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9 Best Zero Waste Face Wash Options for Naturally Clean Skin

Our skin experiences a lot throughout the day. Dirt and bacteria, sweat, oil, and dead skin cells accumulate on the skin and face. Over time, this build-up could lead to clogged pores, lifeless, dry skin, and loss of natural oils on the face. This is why you need a face wash. After a day's work or activity, a good face wash can make all the difference. 

But as you know, most of our conventional face wash comes in single-use plastic packaging, which ends up nowhere but in landfills, contributing to plastic waste.

Thankfully, with zero waste face wash, you can keep your face and skin free of dirt and prevent allergies and skin irritation while saving the planet. 

Read on to go through our list of some of the best zero-waste face washes you can shop for today. 

Ingredients to look out for in zero-waste face wash 

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Conventional face washes promise a healthy, clean face, but in reality, most of these face wash products strip the natural oil off your face, leaving it dehydrated and without protection. Not to mention that these face washes come in unrecyclable plastics that end up in landfills. 

You can enjoy natural skincare ingredients that give you clean and clear skin while protecting the environment with a zero-waste face wash. 

In a zero-waste face wash, you want to look for natural oils like jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. These oils come with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse and protect your skin.

You also want to look out for Witch Hazel- a natural astringent that tightens skin pores and reduces inflammation. Lastly, choose face washes with essential oils and plant extracts rich in vitamins. This soothes and softens your skin.  

9 best zero-waste face wash for a cleaner face and planet

Looking for a zero-waste face wash for your nightly routine? Here’s our list of some of the best zero-waste face wash options. 

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1. Fleur and Bee Natural Vegan Face Wash

Fleur and Bee Natural Vegan Face Wash
Photo Credit: Fleur and Bee

Features: Natural and sustainable ingredients, no artificial fragrances or chemicals, cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified), 100% renewable wind energy, recyclable packaging 

Fleur and Bee natural face cleanser come with natural ingredients that cleanse and balance your face. It cleans off dirt, unclogs your pores, and balances the oils on your face. You can also use this facial wash as a zero-waste makeup remover

Your skin absorbs a natural blend of organic coconut oil, rosemary extract, organic aloe vera, and other natural ingredients with each use. These face washes come free of palm oil, artificial fragrances, dyes, and harmful chemicals. 

Each liquid face wash comes with ingredients made with 100% renewable wind energy, and whereas it may look like a plastic bottle, it's actually glass to reduce waste. The packaging is also recyclable. 

What’s more, you get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back within 30 days. 

Shop on Fleur and Bee or Check the Price on Amazon

2. ETEE - Zero Waste Facial Cleansing Bar 

ETEE - Zero Waste Facial Cleansing Bar 
Photo Credit: ETEE

Features: Organic ingredients, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, vegan, plastic-free 

These face wash bars from ETEE gently cleanse your face, removing dirt and toxins. Natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, rhassoul clay, organic shea butter, and other ingredients melt gently into your face, protecting it from dryness and skin irritation.

Each face cleanser comes in 85% USDA-certified organic ingredients, which have never been tested on animals. 

ETEE carefully makes each zero-waste face bar for all skin types, including very sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. It also comes in plastic-free, zero-waste packaging. Plus, they have a great line of shampoo and conditioner bars you can add to your order for more plastic-free bathroom cred.

Shop on Etee

3. Urban Oreganics - Facial Cleansing Grains

Urban Oreganics - Facial Cleansing Grains 
Photo Credit: Urban Oreganics

Features: 100% natural ingredients, vegan, free of harmful chemicals, glass jar, and metal lid

This zero-waste face wash gently washes away dirt and impurities, protecting your skin and preventing aging. This product is made up of organic grains and exfoliates your skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft and clear. 

Its natural ingredients include gluten-free oats, french green clay, and more for natural moisture. These help manage acne and calm redness and are perfect for sensitive skin.  It comes free of sulfates, parabens, GMOs, and others, making it healthy for your face and skin.

This organic skin product is plastic-free and comes in an eco-friendly glass jar. Thanks to this glass jar, you can avoid its contact with water and preserve your zero-waste face washes for longer. 

Shop Urban Oreganics

4. Eco Roots Bamboo Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

Eco Roots Bamboo Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Zero Waste Face Wash Bar
Photo Credit: Eco Roots

Features: Certified organic by USDA, anti-bacterial, zero-waste, not tested on animals

Eco Roots Bamboo Charcoal face soap makes our list of zero-waste face washes thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Made with herbs, clay, and organic ingredients, these face washes will deeply clean your pores, removing bacteria and leaving your skin supple and healthy. It comes free of synthetics or animal products and can be used both for the face and the whole body. 

