. You can choose from packs of 1-3 scented soaps. 

It cleanses and moisturizes your skin gently. However, the 5 oz soap is slightly on the small side, lasting a couple of weeks for a long-lasting clean. Although the soap is a little bit expensive, people who have used it claim it's worth the price. 

Or shop on Amazon

3. Palo Santo Soap

Palo Santo Soap 
Photo Credit: Palo Santo

Features: recyclable packaging, natural ingredients, cruelty-free

Palo Santo Soap is from the Hippie Craft Store on Etsy. It contains ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, and organic hemp oil. It also has palo santo essential oil, known to help with skin inflammation. The soap bar comes in an ash color with an imprint of cannabis leaf. 

Consumers who patronized Hippie Craft Store commended its fast shipping and the hemp soap bar for its subtle yet wonderful scent. You will enjoy a refreshing shower that will leave your skin feeling well moisturized.

4. Emz Blendz Hemp Soap

Features: cruelty-free, recyclable, natural ingredients

Emz Blendz Hemp Soap is a product that's been around since 1998. Manufacturers formulated it with hemp seed oil, making it rich in fatty acids and other incredible anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for people with dry or sensitive skin.

Emz hemp soap comes in large and small sizes, 5 oz and 2.6 oz, respectively. Purchasing the large size ensures you'll get around five or more weeks of use.

Consumer reviews further confirm the authenticity of the hemp bar soap. They said it helped clear their eczema and other skin conditions. According to a review left by a consumer, it is "very soothing for dry winter skin.” Other reviews also show that Emz Blendz Hemp Soap does an excellent job of moisturizing the skin. 

5. Empyri Cannabis Sativa Soap

Empyri Cannabis Sativa Soap
Photo Credit: Empyri

Features: Vegan, chemicals-free, scent-free, recyclable

Empyri Cannabis Sativa Soap is suitable for people with sensitive, dry, or combination skin. Its moisturizing lather keeps your skin smooth. Furthermore, organic ingredients like hemp seed oil and natural oils grant it anti-inflammatory properties making this hemp soap extremely good for your skin. 

Despite its lack of scented ingredients, consumers say it has a wonderful and clean smell. An advantage of purchasing Empyri Cannabis Sativa Soap is its return policy. If unsatisfied with the product, you can return the soap within 30 days after purchase.  

6. 4/20 Citrus Hemp Bathing Soap

4/20 Citrus Hemp Bathing Soap
Photo Credit: Herb'neden

Features: plant-based ingredients, pure essential oils, cruelty-free

Manufacturers of 4/20 citrus hemp bathing soap richly packed with natural oils and organic hemp seed oil. Just like other hemp products, it will moisturize all skin types and protect your skin barrier. Unlike most hemp cleansing soaps, it has a strong citrus scent. Showering with 4/20 citrus hemp bar soap will make you feel fresh and delicious. 

7. Friendly Soap 

Friendly Soap Lemongrass and Hemp
Photo Credit: Friendly Soap

Features: plastic-free, vegan, no synthetic chemicals, recyclable

Friendly Soap is a mix of lemongrass and hemp seed oil. With the addition of natural oils, you have a bar soap rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Friendly Soap is also multipurpose; you can use it as your kitchen wash, apart from a whole body wash.

Thanks to the lemongrass essential oil, this soap has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties thanks to the lemongrass essential oil. Also, it is one of the market's most affordable organic hemp soaps. 

Or shop directly on Friendly Soap


We cannot overstate the importance of eco-friendly bathing products as a part of our daily routine. The essential fatty acids like gamma-linolenic acid in hemp seed oil and other ingredients give our skin a luxurious glow and freshness. Hemp seed oil is a widely used skincare ingredient that aids many skin conditions, such as acne and eczema.  

It is also an excellent anti-aging treatment, allowing the slow aging caused by radical oxidation. Now that you know of the advantages of hemp body soap, you can select your preferred option from our list. 

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