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17 Sustainable Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Every year, tons of plastic enter our water bodies, contributing to ocean pollution. They range from discarded fishing nets to water bottles and other plastic waste. Thankfully, it isn’t all bad news for planet Earth. Some innovative companies are making things made with ocean plastic.

By purchasing products made from recycled ocean plastic, we can reduce the use of virgin plastic, eliminating waste from our planet’s oceans. This article will look at nine recycled ocean plastic products that will guide us in our next shopping trip.

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Categories Of Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic   

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According to a study, we have over 150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans1. This type of waste can poison marine life and disrupt our ecosystem. But we can be part of the solution.

1. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are essential, especially during the summer. You can make sustainable choices when it comes to your sunglasses. Here are some brands that use recycled ocean plastics to make sunglasses: 

Waterhaul Zenor Sunglasses made from recycled fishing nets 

Photo Credit: Waterhaul

These sunglasses from Waterhaul come with frames made with 100% recycled fishing nets and lines and polarized impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, offering ultimate protection from sun rays while protecting the planet. 

They come with a Recycle and Replace lifetime guarantee, which means Waterhaul can recycle your damaged frames to make a new pair. 

Shop here.

Norton Point Sunglasses from recycled ocean plastic 

Norton Point is another company that makes eco-friendly sunglasses using ocean plastic waste and other plant-based materials. The frame comes in recycled ocean plastic verified by OceansMade and polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating for protection from sun rays. 

Norton Point is passionate about creating durable products using eco-friendly materials. They reinvest 5% of their net profit into researching the impact of ocean plastic. 

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2. Furniture

Some brands create furniture using recycled plastic. These pieces of furniture are durable and can last in your home for many years. 

Noho furniture made from recycled fishing nets 

Made in New Zealand, Noho uses reclaimed materials made from waste, like recycled fishing nets and end-of-life carpets, to produce stylish chairs. 

The company transforms abandoned fishing nets from the oceans and used carpets into usable material to make chairs. With these durable chairs, you can comfortably sit while protecting the environment. 

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Yardbird Elliot, outdoor seating set, made from recycled ocean plastic 

What if you could get an entire seating set made from sustainable material? This outdoor seating set comes in a simple design made from recycled ocean plastic. 

The brand has its supply chain of plastics and does so by hiring the Philippines to gather abandoned plastic. Yardbird then collects and sends them to their partner factories for plastic recycling and fabrication. 

Shop here.

2Modern Ocean Dining Chairs from fishing nets 

Photo Credit: 2Modern

The Ocean Dining Chair from 2Modern is a reimagined chair and table collection initially created in the 1950s. Characterized by its minimalist design, the brand makes this dining chair using fishing nets and other plastic waste they collect from the ocean. 

Not only does this chair come from recycled materials, but it is also recyclable. You can also disassemble the chair into parts and recycle them repeatedly. 

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3. Jewelry 

Your jewelry pieces can be more than just a fashionable item. By recycling ocean plastic, the brands in this section make stylish jewelry pieces like bracelets, earrings, and pendants. So, you can wear beautiful jewelry pieces while solving the problem of ocean plastic pollution. 

4Ocean jewelry made from recycled ocean plastic 

4Ocean is a company that makes beautiful jewelry pieces using recycled plastics from the ocean. Their signature bracelet comes in various styles that represent different marine animals. The bracelet comes in recycled plastic materials, reducing plastic waste from our environment. 

They also offer a range of reusable products, reducing pollution and protecting the planet. For example, the brand gives iPhone cases they create using ocean trash. They use plastic-free packaging for their products and carbon-neutral shipping. 

Moreover, the brand claims that for every purchase you make, they remove one pound of trash from the ocean. 

Shop here.

Nurdle in the Rough products made from ocean plastics 

Nurdle in the Rough strives to take out plastics from the oceans in Hawaii by creating some of the most unique jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, and rings from ocean plastic and recycled sterling silver. Further, these jewelry pieces are handmade and come in 100% biodegradable packaging. 

Besides creating beautiful jewelry, the brand owner also contributes to reducing plastic pollution by participating in community beach cleanups. 

Nurdle in the Rough also donates 10% of its proceeds to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to remove plastics from our oceans. 

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4. Clothing apparel and shoes 

This selection of brands creates stylish clothes and shoes using recycled ocean waste and other recycled products. These brands use ocean waste materials like recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and other recycled plastic products. 

Patagonia apparel made from recycled plastic bottles

Photo Credit: Patagonia

Patagonia is one brand committed to turning plastic trash into fashionable clothing and shoes for men, women, and kids. 

The brand uses several eco-friendly materials, including recycled plastic bottles, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and other recycled materials, to make jackets, leggings, pants, shoes, and other apparel. 

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Cariuma sneakers made from recycled plastic 

If you’re looking for sustainable running shoes, you can look to Cariuma. The brand uses a mix of recycled PET and natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo, cork, sugarcane, etc. You can find a range of high-cut and low-cut shoes that come in the most vibrant colors. 

