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11 Best Online Clothes Alterations And Repair Services

There's an increase in demand for fashion items because most people throw away outfits before the end of their lifespan. Some believe clothing alteration is for people who can't afford new clothes. 

On the contrary, repairing shoes and clothes is for everyone. It helps us renew and use our clothes longer. Online clothing alterations and repairs make it easy to mend our garments. 

These alteration brands work on suits, gowns, jeans, and other types of clothing. In this article, we will describe the benefits of employing the services of an online clothing repair store. We will also discuss 11 online clothing alteration stores.

Why should you employ online clothes repair services?  

The world is deep in the abyss of the fast fashion industry. In this industry, manufacturers and consumers throw clothes in landfills without a second thought. Consumers would rather pay for a new dress or pants than pay a local tailor to repair it. 

In reality, most people can still wear most of the clothes they throw in the trash. So, here are some reasons you should sign up for online alteration services: 

  • It helps reduce fast fashion consumption and promotes circular fashion. People buy fewer clothes when they still have their favorite pieces in their wardrobes.
  • It prevents textile pollution and reduces the fashion industry's contribution to carbon emissions. 
  • Repairing your clothes allows you to keep your favorite wears longer. 
  • You also save extra money by signing up for alterations instead of buying new clothing.

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Best Online Clothing Repair Services

1. Alter Knit

Alter Knit
Photo Credit: Alter Knit.

Alter Knit is an online clothing repair store established by Miriam Mades. She launched the brand in 2009. The brand's mission is to give your favorite clothes a new life and keep it clean. 

They work with skilled artisans who repair clothing by hand using tiny needles and a magnifying glass. Alter Knit is dedicated to reducing the impact of fashion consumption on the environment. 

Their repair services include sweater repair, removing pilling on clothing, and alterations services. They also offer suit repair, hand washing, and machine laundry services. 

Alter Knit is in Astoria, Queens, New York. However, you can reach them via email, chat, or phone to discuss your garment repair. They offer 10% off on the first order to those successfully subscribed to their mailing list. 

You don’t have to worry about the pricing. Alter Knit price based on time and the labor required. They do not charge for shipping, delivery, or the cost of materials. You can schedule a repair on their website. 

There is door-to-door same-day pick-up service within the five boroughs of New York. You can mail your repair from anywhere in the United States by getting a prepaid shipping label. They typically return your garment between 4 to 6 weeks. However, you can speed it up by paying an extra fee. 

Alter Knit Website.

2. Patagonia

Patagonia is a clothing store established over 30 years ago. They have always advocated for Alaska's indigenous people, land, water, and wildlife. Their passion for environmental advocacy led to the creation of a repair service. 

However, they only accept clothing bought from their brand for repairs. Patagonia covers the bills of most repairs but may charge for technical clothing like wetsuits and waders. Ensure the garment you're sending for repair is clean. They mail back dirty clothes to their owners for cleaning. 

Patagonia’s repair team is in Reno, Nevada. The staff can help you send garments requiring repairs to the alteration team. They can also guide you through the bending process. Patagonia’s website has lots of clothing care and repair tips. 

They use a Tenacious Tape® patch kit to mend small holes and patches. Patagonia only collects a shipping fee since most of the repairs are free. 

Patagonia’s Website.

3. Old Flame Mending

Old Flame Mending.
Photo Credit: Old Flame Mending.

Old Flame Mending offers mending and alteration services. They fix clothes with professional tailoring skills. They hem and transform casual clothes into formal dresses. However, they don't accept suits and wedding gowns for alterations. 

It doesn't matter that you're not at the store's location in Pittsburgh. You can mail it to them once you wash the garments. You can expect to get your garments back after two weeks. Use safety pins to mark the damaged areas to make it easier for Old Flame Mending to fix your clothes. 

They have a price list for clothing alterations. They charge over $10 to shorten straps, while hem repair starts from & 51.80. Fixing a formal dress can cost up to $100. They sew up a seam at $4-8. The pricing is according to the size. Jeans crotch repair costs an average of $39. 

To experience seamless alteration services at Old Flame Mending, bring the shoes you will wear with the garment. It also applies to those wanting to hem and taper pants, dresses, and skirts. For formal clothes, bring the shoes and underwear you'd be wearing underneath. 

Old Flame Mending Website

4. Little Cliff

Little Cliif.
Photo Credit: Little Cliff.

Alexis Giger founded Little Cliff in March 2020. Their clothes repair services include pillow patches and quilt repair. They have a bulk repair service. The online clothes alterations store organizes monthly pop-ups in the St. Louis area. 

Jeans zipper repair and replacement cost $45+, belt loop repair and replacements cost $10, and back pocket reinforcement is $25.  They repair underarm seam and patch garments for $25+, replace missing buttons for $5, and hem garments for $15+. 

It's best to send in bulk to save shipping costs. You can check their website to see the complete mending plans. Expect to receive your garments four weeks after you make payment. You can communicate with them via the website and emails. 

Little Cliff Website.

5. Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy.
Photo Credit: Denim Therapy.

Another online clothes repair store is Denim Therapy. They are dedicated to caring for various jean garments and materials. Denim Therapy examines every inch of your jeans to determine the best alteration solution. 

