Best Bamboo Mattresses

11 Best Bamboo Mattresses and Toppers for More Natural Sleep

There's nothing more refreshing than a great night's sleep after a long day. The kind of mattress you sleep on can affect your sleep quality, but that's not all. Our mattresses also affect the environment when manufactured, cleaned, and disposed of. We've picked out a selection of bamboo mattresses that combine great sleep and bamboo's sustainable, eco-friendly qualities.

If you're in the market for a new mattress, you'll no doubt be aware of a huge array of different bases, foams, springs, and toppers. 

Bamboo mattresses include bamboo as a raw material, a more sustainable crop than cotton, and certainly more organic and less polluting than synthetic foams.

Whereas wholly bamboo mattresses don't appear to be a thing yet, choosing from any of the bamboo choices below offers improved eco-friendly credentials than most of their counterparts. 

Furthermore, bamboo has natural hypoallergenic qualities and excellent cooling properties. As such, read on when searching for a more sustainable bamboo mattress choice.

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11 best bamboo mattresses for sustainable sleep

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Bamboo mattresses come in two forms. A mattress with bamboo-infused foam or a bamboo fabric cover qualifies as a bamboo mattress for our list. 

Most mattresses we've selected contain various layers of foam and springs on top of a firmer base for support and a bamboo fiber cover. Manufacturers produce some of these mattress materials from bamboo to aid the overall sustainability of the end mattress product. 

Best Hybrid Bamboo Memory Foam Mattresses

Hybrid bamboo mattress options consist of foam layers and springs like traditional beds for the perfect blend of support and comfort. 

1. Lucid hybrid mattress

Lucid hybrid bamboo mattress
Photo Credit: Lucid.

Size: 10-12-inch available in twin through California king sizes
Sustainability: CertiPUR-US certified

They make the lucid hybrid mattress from latex and memory foam layers. At the top is a 2-inch bamboo layer made from charcoal memory foam above a 1.5-inch aloe vera transition foam. 

Motion-isolating springs are encased in support foam underneath the bamboo foam layer. Moreover, this plush mattress combines the springs' responsiveness with the memory foam's cushiony feel to give you a comfortable night's rest.

Best affordable memory foam bamboo mattresses with a 10-year warranty

The bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam reduces odors, while the aloe vera foam underneath keeps the mattress feeling fresh.

The springs allow the mattress to cradle your body rather than swallow or push up against it. As a result, you sleep more comfortably with your spine correctly aligned for restful slumber. 

They managed to package the Lucid hybrid mattress in a space-saving compressed pack, even with all the springs. This bed-in-a-box not only makes this lucid mattress easy for you to transport, but it also cuts back on shipping emissions.

This Lucid mattress has average customer ratings of 4.5 out of 5 from over 15000 reviewers.

Shop Lucid on Amazon.

2. Mellow LAGOM Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress

Mellow LAGOM Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress
Photo Credit: Mellow.

Size: 10-14 inch depth available in twin through king size
Sustainability:  Oeko-Tex certified, CertiPUR-US certified

This luxury bamboo mattress is a hybrid that combines up to six different high-quality materials and foam layers. The first layer under the eco-cover is the bamboo memory foam infused with charcoal. That bamboo charcoal layer helps with odor and humidity control. 

Next is the copper-infused comfort foam layer that keeps the mattress feeling fresh. And then there are the individually wrapped coils. Furthermore, each box spring is individually wrapped in foam, making it more durable. The responsive foam and pocket springs give you soothing comfort and support.

Independently tested foam for content, emissions, and durability standards.

Oeko-Tex certified the anti-slip cover as eco-friendly and non-toxic. All foams in mellow LAGOM's high-quality bamboo mattresses are certified as non-toxic by the highest and most sought-after mattress quality auditing organization. 

This is one of the best bamboo charcoal memory foam mattresses; it uses the best quality materials.

Its aesthetics are simple: a white cover for the top half and a bright yellow for the bottom half. It is perfect for people who love minimalistic designs and want the most comfortable mattress. Mellow enjoys an average rate value of 4.5/5.

Shop Mellow on Amazon.

3. OTTY hybrid bamboo mattress (UK)

Photo Credit: OTTY.

Size: 25cm deep available in sizes single through super king
Sustainability: latex-free

The OTTY mattress is a bamboo charcoal-infused hybrid mattress. The memory foam has tiny perforations through which it ventilates and avoids overheating so you can sleep cooler. It is latex-free, antibacterial, and naturally hypoallergenic. The moisture-wicking and odor-controlling bamboo mattress won the Expert Reviews Product of the Year Award in 2019.  

You can place this mattress on the floor with an adjustable frame, a slatted base, or a divan. The mattress is firm on the upper body side and soft on the lower body side for maximum comfort. It has 2000 separate pocket springs that provide responsive comfort with zero motion transfer. 

One of the best bamboo charcoal mattress options in the UK

We love that the mattress cover is zippered, unlike other mattress brands. Cleaning it is much easier as you can remove it for machine washing separately. The OTTY brand is also charitable, regularly donating beds to schools and charitable organizations in need.

