Zero Waste Body Wash

8 Best Zero Waste Body Wash Options for Sustainable Showers

Imagine you could take out all the plastic bottles in your bathroom. A good one to start with would be your body wash. While the beauty industry has taken considerable steps to provide eco-friendly personal care products, many of our body products come in single-use plastics that contribute to plastic waste. 

Thankfully, there are zero-waste alternatives you can switch to. Most of these zero-waste body washes come with natural ingredients, are free of harsh chemicals, and come in plastic-free packaging for a zero-waste shower, healthy skin, and planet. 

Read on to go through our list of some of the best zero-waste body washes you can shop for today.  

Why switch to zero-waste body washes? 

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We might not realize it, but our body washes contribute significantly to plastic waste. Some of them come in single-use plastics, which are harmful to the environment. 

According to reports, nearly 7.9 billion units of plastic came from beauty products like shampoo, body wash, conditioner, etc., in the U.S. Also, billions of plastic packaging are attributed to the beauty industry every year. Tonnes of this plastic waste ends up in the oceans, poisoning sea animals and distorting the marine ecosystem. 

Switching to zero-waste body washes reduces the harmful effects of plastic body wash bottles on the environment. Not to mention that these products come in natural and organic ingredients that are biodegradable, making them healthy for both you and the planet. 

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We have also carefully selected a whole range of eco-friendly bathroom products, including zero-waste shampoo, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic loofahs, zero-waste deodorants, zero-waste makeup, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even toilet paper. When it comes time to replace that plastic shower curtain, we’re here for you, too, with our guide to the best eco-friendly shower curtains

Read on for zero-waste body wash options, or browse of the links above for everything you might need to reduce waste throughout your bathroom routine. 

8 body wash brands for a zero-waste bath

We’ve selected some of the best non-toxic, natural zero waste body soaps for a clean plastic-free wash: 

Quick links to our best zero-waste body wash choices:

1. Dr. Bronner's

Type: Bar soaps
Sustainable features: Vegan, certified fair trade ingredients, Leaping Bunny certified

This soap bar from Dr. Bronner’s comes in the purest organic and certified fair trade ingredients that clean and moisturize your skin without leaving any dryness. 

These body soap bars are organic, and gentle, and come in plant-based materials. They are free of palm oil, dyes, whiteners, and synthetic fragrances. These soap bars have also not been tested on animals. 

Every bar soap comes in 100% post-consumer recycled paper, which helps reduce paper waste created in landfills.

The brand aims to create a positive change in the world through funding and lending a voice to causes like animal welfare, fair trade, wage equality, regenerative agriculture, and much more. Their factories are also sustainable, making use of renewable energy for production. 

A certified brand following high standards 

Dr. Bronner claims they are not the greenwashing type as each product goes through strict industry standards. They claim these standards are the same organic standards used for food. 

They are USDA-certified organic, ensuring there are no fertilizers or pesticides are used in production. They also have a Fair for Life Fair Trade certification that verifies ethical working conditions and fair wages across their supply chain. 

Dr. Bronner also has a certified Leaping Bunny to verify that none of their products come without animal testing. On top of that, this brand is a certified B Corp. 

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2. Plaine Products

Type: Refillable body wash
Sustainable features: cruelty-free, palm oil-free, ethically manufactured. 

If you’re not a fan of disposable body wash, then this refillable body wash could be a fantastic plastic-free alternative for you. Combined with a fresh minty scent and some vanilla, this body wash is sure to give you a soothing bathing experience. It comes in organic ingredients that gently cleanse and restore nutrients to your skin. This body wash could be perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. It is palm oil-free, paraben, and sulfate-free. They are also 100% biodegradable. 

You can get this refillable body wash in citrus lavender or Rosemary mint vanilla. The brand also offers an unscented option. They come in refillable and reusable bottles and eco-friendly packaging for a safe planet. 

Refill program for easy recycling 

Plaine Products is a certified B corp brand committed to making plastic-free body products. These products are also eco-friendly. By packaging this body wash in aluminum bottles, the brand ensures that you can recycle them through its refill program. All you need to do is take the pump off your old empty bottles and send them back in a plastic-free return box to get a refill. You can then use your old pumps with your new bottle. 

Plaine Products is also a member of 1% for the planet and is transparent about its efforts toward sustainability. 

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3. Alpine Provisions

Type: Refillable body wash
Sustainable features: 100% biodegradable, organic ingredients, zero-waste bath soap

This Castile body wash comes in plant-based ingredients and other natural ingredients like coconut oils and olive oil, making them healthy for your skin and the planet. The coconut oil and olive oil protects your skin, providing deep hydration. It also reduces the signs of aging. It comes in an inviting natural scent made from careful blends of sustainably sourced essential oils. 

Recyclable aluminum bottles that save the planet 

This Castile body wash comes in aluminum bottles with a BPA-free lining. The brand shows its commitment to a safe and sustainable planet by replacing plastics with aluminum bottles for most products. 

Alpine Provisions makes natural and organic body and hair products like shampoo, bar soap, conditioner, and other personal care products.  

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4. Bathing Culture

Bathing Culture Glass Refill Body Wash
Photo Credit: Bathing Culture

Type: Body wash refillable bottle
Sustainable features: cruelty-free, 100% plant-based ingredients, palm oil-free, ethically manufactured 

Take yourself to the Northern California redwood canopies with this certified organic body wash. Made from 100% plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients, this body wash is safe for your skin and the environment. Natural ingredients like organic coconut, olive oil, shea butter, and much more leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. It is also scented with essential oils and comes in a refillable bottle, making it perfect for traveling. What’s more? You can use this soap as a shampoo. 

