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15 Best Sustainable Gifts for Him

Gift shopping for men can sometimes involve defaulting to sports and DIY. Thus, looking for unique and inspiring gifts can prove time-consuming at the best of times, even more so if you’re looking for environmentally friendly gifts for him.

Shopping ethically and zero waste is for him and also for the future of our oceans and planet. Below is a range of eco-friendly gifts to inspire your gift choice:

15 Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Gifts for Men:

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1. Reusable Double Edge Safety Razor

Bambaw Double Edged Safety Razor Eco Friendly Mens Gift
Photo Credit: Bambaw

The shaving industry is big business. According to recent research, Americans used around 160 million disposable razors in 2019 (both men and women). When disposed of, most will end up binned or in a landfill.

Of course, manufacturers create the majority out of plastic. They almost certainly don’t get recycled, even if they end up in the recycling bin. Simply because recycling facilities find it practically impossible to separate the blades from the plastic handles

And who knows why they make the packaging from such solid plastic that it takes a heroic effort to access your new handle.

Thus, between throwaway plastic and discarded multi-blade attachments, we cannot ignore razors in our search for eco-friendly products.

Choose Zero Waste Razors in Your Search for Eco-Friendly Gifts for Men

These days, well-thought-through alternatives provide a route to kicking the plastic razor habit. A single sharp blade will do an excellent job for most men. Replacing a single blade is far more cost-effective than six at a time.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives now out there that allow you to buy a handle for that special man. And even one that will last forever. From stainless steel to natural wood.

Our pick for plastic-free handles is these Bambaw razors and Chrome alternatives. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, stainless steel, and chrome, they promise a perfect shave. And it only costs around 20 cents to replace a blunt blade—a substantial improvement over the $2-3 typical for a multi-blade cartridge replacement.

These razors, therefore, make for great presents to help someone reduce their plastic waste.

Reusable Safety Razors on Amazon:

If these choices don't quite fit the bill, but you think he'd appreciate the close & eco-friendly shave offered, check out our picks of Best Zero Waste Shaving Products.

2. Men's Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

The vast majority of shaving creams come in either plastic tubes or aerosols. Therefore, while on a men's shaving tip, another great plastic-free gift idea for him is a traditional shaving brush.

Converting to using a shaving brush and shaving soap is another step towards a more environmentally friendly plastic-free shave. Using a new shaving brush like this smart number from the Clear Confidence Company can also reduce plastic packaging used in his morning routine.

These brushes are made from eco-friendly vegan synthetic hair. The wooden handles match nicely those of the shaver above, should you so choose.

And whereas, yes, the hairs are synthetic, at least they’ll last for ages! Couple it with rich and creamy shaving soap products packaged in waxed paper, and he’s good to go for a whole lot of plastic-free shaves.

Plastic-Free Shaves on Amazon:

3. Patterned Thought Socks

thought sustainable socks environmentally friendly gifts for men
Photo Credit: thought

The Problem With Plastic & Our Clothes

Like most mass-produced materials these days, our socks contain fibers and chemical additions that can harm the environment. Especially in a fast-fashion world where we can pick up a six-pack of socks for less than the price of a coffee cup, inevitably, their sustainability comes into question.

You might not realize that when washed, nylon and polyester can leach microplastics into our water. We make 64% of our new clothes from plastic2. Research shows that up to 1900 microplastic fibers can be released with each wash of materials containing synthetics.

And needless to say, socks are not immune. Plastic-based synthetics often provide the stretch and help to ensure they are cost-effective to produce.

Choose Natural Fibres For Environmentally Friendly Socks

A pair of cheeky socks will always create a smile. And as such, we love these sustainable socks from thought. Thought offers a wide range of patterns, from vintage car prints to floating mustaches.

They make each pair in our gift box selection of 4 from 54% bamboo, 22% organic cotton yarn, and the rest recycled polyester. Whereas they aren’t entirely free of synthetics, the percentage is small compared to using sustainable materials. And with polyester made from recycled materials, each purchase helps reduce plastic waste elsewhere in the supply chain.

Other options include wool blends perfect for the colder months and a line of accessories.

Shop Thought Socks on Amazon

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4. Corkor Wallets

Photo Credit: Corkor

No guide full of eco-friendly gifts for him would be complete without the ubiquitous men's gift, the wallet.

Our wallet pick for the card-carrying modern man is this Corkor slim cork wallet. They make these to vegan standards meaning no leather from animals. Crucially, for guidance, they don’t make Corkor wallets from petroleum-based synthetics either. Handily, they still come with space for notes if he needs them.

Produced by real artisans in Portugal, cork makes for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or leather. Whereas the cork tree can live up to 300 years, they harvest the cork from the bark. They are leaving the tree itself intact. You can also grab a cork belt from corkor, another of those essential sustainable gift ideas.

