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20 Sustainable Yoga Props & Accessories For Eco Practice

People practice yoga to find balance within themselves and harmony with nature. So it makes perfect sense for your yoga practice to be sustainable. One way to do that is by using sustainable yoga props made with materials and processes that don't contribute to ecological and climate imbalance in the environment.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best eco-friendly yoga props you can find online.

What are yoga props?

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Do yoga accessories, equipment, tools, and props all mean the same thing? Generally yes. However, yoga practitioners seem to differentiate among those terms.

Suppose you are talking about sustainable yoga accessories; in that case, you may specifically refer to yoga outfits, non-slip socks, yoga cards, etc.

We have got you covered on the outfit front with our list of sustainable yoga clothing brands. A yoga mat is an essential accessory for many, and you'll find a bunch of the best sustainable options in our eco-friendly yoga mats list. Meanwhile, things like yoga blocks that you can replace with thick books are props.

In this article, we talk mostly about props, but we'll mention noteworthy eco-friendly yoga accessories, tools, and equipment here and there.

20 Sustainable Yoga Props We Recommend 

All you need for your yoga practice is a mat with a good grip, but props can make it much more manageable. 

However, the right props can improve flexibility and help you master challenging poses quickly. More importantly, these props will allow you to explore your body, soul, and mind more deeply with poses you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. 

Every product in this list uses sustainable materials like cork or sustainably sourced fabrics. Many of them are locally manufactured and give back to society.

Eco-friendly Yoga Blocks 

1. Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks.

Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks. a sustainable yoga prop

Manduka's cork yoga blocks come from one of the most regenerative materials in the world, cork. They promise that the blocks contain no toxic chemicals.

The brand uses lean cork to ensure its lightweight, eco-friendly yoga blocks help you through your practice without dragging you down. The textured surface gives a better grip, so it stays pretty steady, and you won't easily slip. 

Shop on Amazon or on Manduka.

2. Jade Yoga Cork Yoga Blocks.

Jade Yoga Cork Yoga Blocks.

Compared to Manduka's, Jade's yoga cork blocks are slightly larger and cost a little less. It feels equally comfortable and firm.

The brand uses recycled cork that was initially sourced ethically from Portugal. Jade preserves 2,000 square feet of rainforest for every yoga block they sell through its partnership with the Rainforest Trust.

Note that the brand ships internationally but will only grant warranties to purchases made from approved vendors.

Shop on Amazon or on Jade Yoga.

3. Carolina Morning Stuffed Yoga Blocks.

Carolina Morning Stuffed Yoga Blocks

If you have ever avoided using yoga blocks because they felt too hard, this stuffed yoga block is perfect for you. It was good enough to win first place in the Yoga Journal contest.

They make the block by stuffing buckwheat hulls into organic cotton pouches. The block is strong enough to support the same poses harder blocks would have.  It can double as a seat or bolster because it is that soft.

The handmade sustainable yoga props come in eight colors. You can choose a color that resonates with your soul for even better yoga sessions.

Carolina Morning Des yoga blocks.

4. Hugger Mugger Recycled Foam Yoga Blocks.

Hugger Mugger Recycled Foam Yoga Blocks

Hugger Mugger foam yoga blocks are extremely durable. They can last for more than a decade. That, and their perfect weight, are some reasons customers love them. 

The yoga block has earned praise for its stability. They also beveled the edges for utmost comfort. A little constraint is that you can only get it in a solid black color.

The brand uses latex-free, recycled EVA foam for the block, which makes it fully recyclable.

Shop on Amazon.
Or on Hugger Mugger.

Sustainable Yoga Straps

5. Carolina Morning Des Straps.

Carolina Morning Des Straps a sustainable yoga prop strap

The organic cotton canvas yoga strap has gotten many glowing reviews from customers. It has no stretch, but it is quite strong.

The high-quality strap comes in six-foot or eight-foot lengths, and you can pick from 8 colors.

This Etsy shop is all about comfort, and they have one of the most comfortable eco-friendly yoga mats. The restorative yoga mat is worth checking out.

Carolina Morning Des straps.

6. Manduka Align Yoga Straps.

Manduka Align Yoga Straps

Made with unbleached conventional cotton and AZO-free, non-toxic dyes, their yoga straps are soft yet sturdy. It is lightweight but has a heavy-duty feel and is still flexible.

