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50 Best Gifts For Minimalists That Are Worth Giving

A minimalist is someone who enjoys simple living. They are very organized and are insistent on keeping a clutter-free home. So, they only buy the materials they need because they are tired of overconsumption. Since they lead a simple life, finding the best gifts for minimalists might be a bit difficult.

Buying unnecessary things is easy, but we’ll make it easier for you! This article offers 50 diverse minimalist gift ideas for you to explore. 

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Categories of Minimalist Gift Ideas

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There are three categories for gift ideas we’ll include in this. They are:

Consumable Gifts 

Consumable gifts refer to gift items that have an end, meaning you can finish them. This mainly refers to edible items with expiry dates, but it could be a skincare or hair product. 

Experience Gifts 

Experience gifts are not material gifts. They are life experiences gifted to the recipient. These gifts could be a pottery-making experience, opera, skydiving, or a weekend getaway. It could also be a spa treatment or a yoga class.

Physical Gifts

Physical gifts are material objects that you can feel, touch, and use multiple times. They could be jewelry, wine rack, or Tupperware. 

Best Gifts For Minimalists

Consumable Minimalist Gifts 

1. Essential Oils 

essential oils
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Of the many minimalist gift ideas, essential oils are one of the best gifts. Essential oils have a wide range of applications. You can use them as a fragrance source in bathing soap, bath bombs, candles, humidifiers, diffusers, etc. 

Also, you can use them to clean and massage the skin. The very popular Pure Aroma set of 6 aromatherapy oils (here on Amazon) is a great option. It has a great selection of oils like lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, and sweet orange. Each bottle is 10 ml. 

More Essential Oils on Amazon.

2. Bath Salts 

bath salt
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Other gifts for minimalists include exfoliants like bath salts. Have a look at Spa Luxetique, which extracts its Epsom salt from the deep areas of the sea. They do a lovely gift set (here on Amazon) that comes in three fragrances: vanilla, lavender, and coconut.

Also, check out lots of other options on Amazon and Etsy.

3. Tea Set 

tea set
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If your minimalist friend is a tea connoisseur, it is only suitable that you give them a tea-related gift. The Stash Tea Bags Variety Pack (here on Amazon) is a great option because it contains 60 bags of 20 different herbal and caffeine-free flavors. The flavors are maple apple cider, licorice spice, sunny orange ginger, super mint, chamomile, etc. 

They make tea bags from plastic-free natural materials. The material used to create the tea box is vegan leather and velvet.

4. Gift Certificate  

However, you can get bookstore vouchers as gifts for minimalists who prefer reading physical book copies. For example, your minimalist friend might well love a Barnes and Noble gift card. The card will allow the user to buy books in-store or online. 

Gift Cards on Amazon.

5. Audible Membership 

You can get between 3 months to 12 months’ worth of gift certificates on audible. This will be a thoughtful gift if the receiver of the gift enjoys listening to audiobooks and podcasts. 

Shop on Audible.

6. Bookstore Vouchers

Gifting local bookstore vouchers offers minimalists the chance to choose from a curated selection of literature and supports your community's small businesses. Grab a gift voucher for a store local to the recipient and help keep local book stores in business.

7. Coffee Basket 

moka pot
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A coffee basket is an excellent gift for a minimalist friend who frequents a coffee shop. Creating a coffee basket with essentials encourages them to make their own coffee. Things you can add to a coffee basket are; 

  • Coffee powder
  • Coffee beans 
  • Coffee maker set

We'll recommend the Mitbak coffee maker (here on Amazon) because it is easy for first-time coffee makers. It has a kettle, built-in thermometer, dripper, hand grinder, and mesh filter. The grinder has two settings for grinding coffee beans: fine and coarse.

As for the coffee beans and powder, check out our selection of fair trade coffee brands and our tips for zero-waste coffee.

8. Bottle of Wine 

Do you need help with the minimalist gift ideas? A bottle of good quality wine is a perfect gift for minimalists. However, you must first learn the type of wine the recipient likes to drink. It would be wrong of you to get an alcoholic wine for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, and vice versa. 

For an alcohol enthusiast, we’d recommend a bottle of Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 and Underwood Cellers, Pinot Noir. And we’d recommend Magnolia Red Nonalcoholic Muscadine wine for people who don’t drink alcohol.

Experience Gift Ideas

9. Museum Membership

Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash

A museum membership is an ideal gift for minimalists, providing them with ongoing access to learn about history, science, animals, and more. The extra benefits like priority access, discounts, and free tickets enhance its value and versatility.

