Ben Hart, BSc.

Ben has spent the last 20 years building agency businesses to help large blue-chip clients make the most of digital opportunities. His experience includes leading digital strategy, building digital products, and assisting organizations to transform for a more digital future. He has worked globally with clients including AMEX, Honda, Pernod Ricard, Adidas, and Procter and Gamble. Ben was previously a Professor of Marketing at Hult International Business School and the founder and chair of a peer group of entrepreneurs.

Dubious claims to fame include building the first version of what is now, founding one of the first men's fashion e-commerce websites in the UK before ASOS even existed, and trying his hand at online recruitment. He’s built digital teams, been a part of 100s of website projects, helped pioneer a creative approach to interactive TV advertising, and won a handful of awards along the way.

Way back in 2014 Ben gathered a group of business associates and asked the question: What should we set out to achieve together? A resounding quorum of “something with purpose” came back and thus began the TRVST journey.

Taking up the purposeful mantle his passion for doing something more worthwhile than simply selling more stuff is now his 100% focus. Ben is a strong believer that technology can not only better connect us all, but also better connect us with what really matters.

With TRVST he is building a team of top talent, networking in amazing people, and setting out to make an authentic difference leveraging everything he’s learned to date.

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