It features a secure interlocking buckle that offers extra support and prevents slipping. That makes for more confident asanas.

The yoga straps come in six colors and are available at 8 and 10 feet lengths.

Shop on Amazon or on Manduka.

7. Odyssey Yoga Straps.

Odyssey Yoga Straps

Sometimes, the kind of strap you need is one with lots of elasticity. The Odyssey strap provides that extra stretch comfortably. In its resting state, the strap is 8 feet long.

The Odyssey strap is composed of recycled polyester. They use a webbing construction technique to weave it, making it super durable. 

If you want to buy a new yoga mat, Odyssey has a beautiful cork one that you should see.

Odyssey yoga strap.

8. Natural Fitness Two-in-one Yoga Straps.

Natural Fitness Two-in-one Yoga Straps

This item doubles as a strap for stretching and a sling for carrying your mat. It also features a carabiner to secure your reusable water bottle and keys. 

You'll have less to carry, and you're less likely to leave it behind after a session at the studio. The only downside is that it is just six feet long, and you may want something longer.

The strap is woven with hemp fiber, one of the most renewable natural materials. Natural Fitness also offers an extensive collection of sustainable yoga mats and eco-friendly yoga accessories.

Shop on Amazon.

Sustainable Yoga Wheels

9. Yoga Design Lab Cork Wheels.

Yoga Design Lab Cork Wheels

Yoga Design Lab has a collection of cork yoga wheels with exotic patterns print. Not only are these yoga wheels beautiful to look at, but they are strong and can support over 200 lbs. Also, they have a diameter of 12.6 inches.

The natural cork outer layer is non-slip and padded with recyclable Thermoplastic Elastomer for extra comfort. The supporting ring is Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), a highly recyclable plastic. The brand promises that the wheel contains no silicone, Phthalates, or toxins.

Shop on Amazon or on Yoga Design Lab.

10. Scoria Cork Yoga Wheel.

Scoria Cork Yoga Wheel

The Illuminate yoga wheel by Scoria is made with a natural cork outer layer and recyclable ABS plastic. It can hold up to 200 lbs and has a 12.5-inch diameter. 

Currently, the brand partners with Right to Play to provide life skills training to Aboriginal youths in Canada.

If cork is your favorite organic material, then you'll love this sustainable yoga prop with natural rubber backing, cork rollers, cork knee pads, etc. The brand also has several cool eco-friendly yoga accessories like apparel and totes.

Scoria cork yoga wheel.

11. AJNA yoga Wheel Set.

AJNA yoga Wheel Set

This yoga wheel set has three pieces. Their diameters are 13 inches, 10 inches, and 6 inches. So you can engage in so many targeted stretches and massages. The wheels can support up to 500 lbs.

The outer layer is non-toxic natural rubber sourced sustainably, while the strong ring frame is ABS plastic. ANJA yoga wheels are free from BPS and other toxins.

You don't need to worry about the wheel squishing when you put your weight on it because ABS plastic is highly rigid. Also, the rubber surface is durable and sweat resistant.

Shop on Amazon.

Sustainable Yoga Meditation Cushions

 12. Avocado Meditation Pillow.

Avocado Meditation Pillow a sustainable yoga prop

This oval-shaped meditation cushion has a luxurious finish. It is handcrafted in Los Angeles using GOTS-certified organic cotton from India. The pillow is full of buckwheat hulls, so you know it's ergonomic. Also, the cotton cover is removable for easy washing.

The cushion has a net-negative carbon footprint and is certified non-toxic by Made Safe.

The Avocado brand is a certified B Corp and is transparent about its supply chain. So you can be sure there's no child labor involved.

Avocado yoga meditation pillow.

13. YogaKargha  Meditation Cushion.

YogaKargha  Meditation Cushion

Based in India, this Etsy shop is popular for its authentic handcrafted eco-friendly yoga props. It offers a handful of colorful and embroidered meditation cushions or zafus.

The brand is big on natural fibers, so they use organic cotton Covers with buckwheat or Kapok cotton filling. YogaKargha doesn't use chemicals to bleach or condition its beautifully handwoven organic cotton fabric. They use azo-free dyes.

