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5 Best Hemp Dog Collars for Sustainable Walkies

As a pet owner, getting the perfect dog collar for your pooch can sometimes be a real head-scratcher. You want to make sure you find dog collars that are comfortable to wear, safe, and equally fashionable for your pup.  

Most dog collars come in leather or synthetic fibers like nylon. However, dog collars made of earth-friendly materials like organic hemp and cotton have become mainstream.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best hemp dog collars that are eco-friendly and super comfortable for your pets. 

Why do your dogs need hemp dog collars? 

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Your furry companion deserves the best, and this is why as a pet owner, you need to pay attention to the type of food you feed your dogs and the materials that you put on them. This includes their dog collar. Let’s look at a few reasons hemp dog collars are highly recommended for your dog to get you started. 

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Hemp dog collars are super durable 

A dog collar is more than a fashionable piece around your dog’s neck. You don’t want a dog collar with weak fabric that can tear or break easily. In the case of an emergency, the tags on your dog’s collar will help find them. Hemp dog collars are made of strong fibers, ensuring safety for your dogs. Also, you can save money with quality and long-lasting collars, knowing you don't have to purchase dog collars every now and then. 

Hemp dog collars are resistant to odors and mildew 

You don’t have to worry about mildew growing on your hemp dog collar, as hemp collars are resistant to both mildew and odors. You can have peace of mind knowing your furry friend won’t easily catch any bacteria causing infections. 

Hemp collars are hypoallergenic 

If your dog has sensitive skin and tends to scratch a lot, you might want to look into the food and materials that go on their skin. A hemp collar may just be the answer for them. Just like hemp clothing for humans, hemp collars are 100% hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t cause allergic reactions. This is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. Your dogs can stay comfortable and healthy. 

Hemp dog collars are biodegradable 

Not only are hemp dog collars durable, comfortable, and healthy, but they are also biodegradable. This means you don't have to worry about your collars affecting the environment. Unlike synthetic collars, hemp collars won't sit in landfills. Once your hemp dog collars are old and weary, they simply break down into the soil.

Our doggies notch up their own environmental impact from plastic toys to unsustainable feed. For more inspiration, check out our tips for sustainable pet ownership and selection of some of the best zero waste pet products. And after a day of causing mischief, we have also got a fine line in some of the best eco-friendly dog beds on the market. 

5 best hemp dog collars for your furry friends

Here’s our list of some of the best hemp dog collars that you can shop for your furry best friend. These collars are comfortable, durable, and, best of all, sustainable. 

1. Pettsie - Matching Dog Collar Bow Tie & Owner Friendship Bracelet

Pettsie hemp dog collars
Photo Credit: Pettsie

Materials: hemp and canvas, soft cotton (for bracelet)

These collars make the top of the list, being comfortable to wear and equally stylish. Pettsie collars come with unique bow-tie features that will make your dog a showstopper. Made of durable hemp and strong canvas, these dog collars are also lightweight. 

These collars come in various sizes, from extra small, medium and large for both male and female dogs. Even better, they come with a matching bracelet to strengthen the bond between dog and owner. It also comes with a ring for a leash or tag. You also get your package in plastic-free packaging. 

Shop Direct or on Amazon

RichPaw - Eco-Friendly Hemp and Cotton Dog Collars

RichPaw - Eco-Friendly Hemp and Cotton Dog Collars
Photo Credit: RichPaw

Materials: hemp, metal D ring, durable plastic buckle, pure cotton webbing, handmade 

These handmade hemp dog collars come in 100% pure cotton webbing and durable hemp. You can easily adjust them with a clickable plastic buckle. The metal D ring is super durable, allowing you to attach your lead without fuss.

These dog collars are earth-friendly and come in various sizes, perfect for big strong dongs and the littler ones too. You can purchase them individually or buy them as a complete set. These ship from a small business in the UK.

Shop on Etsy

Fuzzy Friends Hemp Dog Collar

Materials: hemp, cotton lining 

This handmade collar from Fuzzy Friends comes in hemp fiber just perfect for sensitive dogs. They are sturdy, durable, and naturally resistant to odors and mildew. They also come in softer cotton linen that is comfortable for your dog. 

Fuzzy Friends is a small sustainable company owned by a veterinarian in the USA. The company has many years of experience making hemp products for eco-conscious pet owners. 

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Earthdog Hemp Dog Collars

Earthdog Hemp Dog collars

Materials: 100% hemp, adjustable clip, machine-washable 

These hemp collars feature 100% hemp webbing and triple-layer, naturally resistant, and hypoallergenic. You can take these Earthdog collars off and on, as they are adjustable. These collars come in various colors, including green, dark red, and blue. There are also various sizes (from small to large) that you can choose from. Earthdog handmakes its collars in the USA, and you can machine wash them without a problem. 

Earthdog offers free shipping for orders over $50 within the continental USA. They also offer international shipping. 

Shop on Earthdog or Amazon

Pawsitive Hemp Dog Collars

Materials: hemp canvas, organic cotton

Made from 100% hemp, this collar is super durable enough to hold some of the most muscular pulls. This hemp collar comes with a soft organic cotton lining for comfortable wear. 

You can get these collars in various sizes and colors for male and female dogs. They also come with a lifetime warranty covering any material or manufacturing defects. Best of all, with every purchase from customers, the company donates 10% of its profits to dog rescues.  

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Dressing up your pup in a hemp collar comes with multiple benefits, both for them and for yourself. Hemp is a natural yet durable product that ensures safety for your dogs while protecting the environment. They are especially suitable if your dogs have sensitive or irritated skin. 

You can go through our list of collars made of hemp as listed above to shop for some of the most comfortable and durable collars for your pets. 

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Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo on Unsplash
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