Matt Callanan

Matt is the Founder of the 'We Make Good Happen' movement.  After he met Bill Murray in George Clooney's house (yup, really), he was inspired to achieve 403 good deeds to impact 12,000 people.

One of his good deeds went viral and so was born the #Tenner4Good campaign which encourages people to take a tenner from their wallet, think what good they could do with the money, and then go out and spread some kindness in their community.

The Tenner4Good idea has now spread with people doing acts of kindness with a tenner, in their local currency, from American to Australia.

Matt, a former DJ, is now a film maker in his own video production company, We Make Film Happen.

Matt Callanan's Project

“I’d like to give back” is something people often say.  Giving makes you feel good; it’s very simple. Meet Matt Callanan.  When Matt won £20 on a scratch card, he decided to share his good fortune and buy a Big Issue seller some food.  And so began the #WeMakeGoodHappen & #Tenner4Good movement.  

Matt Callanan's Tweets

Are you lucky? Here is how to hack luck; 🍀

1. Take risk ⚠️❤️
2. Be persistent 👶🏻🤣
3. Know your destination 🚘🚧

Have a lucky day everyone!! #luck #hack

Sparkles and I wish you a day filled with Joy Love and Kindness 💙@Matt_4_Good @sbrownehr @SteveRegenda @markspen9999 @pauljebb1 @ScottLeiper @Actionjackson @mairinmurray @dave_mcpartlin @Sarahdellbtint1 @RoitEverly @MelC_LnD @gwalkerpoole1 @MrsBonTweets @MrsMaricic @jeff_weigh

“The world would be a whole lot kinder if we just slowed down and noticed those around us more.”


Being kind is good for us! It lowers our levels of stress and so reduces our heart rate & blood pressure. This, in turn, boosts our body's natural immune system & changes the way that we respond to infections and disease. So kindness helps us as well as everyone else we meet!

This 😁😁😁😁 #celebration


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