#Tenner4Good: How to Change the World with £10

“I’d like to give back” is something people often say.  Giving makes you feel good; it’s very simple. Meet Matt Callanan.  When Matt won £20 on a scratch card, he decided to share his good fortune and buy a Big Issue seller some food.  And so began the #WeMakeGoodHappen & Tenner4Good movement.  

Charity donation has traditionally been the main route but it’s now widely understood that putting a coin in a donation box doesn’t give that vital emotional connection to the cause.  

This is why the BBC spends millions telling stories on Children in Need so that you, the donor, can see what happens when you press the button to send your tenner.  It’s those stories that inspire people to act.

Matt’s mission, to do random acts of kindness, has evolved to nudge others to do the same.  And now, he’s dug into his own pocket and randomly hides £10 notes around cities such Cardiff and Dublin.  

Tenner4GoodBut there’s a catch.  The finder of the money has to do something good with it (and not simply give it away).  Sure, there’ll be a few people who just pocket it and maybe those people really need it. But, most are paying it forward. So much so that the #Tenner4Good hashtag has been trending on Twitter.  

Matt has dropped a pebble into the giving water and its ripples are spreading around the globe. Inspiring ordinary people, like you, to spread some kindness and motivate others to do the same.

Can you Tenner4Good?

It’s simple!  Just put £10 into an envelope with a note (here’s what Matt did) and just see what happens.  You just might start Tenner4Good ball rolling too.


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Matt is the Founder of the 'We Make Good Happen' movement.  After he met Bill Murray in George Clooney's house (yup, really), he was inspired to achieve 403 good deeds to impact 12,000 people.
Jackie is part of our team, researching and delivering content for the Trvst website to showcase change makers and inspirational stories .
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As Marketing Director, she has raised funds and taken her company to the Unlisted Securities, now the AIM, market.
In 2006, she launched an online review website for scuba diving.  This...

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