Shop OTTY hybrid bamboo mattress on Amazon (UK).

4. Signature sleep hybrid mattress

Photo Credit: Signature Sleep.

Size: 10-13-inch queen, king, and full sizes
Sustainability: bamboo fiber

Made in Italy, the signature sleep queen mattress has a design that just reminds you of the exoticness of Italy while reflecting the lines of a more classic mattress. Signature sleep is covered with soft and breathable bamboo rayon. The fabric is super absorbent and dries out fast.

This hybrid memory foam bamboo mattress with a medium-firm softness has independently encased springs to control motion transfer while conforming to your natural body alignment. The mattress has a pillow top that provides extra firm support for the back and hips while softly supporting the head and legs. That helps you sleep better and offers pressure point relief.

Low VOC foam and moisture-absorbing bamboo fabric

Foam mattresses sometimes contain VOCs that lower indoor air quality, but they make these mattresses in line with the Consumer Safety Product Commission's regulations. The memory foam in the mattress has less than 0.5 PPM VOC emissions.

Shop Signature Sleep on Amazon.

5. Easeland Bamboo Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

Size: 10 or 12 inches Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and King
Sustainability: CertiPUR-US certified, Oeko-Tex approved, ISPA certified

Like the brand's name, this bamboo pillow top mattress promises to ease you into a comfortable night's rest. The mattress is a hybrid mattress with six layers. The top layer is hypoallergenic and breathable bamboo fabric sourced from Thailand. 

The gel memory foam, the third layer, keeps the mattress from getting too warm even after many hours of sleep. The springs provide excellent shock absorbance and work to keep the spine balanced. At almost 8 inches, individually encased steel coils work individually.

Certified eco-creds from the memory foam base layers to the bamboo top

This bamboo cover mattress has some impressive eco-certifications. These include the  Oeko-Tex standard 100 and the CertiPUR-US certifications. They also have the approval of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA). The brand does not incorporate mercury, formaldehyde, and heavy metals into the mattresses. So not only is this mattress comfortable, it is safe for you and the environment.

Furthermore, with a 10-year warranty, this great mattress will last well and provide many nights of restful sleep. 

Shop Easeland on Amazon.

Best all-foam bamboo mattresses

6. Cariloha bamboo mattress

Cariloha Bamboo Foam Mattress
Photo Credit: Cariloha.

Size: All sizes available
Sustainability: CertiPUR-US certified, fair trade, carbon-neutral

The award-winning Cariloha mattress brand provides top-notch sustainable bath and bedroom products. They use bamboo viscose to manufacture clothing, bath towels, and bedsheets.

They also make bamboo mattresses. The brand promises responsibly sourced bamboo, and its foam is free from toxic chemicals. All their products meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements.

Five layers make up this super comfortable mattress; the first is the bamboo memory foam. This bamboo memory foam mattress cradles your body, soothing your pressure points. It also resists odors, keeping your mattress fresh for longer.

Under this are the wedge support, comfort memory foam, transition memory foam, and flex-flow base foam. The breathable bamboo cover helps with moisture-wicking and is mild on sensitive skin.

Carbon emission-saving bamboo mattresses

Each new Cariloha mattress offsets 150kg of carbon emissions such that when your bamboo mattress arrives, it also comes carbon neutral. Furthermore, through Cariloha's transparent approaches to sustainability, each mattress saves water, energy, and other pollutants compared to traditional foam mattresses. And there's a lot to like about that. 

Shop Cariloha bamboo mattress.

7. Snuggle Pedic

Size: 11-inch height (all sizes available)
Sustainability: locally manufactured, CertiPUR-US certified, Greenguard certified

Snuggle Pedic is the best bamboo mattress for people who want minimalist simplicity in a mattress. This mattress is chiropractor-designed to be most suitable for side sleepers. However, anyone who isn't a side sleeper but wants an ultra-plush mattress can use it.

This mattress is an innovative, ventilated gel memory foam mattress designed with just two layers. The first layer is a 4-inch gel-infused memory foam that makes the mattress bouncy and plush. The bottom responsive layer is a 7-inch foam with an air transfer system that allows up to 100 times more air circulation than regular side or top-ventilated mattresses made from other materials.

They cover the Snuggle Pedic mattress with Kool-Flow bamboo fabric to help regulate the temperature if you sleep hot. The fabric is micro-vented to allow maximum airflow in and out of the mattress for a good night's sleep.

Pillow soft feel with improved breathability courtesy of bamboo cover

We love to see that Snuggle Pedic did not work so hard at creating patented innovative mattresses that they forgot to calculate environmental costs. The high-quality mattress is free from harmful chemicals like mercury, phthalates, PBDE flame retardants, and lead. The VOC emission is lower than 0.5 PPM.

Shop Snuggle Pedic.

8. Inofia Tri-fold mattress

Inofia Tri-fold mattress bamboo
Photo Credit: Inofia.

Size: 73” x 52” x 4” (flat)
Sustainability: bamboo fiber

The Inofia Tri-fold memory foam mattress is a portable bed perfect for an extended camping trip or sleeping under the stars. It is also handy when a college student moves to the dormitory or when you need a versatile fold-up guest room mattress.