For history-loving friends, check out the American Museum’s National History’s membership plan.

10. Online Courses

An online course is an ideal gift for a minimalist friend who never stops learning, primarily because it is clutter-free and does not contribute to physical possessions. By understanding their interests, you'd ensure the course is engaging and beneficial. 

Websites such as Coursera or Masterclass offer one-time payment options, allowing you to cover access to a world of knowledge for a few months or even an entire year. We've also got a rundown of online sustainable living courses and zero waste courses to help support your recipient's sustainable living journey.

11. Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are an ideal gift for a minimalist music enthusiast. These tickets promise an immersive music experience that surpasses listening through headphones, allowing the recipient to have an unforgettable memory of their favorite artist.

12. Paint and Sip Experience  

paint materials
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You could create a paint-and-sip experience as a gift to your loved one. You'll need to buy a painting kit and a bottle of wine to make this. The location will be up to the comfort of the person you're organizing the experience for.

13. Ceramics Class

Ceramics classes are great gifts for your minimalist friend who enjoys one-of-a-kind household pieces. They can create unique cups and bowls while experiencing the joy of creation - aligning perfectly with their minimalist values.

14. Ancestry Test 

Getting an ancestry test will be a fun experience for a minimalist person. So, you can buy them a 3-month membership card on Ancestry. The test will trace your ancestry on both parents' sides, and the membership will give you access to build your DNA tree. 

Shop on Website.

Physical Minimalist Gift Ideas

15. Mia Co's Scented Candles

scented candle
Photo Credit: Mia's Home

A great minimalist gift is an eco-friendly scented candle. Scented candles help improve mood and sleep by promoting relaxation. Scented candles add fragrance to a living space and boost home decor. It's an incredible way of lighting the home without burning fossil fuels. 

Mia Co's scented candles are the perfect physical gifts for your minimalist family member or friend. They handcrafted the candles in Los Angeles, California, and produced them with soy wax and cotton socks. The scented candles come in multiple earthy fragrances like bamboo, fig tree, lemon tea, patchouli, rose, and strawberry. A candle burns for as long as 40 hours. 

Shop on Website.

16. Journal  

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Journals are an excellent means of communicating with one's self. It is beneficial for self-expression and budgeting.

Eco-Friendly Journals.

17. Planner 

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A planner helps us plan adequately for a special event or our daily activities. Poprun planner (here on Amazon) is a small, spiral-bound notebook that fits all bag sizes. It also has hourly slots where you can input the time of your entry. 

Eco-friendly planners.

18. Indoor Plant Pots 

indoor plant pot
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There are many minimalist gift ideas. One of them is an indoor plant pot. You can gift this to a plant lover. Our recommended plant pot from Le Tauci (here on Amazon) comes in a set of three. The large pot is 6.5 inches wide, the medium-sized pot is 5 inches wide, and the small pot is 4 inches wide. 

Each plant pot has a drip pan, drainage holes, and a net. These help drain excess water and keep the plants in a healthy environment. The ceramic pots also blend into the minimalistic decor seamlessly. You can get them in black, turquoise, white, and sapphire blue. 

19. Bamboo Plate Lid Organizer 

A minimalist loves having an organized home. The kitchen is no exception. Your gift recipient could use an organizer to declutter plates, cutlery, and container lids. We've picked out a bamboo food container lid organizer (here on Amazon), which is a great minimalist gift. The rectangular organizer is made from eco-friendly bamboo, also making it an excellent option for the sustainably minded.

It is free from BPA and other plastic chemicals. The best thing about the Dujen organizer is its versatility. You can also use it as a spice, plate, and cutlery rack. 

20. Minimalist Guide Book 

Another perfect gift for your minimalist friend is a minimalist guidebook. This will help them learn better ways to declutter their home and transform their style. It will also show them easy ways to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. 

Minimalista by Shira Gill (here on Amazon) is a superb choice. Shira Gill created a fun and easy decluttering process when she realized minimalism promotes sustainability. Minimalista is a toolkit for organizing, elevating, and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

21. Incense Holder

An incense holder is a thoughtful gift for your minimalist friend who enjoys burning incense and other forms of aromatherapy. For example, the Folkculture incense holder is made from mango wood in an oval shape with a choice of printed patterns.

Shop on Amazon.

22. Coloring Book 

coloring book
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If your minimalist friend has toddlers, this is just what you need to give on their birthday! It stimulates the mind and lets the creative juices flow. Karen Sue created 37 illustrations of a whimsical universe filled with magical beings. It will help the kids and your minimalist friends connect with their inner artists. 

