Sarah Lamptey

Sarah Lamptey is one of a kind. Not only is she a music-mad, travel-crazy, eco-friendly vegan, she’s also a blimmin’ gorgeous and talented entertainment presenter. She spent 2017 developing more of her original ideas into documentaries, presenting for Innovate UK (the government department of innovation), continuing her freelance national radio work and was given her own weekly show on Panda Radio, on Thursdays at 8-9pm. She was a lead in a comedy pilot and rounded off the year by producing and presenting content for new music app, Melobee Music. So far, 2018 has meant much more commercial acting, compering for the Southbank Centre, working on her radio show, developing her original doc ideas and campaigning to bring free public showers to London to enhance the lives of those who sleep rough.

Sarah Lamptey's Project

ShowerBox was borne out of the human need to feel good and lead a safe life. Through funds raised, a trailer was bought at the end of 2018, servicing a winter shelter on Tottenham Court Road, London. Without this trailer, over twenty guests would not have had access to showering facilities.

Sarah Lamptey's Tweets

💥📸 @wigworlandstudio for @uandiplc

Beached. Almost 32 weeks! 🐟🐚 @ Meschers-Sur-Gironde, Poitou-Charentes, France

Nine weeks left! 🖖🏽💓🥚

Playing @skylight_london is ALWAYS a fun time! Thanks as always for having me and of course to my @euphonicalive 💥💜 This baby is going to come out skanking. @ Skylight London

We three went EIGHTIES!💄💥🖖🏽 @ Oxford, Oxfordshire

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