ShowerBox: Free, Secure Spaces For Those Who Sleep Rough To Wash In London

ShowerBox was borne out of the human need to feel good and lead a safe life. Through funds raised, a trailer was bought at the end of 2018, servicing a winter shelter on Tottenham Court Road, London. Without this trailer, over twenty guests would not have had access to showering facilities.

One guest said that he had not showered in months, and for another, they "made Christmas".

Being powerless to maintain personal hygiene compromises mental and physical well-being, exacerbating feelings of inadequacy and ensuring the lack of motivation and confidence needed to create positive change. If that wasn't enough, the spread of preventable, debilitating disease costs the NHS millions each year.

On average, homeless people die at 47, compared to the national average of 81.

Almost 7,500 people sleep rough every year in London.

ShowerBox will support as many of them as possible, so each day is less of a challenge.

The trailer is now servicing a second winter shelter in Hornsey, London, until the end of April 2019. And then, the goal is: more care, for more people, with more portable showers and a fixed facility from an incredible £15k Navitron donation of solar-powered showers!

ShowerBox - Together We Can Make A Difference
ShowerBox - Together We Can Make A Difference

What inspired you to start?

Whilst volunteering at a winter shelter, a guest who had experienced homelessness in other parts of Europe told me what a difference having access to basic hygiene facilities makes. An article and then a petition ensued, and I decided to get going on it myself.

What are the future plans for ShowerBox?

I am working to create a green, safe well-being space with an incredible £15k solar-power shower donation at the centre, in London, from meanwhile use land. This fixed facility will boost physical and mental health and boost a sense of unity amongst those in need.

How can people get involved or help out?

Donations are so appreciated, via JustGiving. Anyone with access to meanwhile to useable land, vehicles to be converted into showers, and vehicles to pull showers - get in touch!

ShowerBox Sarah Lamptey
Sarah Lamptey is a music-mad, travel-crazy, eco-friendly vegan. She’s also a talented entertainment presenter campaigning to bring free public showers to London to enhance the lives of those who sleep rough.
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