Shop on Amazon.

23. Skincare Set 

skincare set
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Skincare is an essential part of our daily lives. This makes skincare products great gifts for friends and loved ones. Sanbe vegan skincare kit is a practical gift for minimalist friends and family. It's a travel set that contains facial skincare products. 

These products are Niacinamide Toner, Calm Cleansing Balm, Anti-aging Turmeric Cream, Uplifting Face Serum, Beloved Night Face Serum, and Matcha & Turmeric Face Clay Mask. Sanbe facial kit is suitable for all skin types. It is portable, so it's easy to pack for your next trip or vacation. The kit also has bamboo fiber & cotton makeup remover pads and a skincare scoop.

Shop on Website or check out our full guide to zero-waste makeup brands.

24. Eco-friendly Soap 

eco-friendly soap
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Bamboo earth bar soap is a fantastic physical gift for friends and family. It is an eco-friendly bar soap made from coconut extract, watermelon extract, and other plant-based ingredients. It is handmade, cold-pressed, and free of preservatives. 

Also, it is eco-friendly because they use recyclable packaging materials. Your friend doesn't have to worry about clutter as she can easily throw paper boxes and wrapping into the recycling bin. It comes in various fragrances like mango, ocean, tea tree, and watermelon. 

Shop on Amazon.

25. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are the unsung heroes for minimalists—sleek, versatile, and practical. They help maintain a decluttered space, storing the essentials and keeping unnecessary items out of sight.

26. Compost Bin 

The Bamboozle compost bin is perfect for gift-giving. Minimalists love to keep their kitchens organized and trash-free. Gifting your minimalist friend a compost bin helps them sort their trash adequately while beautifying their kitchen. It also promotes the habit of composting organic waste. It's a perfect gift if your friend is also a gardener. 

Bamboozle produces its compost bin from bamboo fibers. It has a vented lid and two filters that help reduce the smell of organic waste as it decomposes. Its bamboo handle makes it easy to carry or handle from a surface. Also, it is dishwasher safe. 

Shop on Amazon - also check out our guides to urban composting and hot composting for loads of tips.

27. Wine Rack 

Gusto Nostro's wood wine rack is one of the best gifts for minimalists. It is a unique countertop wine rack that elevates home decor. And has a dark brown wooden finish, produced from acacia hardwood. 

It is a durable wine rack that can hold a maximum of 7 wine bottles, depending on how you place it. If you put the wine rack horizontally, it can carry seven bottles. However, a vertical placement can have four bottles. 

Shop on Amazon.

28. Tupperware Set

You can go right with Tupperware sets because they are great gifts. They are practical gifts for organizing fresh ingredients or cooked meals in the fridge. We highly recommend the Komuee 30-piece glass set. 

The Tupperware set is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. It is a durable set that's microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Each container comes with silicone snap lock lids that prevent spillage. 

Shop on Amazon or click on for more reusable food containers.

29. Handmade Wall Hanging

You can get a handmade wall hanging for your recipient's home. Dremisland macrame woven wall hanging is one of the perfect gifts you could give your minimalist loved ones. It's a design that fits right into the minimalist space.

Shop on Amazon.

30. Functional Wall Hanging  

Next on our list of minimalist gift ideas is a functional wall hanging. A functional wall hanging is a wall hanging that serves two purposes: home decor and storage space. It helps minimalists save space while beautifying their homes. 

Wepc boho wall hanging, made with cotton rope, fits into all spaces in a home. You can hang it in the kitchen, living room, etc. And whereas it'll look great on a white wall, it'll work equally well out of sight beinhd a cubboard door. It's a beautiful piece of woven art you can also use to hold items like keys, food ingredients, toys, flowers, toiletries, etc.

Shop on Amazon.

31. Blankets

Photo by Jordan Bigelow on Unsplash

Next on our list of minimalist gift ideas we have a blanket. Anyone would appreciate a soft but chunky blanket gift at any time of the year. Especially during the holiday season or if their birthday falls during winter. It is a gift that shows that you want your loved ones to be comfortable. 

So, the cotton waffle weave blanket is a perfect choice. They produced the waffle weave blanket with 100% pre-washed cotton. The weaving design gives it a simple yet elegant aesthetic. It is very soft. You can also repurpose it into a bedspread or bed layering. It fits onto a king-sized mattress. 

Shop on Amazon.