Elsewhere, look out for the fair trade mark to ensure ethical production standards when shopping around for wallets.

Natural Cork Wallets on Amazon by Corkor:

Or shop direct on Corkor

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5. House of Marley Chant Mini Blue Tooth Speaker

House Of Marley Chant Bluetooth Speaker
Photo Credit: House of Marley

Wireless speakers are marvelous inventions. Most of us now carry our music around on our phones. Or stream our favorites wherever we can find an internet connection. Does your man like to share his music or to fill a room with beats? Wireless speakers do just that. Certainly, a bit more than those tiny phone speakers allow.

House of Marley - Planet Friendly Audio

Hence, after some searching, we stumbled across the House of Marley for our gift guide. The business was founded in collaboration with Bob Marley’s family to continue his musical legacy and his love of the planet.

House of Marley creates a high-quality audio kit made from sustainable sources. They make their gear from bamboo, wood, or recycled aluminum. They even produce their soft materials from reclaimed organic cotton, hemp, and recycled PET plastic.

It gets better. For each product purchased, they plant one tree. So far, they have planted 168,000.

Hence, he’ll love this portable Bluetooth speaker. An eco gift for him that'll last a lifetime with care. Great sound and a built-in microphone so he can answer and make calls. And it’ll fit in most cup holders in the car. Brilliant.

Shop House of Marley on Amazon

6. House of Marley Eco Ear Buds

If he runs or enjoys listening to music on the move, then he probably still uses headphones or earbuds with plastic components.

As we were so pleased with our House of Marley Bluetooth speaker, we couldn’t resist including these Smile Jamaica Earphones.

Noise-isolating and dishing up a full and dynamic sound makes for a great gift. And with rave reviews on Amazon, lots of other people think they’re great too!

Do consider how to dispose of e-waste properly when these electronic items end their life.

Buds and Headphones on Amazon by House of Marley:

7. Lava Stone Bracelet Set

Mens Lava Stone Bracelets Natural Eco Friendly Mens Gift

Should he already sport a little jewelry or like to connect with nature in his fashion choices, these bracelets make another great option in our list of sustainable gifts for men.

These natural stone bracelets are very on-trend. You get three in this pack, one from lava stone and the other from onyx. And the third choice is yours from a selection of 6 other gemstones.

Lava gemstones represent courage and strength. Apparently, due to their creation in lava flows coming from deep within the Earth. Meanwhile, the onyx stone signifies protection.

Regardless of whether you believe in their properties to heal and protect, these handcrafted bracelets look great. If you think they might fit the style of the man you’re buying for, then they are a great eco choice.

Shop on Etsy

8. Zero Waste Men's Grooming Starter Kit

Mens Grooming Zero Waste Starter Kit Eco Friendly Gift
Photo Credit: Smallking

According to research by Kantar, 33% of UK men use face cream products, moisturizers, and lotions as part of their grooming routines. In many households, the days have gone by when bathroom shelves only contained products for her. And he made do with a bar of soap.

Why the Zero Waste Men's Starter Kits is a Brilliant Sustainable Gift for Him:

Do you think he might use an eco-friendly alternative to those plastic tubes of shaving cream? Or moisturizers and other male grooming essentials? If so, you certainly can’t go far wrong with this zero-waste starter kit for men.

The box contains palm oil-free shaving soap, cinnamon soap for the face and body, natural deodorant, zero waste hair wash cubes, and an organic natural loofah. All are naturally made, fair trade, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. Plus, you'll be helping support a small business with each purchase.

This option only delivers to the UK. Therefore, if you’re shopping in the US, check out this Delux Beard Kit, which might well fit the bill for the man with facial hair. For, after all, the man in your life deserves the best plastic-free.

Shop on Etsy

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9. Organic Hemp TShirt with Medallion Design

Organic Hemp T-Shirt Mens Gift

Hemp is a fantastic material. It’s legal to grow in the US. The rise in popularity of CBD oil has resulted in something of a hemp growth splurge. So much so that between 2018 and 2019, it experienced a 368% increase in acreage.

For clothing, a simple reason for hemp’s growing popularity exists. For the same amount of land, hemp typically yields three times more fiber than cotton. Hemp also requires about half the amount of water1.

Thus, we’ve found this basic tee with a subtle green emblem on the chest, which we think makes a great basic environmentally friendly gift for men perfect for everyday use. Made from organic 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton, this staple T looks great. This item comes from a US-based Etsy store; therefore, be mindful that there may be shipping costs to where you are. For alternatives, have a look at the full range of hemp t-shirts on Etsy or search for hemp t-shirts on Amazon. Look for fair trade certification where available to ensure fair wages are paid across the supply chain and manufacturer.

10. Edison Lamp

Edison Lamp

On a completely different tip, we also love the Edison Lamp. Inspired by steampunk, industrialism, and with a rustic finish, Edison is a suitably inspired table or bedside lamp.