This soap is excellent for all skin types but is even better for oily or combination skin. To use, simply lather the soap with your hands and gently massage your face in a circular and upward motion. Once done, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a towel. 

Shop on Eco Roots

5. Cleo+Coco Zero Waste Face & Body Cleansing Bar 

Cleo+Coco Zero Waste Face & Body Cleansing Bar 
Photo Credit: Cleo+Coco

Features: Organic ingredients, vegan, zero-waste packaging

You can give your skin a detox with this zero-waste face cleansing bar. Made with safe, natural, and organic ingredients, this soap is suitable for every skin type, including acne, eczema, and other skin issues. 

It draws out skin impurities while infusing your face and body with vitamins, minerals, and other nourishment. Each bar soap is cold-pressed and hand-poured. It comes in packaging free of plastics and is also travel-friendly. 

Check the Price on Amazon

6. Butter Me Up Organics - Zero Waste Facial Cleansing Bar 

Butter Me Up Organics - Zero Waste Facial Cleansing Bar 
Photo Credit: Butter Me Up Organics

Features: Organic ingredients, zero waste, upcycled packaging, free of synthetic dyes and fragrances

Made with French Green Clay and Organic Castile Soap, this plastic-free face wash bar is great for all skin types. Thanks to the clay, this face bar balances the oils on your skin by pulling out excess oil build-up, leaving your skin pores smaller and reducing blackheads. 

This soap also contains rosemary essential oil and Frankincense essential oil, which are good for keeping your face firm and youthful even if you have oily skin. It also tones your face and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 

This zero-waste face bar comes in upcycled tissue paper. You can order this product in different sizes and quantities.

Shop on Etsy

7. Meow Meow Tweet - Zero Waste Facial Cleanser 

Meow Meow Tweet - Zero Waste Facial Cleanser 
Photo Credit: Meow Meow Tweet

Features: natural and organic ingredients, Leaping Bunny certified, vegan, free of harsh chemicals, recyclable glass bottle, compostable packaging. 

Need a facial cleanser for oily or blemish-prone skin? This zero-waste facial cleanser could just be perfect for your skin. Made with natural and organic ingredients, this product effectively cleanses your face without stripping off moisture and oils. This gentle formula has a fresh and herbaceous scent with a creamy texture. 

To use, simply apply a small amount over your face. Wet your hands and massage your face. Once done, rinse with warm water or a wet cloth. This facial cleanser comes in reusable glass bottles and compostable packaging. Alongside, also check out their excellent options for zero-waste deodorant and zero-waste lip balms.

Shop Meow Meow Tweet

8. Upcircle Beauty - Cleansing Face Balm with Apricot Powder 

Upcircle Beauty - Cleansing Face Balm with Apricot Powder 
Photo Credit: Upcircle Beauty

Features: natural and organic ingredients, vegan, recyclable glass jar, and aluminum lid

Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, this face cleansing balm comes from a finely ground powder of apricot stones and is rich in Vitamin E.

This natural cleanser removes makeup, dirt, and facial impurities, leaving your skin smooth, clean, and well-nourished. It is free of animal cruelty and harsh chemicals. Each cleansing balm comes in a glass jar with an aluminum lid. 

To use, take a sizable amount and massage between your hands and unto your face in a circular motion. After this, rinse off with a warm damp cloth. 

Customers boast of this product, leaving their skin feeling clean and free of irritation. It is no wonder this product comes with a 4.8-star rating. 

Shop Upcircle Beauty

9. Plaine Products Face Wash

Features: zero-waste, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, biodegradable, refillable

This face wash from Plaine Products comes in natural ingredients and Vitamin C that are loving to your skin. It gently cleanses your skin while removing dirt and impurities. Its natural ingredients help improve your skin tone and texture while it helps prevent aging. It contains no harsh chemicals and is palm oil-free.

What’s more, this wash comes in a refillable bottle for a sustainable planet. To use, simply wet your skin and apply small amounts of the product to your face. Massage it gently and rinse it with clean water. Once you buy the first bottle and pump, you can take out the pump and return your empty bottles for a refill. 

Shop on Plaine Products


A zero-waste face wash is a healthy addition to your self-care routine. Not only does it come with natural ingredients that keep your skin healthy and clean, but it also reduces the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Whatever your skin type is, you can go through our list above to shop for some of the best zero-waste face washes.

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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