32. Gym Equipment 

The next gift on our list of gifts for minimalists is gym equipment. Gym equipment is the best gift for your friend who enjoys attending fitness studios. This allows them to work out from the comfort of their home when they can't reach the gym. 

We're recommending the Lalahigh brand gym kit. With over 25 pieces, this set checks all the boxes of your fitness goals. These tools include a pushup board, an adjustable Pilate bar, four sets of durable resistance bands, and many more. It is perfect for a minimalist because it doesn't take up space. The kit comes with an instruction manual and a drawstring bag for storing your tools after a session. 

Shop on Amazon.

33. Puzzle Set 

Next on our list of gifts for minimalists is an adult puzzle set. Puzzles help improve hand-to-eye coordination. It is also a pleasant brain stimulant. The wooden puzzle set has 16 designs. These woody designs will tease your brain while serving as a decoration on your office or home table. 

Shop on Amazon we've also got a bunch more ideas for eco-friendly games a click away.

34. Coasters

Coasters make a great gift for a minimalist person. They are practical as they prevent the spillage of liquid items on the surface of a table. We chose this set of 4 wooden coasters because the producers crafted them from acacia wood. It's an excellent gift for anyone for any event or special occasion. It is also durable and stylish. The gift recipient would appreciate these minimalist gift ideas. 

Shop on Amazon.

35. Bookmark 

A bookmark is one of the most practical gifts you can give a book reader. Especially an avid book reader. A bookmark saves a novel from being defaced with multiple foldings that show the last read page. 

We recommend a personalized, hand-embroidered bookmark as a suitable gift for your loved ones. The colors of the embroidery bookmark are seasonal themes, with winter as silver color and summer as green. 

Shop on Amazon.

36. Water Bottle 

You can always go right with a water bottle gift. Water bottles are essential to our livelihood because we must drink water regularly. Carrying a water bottle around helps us remember to drink water. We recommend the Addoklm glass bottle as a gift for your minimalist friend. 

The 1.5-liter bottle comes in green, brown, and beige colors. Despite its glass material, the bottle is light and sturdy. It comes with a silicone body cover and a handle that doubles as a phone holder. The bottle can withstand hot and cold temperatures ranging between -4F to 302F.

Shop on Amazon or check out our full guide to both the best reusable water bottles and collapsible options too perfect for stashing ina big for the gym or your next outdoor adventure.

37. Wallets 

Next, wallets and purses make our recommendation list of gifts for minimalists. Wallets are essential to our daily lives because that is where we keep our money, ATM cards, and identification cards. There are simplistic wallets for men and beautiful purses for women. 

We are recommending the Runbox minimalist wallet for men (here on Amazon). It is a slim wallet with 11 card slots and one money clip. It is a fantastic gift for minimalist men as it quickly enters the pocket without creating a bulky appearance.

For your female minimalist friend, we'll recommend the Travelambo purse (here on Amazon). It is a multifunctional purse with credit cards, cash, coins, pictures, and a cell phone. It also has a removable card holder holding up to 5 cards. The purse has an aluminum embroidered lining that protects the details on your credit cards and driver's license, blocking the information from digital thieves. 

More options: Eco-friendly wallets.

38. Spotify Gift Card 

Everyone loves listening to music. For most people, it is part of their daily routine. A Spotify gift certificate is one of the best minimalist gifts to give an avid music lover. Getting them a gift card for their music streaming service shows you listen and care about the little details. Your loved ones won't have to spend on music streaming services. The gift certificates range from 3 to 12 months of Spotify subscription.

You could also try other types, like a gas gift card!

Shop on Amazon or Subscribe to Amazon Music.

39. Humidifier/Diffuser 

Photo by Ulla Shinami on Unsplash

An essential oil diffuser is one of the best minimalistic gifts for people who love aromatherapy. Our recommended humidifier also doubles as a diffuser. Fulealfly humidifier (not pictured) checks all the boxes of digital minimalism. It is a 6-liter capacity humidifier with a digital display, removable tank, and aroma diffuser. 

It runs for about 50 hours before a refill. Also, it covers areas up to 500 square feet. The humidifier has an aromatherapy box where you can add essential oils to give your home a refreshing scent. It works quietly, making no noise above 25 decibels. 

Shop on Amazon.

40. Water Fountain 

Next on our list of gifts for minimalists we have a water fountain. It's a nice decoration that can sit on your office or coffee table.