You can choose the color of the natural wood bass and brass fitting to fit his decor or lifestyle.

Why is the Edison Lamp a Great Gift for Him?

The Edison lamp comes with filament bulbs included. Thus ensuring that he can keep up with this very on-trend look also found in some of the most beautifully designed bars and restaurants.

2307 5-star ratings on Etsy can’t be wrong. Please note the Edison lamp ships from the US; therefore, if shopping for someone elsewhere in the world, be mindful of shipping costs and the time to get it there.

Browse Urban Industrial Craft on Etsy for the full range

11. Recipes For Healthy Bentos

With a move to reduce the amount of meat we eat as well as promote healthy eating, Bento boxes have become all the rage.

Originating from Japan, Bento means a single-serve meal. Typically, in Japan, they portion enough rice or noodles, fish or meat, and pickled and cooked vegetables in a little section each of a larger box. You can find Japanese variants available in most cities these days for takeaway lunches or sit-down dinners.

And to reduce the need for natural resources almost entirely, many now, of course, also come in electronic versions for Kindles and other book readers.

To inspire healthier eating and less plastic packaging and waste, we recommend Sara Kiyo’s Bento Power: Brilliantly Balanced Lunchbox Recipes. The book packs 192 pages of vegetarian and grain-inspired Bento ideas.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Japanese Bento inspiration, take a look at The Just Bento Cookbook. This book has played a role in helping popularise Bento in the West.

A small yet essential accompaniment to cooking healthily and zero waste at home is a zero-waste dish soap bar. Practical, yes, but he'll love all those plastic bottles saved. In comparison, our list of eco-friendly lunchboxes includes a few bento options made from eco-friendly materials. Grab the book and a bento box for the perfect gift, they're even dishwasher safe to minimize the cleanup chores.

Bento Lunchbox Recipes on Amazon:

12. One-Dish Vegan

Meanwhile, on a similar foody tip, One-Dish Vegan is the book for the man in your life looking to start experimenting with Vegan dishes. Or he might already be fully committed and in need of new ideas.

Robin Robertson has written several popular vegan cookbooks and columns for many health-focused websites and magazines. The best thing about the 175 recipes in this book is that they are easy to whip up. The clue is in the name: only using one dish, making prep easy, and washing up synch for any busy man (or woman).

Check Price on Amazon

13. Pretty much anything from Bureo

Photo Credit: Bureo

A lot of attention related to plastic waste tends to revolve around recognizable items close to hand, such as plastic bottles, straws, bags, packaging, and the like. However, plastic waste is a far bigger problem.

Bureo is a pretty neat company. They work with people in the fishing industry and local communities to collect and process discarded fishing nets. They reuse the resulting plastic and turn it into skateboards, sunglasses, and other goods.

The end product is indeed plastic. However, we’ve snuck this one in to complete our guide to the best environmentally friendly gifts for men, given the great work Bureo does to fight plastic pollution. As such, it's a plastic-fighting present to be considered. Still plastic, but better plastic!

Bureo Ahi Performance Skateboard
Photo Credit: Bureo

Shop Bureo

14. Natural Eco-Friendly Candles

Candles made from natural and organic materials make for an excellent ethical gift. Browse our selection of eco-friendly candles for loads of options. Many brands produce candles with natural fragrances, and you'll be sure to find a man-friendly scent too.

Look for brands that use natural materials like beeswax and soy wax to ensure a petrochemical-free manufacturing process, free from harmful chemicals.

15. Eco-Friendly Backpack

Pictured: Ogio Backpack

Backpacks have become an essential accessory as we go about our busy lives. These versatile carry-alls provide all the features the man in your life needs to transport their laptop to work, gym clothes, or carry the gear you need for a day in the great outdoors connecting with nature. And deserve their place in any sustainable gift guide.

Look for brands that produce their backpacks from sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly materials, like GOTS-certified organic cotton. Many use recycled materials, too, like Bureo above, who turn discarded plastic fishing nets into all sorts of new items.

Check all the options in our list of the best eco-friendly and sustainable backpacks.

Finally, if giving around the Christmas or holiday season, you might also like our sustainable holiday gift guides for eco-friendly stocking stuffers and going zero waste at Christmas.

1Cherrett, N., Barrett, J., Clemett, A., Chadwick, M. and Chadwick, M. J. (2005). Ecological Footprint and Water Analysis of Cotton, Hemp and Polyester. Report prepared for and reviewed by BioRegional Development Group and World Wide Fund for Nature – Cymru. Stockholm Environment Institute
2Reducing Household Contributions to Marine Plastic Pollution. Simon Hann, Chiarina Darrah, Chris Sherrington, Katherine Blacklaws, Iona Horton, Alice Thompson, 20th November 2018.eumonia for Friends of the Earth.
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