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6 Benefits of a Soap Saver or Soap Bag

No one likes watching their soap bar become a mushy, disintegrating mess. Your soap doesn’t last as long, it feels weird to touch, and you keep spending money to buy new bars. Thankfully, a soap saver can help you mitigate this problem. As its name implies, a soap saver helps you save your soap. So you can use it to extend the life of soap bars and save money.

This article covers the features you should look out for in a bar soap saver and its benefits. 

You can use these handy numbers in the shower with eco-friendly body wash bars, zero-waste handsoaps, and even in the kitchen for your zero-waste dish soap

What is a soap saver? 

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Natural Sisal Soap Saver Bag
Pictured: Natural Sisal Pouch Soap Saver (on Etsy) by and photo credit: SCApothcarie

A soap saver is an accessory that helps you extend the lifespan of your soap bar. Normally, we keep our soap bars on a plastic soap holder or tray for them to dry off. However, soap in a soap tray doesn’t last long because water still falls on it and can sit at the bottom of the tray. As a result, soap suds don't dry off, and the water in the soap holder doesn’t drain off, which often leads to soggy soap. 

The problem with soggy soap is that when we use it, we use a lot more than we need, and the bars last a fraction of the time. 

Soap savers help your soap last longer by lifting them off the countertop or side of the bath, allowing excess water to drain.  

Features of a soap saver bag

Many soap savers come in the form of mesh bags. For this reason, most people refer to one as a soap saver bag or a soap bag. The soap saver differs from the soap dish and plastic soap holders we’re used to. Here are some features that differentiate them: 

There is enough room for your soap to air dry. 

In traditional soap storage, soap bars don’t last because they have no room to air dry. So it remains wet and soft. However, a soap holder bag has enough room for breathability. The spaces allow enough air to reach the bar and dry it before some of it melts away. 

It allows for proper drainage.  

An essential feature of soap savers is proper drainage. It won’t be a soap saver if there isn’t a means to drain water from the soap. A soap-saver bag allows for total drainage because it is typically a net. It can’t hold water. 

It is easy to clean.  

A soap-saver bag is straightforward to clean and maintain. If you use it as a washcloth or an exfoliator, you just have to take the soap out and rinse the soap lather out. Then, squeeze it tightly before returning the soap inside. 

To deep clean, all you have to do is wash it like you would wash a small napkin and leave it to dry in the sunlight. Cleaning a soap-saver bag is stress-free. 

Benefits of a soap saver bag? 

A soap bag has other benefits apart from keeping your bar soap dry. The other benefits of the soap bag are: 

1. It extends the lifespan of your soap bars. 

The primary purpose of a soap-saver bag is to ensure that your soap lasts longer. We all dislike it when our soap melts off too quickly. It's pretty annoying when a bar soap that's supposed to last over four weeks barely lasts for two. 

A soap saver bag helps your bar soap last long by lifting it off the surface of the bathroom countertop or kitchen sink to keep it dry.

The vast majority of soap holder bags come with a drawstring that enables you to hang them on the wall. Some of the more modern options include a suction cup that is perfect for attaching to your shower's glass or tile wall. This way, your soap avoids getting soft, and soap suds dry off easily. 

2. It saves your soap bits. 

With regular soap holders and soap dishes, it is easy to waste the small pieces of soap left for your bar because they are too small to handle.

However, a soap bag allows you to use every bit of your soap. All you have to do is add a new soap bar to the last bits of the old one, which will melt together. You get to use all your soap while avoiding wastage. 

3. It has exfoliating properties.  

Many soap-saver bags also double as an exfoliator. The materials used to make a soap holder bag include cotton, sisal fiber, and polyester.

It is best to purchase only a soap-saver bag made from organic fibers like organic cotton and sisal, a plant-based fiber. A soap-saver bag made with sisal fiber has a naturally coarse texture that can exfoliate the skin without damaging it. 

A cotton soap-saver bag can also exfoliate the skin. It is a brilliant choice for people with all skin types, especially sensitive skin. 

4. It improves your soap lather. 

Another advantage of using a soap saver bag to shower is its improvement of your soap lather. You don’t have to take your soap out of the soap holder to use it. The bag acts like a stimulator when you rub it on your body. Just rub it on your body and watch your soap lather efficiently. 

You’ll also find they help lather up zero-waste shampoo bars and conditioner bars.  

5. It prevents the growth of bacteria

A soap saver bag helps prevent bacteria growth on your soap bars. Unlike plastic loofahs and soap dishes, there is no room for bacteria because it keeps your soap dry and away from water. 

6. Soap-saver bags are sustainable. 

Beyond the benefits of soap savers for our bodies, it also benefits our environment. Buy a soap-saver bag made with organic fiber, like cotton or sisal fiber, because it is easily compostable. 

These differ from plastic loofahs and polyester soap bags that ultimately break down into tiny pieces of microplastics that harm the environment. You can reuse it multiple times and dispose of it without worrying about how it harms the environment. 

You’ll also find plastic draining trays online advertised as soap-savers, and whereas they do the job, they don’t make the cut for a plastic-free bathroom.

An excellent accompaniment for your natural soap saver is a loofah alternative; check out our list of some of the best options. 


Preserving your bar soap for longer helps save money and reduces waste. A soap saver bag is a great option you will absolutely love among the various storage options available for your soap bars. It keeps your bathroom sink and counters clean while being easy to clean and maintain. Be sure to hang it far away from your shower head, or you will defeat the purpose of getting a soap saver. 

You can purchase one from your local stores or online stores such as Etsy and Amazon. By crocheting it yourself, you can also make one as a fun DIY project. Save your soap bar, skin, and money with a soap-saver bag. 

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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