YogaKargha has a lot of sustainable yoga accessories, including eco-friendly yoga mats made with organic cotton, recycled fibers, and other eco-friendly materials.

YogaKargha meditation cushion

Sustainable Yoga Eye Pillows 

14. YogaKargha Yoga Eye Pillows.

YogaKargha Yoga Eye Pillows

Although you can just fold yoga towels and place them over your eye for meditative yoga, an eye pillow does a better job. The YogaKargha eye pillows are weighted and have aromatherapy benefits.

They fill an unbleached organic cotton pouch with lavender and flax seeds to make the eye pillow. So they give off a mild natural scent. The outer cover is recycled cotton rayon from deadstock fabric they have had since 2019.

YogaKargha yoga eye pillows.

15. Dream Field Studio Yoga Eye Pillow.

Dream Field Studio Yoga Eye Pillow

Dream Field Studio is a small business in Ohio. So if you're big on supporting small businesses, that's a small sustainable yoga brand to throw your weight behind.

They have more than a few eye pillows, but the beautiful daisy print is a favorite. It contains dried lavender buds, rose petals, chamomile flowers, and flax seeds. There's also a generous dash of essential oils. Beyond yoga, it's perfect for a hot or cold pack.

Shop on Amazon.

Sustainable Yoga Blankets 

16. Jade Yoga Blanket.

Jade Yoga Blanket a sustainable yoga prop blanket

Jade's yoga blankets are made with recycled cotton. It is 75 inches long and 50 inches wide. It is lightweight and soft, so you can easily fold or roll it to fit other uses.

Rural artisans in India weave the blanket, giving the weavers a source of income. Also, the brand partners with a non-profit to provide a meal to a needy child in India for each blanket sold.

This brand’s yoga mats are popular, and they will plant a tree for every yoga mat sold.

Shop on Jade Yoga.

17. Manduka Yoga Wool Blanket.

Manduka Yoga Wool Blanket

Manduka's yoga blanket is 75% Recycled wool and 25% recycled synthetic fibers. It is super soft, and you can fold it in many ways to serve other purposes. It is also durable and highly resistant to pilling.

The brand also sells non-slip yoga mats. Each mat sold belongs to a different performance and sustainability category, although all the yoga mats are earth friendly.

Shop on Amazon or on Manduka.

Sustainable Yoga Bolsters

18. Scoria Yoga Bolster.

Scoria Yoga Bolster

This cylindrical-shaped yoga bolster has plain and patterned designs. It is ethically handmade using GOTS-certified cotton, buckwheat husk filling, and non-toxic dyes. It also comes in plastic-free packaging.

This sustainable yoga prop is thickly lined for durability and comfort. You can remove both the cover and inner casing for stress-free cleaning. 

Scoria yoga bolster.

19. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Bolster.

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Bolster

YDL uses recycled PET bottles to produce many eco-friendly yoga accessories and props, including mat bags, yoga mats, yoga towels, and bolsters.

The generously sized bolster has a removable recycled microfiber cover. The inner cover is unblended conventional cotton. It has foam and cotton batting as stuffing.

If you prefer organic materials, YDL sells cork yoga mats, cork yoga rollers, etc. Shipped from us

Shop on Amazon or on Yoga Design Lab.

Eco-friendly Yoga Equipment 

20. Pro Yogiv Headstand Bench.

Pro Yogiv Headstand Bench a sustainable yoga prop machine

Headstands in yoga can be highly rewarding, but it's one of the more difficult things to master. Also, it can be dangerous. A headstand bench is a valuable yoga prop to help you practice safely.

Pro Yogiv is a team consisting of a yoga teacher and a master woodworker. They created an earth-friendly yoga headstand bench. They used a wooden frame cushioned with linen fabric filled with buckwheat husk.

Pro Yogiv headstand bench.

Wrapping Up

Sustainable yoga props provide adaptable support for all kinds of poses. Our list offers some of the best eco-friendly options, and you might just find your new favorite sustainable yoga brand on the list.

Remember that to get the best out of your eco-friendly yoga props and yoga mats, you need to follow recommended care instructions. One basic piece of advice is always to use an earth-friendly yoga mat cleaner after an intense or hot yoga session.

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