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Pupils Profit Schoolyard Enterprises

Pupils Profit work with school-age children. We provide enterprise training materials to enable children to set up sustainable schoolyard businesses and then supply responsible products to sell in them.

The businesses include a healthy tuck shop and an eco refill station. The children running the businesses develop workplace skills and aspiration, whilst actively encouraging healthy eating or plastic waste reduction in their school community. They create their own business plan, present to their Headteacher, and assess their skills in relation to the workplace as they apply for the different job roles. The businesses are measurable and focused on creating responsible and sustainable habits for a better life.

  • ‘The Healthy Tuck Shop has been a massive success story at our school!
  • ‘The children thoroughly enjoyed the enterprise training sessions.
  • … Each session taught the children a real-life skill, whilst ensuring that a range of areas of the curriculum were covered - from Maths to PSHE.’
  • ‘Pupils Profit have been fantastic from day one!’
Pupils Profit

Why does the world need Pupils Profit?

Pupils Profit enterprises encourage school children to make healthy choices and to support the environment. The children running the businesses learn workplace skills and develop aspiration towards the workplace, contributing to 'levelling up' opportunity.

We hear repeatedly about the problems of obesity, of plastic waste, and of a lack of workplace skills. The Pupils Profit initiatives address all of these issues. ‘The Healthy Tuck Shop has been a massive success story at our school! ‘The children thoroughly enjoyed the enterprise training sessions. … Each session taught the children a real-life skill, whilst ensuring that a range of areas of the curriculum were covered - from Maths to PSHE.’

Pupils Profit Snack Shop

What inspired you to start?

My inspirations included a vegan detox, which really illustrated the power of nutrition. I spent many exciting years working in retail throughout Europe, and the Healthy Tuck Shop initiative combines that retail buzz with good nutrition. The Eco Refill Station has been born out of my incredible ability to forget to take a refill bottle with me when visiting an area close to a refill shop! Being able to put a refill bottle in a school bag is an absolutely great answer!

What keeps you going?

The enthusiasm of children for positive change and their energy is a real source of inspiration. For the eco refill station, I am struck by how many items we simply throw away having never taken any pleasure in owning them, for example, a washing-up liquid bottle. We have to be better than we are, and change can be simple.

What's the one piece of advice you'd give an aspiring change-maker?

Keep things simple and grow from there.

How can people get involved in your project or help out?

There are several ways people can get involved. Funding or part funding enterprise training makes the sustainable enterprise experience possible for more schools. Subsidising the costs of products sold, means that more children can access healthy snacks, and more families can engage in reducing plastic waste by refilling household products through the school eco refill station.

What are your plans for the future?

In the next 6 months, I'd like to see schools engaging in enterprise training as a dynamic way to work with children during the COVID crisis. Health has never been more important, and I'd like to see schools try to find ways to make the enterprise work with the social distancing restrictions; this not only supports healthy eating but it's a fantastic way for children to learn that adapting and changing a business model is positive. Aside from the pandemic I'm working to raise awareness of the launch of the Eco Refill Initiative.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Our goal is building positive sustainable learning experiences for children that create actual change. We'd like to engage as many schools as possible, and we're open to suggestions.

For a longer read check out Pupils Profit Interview in QA Education.

Lizzie Gimblett started Pupils Profit with a view to inspiriting children to make nutritious choices via a healthy tuck shop, whilst developing employability skills in the team running the tuck shop. Her inspirations include a vegan detox and loving the buzz of retail earlier in her career! Focus forward and this year sees the exciting […]
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