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7 Best Sustainable and Eco Friendly Dog Beds for Eco-Pets

When on a conscious consumption journey, it’s normal to think about the personal swaps we need to make. However, you may be surprised to discover the impact your pet or pets have on the planet. There are many products that pet owners purchase to ensure the comfort of their furry friends. From chewy toys to food items and durable beds, they all work together to support the pet lifestyle. 

While considering various eco-friendly swaps, you should also think of eco-friendly dog beds. Many producers make pet beds cheaply with little care for their environmental impacts. As a result, these pet products often have short lifespans. This leads to inevitably tossing them out, thereby contributing to pollution.

In this article, you’ll discover sustainable dog beds for your pets. Whether the pooch in your life is large or small, there are various eco-friendly options to choose from. And to make it easy, we’ve 7 of the best below for all sorts of styles and doggy tastes. 

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Why Choose Eco-Friendly Dog Beds? 

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Before diving into non-toxic dog bed options, let’s understand why pet owners should go for environmentally-friendly dog beds. You may not be counting, but your dogs spend quite a number of hours sleeping each day. A study revealed that puppies sleep an average of 11.2 hours a day. On the other hand, dogs sleep an average of 10.8 hours a day1

Given these figures, of course, you’d want your dog’s bed to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Many run-of-the-mill dog beds don’t provide the necessary support for dogs. In addition, many of them contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your dog’s health. 

Apart from the adverse effects on your furry friend, mass-produced products also affect the environment. Due to the harmful chemicals producers use during the manufacturing process, the planet suffers the consequences. 

Furthermore, unsustainable materials like polyester fillings and other harmful chemicals affect the world. The production process and end of the life cycle can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. 

For these reasons, choosing a planet-friendly dog bed can make a difference in the grand scheme of things. An eco-friendly dog bedding company will use sustainable materials when crafting its products. This also entails chemical-free processes alongside using organic materials. Many companies have also become innovative by incorporating recycled materials. 

What Makes a Dog Bed Eco-Friendly?

When you set out to shop, you may be wondering what makes an environmentally-friendly dog bed. Below are some things to look out for when looking for eco-friendly dog beds to purchase: 

Sustainable Materials 

When you decide to buy a new bed for your pet, it’s important to consider the materials the company uses. This is probably the most important aspect to consider.

Conscious companies use eco-friendly materials when creating dog beds. This often involves the use of sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, linen, and bamboo. Furthermore, you should look out for non-toxic materials. Non-toxic materials ensure safety for both the environment and your pet.

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Recycled Materials

Apart from natural materials, many companies use recycled materials when producing eco-friendly dog beds. Although specific materials like polyester fabrics aren’t inherently eco-friendly fabrics, recycling them can make a difference. As a result, some companies use recycled polyester to make the beds instead of using raw materials. Apart from recycled polyester, you can even find innovative dog bed businesses that use recycled plastic bottles.

Durable Nature

Not only do conscious companies use eco-friendly materials, but they also build their products to last. When looking out for eco-friendly dog beds, consider the product’s longevity. Sustainable or organic dog beds often withstand wear and tear. As a result, you no longer have to regularly dispose of the whole bed whenever your dog makes a mess. This way, you reduce your waste and save money in the long run. 

7 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Options 

Looking for the right dog bed for your pet? Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite options. These dog beds are free of toxic chemicals and long-lasting. Your dog will thank you for a new sustainable cozy bed. 

Molly Mutt Dog Bed

Molly Mutt Dog Bed
Photo Credit: Molly Mutt

Materials: Cotton canvas dog bed cover and your old fabrics

Molly Mutt creates cotton canvas dog beds to ensure that dogs love their bed. For this reason, the company introduces unique, fun colors and pattern designs. 

Apart from visual design, the company employs mindful practices to create its beds. Molly Mutt’s beds take a unique approach to sustainability. Rather than offering only pre-stuffed sacks, the company gives you a different option. The beds are actually a breathable dog bed cover and stuff sack. 

This unique approach to eco-friendly dog beds means you can fill the sack with old clothes. As a result, you avoid throwing away old pieces, which reduces waste and textile pollution. Additionally, your dogs will love having your scent close to them when they lay on their bed. 

For the removable cover, Molly Mutt uses 100% cotton canvas to produce it. You can easily wash this removable cover in your washing machine. If interested, the company also offers a wool bed insert that you can purchase.

A DIY-Fill Approach to Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

By doing away with traditional fillings, you can keep pet beds for longer. This way, all you have to do is fill the stuff sack with items you already own. This can include old clothes, pillows, and blankets. What’s more eco-friendly than reusing old clothes rather than tossing them in the trash can? 

This brand’s unique and conscious approach to providing eco-friendly dog beds is a game-changer. The innovative design gives you complete freedom when stuffing the sack to fit your dog’s needs. Plus, it’s stress-free as you can easily wash just the cover since it’s machine washable. 

Molly Mutt's also sells a range of other ped accessories such as car seat covers, toy baskets, padding for crates, and so on for all round sustainable pet care.