Certified organic products from a zero-waste skincare brand 

Bathing Culture is a zero-waste skincare brand that uses mostly 100% certified organic ingredients to make natural soaps, body washes, body oils, and other products. They source some of these ingredients locally from California vendors. Each eco-friendly body wash bottle comes from post-consumer recycled plastic. The brand also has a refill program available in some stores mentioned on their website. Bathing Culture is also carbon neutral. 

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5. Conscious Skin Care

Conscious Skin Care Organic Body Wash
Photo Credit: Conscious Skin Care

Type: Glass bottle body wash
Sustainable features: Vegan, ethical sourcing, natural ingredients 

This organic body soap is famous for its wonderful fragrance and rich lather. The brand carefully mixes a blend of natural materials for well-moisturized skin, even with multiple washes. It contains plant-based materials that are both safe and healthy for your skin.

The bottle comes with a sweet orange and frangipani fragrance with an uplifting scent that calms your mind as you shower. It also comes in other fragrances like zingy grapefruit, lemon, cedarwood, Amyris & vetiver, as well as an unscented option. This body wash comes in a beautiful 235ml glass bottle that you can recycle.  

Sustainable body washes free of harmful chemicals 

Conscious Skin Care is a UK-based brand founded by Rebecca. Her brand comes from her desire to create products that will help with her chronic dry skin. 

The brand has a wide range of organic products, from body washes to shampoo and moisturizers. Each product comes free of synthetic preservatives, sodium, or phthalates. 

PETA and the Vegetarian society fully approved of conscious skin care. They also have a Leaping Bunny certification. 

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6. Cooleeme

Cooleeme Body Wash Shower Balls
Photo Credit: Cooleeme

Type: Body wash shower balls
Sustainable features: natural ingredients, zero-waste packaging

Made from natural ingredients, this disposable body wash is an effective cleanser that removes dead skin cells and improves the texture of your skin. Its calming scent makes your shower time a pleasant experience. 

This soap comes in individual shower balls. To use, simply add some warm water to the shower ball and crush it with your fingers. You can use a sponge to lather up. The brand claims that its creamy texture sits well on the skin and gives it an extra layer of protection. 

These disposable soaps are great for traveling. You can put some shower balls in an empty bottle or resealable pack. This means you don't have to worry about wet soap bars or sharing soaps with others. 

Quality soaps with eco-friendly packaging

Each pack comes with a transparent film that is home-compostable and made of wood pulp that is safe to dispose of in landfills. You can also recycle the paper box by throwing it in a paper recycle bin.

Shower balls reduce water consumption during production. It also reduces energy as the cost of shipping and recycling. It also reduces carbon footprint. 

Each biodegradable body wash pack comes with 30 shower balls which equates to about 600ml of liquid body wash. This diverts one plastic bottle from ending up in landfills. 

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7. Ethique Body Wash Bars

Ethique Body Wash Bars
Photo Credit: Ethique

Type: Soap bars
Sustainable features: vegan, plastic-free, fair trade ingredients, biodegradable, carbon-neutral

Made with natural scents and ingredients, Ethique zero-waste body soap bars are a great plastic-free alternative for your skincare. They are biodegradable, free of palm oil ingredients, and naturally derived. 

These soap bars are perfect for all skin types. They come in various inviting scents, including lime and ginger, sweet orange and vanilla, lime and lemongrass, and so on. You can also find bar soap for a tougher scrub.

These deliciously scented soap bars are completely vegan and free of animal cruelty so that you can enjoy a guilt-free bath. With every soap bar you buy, you prevent one plastic bottle from being disposed of. 

A Certified B Corporation on a plastic-free mission 

Ethique, a company born in New Zealand, aims to eradicate the world of plastic waste. The company claims to have diverted more than 9 million plastic bottles from landfills. 

The company is also carbon-neutral, creating more compact designs and less packaging for efficient carbon-neutral shipping. 

The company also donates a part of its profits to charity, and with every purchase you make, it plants one tree. 

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8. Plus Body Wash Sachets

Plus Body Wash Sachets
Photo Credit: Plus

Type: Dissolvable sachet body soaps
Sustainable features: vegan, 100% compostable, natural materials, dermatologist tested 

This body soap no-bottle cleanser comes in a unique dissolvable sachet. Yes, you heard right. This soap comes packaged in a sachet that easily dissolves through your bathroom drainage while you bathe. For smooth and healthy skin, it comes rich in aloe leaf, shea butter, eucalyptus, almond oil, and other naturals. It also comes in various inviting fragrances, including an unscented option. 

These soaps are vegan and completely free of any form of animal cruelty. To use, simply tear open the sachet and drop the sachet in your drainage to dissolve. Add some water to the soap in the sachet, lather up, and enjoy a soothing cleaning experience. 

If you don't want to share bar soaps with anyone or you are going on a trip, then this is one soap you will love. 

Sustainable practices for a happier planet

Plus is a plastic-free, climate-positive company actively pursuing a safer planet by creating no-plastic packaging for its product. Their soaps come in a dissolvable sachet made of responsibly sourced wood pulp. The ink is FDA approved and bio-renewable. 

Plus also has a certified home compostable bio-based pouch for safe home composting. 

The company is also conscious of its carbon footprint and creates products with lower carbon emissions and gets them to your door using carbon-neutral shipping. 

Plus also donates 1% of its profits to projects like One Tree Planted, Clear Water Fund, and so on. 

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Rinsing off on zero waste body washes 

Healthy skin is the very definition of self-care. We want a relaxing bath that leaves us feeling squeaky clean and confident. However, some of these body soaps and washes come in harmful single-use plastic bottles and packaging that contribute to plastic waste, ultimately harming our environment. 

Thankfully, these eight zero-waste and low-waste body washes made from the purest organic, and natural ingredients save the planet while giving us a healthy and relaxing bathing experience. 

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