The brand's commitment to quality, care, and ease informed their decision to stay at New York City's Garment District. They say it's the heart of America’s fashion capital. Denim Therapy has gathered a range of skills over the past 30 years. 

These skills include a signature weaving design created by the head seamstress to better repair jeans. They repair and replace jeans hardware materials like zippers, buttons, and rivets. 

They reweave jeans to fix holes and tears and reinforce weak spots. Denim Therapy also offers stitching, hemming, and tailoring services. You can also choose a customization option to restyle your jeans completely. 

Denim Therapy Website.

6. Eva Joan

Eva Joan.
Photo Credit: Eva Joan.

Eva Joan is a clothing alterations service in New York. They offer a range of alteration and tailoring services on the website. You can schedule an embroidery session to give your clothes a new life. 

They also offer alterations, garment reconstruction, handwork, and repair services. They can handle all textiles and clothing. So, drop your jackets, jeans, pants, and vintage dresses. Eva Joan even repairs bags.

Eva Joan Website

7. Hem Me Up

Hem Me Up.
Photo Credit: Hem Me Up.

Hem Me Up is an online store offering professional tailoring and alteration services. They alter dresses, skirts, jackets, suits, pants, and denim.  Remember to wash your garments before you send them in for alteration services. 

Hem Me Up services include just cut and fray jean hem, pants hem plain, and pants hem cut. They also offer clothing fitting services like waist resize and upsize. They'll even change your dress or jacket pocket if you so desire. 

You can mail your clothing to them after you make a repair order on Hem Me Up’s website. The return of your dress depends on the shipping method you choose. However, they typically return altered clothing within seven business days. 

Hem Me Up Website.

8. Hidden Opulence

Hidden Opulence is one of the best at repairing clothes. They aim to promote sustainable clothing care to dispose of the fast fashion industry. Hidden Opulence gives the newest form to old and damaged clothes. 

They are excellent at refurbishing, repairing, and reconstructing heirloom garments and other types of clothing. Their online clothes alterations include: 

  • the replacement of buttons, snap, hook, and eyes,
  • visible mending,
  • garment dyeing and bleaching, 
  • hems and seams,
  • fitting clothes at the waist area,
  • adding pockets,
  • custom embellishments, 
  • and upcycling. 

Check their website to make a booking. They don't accept lots of alteration orders because of limited staffing. Ensure that you check their availability to repair your dress. 

Hidden Opulence Website.

9. Tad More Tailoring

Tad More Tailoring.
Photo Credit: Tad More Tailoring.

Tad More Tailoring is a sustainable fashion store focused on fast fashion waste reduction. They want to repair your dress with a worn-out zipper or a shirt with missing buttons to prevent you from throwing it away. 

Their mission is to help customers reduce waste, save time, and look fabulous. They have expert seamstresses and tailors, both male and female, to fix clothes. However, their alteration process requires customers to pin the damaged areas and send a detailed description of the alteration services needed. 

This online clothes alterations store repairs women’s skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, and jackets. They also transform men’s clothing into its newest form. Use Tad More Tailoring’s alteration service to save water and reduce carbon footprint. 

Tad More Tailoring Website.

10. Rugged Thread

Rugged Thread.
Photo Credit: Rugged Thread.

Their alteration services are different from the previous brands mentioned. They focus on repairing outdoor gear like rain shells, skiwear, bike jerseys, down jackets, soft shells, snow pants, and cotton. 

Rugged Thread also repairs all types of tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks. They specialize in fixing tent screens, zippers, vinyl windows, worn-out velcro, and webbings. Rugged Thread works on brands like Patagonia, Darkine, Outdoor Research, Trew Gear, Canada Goose, and Helly Hensen. 

This online clothes alterations store also works on motorcycle gear from Kilm, Alpine Stars, Icon, and Mosko Moto. Since the establishment of the brand, they have saved 40,000 pounds of textile waste from entering landfills. They would have repaired 20,000 clothes by the end of 2025.   

Rugged Thread Website.

11. Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor.
Photo Credit: Clothes Doctor.

The Clothes Doctor was established to revive the tradition of caring for our clothes and making them last as long as possible. They believe you can save water, carbon, and landfill footprint by 30% if you extend your clothes lifespan by nine months. 

Clothes Doctor produces eco-friendly detergents and repairs torn and damaged clothes to promote sustainable clothing care. You’ll get the cost by filling out a repair quote form on their website. The quote form includes the number of items repaired and a detailed description of the alteration required on each dress. 

They offer restoration services like fur cloth rehydration, anti-moth treatment, and leather restoration. Clothes Doctor repairs holes in knitwear, woven fabric, suit fabric, seams, and pockets. They replace zips, coat, and jacket lining, and buttons. Also, they alter clothes to give you the perfect fit. 

Clothes Doctor Website.

Conclusion: Online Clothes Alterations And Repair Services

Online clothing repairs facilitate long-term use of your wardrobe. You shouldn’t throw away your favorite dress or shirt because of a loose seam or a tear. Our recommendations will go a long way in assisting your decision. 

Some of our recommended clothing repair services also offer garment cleaning services. Check the instructions of the repair brand before you mail them your clothes. 

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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