Rana Balkis

Rana Balkış is an architect-painter. She is trained as a painter by World renown painter professor Teymur Rzayev. In her individualistic style, through colours and forms, she explores human nature by building awareness between consumerism and a sustainable way of living for all beings.  In her series titled “Infinite Possibilities” working in the style of “collage”, she intends her oil paintings to expand our curiosity and imagination so we better connect, understand and adapt to our technologically changing world by expanding our perception in the context of our stagnant values, behaviour and norms.

Rana Balkis's Articles

'Infinite Possibilities' By Rana Balkis - Raising Awareness of Climate Change Through Art
Climate ChangeClimate Change
BY Rana Balkis ·
Rana Balkiş is an architect and painter based in Istanbul. Here we ask her a few questions about her new series “Infinite Possibilities” which has recently been accepted to exhibit at the USA’s first climate museum in NYC. 
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