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9 Best Plastic Free Bar Soap Containers

Bar soaps serve multiple purposes, making them a part of various corners of the home. Bar soaps are super useful, from washing our bodies and hair to cleaning dishes and clothes. And even better, unlike soaps in plastic containers, bar soaps are more eco-friendly and often come in sustainable packaging.

In this article, we’re suggesting some soap holders, including dishes and trays, where you can store bar soap in the home. You’ll also find soap-holding products that you can travel with. This will make it easy to store your bar soap on your next trip. 

Whether dealing with shampoo and conditioner bars or body-care bars, you’ll need a soap holder, or more, in your home.

You can find zero-waste dish soap bars, zero-waste shampoo, and zero-waste hand soaps from various brands. However, as you’re making the switch away from plastic bottles towards zero waste, read on for some of the best options for stylish and practical bar soap containers. 

What Is the Best Way to Store Bars of Soap?

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Soap tends to leave sticky, gooey residues after use. If you don’t keep your solid soap properly, you’ll find yourself battling with this mess in your home. Also, a lack of proper storage can cause a mess in your luggage. Therefore, it’s best to have durable product storage containers within the home and for other purposes. 

You can choose from a huge range of soap dishes when shopping online or in stores. Some of them do an excellent job at keeping your slabs mess-free, while others do not so much. 

However, you’ll find many of these made from plastic materials, which pose an environmental challenge. As an eco-conscious person, you might be looking for a long-lasting container to store your bars of soap made from environmentally friendly materials.

You’ll want something that keeps your bar soap dry and lasts long. This article will help you find your next durable, plastic-free bar soap holder. 

9 Non-Plastic Solid Soap Containers and Dishes

Here are some of the best choices of non-plastic bar soap containers for your bathroom, kitchen, and other uses. You can easily store these within the home for multiple purposes. 

If you’re a traveler, you just might discover your next favorite leak-proof travel container for solid soap. However, one thing to note is always to check the dimensions of the products to ensure they match your soap size. 

1. HTB Soap Dish with Slanted Waterfall Design


Made with 100% teak wood, this soap tray is perfect for various uses. This product speaks to the eco-conscious heart as it is plastic-free. More than that, it can easily fit into any section of your living space where you keep any bar soap. 

It is perfect for kitchen use and also for storage in the bathroom. One major concern many people have with soap dishes is their lack of drainage. As a result, you end up having mushy soap in your soap tray or dish.

This HTB container has a slanted waterfall design that the manufacturers intentionally created to solve this problem and ensure easy water drainage. This way, you no longer have to worry about gooey soap melting before it's time. 

Also, this product has a comb-like structure that provides a dry environment for any bar soap. With the contemporary anti-slip design, you’re sure your soap will stay in place without the risk of falling off. 

A Durable Multifunctional Soap Holder 

This bar soap holder is not only great for storing soap but can also hold your kitchen sponge. The intentional design ensures that your soap is raised above the drainage area to keep it dry.

Furthermore, the curved concave design prevents your slippery soap from falling off the dish. You can use this at home, or you can also give this to friends and family as a gift.

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2. The Culinarian Bamboo Brush and Sandstone Bar Soap Dish


This product is a beautiful and perfect addition to any home’s kitchen sink area. In each package, you get two products - a brush and a soap plate combination. So really, it’s a win-win situation. 

The round bar soap container has dimensions of 40 x 80mm dimensions, while the brush measures 80 x 60mm. Since we’re looking at plastic-free products, we have chosen this product made from sandstone material.

This material is durable and long-lasting. This way, you can use and enjoy your product for a long time. The sandstone material has a slip-resistant and strong nature. This combination of brush and dish is excellent for any kitchen use. Also, the dish is an ideal size for most round solid dish soaps. 

An Efficient Sandstone Container for Dish Bar Soaps 

This product can easily sit next to the faucet on your kitchen sink. Most solid dish soaps will fit right into the sandstone container. If you’ve been looking for a kitchen brush to use for those stubborn stains on dishes, you get that added product. Apart from its functionality, this dish offers you a pretty, ceramic-like finish. 

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3. Luxspire Soap Bar Holder Tray


If you’re tired of boring-looking soap containers, this product from Luxspire is sure to catch your eye. This brand offers a double-layer soap bar holder tray that not only keeps your soap dry but is also pleasing to look at. 

The manufacturers use a mix of bamboo and resin materials to craft this product. Due to the high-quality materials, you get a scratch-proof and waterproof design that you can easily maintain. This product has a double-layer design.

At the top, you have a bamboo tray that you can easily remove and place back. At the bottom is a water collector to aid in draining. This dual-layer design allows your bar soap to drain easily as the bottom container collects water that leaks from the soap. 

This product can easily fit into your shower space or kitchen countertop. It can also add a look of luxury with its marble patterns and matte finish. 

A Touch of Luxury with a Dual-Layer Soap Bar Tray

Unlike many plain bamboo containers, this design features an attractive marble-patterned look. You can use this dish in your bathroom or kitchen to keep different types of bar soaps. Additionally, the company gives you the option to choose from an oval or rectangular shape. 

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4. Full Circle Raise the Bar Soap Holder

Full Circle Raise the Bar Soap Holder
Photo Credit: Grove.

Full Circle believes that a suitable bar soap holder is key to helping your soap last longer. Anyone concerned with using products to their fullest will understand the importance of this principle. 

