Eat Less Meat

We all have the ability to help mitigate climate change. One major way can be eating less meat and animal products – it’s estimated that livestock farming is responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse emissions, that’s largest than the total emissions of all the world’s transport.

Food production and intensive farming also increases the demand for pasture and land, so destroying many fragile ecosystems that are vital for biodiversity and as ‘carbon sinks’. For example, due to increasing demand, the Amazon is expected to decrease by 40% by 2050, unless greater efforts are made to prevent this.

You can eat less meat or animal products by:

  • Taking part in Meat Free Monday or Veganuary. Maybe you could your school, workplace or workplace involved too?
  • Swapping meat for alternative sources of protein such as Quorn, beans or pulse. There are lots of great meal ideas by the Vegetarian Society.
  • Look out for animal products in cosmetics and household goods. There are some in products you wouldn’t expect.
  • Reduce your food waste generally. Did you know that 44% of the bread produced in the UK is wasted? Reducing food waste, animal or non-animal based reduces the need for intensive farming globally.

Eating less meat is just one way of changing the way we live to help the planet. You could also try reducing your energy consumption by increasing your home’s energy efficiency, taking public transport not driving a car, or buying more food locally to reduce your carbon footprint and food miles1.

Further Inspiration:

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