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Hemp Organic Life Pet Bed

Hemp Organic Life Pet Bed
Photo Credit: Hemp Organic Life

Materials: Organic hemp, undyed linen, flax

If you’re looking for eco-friendly dog beds to keep your pets comfortable through various seasons, this is it. Hemp Organic Life specializes in all things bedding, making use of organic materials like hemp and linen. The company’s offerings include organic mattress covers, pillows, and sleeping bags. The brand primarily offers products for humans with options for furry friends as well. 

This particular bed from Hemp Organic Life is the perfect cozy space for your pets - whether dogs or cats. The eco-friendly dog bed comes in various sizes that fit both small and large dogs. 

Hemp Organic’s dog beds are free of dangerous chemicals. Using natural materials reduces its impact on the environment while providing a comfortable bed for pets. The cover of these non-toxic dog beds is a linen fabric, while the bed insert or filler is hemp fiber. This material composition offers thermoregulation and anti-bacterial properties while also absorbing odors.

A Cozy Eco-Friendly Dog Bed with Customisation Options

The Hemp Organic Life dog bed is an all-around sustainable and comfortable option for your dog. Gone are the days when your dog ignores their own bed due to discomfort. 

The use of undyed linen for the bed cover and organic hemp fibers for the filling makes this an eco-friendly option. We especially love this company’s commitment to ensuring that both you and your pets love their bed. You can even request custom bed sizing and personalized embroidery features.

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West Paw Heyday Bed

West Paw Heyday Bed
Photo Credit: West Paw

Materials: Recycled IntelliLoft stuffing, micro-suede bottom

The Heyday dog bed is a product from West Paw, a certified B Corporation. This certification shows the company's commitment to not only providing pet products but doing so responsibly. 

The West Paw design and values are rooted in care for dogs, people, and the planet. These values reflect in how they craft their signature Heyday dog beds. Using an innovative approach, the company uses IntelliLoft stuffing for the bed stuffings. This is an eco-friendly filling that comes from recycled plastic bottles. By using recycled plastic bottles, the company helps mitigate the effects of plastics in landfills. 

The Heyday bed has soft features that make it comfortable for dogs to relax and sleep in. The bed has a low profile with pillow-like sides that ensure easy access for puppies and dogs. 

Since the problem with many dog beds is that they get flat quickly, West Paw decided to include extra stuffing. For this reason, your dog can enjoy their own bed for a long time without you getting scared of the bed losing its shape. 

The beds also feature a soft, textured top for extra comfort and coziness. Need to clean the bed? Not to worry, as this product is machine washable and dryer safe. 

Thoughtful and Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Designs from a Certified B Corp 

West Paw takes a thoughtful and innovative approach to creating its products. The company’s offerings make it clear that it’s here to serve dogs while protecting the planet and its people. The company is sending a message about its commitment to waste reduction by using recycled plastic. 

Also, the Heyday bed has special features that make it stand out for pet comfort. The idea of a fuller center and pillow-like sides provide extra softness for comfort. The company offers extra pillow cover options and bolster insert pillows. Furthermore, you can purchase replacement parts for your dog’s bed. 

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Delilah Home Organic and Recycled Pet Bed

Delilah Home Organic and Recycled Pet Bed
Photo Credit: Delilah Home

Materials: Organic cotton and PET-recycled bottles

If you’re looking for a simple yet eco-friendly pillow dog bed, Delilah Home has just the one for you. Delilah Home launched a pet bed in partnership with PAIKKA, a dog and dog owner-committed company. 

Get ready for your dog to feel like royalty with this luxurious and super plush organic cotton bed. The product features an organic cotton cover that you can easily remove and wash. The sustainability efforts of both companies led to choosing recycled plastic bottles for the filling. Overall, we have an eco-friendly bed with quality features that complement the luxurious feel. 

Due to its ultra-plush nature, your dog can rest and sleep on a comfortable bed. You can purchase this 42 x 32-inch bed in either grey or pink colors. The organic cotton cover has a zip that makes it easy for you to remove the insert. This way, you can clean the surface once it gets dirty. 

An Organic Cotton Dog Bed that Combines Luxury with Sustainability 

What makes this bed stand out is that the companies designed it to have a luxurious touch to it. So, not only are you getting a sustainable product, but it also exudes luxury. The high-quality materials combined with the softness make this bed every dog and dog owner’s dream. 

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NaturoPet Natural Orthopedic Bed 

Photo Credit: NaturoPet

Materials: Organic cotton and natural wool

This natural orthopedic dog bed is great for your pet if your dog needs extra comfort due to aging or pains. NaturoPet uses 100% natural wool and organic cotton to produce its dog beds. 

Furthermore, the company creates these products to last. The combination of these natural fabrics gives you a product that’s breathable and skin-friendly. As a result, your dog is sure to enjoy maximum comfort. Unlike many synthetic beds, this sustainable product has body heat regulating properties in addition to its softness. What you get is a durable and soothing bed for your pet’s ultimate relaxation. 

NaturoPet provides sizing options to make its offerings ideal for dogs of various sizes. You can pick from sizes-small medium and large when shopping with the company. These sizes provide enough space for your dog to comfortably relax and enjoy a good night’s (or day’s) rest. 

