Lizzie Gimblett

Lizzie Gimblett started Pupils Profit with a view to inspiriting children to make nutritious choices via a healthy tuck shop, whilst developing employability skills in the team running the tuck shop. Her inspirations include a vegan detox and loving the buzz of retail earlier in her career! Focus forward and this year sees the exciting launch of the Pupils Profit Eco Refill Initiative, allowing Eco Action Teams to combat plastic waste by operating Eco Refill Stations at school. Simple effective and fun!

Lizzie Gimblett's Project

Pupils Profit provide enterprise training materials and eco-friendly products to enable school children to set up sustainable schoolyard businesses.

Lizzie Gimblett's Tweets

My beautiful daughter Emily is celebrating her 20th birthday today 馃巶 馃巿 馃巵 If you're scrolling by, please drop a like and join me in wishing my daughter a very happy birthday. It will be greatly appreciated 馃檪

Our PE lead was selling me an idea:
Non-swimmers having intensive (daily) swimming lessons in the place of PE until they'd reached basic proficiency.

I was unconvinced - cost, transport, narrowing etc.

Might be changing my mind.

Anyone done similar?

Anyone know of any research in school leadership & sustainability please?I鈥檓 doing an MA module on the psychology of leadership & I鈥檓 interested in the link to leadership for delivering the sustainability agenda in education. @RushtonDr @LauraFoggRogers @GeoWalshe @UKSchoolsSusty

Circular economy is how people in the past centuries survived and thrived and had beautiful homes. Did we become too lazy or ignorant?

We're normalising circularity in our student led school eco enterprise initiative suitable for KS2 and above. We'd love to tell you more

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