Our top choice is the Homedics tabletop fountain. It has a three-leaf layer artistic design, an automatic water pump, and unique lighting. The water sounds, and the soft, ambient lighting can help you relax. It also comes with natural river rocks to complete the aesthetic. 

Shop on Amazon.

41. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

A portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for minimalist gift-giving. The Echo Dot is a small speaker with a vibrant sound system. It is a product of Alexa Entertainment, produced with 55% recycled plastics and 100% recycled polyester yarn. 

The speaker gives you the option of setting hands-free timers. It also has built-in voice, motion detection, and temperature sensors. You can also create a routine with Echo Dot, where it places music automatically at a scheduled time. 

Shop on Amazon.

42. Cooking Mittens 

Cooking mittens are excellent gifts for minimalists who cook a lot. We recommend the Kegouu oven mitts and pot holder set. It has a quilted cotton lining and a non-slip grip and can withstand up to 500 degrees of heat. 

Shop on Amazon.

43. Minimalistic Cloth Rack 

A minimalist will appreciate minimalist gifts that improve organization in their home. Consider getting an entryway cloth rack. Our recommended rack has a sturdy base and a L-shaped metal rod. You can hang your clothes, jacket, coats, hats, and bags on it. 

Shop on Amazon.

44. Shoe Rack 

A shoe rack is another organizational tool a minimalist would appreciate as a gift. We recommend the Sywhitta 4-Tier Shoe Rack Storage. It is a simple metal rack that can hold up to 12 pieces of footwear. There's also a small storage box at the top of the rack. You can keep other items like umbrellas and bags in the box. 

Shop on Amazon.

45. Socks 

Photo by Mockup Graphics on Unsplash

Socks make the best gifts during winter. Gowith produces its socks with 97% cotton and 3% elastane. They used the elastane material to secure the sock's top cuff from slipping. They are soft and comfortable. The combed cotton used for production makes it breathable. 

They are also free from harmful chemicals. Gowith uses a circular knitting technique to produce their items. 

Shop on Amazon or browse more options in our guides to eco-friendly organic socks, hemp socks and bamboo socks.

46. Modern Chair 

A modern chair fits directly into a minimalist home. The Armen Modern chair fits in the kitchen, living room, office, and study room. Multiple color options exist, like green, black, blue, and gray. It also has a solid walnut finish that enhances durability. 

Shop on Amazon.

47. Watering Can 

watering can
Photo by Claudia Pop on Unsplash

A watering can is an excellent gift for a minimalist who is also a plant parent. Our recommended minimalist watering can is made with stainless steel. The stainless steel material makes the can leak-proof, rust-resistant, and corrosion-free. It also has a wooden handle for easy grip and a long spout design. 

Shop on Amazon.

48. Jewelry Organizer

A jewelry organizer is essential to store jewelry accessories tangle-free. Our recommended 5-tier standing organizer will prevent your earrings from getting lost. It'll also keep your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled. It has 12 necklace hooks, 90 earring holes, two bracelet organizers, a ring holder, and a bottom tray to hold wristwatch and scrunchies. 

Shop on Amazon.

49. Cat Scratcher 

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher & Lounge is one of the best gifts for a minimalist cat parent. They produced it from recycled cardboard, non-toxic cornstarch glue, and satin siding. The infinity-shaped scratcher also doubles as a lounge chair for your cat. It's a brilliant choice of cat furniture to stimulate an interactive play session. 

Shop on Amazon or browse more options in our guide to sustainable pet products.

50. Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are an eco-friendly gift. It reduces plastic waste in the environment. It is also durable—Buy Uppwell's set of stainless steel straws. There are eight straws in a pack, and it comes with two cleaning brushes. The straws are dishwasher safe. 

Shop on Amazon or for options in glass, silicone and stainless steel our guide to the best reusable straws has you covered.  

Conclusion: Gifts For Minimalists 

Gift-giving is an act of love and care. However, choosing the perfect gift is often tricky for the gift giver. It might be because there are too many gift ideas or because we must figure out what the recipient likes. You can't go wrong with a consumable gift like coffee, tea, or a bottle of wine. Our list of minimalist gift ideas will help ease your decision. 

It is essential to know what your minimalist friends and family like and what they want. This information will prevent you from choosing a gift mindlessly. 

By Jennifer Okafor, BSc.

Jen’s a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert. With a science degree from Babcock University Jen loves applying her research skills to craft editorial that connects with our global changemaker and readership audiences centered around topics including zero waste, sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity.

Elsewhere Jen’s interests include the role that future technology and data have in helping us solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

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