This product features inner and outer cotton covers for added softness and support. Whenever you need to clean the bed, you can easily remove the thick outer cover for cleaning. The zippered organic cotton cover is machine washable to relieve you of stress. 

A Non-Toxic Dog Bed with Orthopedic Support

NaturoPet generally uses natural materials across its product offering. This ensures that the company reduces its impact on the environment while ensuring a safe space for pets. Unlike regular dog beds, this product offers extra support, especially for dogs with special needs. The company designs its pet beds to provide premium support. 

If you’re a pet parent to an aging dog, you and your pet will appreciate this product. It helps to cushion the body for added support. Additionally, the beds help relieve pressure points and tension in your dog’s body.

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Avocado Organic Cotton Dog Bed and Pillow Bolster

Avocado Organic Cotton Dog Bed and Pillow Bolster
Photo Credit: Avocado

Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton and GOLS organic certified natural latex 

Avocado is a certified B Corporation. As a result, the company’s decisions revolve around the best products for its customers and the planet. The company’s certified organic cotton dog beds feature the necessary properties for every dog’s needs. 

Within the inner layer of the bed, Avocado includes organic latex on top of breathable coconut husk. Moving outward, the company covers this layer with a waterproof and water-resistant liner made from organic cotton. 

Also, these cool mattresses provide orthopedic support for your dogs. Finally, a removable organic cotton cover protects the inner layers. All of these properties result in a sustainable, durable, and comfortable bed for any dog. 

Avocado gives you various options to select from when considering this sustainable bed. You have four color options: small/medium and medium/large. 

Additionally, Avocado gives you the option to attach a bolster pillow to your order. This makes for a soothing space for your dog to relax and also for you to play with your furry friend. If you’re wondering what the pillow is made of, it features vegan buckwheat hulls filling with a canvas liner. For the pillow cover, Avocado sticks with organic cotton. 

From the company’s use of materials, it’s obvious that it avoids toxic and synthetic fabrics while embracing organic fibers. Although this is a simple organic mattress with a pillow option, you can also purchase a bed frame. The combination will give your pet the ultimate sleep spot. 

The Ultimate Organic Dog Bed for Your Pet’s Comfort

From the use of organic cotton and natural latex foam to the simple design, this bed provides support for your dog. The company follows intricate design methods to ensure that the bed offers maximum comfort. The inner coconut husk pad having a latex layer sitting on it results in a breathable and supportive naturally hypoallergenic bed. 

Another thing we appreciate about this bed is that it’s PETA vegan approved. So, it doesn't contain wool or other animal-based materials. Furthermore, rest assured that no matter your dog’s age or size, they can enjoy their bed.

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OMI Natural Dog Beds

OMI Natural Dog Beds
Photo Credit: OMI

Materials: Shredded natural rubber and organic cotton eco-friendly fabrics

OMI provides organic mattresses and bedding to support quality sleep while remaining eco-friendly. As part of its bedding offerings, the company sells pet beds to support a good night’s sleep for pets. OMI uses purely sustainable materials to support its sustainability commitments to craft its products. Whether you decide to get the full bed set or only the cover, you’ll be buying eco-friendly products. 

The bed cover is made from stone-colored organic cotton canvas. The company uses shredded natural rubber for the bed’s filling within this cover. The cover is removable and has a zipper to aid easy cleaning. 

The company offers three variants of its pet beds. There’s a small bed, a large bed, and a small round option. You can decide to buy the bed with the removable cover or only the cover. The specifications of the small and large beds are similar, with the main difference being their size. On the other hand, the small round bed is slightly different due to its shape. 

Within the cover is a natural rubber ring that shapes the sides of the bed. Within this ring shape is a thick removable cushion containing shredded natural rubber. UMI’s eco-friendly designs provide a safe and comfortable space for pets to nap during the day and sleep at night.

A Natural and Safe Bed Option for Pets, free from Polyurethane Foam

OMI’s eco-friendly dog beds provide maximum comfort for furry friends. Due to the company’s values, you’ll find that these beds are free from toxic chemicals. Such chemicals are not only harmful to the environment but also to your dog’s health. 

OMI’s dog beds are free from polyurethane foam and chemical flame retardants. Also, your mind will be at ease knowing that your pet’s bed doesn’t have pesticide-treated cotton. Overall, OMI’s beds are sustainably-made and durable, with comforting properties for body support. 

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Every pet owner’s dream is to provide their pets with the support and love they need. This includes taking them on walks and also giving them the materials they need to be comfortable. Just like humans, dogs also require good quality sleep every day. As a result, they need a comfortable bed space to rest during the day and at night. 

By choosing durable eco-friendly dog beds, you’ll not only be supporting your pet but also protecting the environment. 


Kinsman, R., Owczarczak-Garstecka, S., Casey, R., Knowles, T., Tasker, S., Woodward, J., ... & Murray, J. (2020). Sleep duration and behaviours: a descriptive analysis of a cohort of dogs up to 12 months of age. Animals, 10(7), 1172. DOI: 10.3390/ani10071172 

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