Infinite Possibilities

"Infinite Possibilities" By Rana Balkis - Raising Awareness of Climate Change Through Art

Rana Balkiş is an architect and painter based in Istanbul. Here we ask her a few questions about her new series “Infinite Possibilities” which has recently been accepted to exhibit at the USA’s first climate museum in NYC.

Q: How did you become passionate about raising awareness of climate change?

I am an architect and painter and  I live in Istanbul, one of the oldest and most beautiful metropolises of our world inhabited by people as early as 3,000 BC, for over 5,000 years.  Istanbul and its beauty has been depicted by European painters starting from the 18th century at the dawn of industrial revolution, with the West beginning to take a greater interest in the East.

Society is now entering what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is fueled by coal and fossil fuels with adverse environmental effects.  In this era not only are we able to transmit our ideas quickly around the world but the pollution from the energy that fuels digital technologies as well.  This triggered an urge in me to find a new way, through my art, to raise awareness for climate change and environmental consciousness.

Q: Art and climate change – can it make a difference?

In my series titled “Infinite Possibilities” working in the style of “collage”, I intend my oil paintings to expand our curiosity and imagination so we better connect, understand and adapt to our technologically changing world by expanding our perception in the context of our stagnant values, behaviour and norms.

Q: Tell us a little more about your work?

I want my artwork to open people’s minds to new ideas that take into consideration the harmonious existence of all living beings and the man-made structures on earth.

The titles of my paintings are depictive of the messages I am trying to convey. For example, in my painting titled “Hope”, I paint a solarized future world that we can first dream and then create for the future generation.

In my individualistic style, through colours and forms, I am exploring human nature by building awareness between consumerism and a sustainable way of living for all beings.  It's all connected, pollution is borderless and boundless. How we live our lives, in each country, is closely related to the state of our earth. Mass consumption has created a world that threatens essential sensitive ecological systems and our emotional, mental health state.  But there's a lot of hope, we can make a difference – we can all contribute to change through our creativity and the choices we make.

Impulsive Cravings - Rana Balkis

‘’Impulsive cravings’’ Oil on canvas.
‘’Dürtüsel arzular’’ Tuval üzerine yağlı boya / 90x126 cm. / 2018

Climate Change - Rana Balkis

‘’Climate change’’ Oil on canvas
‘’Küresel ısınma’’ / Tuval üzerine yağlı boya / 90x126 cm. / 2018

Entry to under World - Rana Balkis

‘’Entry to under World’’ Oil on canvas.
‘’Alt dünyaya giriş’’ / Tuval üzerine yağlı boya / 90x126 / 2018

Primal Passion - Rana Balkis

‘’Primal Passion’’ Oil on canvas
‘’İlksel tutku’’ / Tuval üzerine yağlı boya / 90x126 cm. / 2019

Moment of Realisation - Rana Balkis

‘’Moment of realisation’’ Oil on canvas.
‘’Şuurun geldiği an’’ / Tuval üzerine yağlı boya / 90x90 cm. 2019

Hope - Rana Balkis

‘’Hope’’ Oil on canvas
‘’Umut’’ / Tuval üzerine yağlı boya / 90x90 cm. / 2019

Rana Balkış is an architect-painter. She is trained as a painter by World renown painter professor Teymur Rzayev. In her individualistic style, through colours and forms, she explores human nature by building awareness between consumerism and a sustainable way of living for all beings.  In her series titled “Infinite Possibilities” […]
Main Photo @kevinianeselli on Unsplash
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