Sustainable Sleep Masks

6 Best Sustainable Sleep Masks For Perfect Slumber

Are you ready to catch some Z's while being kind to the environment? Sustainable sleep is all about getting the rest you need without causing harm to our planet. To achieve this, you can invest in eco-friendly sleep accessories such as sleep masks, mattresses, bed sheets, and sleepwear.

A sleep mask is a great help to a good night's rest, as it effectively blocks out light, promoting a more peaceful and uninterrupted slumber. But choosing an eco-friendly sleep mask takes your restful experience to the next level. It will improve your sleep quality, ensure comfort, protect your skin, and maintain its freshness and moisture. Even better, they’re better for the planet. 

In this article, we'll explore six of our favorite sustainable sleep masks on the market to make your bedtime routine even more environmentally friendly.

6 Best Sustainable Sleep Mask Brands

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1. Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask 

Saatva Weighted Silk Eye Mask 
Photo Credit: Saatva

Features: mulberry silk, hypoallergenic, natural glass beads 

Saatva makes a weighted sleep mask from mulberry silk filled with natural glass beads for weight (they also do an unweighted version, should you prefer). Wearing it feels like wearing heavy but soft eye pillows. It is very breathable, temperature-regulating, and gentle on the skin. It is an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. 

Saatva plants a tree in Kenya for every purchase. They partnered with Evertreen to provide job opportunities to farmers while protecting the environment. 

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2. Cottonique Sleep Mask

Cottonique Sleep Mask
Photo Credit: Cottonique

Features: organic cotton, hypoallergenic, chemical-free

They founded Cottonique to cater to people with sensitive skin conditions. The brand's principles are to contribute to conscious clothing, awareness of skin allergies, improve conscious clothing, women's empowerment, consumer involvement, and ecological footprint. 

Cottonique reduces its carbon footprint by reducing the water, energy, and chemical they use during production. They use organic cotton to produce all their sleep masks. Their sleep masks guarantee a restful sleep experience at night. You can comfortably nap during the day with Cottonique’s sleep mask blocking all traces of light.   

Their sleep mask comes with doubled-layered organic cotton lining and elastic-free straps that fit behind your ears comfortably. 

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3. Nest Bedding Silk Sleep Mask 

Nest Bedding Silk Sleep Mask 
Photo Credit: Nest Bedding

Features: mulberry silk, aloe vera, argan oil

Nest Bedding, established in 2011, is an eco-friendly brand that aims to minimize the harm inflicted on the planet by manufacturing items. Especially bedding and sleep items. They have won a couple of sustainability certifications over the years, like Fair Trade certification, OEKO-TEX, and Forest Stewardship Council certification. 

They sew their silk sleep mask with aloe vera and argan oil-infused silk. The infusion lasts up till your 10th wash. Wearing Nest Bedding’s sleep mask is gentle on your skin. It also enhances your skin by moisturizing it as you sleep at night. Their lightweight sleep mask blocks light effectively, guaranteeing restful sleep. Reviews describe it as affordable, soft eye pillows. 

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4. Asutra Sleep Mask

Asutra Sleep Mask 
Photo Credit: Asutra

Features: silk, organic lavender, flax seeds

Asutra sells silk sleep mask sets. They are the perfect brand to buy sleep mask gift sets from. They are a woman-led brand that focuses on making self-care attainable for women. Asutra prides itself on using organic and sustainably sourced materials to produce a sleep mask that is gentle on your skin. 

Asutra’s sleep mask gift set contains a cooling gel eye mask, and they also do a bundle including nighttime lotion and a lavender and chamomile mist. The sleep mask feels like weighted eye pillows because of the flax seeds filling, making the sleep masks suitable for sleep, meditation, or relief from headaches. 

Its adjustable strap makes it an easy one-size fit. They carefully avoid parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, synthetic colors, and scents. To achieve a pleasant lavender scent, they extracted it from organic lavender buds. 

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5. Panda London Eye Mask

Panda London Eye Mask 
Photo Credit: Panda London

Features: bamboo fiber, adjustable strap, hypoallergenic, machine washable, 

Established in 2015, Panda aimed to manufacture new products completely harmless to the planet. So, they use bamboo fabric to produce soft, antibacterial, and breathable sleep masks. They chose bamboo as their raw material because of its various benefits, like its temperature-regulating abilities and antibacterial and odor-repelling properties.

Panda sleep masks have a stylish design that protects your eyes from ambient light, ensuring a pleasant sleep during the day and at night. You will love this bamboo sleep mask because it protects your face from bacteria that irritate the skin. It is also an excellent option for eczema and other skin allergies. 

Panda sources their bamboo from sustainably managed forests that meet environmental standards. 

Panda’s sleep mask’s adjustable strap makes it the perfect fit for you. It doesn’t put pressure on your face, ensuring that you barely notice the sleep mask on your face. They also have a variety of colors you can choose from.

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6. MLE Sleep Mask

MLE Sleep Mask
Photo Credit: MLE

Features: silk, kapok fibers, hand wash only, elastic band

Emily Antonian Li Mandri founded MLE to produce high-quality products with unique details. You can find evidence of this in MLE’s collection of sleep masks. Each sleep mask, made with silk and filled with natural kapok cotton-silk fibers, sits on your face like eye pillows. There are seven sleep mask designs in her collection. 

MLE sleep masks are super soft. Your sleep mask also comes with an elastic band and a dust bag. MLE only offers made-to-order purchase options to further its sustainable waste reduction goals. 

Each sleep mask design has the same price: $48. Also, purchasing from their website offers installment payment perks for orders above $50. It comes in various colors like pink, violet, red, pistachio, etc. 

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Sleeping sustainably is worth its price. So, invest in some sleep masks made with organic cotton, silk, and bamboo fabric. Most people can wear one-size-fits-all comfortably. You can have a good night’s sleep while protecting your skin and the environment. Explore our guide on the best sleep mask sustainable brands and make your pick.

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