This company believes in crafting items that you can use in the home while protecting the planet. As a result, the company’s production process helps preserve waste and resources as much as possible. 

Their Raise the Bar soap holder comes from bamboo and ceramic materials, giving you a no-scratch base and anti-slip design. Also, the product is BPA-free. To ensure your soap doesn’t swim in pools of water, this item has elevated ridges that raise your soap.

This design can easily fit well into any space, from the bathroom skin to the space beside your kitchen faucet. The holder’s dimensions measure 1.1 x 5.12 x 3.15 inches.

A Soap Holder Made with Eco-Friendly Values

This soap holder comes from a certified B Corporation that puts the planet and people at the top of its priorities. Therefore, buying the company’s items means adding beautiful, functional, and planet-friendly goods to your home. This soap container is one that you’ll be proud to display in your space. Plus, it’s easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about complications. 

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5. The Folk Store Wooden Bar Soap Holder

The Folk Store Wooden Bar Soap Holder
Photo Credit: Folk Store.

If you’re looking for an elegant bathroom decor item that also happens to be a soap holder, this is it. This soap holder from The Folk Store is ideal for bathroom use. It has a boho-chic design with acacia wood as the primary material. 

Within the bar soap containers area, there’s a pretty blue print. This dish has a drainage system, through gaps, that helps to keep your soap dry and mess-free. The hollowed-out gaps provide a ventilation system that eliminates wet foamy messes.

In addition to this anti-slip drainage, this product has elevated round-like legs that keep the tray off surfaces. This way, you’re certain your solid soap has enough air to dry quickly.

The Perfect Soap Tray with 360 Ventilation

You can use this dish to ensure you get the most use out of your solid soaps. The 360 ventilation design features hollowed-out gaps that provide a form of drainage system to keep your solid soap dry. Furthermore, the elevated design ensures that air flows from both the top and bottom of the dish.

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6. Ethique In-Shower Storage Container

Photo Credit: Ethique.

From a company dedicated to ridding the world of plastic waste, this storage container contributes to this mission. Unlike many other container options, this one is entirely compostable. 

Ethique uses bamboo and cornstarch to craft these containers to ensure that they don’t contribute to waste.

Apart from the attractive colors, this item functions as a soap-saving holder. It features a draining design that allows your soaps to breathe while keeping them dry. Ethique also uses compostable packaging to reduce packaging waste as a dedicated zero-waste beauty brand.

A Compostable Holder for Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Since Ethique provides sustainable solid beauty soaps, the brand designed this container to hold their bars perfectly. The dimensions measure 0.3 x 0.33 x 0.26 inches which several reviews have suggested holds multiple soaps. Best of all, this product helps you reduce your environmental impact since it will decompose easily.

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7. Snowkingdom 2 Pack Travel Soap Holder Container


If you’re on the go, for reasons from vacations to work trips and hiking, you’ll need something solid to hold your soaps. No one wants to open their luggage to discover a sticky mess caused by soap. For this reason, it’s ideal for getting a solid soap holder container that will fit right into your bag. 

These silicone bar soap containers from Snowkingdom are ideal for traveling; it also features a leak-proof lid and is packed with extra-thick silicone bands to hold the box firmly if you're looking for extra security. 

A Traveller’s Ideal Solid Soap Container 

This item comes in a portable size that’s also convenient to use. For whatever reason that you might be out of the house, you’ll need something solid to preserve your soaps. With dimensions that measure 4.6 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches and a secure sealing system, this is a travel companion. 

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8. Esta Bordoni Bamboo and Cornstarch Fibre Travel Soap Container

Esta Bordoni Bamboo and Cornstarch Fibre Travel Soap Container
Photo Credit: Esta Bordoni.

Although advertised as a travel container, this item from Esta Bordoni is excellent for everyday storage. It is sustainably made with bamboo and cornstarch materials, while the soap-saver bag that it comes in is from cotton. At first glance, you’ll notice that this dish is a stylish, carefully crafted modern design that can instantly add to the aesthetics of a space. 

Apart from its looks, it’s also highly functional. You can assemble the bamboo holder into the container. The overall design supports easy drainage and elevation of your bar soaps. 

A Stylish Soap Dish That’ll Naturally Decompose

The use of natural materials like bamboo and cornstarch makes this item a great sustainable piece. They serve as an excellent alternative to plastic dishes as they would naturally degrade when in the soil. This way, it won’t contribute to waste problems. 

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9. The Soap Tree Travel Soap Tin

The Soap Tree Travel Soap Tin
Photo Credit: The Soap Tree.

This business makes its bar soap containers using durable tinplate material. Due to the use of this material, you’ll be getting an item that supports a zero-waste lifestyle. This tin is ideal for traveling, making it easy to carry your solid soaps.

The design has curved, rounded, and smooth edges that protect you from cuts. Since it’s ideal for moving soaps around, it also comes with a hinged lid. This item measures 95 x 59 x 20 mm, and is portable and lightweight. 

A Simple and Sustainable Tin Container for Solid Soap

The soap box container has an intentional design that supports storing soaps easily on the go. The rounded and smooth edges are a great addition that protects your hands from tin cuts. Apart from its original function of storing soaps, this item can also hold objects like keys, cables, and mints.

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Ensuring your bar soaps last for longer is no longer wishful thinking. The containers and dishes in this article are intentionally designed to help you prevent waste. They come from a range of non-plastic materials and are well-suited to help you store your soaps properly. 

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