Folded, the bed measures 12 inches in height, 52 inches long, and 25 inches wide. You will have a 73-inch by 52-inch bed that fits kids and adults when stretched.

They cover this mattress with skin-friendly, soft, and breathable bamboo fabric. The bamboo cover has a non-slip base that prevents the mattress from moving while you sleep. Two layers make up the plush Tri-fold mattress. At the top is the memory foam, supported by the second layer of foam. Both the memory foam and supportive foam base are certified by CertiPUR-US.

Best for storing away when not in use with a super-soft bamboo cover

This bamboo cover mattress is easy to carry, set up, and pack. It is a sustainable solution for temporary sleeping situations. It is also easy to clean. You just unzip the cover and wash.

Shop Inofia Tri-fold mattress on Amazon.

Best bamboo mattress toppers

9. eLuxury mattress pad

Photo Credit: eLuxurySupply.

Size: 60” x 80”
Sustainability: vegan filling, 

If you're not quite ready for a new bamboo mattress, you can upgrade your old firm mattress with a pad for extra softness courtesy of bamboo. ELuxury makes bamboo mattress pads or toppers with skirts stretching up to 18 inches.

They make these pads from memory foam with their protective covering. The skirt covers the sides of your mattress and goes underneath, so it is secured.

This bamboo mattress topper is an extra-plush, two-times-thick bamboo cover filled with innovative fiber. The bamboo fabric is breathable and has a cooling effect. They fill the pad with Revoloft, a vegan alternative to goose or duck down, but it is as soft and luxurious.

Providing enhanced sleep without replacing your mattress with a bamboo topper

If you have an old mattress that is starting to sink, rather than throw it away, you can give it a new life with this mattress pad.

Shop eLuxury mattress pad on Amazon.

10. Zen bamboo mattress pad


Size: available in six sizes
Sustainability: bamboo fabric and filling

This product doubles as a bamboo mattress pad and stain-proof cover. It is like a super thick mattress cover filled with super soft bamboo and microfiber, perfect for the best night's sleep.

The bamboo rayon cover helps regulate temperature and cool the sleeping surface - ideal for hot sleepers. It has deep pockets that can fit over an 18-inch base mattress. The elastic band makes sure it stays in place.

This bamboo cover and pad are easy to maintain for a mattress covering exposed to stains and dust. It protects the base mattress from minor liquid stains and dust as a mattress cover. The pad is machine washable with cold water and low tumble dry.

Zen-like cooling and waterproof bamboo mattress pad 

You get a two-in-one with Zen bamboo mattress pads. This bamboo mattress protector pad helps extend the life of your base mattress by preserving its quality.

Shop Zen bamboo mattress pad on Amazon.

11. Viscosoft mattress topper


Size: Queen
Sustainability: bamboo fiber

You may feel like sleeping on clouds with Viscosoft's bamboo mattress topper. It has a thick but breathable cover and gives you that cooling effect. It can make sleep time more comfortable for the elderly. 

The mattress topper has 40% bamboo rayon woven into its cover. They also make the topper sustainably extra plushy with bamboo fiberfill formula. The bamboo filling is preferable to synthetic fibers that ultimately increase plastic pollution. This mattress topper has an 18-inch deep pocket with an elastic band to hold it securely over your main mattress.

Sleeping on clouds and hypoallergenic

People with sensitive skin will enjoy the bamboo topper for its hypoallergenic qualities. It is also machine washable to clean it easily without damaging the fiber or filling.

Shop Viscosoft mattress topper on Amazon.

Why you should consider getting a bamboo mattress

bamboo mattress
Photo by The Sleep Judge on Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Cropped from original).

Your mattress not only affects how you sleep but also has consequences for your health and the environment. Below are a few reasons to switch to more sustainable alternatives like bamboo mattresses. 

Great for sensitive skin

The bamboo fiber is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. People with skin allergies will most likely be able to tolerate bamboo fibers. Bamboo fibers also eliminate odors, so you don't have to worry about air-drying the mattress frequently.

Furthermore, bamboo's hypoallergenic properties mean that little pests like dust mites will likely find another home elsewhere. 

Sustainable resource

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. It is a material that renews itself very quickly. The plant does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides as it naturally repels pests. The plant is a grass that grows invasively; weeds do not stand a chance against it, eliminating the need for herbicides.

Cool temperatures

Bamboo fibers have micro holes that absorb much moisture and allow smooth airflow. So bamboo fabrics are breathable, with moisture-wicking properties, and cool. So, even if you sweat a lot, you don't have to worry too much when sleeping on a bamboo mattress. You will feel dry and cool even in the summer.


A bamboo mattress can make your sleep more pleasant and sustainable while saving the environment. You have plenty of choices, from the more classic bamboo mattress to innovative hybrids and the luxury of bamboo toppers to soften up a firmer mattress with natural materials. You can find the best fit for yourself and your family from the above-curated list of some of the best bamboo mattresses.

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