Cariuma is an ethical and transparent brand that prioritizes caring for its workers. The brand also gives back to the community by doing local beach cleanups and donating sneakers to Soles4Souls.  

Shop here.

Other brands like Girlfriend Collective make leggings, sports bras, biker shorts, and swimsuits using recycled plastic collected from the ocean. Rothy’s makes flat shoes for women using recycled plastic water bottles. Popular brands like Adidas also use recycled plastics from the ocean to make athletic wear for both men and women.

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5. Activewear and swimwear 

Some brands lead the way if you're looking for sustainable activewear and swimsuits. These brands use recycled ocean plastic to create the most vibrant activewear and swimwear. 

Boden swimsuits made with recycled fishing nets 

Photo Credit: Boden

Boden is a clothing brand offering some of the most vibrant swimsuits made with 100% regenerated nylon fiber from fishing nets and other pre-consumer and post-consumer nylon waste. 

The brand incorporates sustainable and ethical practices in making its clothing and aims to provide a good working environment for its employees. 

You can find swimwear for men, women, and kids. Their swimsuits are not only long-lasting but planet-friendly. Moreover, they offer a three-month return policy and a one-year product guarantee.     

Shop here.

RubyMoon activewear made with recycled ocean plastic 

RubyMoon is a sustainable brand that uses recycled nylon fabric, which they get from fishing lines recovered from the ocean, to make some of the best activewear for women. The brand also uses recycled ocean plastic and other waste products to make carpets. 

They incorporate circular design principles, including making their material versatile, using efficient printing methods to reduce fabric waste and ink, and minimizing packaging and tags as much as possible. 

The brand donates a large chunk of its profits as micro-loans for women entrepreneurs worldwide. They also partner with to provide loans and business training.

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6. Backpacks and bags  

Instead of buying single-use plastic bags and unsustainable backpacks, you can switch to durable, eco-friendly backpacks from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Here are some brands that create stylish and functional backpacks and bags using recycled ocean plastic products: 

Incase backpacks made from recycled plastics 

Photo Credit: Incase

Incase is a company that creates bags, backpacks, and other accessories using sustainable materials. They create sleek backpacks using BIONIC yarn, a material made with recycled ocean-bound plastic found in marine and coastal communities. 

These backpacks are not only sustainable but also functional, coming with numerous compartments for storage and organization. 

Shop here.

Solgaard backpack made from recycled ocean plastic 

Solgaard makes luggage, backpacks, and other bags using recycled ocean-bound plastic material. Their luggage bags are sustainable and innovative, with cool features like USB charging ports and solar panels. 

Additionally, to reduce ocean plastic pollution and protect ocean life, the brand partners with The Plastic Bank and aims to cut ocean plastic in half by 2025. 

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7. Flip-flop sculptures       

Ocean Sole
Photo Credit: Ocean Sole

Ocean Sole is a social enterprise that uses flip-flop debris from the oceans and waterways in Kenya to provide employment opportunities to Kenyans. Some people employed are artists who use these flip-flops to create colorful sculptures and products. 

These flip-flops are made from styrofoam - plastic they collect and recycle into art and other functional products. Furthermore, the proceeds from making sculptures with flip-flops go into supporting marine conservation and Kenyan communities. 

Ocean Sole hosts weekly beach cleanups to remove debris and reduce ocean plastic pollution. The brand also provides employment opportunities, fair wages, educational opportunities, and other opportunities to their employees and their families.

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8. Personal care products        

Some brands have personal care products made with recycled ocean plastic, like hand soaps, shampoo, etc. 

Method hand soap made with recycled ocean plastic

This non-toxic, paraben-free hand soap from Method comes in packaging made with recycled ocean plastic. These plastics were collected by hand by employees working at Method. 

Not only are these bottles made of recycled ocean plastic, but they are 100% recyclable as well. 

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Lush cosmetics packaged with ocean plastic

Lush is a personal care and cosmetics brand that uses ocean plastic packaging through its partnership with The Ocean Legacy Foundation. The brand’s bottles and pots are also molded with ocean plastic.

Shop here.

9. Dog collars 

Photo Credit: Anipal

If you’re a pet owner with an eco-conscious mind, you are sure to love these dog collars from Anipal. Anipal offers a beautiful range of dog collars and leashes made with recycled plastic bottles. 

The brand aims to provide animal product alternatives that traditionally come in virgin plastic. They also aim to educate veterinary communities on the impact of plastic pollution and encourage them to move to more sustainable practices. 

By shopping on Anipal, you can get quality pet products while protecting the planet. 

Shop here.

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Wrapping Up: Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

The effects of plastic waste on our planet are staggering. Thankfully, several companies and brands are creating products made from recycled ocean plastic, ultimately reducing waste and protecting the earth. You can review our article to find a list of things made from ocean plastic. 

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