6 Refillable Bubble Bath Choices for Eco-Suds

The ultimate relaxation ritual is bathing. Although bath products include many options, such as oils, salts, and bath bombs, anything creating bubbly foam remains a classic bathing product. And it is even better if you opt for a refillable bubble bath for the perfect soak without the single-use plastic waste. 

Many bubble bath products are unsustainable because producers package them in plastic. As we keep purchasing new products, we are creating more plastic pollution. However, a few brands now offer ways to reduce the waste we produce, even when it comes to those luxurious bubble bath moments. 

Using eco-friendly packaging to package bubble bath soap and offering a refill return program, these brands make bath time more eco-friendly. Read on for six eco-friendly refillable bubble bath products we recommend. 

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6 Best Refillable Bubble Bath Options

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1. Solana

Solana refillable bubble bath
Photo credits: Solana.

Solana is a woman-owned business that produces non-toxic body products in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. The founder was inspired to establish the brand when her mother received a cancer diagnosis. This helped her better understand the existence of toxic chemicals in our everyday products that can cause harm. 

Then, she decided to produce chemical-free bubble baths and other skincare products. Solana’s products are free from alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. 

They are an honest company that values transparency. So, they list every ingredient a product uses on its label. Moreover, the founder’s dream is to create a community for sustainable living enthusiasts. 

Their Bubble Bath & Refill contains 70% natural ingredients. It contains aloe vera juice, honey extract, oat protein, and rich vitamins. It is excellent for people with sensitive skin. 

Their bubble bath body wash comes in two types of sustainable packaging; a glass bottle and a refillable pouch. It also comes in two fragrance types; unscented and pink grapefruit and bergamot. 

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2. Fork and Melon Luxury Bubble Bath 

Fork and Melon Luxury Bubble Bath 
Photo Credit: Fork and Melon.

Fork & Melon is a sustainable brand based in Southern California. The founder's experience with reproductive health problems caused her to reevaluate personal body care products. Inspiration led her to create chemical-free skin and hand wash products. 

She discovered many benefits of watermelon seed oil for the skin. Fork & Melon bubble bath body shower is free from parabens, artificial fragrances, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, alcohol, and mineral oil. Their packaging is also sustainable. They use recyclable, refillable, and BPA-free packaging. 

They reduce their carbon footprint by using wind energy to power their factory. Their clean luxury bubble bath refill set costs $78. It comes with an extra 32 oz refill. Both men and women with all skin types can use it. Fork & Melon also donate 10% of their sales to the National Infertility Association to educate and support people experiencing reproductive health issues. Particularly infertility.  

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3. The Refill Shoppe 

The Refill Shoppe Bubble Bath
Photo Credit: The Refill Shoppe.

Michelle Stevens founded the Refill Shoppe in 2010. 74% of their ingredients are organic. They even use aloe vera juice as the primary ingredient for their bubble bath. Refill Shoppe's selling point is consumers' freedom to create custom bubble bath body wash. 

They allow you to pick your desired scent from their natural fragrance scents. Also, there is information on their website that will guide you through choosing your essential oil scent blend for your bubble bath. They recommended the essential oils to choose from based on your skin type. 

Someone with oily skin should use the lime, lemongrass, and tea tree oil blend. While the lavender, chamomile, and clary sage blend works best for someone with a sensitive skin type. They even offer recommendations for babies and children. Their refillable packaging container is a glass bottle. 

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4. Bower Collective (UK)

Bower Collective Refillable Bubble Bath
Photo Credit: Bower Collective.

Bower Collective's mission is to make an eco-friendly lifestyle accessible to everyone. The bowerbird is a vital part of their inspiration for the brand, as you can tell from the name. Bowerbird is famous for recycling bright-colored plastic waste by using it to decorate its nest. 

They have two refillable bubble bath products; for adults and children. They use organic raw materials to make their body wash. The ingredients include cinnamon leaf oil, Grapefruit oil, Twig oil, organic apple extract, coriander seed oil, etc. They have a refill program that allows you to send your refillable pouch back on prepaid returns after emptying it into the container. 

They recycle every returned pouch into a new one. Since their establishment, they have stopped 10,000 kgs of non-recyclable plastics from entering the environment. Also, Bower produces all their products in the United Kingdom to reduce their carbon footprint. They also sell bubble bath oils and other eco-friendly skincare products. 

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5. Thatcham (UK)

The founders of Thatcham are Jenny and Tom. The couple established the company in September 2018. They supply sustainable and ethically produced skincare and household cleaning products. Jenny and Tom aim to reduce the plastic waste produced in the environment. 

So, they use refillable vegan bottles for their products. Thatcham is very transparent about its supply chain. SESI is their refillable products supplier because they are an Oxford-based business, helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

Thatcham sells SESI's Bubble Bath Shower Hands within the price range of €2 to €126. The price depends on the size you want, ranging from 250 ml to 5 liters. You can even get a 100 ml free sample to test the bubble bath body shower before making a big purchase. 

It contains organic ingredients like palm oil and vegetable glycerin. The best part of buying from Thatcham is their refill program. Just send your old bottle back to get a refill. You don't have to keep accumulating plastic bottles. 

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6. Starfish Eco (UK)

Starfish Eco (UK) eco bodywash + bubble bath
Photo Credit: Starfish Eco.

Kris established Starfish Eco to reduce pollution and environmental damage caused by human activities. They also want to make a difference, no matter how little or inconsequential it may seem. Kris chooses the best eco-friendly materials to create the best sustainable products for your skin. 

Starfish Eco's products are free from toxic chemicals, plastic, and animal cruelty. Furthermore, some of their suppliers reduce their carbon footprints by planting trees and reducing water and energy usage. 

Their coconut bubble bath body wash will moisturize your skin after each bath. The packaging comes in 500 ml; you can return it for a refill.

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